scaring gamers in fortnite... (and lazarbeam office)


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    1. JOHN Born

      Sub to lazer beam

    2. Jxke 526

      Is pickle man enschway ?

    3. M1m1 R0z3

      pounce sounds wrong.....

    4. vanisha lal

      9:54 he said suxsexfully but he meant to say successfully

    5. Abbas Ali

      Fresh i

    6. Okpuki Egli

      Wasup guys yes Spooky scary sunday/SSS

    7. elgiva shullai

      Fresh: Hmm, how about a 30 seconds to loot challenge. Fresh again: No, I want 31 seconds to loot challenge.

    8. Faze Oscar


    9. Faze Oscar

      Please read this

    10. Faze Oscar

      Yo fresh l love your videos mate please can you send me a friend request my youser name on fortnite is xroundyx use code fresh

    11. Jack Judson

      There was a grey pump

      1. Jack Judson


    12. NASASpaceflight fan 44

      why do you guys have a jelly cardboard cut out

    13. PreLucky

      Why was there a jelly in there

    14. Jack Evans

      fresh shoud of let them loot the vault then killed them to get better loot comment who agrees

    15. Kingsears 99

      5:51 Eliminated by the American 🇺🇸

    16. Suvasis Giri

      it that jelly

    17. Movies In Minutes

      Fresh ur close to 7 million

    18. Paul Leed

      Is Molly really in same holy moly I did not know that

    19. Hadi Rammal

      Thumbnail is menacing

    20. Kulwinder Toor

      That's insane

    21. Amanda Parker

      This is riged

    22. Amanda Parker

      You fricking picked up a blue combat

    23. Amanda Parker


    24. Amanda Parker

      And and you have a blue charge

    25. Amanda Parker

      This is stupid you got the scar

      1. Amanda Parker

        This is fake

      2. Amanda Parker


    26. Frank Bish

      Face reveal please fresh

    27. Jesenia Morales

      ironically you got jumpscared more than you jumpscared i counted thats a lie i didnt count

    28. Haytor 2011

      The guy did not have those splashes you should of died in the vault

    29. Wendel Lima

      He should have his boys make it like there's a new POY on the map for Halloween

    30. MR. SPY LION


    31. AaronBearron •


    32. Robert Spencer

      If you have a counseling if you can only use the word means that you fossae

    33. Brittany Perchetti


    34. Khethelo Mdunge

      Please answer your comments and y don't you go pro dude

    35. Reallydumbstuff3219

      No one: Not even fresh: Ur mom: deez nutz Gottem ha gottem

    36. Brendan Jordan


    37. kingspinner

      can u get a web cam or face cam

    38. Hobo joe

      he youused a charg

    39. SniperPlayer

      rocket launchers and charges are vaulted this was obviously recorded sometime in september

    40. Mason A.


    41. IMoRTaL Clan

      Wow!,just WOW!

    42. Team ily

      plot twist the guy didnt have the chug splashs

    43. Karena Buchanan

      why you sound like lazer

    44. Santino Pilotto

      No way that’s fresh I thought he had black hair and wtv

    45. nicole lundie

      GooooooooooD Job

    46. still listening to Daywalker

      I've always loved how fresh plays this game in his own playful way 🙃

    47. Nicholas Scott


    48. Jimmy

      He got 6.66million subs

    49. Nicholas Scott

      How does he have grey pump and then to a blue charge

      1. Nicholas Scott


    50. Syed Kamran Shah


    51. Gaming Mini

      0:06 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. Mirza Baig

      u suk

    53. Gavin Johnson

      Fresh I watch all of your videos can you please add me, I love all of your videos, I am a loyal subscriber and I have two friends that actually play with me plus I only have 10 wins this season. So if you read this comment add me on fortnite at Cool-Pill5 and if not that is fine. Just please think about it please. :) yes :(no please reply

    54. Gamer Brothers


    55. sebastain munoz

      he should have dropped the mythics and kill the person after to really use the mythics

    56. sceptic optic

      I love how when he puts and lazar it gets 1mil vews

    57. Marquavian Johnson

      If you get a purple or golden charge sid grade it and you get a gold or purple pump try i do it all the time foreal

    58. Big man Person


    59. carter onan

      You should’ve let him loot the vault so when you pounced you could get the vault loot

    60. Lacey Lobetta

      Laden trying to punch him

    61. Zayden Edwards


    62. Julio Camacho

      every one saw Jelly xD 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    63. Amanda Moore

      Ik ur not gonna see this bu i got a pickle also

    64. Admin Team gaming

      9:51 succsexfull

    65. Connor Irving

      My fortnite name is literary pickleman

    66. Nugget Noob

      Wow there are so many comments already who agrees

    67. ThatBoiiTay

      I wanna see fresh in my game

    68. Sub for oxygen

      I actually hate fortnite right now even fresh is dying by these dam nerds they’re literally 95% of the play base now and I don’t think it’s getting any better

    69. Stan Ooott

      Fresh r u ok?...


      If you just posted this how is there comments from 3 days ago

    71. Ava Hayward

      Im mad you didnt make muselk shit himself

    72. Rose plays roblox

      I love ur vids so I gonna. Write a book, whith only your name

      1. Rose plays roblox

        Watch my vid

    73. MokeMun

      Lannan is not scared at all he barely moved 😂

    74. corrupt3dgamer

      Why is everybody a robot

    75. corrupt3dgamer

      I want to meet fresh

    76. Baconguy 99

      Just report these stupid comments and u will feel better, trust me!

    77. Music Gilding

      The person that was Dr doom in the vault that was me why do you have to do that fresh?.

    78. Music Gilding


    79. Soulja Reactions

      How you go from 20 heath to 100 cheater

    80. Chickenboi163 W

      me kinda

    81. Faux-Hawk

      i love your ranodm challenges fresh, i respect the work you put into comment, it would mean a lot if you would respond to this comment!

    82. SuzSparkleZ

      "No one: Not even Fresh: Random comments: “Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Fresh 2020“ only for real fans 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗴𝗹𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀: 𝗺𝘆𝟳𝟳𝟴𝗰𝗼𝗱𝗲.𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗯" STFU FRICKING BOTS

    83. doodlespud


    84. Repper Parra

      Just show them your mullet lol

    85. Dillon Nelson

      Hey what’s up guys thickest pickle in fortnite

    86. Palm Tv

      On new years do a xhallenge where you can only loot for 12 seconds because it is 12 seconds in a year

    87. Anne Cotterell

      My birthday is on Halloween 👻

    88. Akash Kumar

      what is going on guys, yes there is no comment other than thesse type of comments "No one: Not even Fresh: Random comments: “Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Fresh” only for real fans"

    89. The Gummy bee

      Who else didn’t know mully was in the office

    90. Ronan Devenish

      Fresh: ....Because Halloween is on the 31st Me: Will there even be a Halloween

    91. Christian Lopez

      That was my idea to loot for 31 seconds and he stole it!!! I even did that challenge.

      1. Hugo Lopez

        Yeah we did it together

    92. Oliver Kennett

      Do the no meds challenge

    93. Eddie Sanchez

      Now people are gonna think I copied u

    94. Eddie Sanchez

      I was just editing it right now

    95. Landon does BJJ

      How did fresh go from Grey pump to a blue charge

    96. CraZZy 01

      The dislikes are 911 oh my 😉

    97. FN adsu

      When the dislikes are 911 😳

    98. Shufflepuppy

      I want to see fresh face