the COMBAT SHOTGUN is good again?!


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    1. Jacob Warhurst


    2. RIP tiktok sike

      Fresh is bot

      1. Tamana Majumder

        @RIP tiktok sike then why

      2. RIP tiktok sike


      3. Tamana Majumder

        Did I ask tho

    3. Jade Fayad

      Has anyone noticed how much vbuks fresh has

    4. Pharrell Reddy

      B corvettes corvettes hop in fortnite like that like that

    5. Dillon's Baseball World

      I feel like for the first 5 minutes i feel like i played as good as fresh

    6. Kuirky

      The creator of the Combat Shotgun meta actually carried one of the best players in the world, incredible

    7. Marie Rosalie

      How does fresh have 160 thousand vbs?🤨🤔

    8. Manpreet Sandhu


    9. Aryanth Venugopal

      "You are a very wide woman" - Lazarbeam 2020

      1. Shiefy

        What a coincidence that as soon as I find this comment I hear Lazarbeam say that...

    10. 14_6o

      Season 9 combat shotgun is back in fortnite

    11. Kaiden Lewis

      It’s not a thick chicken it’s a thicken

    12. CheeseNinja

      i main sentinel so i like that lazar was using him

    13. Karen Green

      This is awesome

    14. Mihajlo Stefanovic

      Fresh can make the worst items good lmao

    15. Jennifer Doyle

      I just love the new combat

    16. auran bajaj

      Thick chicken? Wait 2 more seasons for cluck and then you will have a thick chicken

    17. Fusion HpnoticZ

      I like how he said the weapons look weird on the ground but I got used to it so it looks normal 🤣

    18. louise hallam

      Happy combat is buffed today from 5 months later

    19. ttv_moron_ 84


    20. Xx obitostw xX

      Who thought thta that gun was a budlebuss

    21. benjamin harris

      Don't yoes code fresh do laser

    22. Bethzaida Quintana

      did you bass boost her b ...

    23. Aydin Khan

      The combat is still bad

    24. Nath Raj

      Rip season 5

    25. JustVibes

      Dam boy he TTICC

    26. alia ferguson

      The cuddly bite annually attach because distributor etiologically depend between a old-fashioned bolt. illegal, chubby tractor

    27. Dylon Merritt


    28. soundofmusicians

      every time fresh says hes cracked i say at fortnite my guy

    29. Your nan

      Fresh definitely over uses the word thicc

    30. MrThinkingMilk

      fresh bot

    31. BuilderBro


    32. Sean Madsen

      fresh: “let’s just say that lazarbeam carried me a bit” me: “well well well. how the turntables”

    33. D. Bleger

      Omg seven and nine damage thats sooooo much............................coff coff not a lot

    34. Bigboss1612 Bigboss

      0:26 I did not enjoy

    35. berdycloset

      Thicc chicken = Thiccen

    36. Blueclan Alison

      Heeee heeeee heeee

    37. Eli Rabinowitch

      Wait did he say lazerbeam carried him

    38. Jake Matthews (Death_strider60)

      I can’t believe I’d live to see the day where lazarbeam carried fresh

    39. Ansh Parihar

      Anyone watching n 2021

    40. VicPlays Roblox

      What’s up guys yes

    41. Ivan Stamenkov


    42. David Craig

      why you no use face cam??????

    43. Gabriel Harrell

      Me at lvl 10 cooked at a bar at 4 am in the morning: 10:40

      1. Gabriel Harrell


    44. bluedoggamer !!!

      Better title: Lannan is good again?!

    45. Masters X

      Me hearing them say we have to wait for the fortnitemares update me in my Mind oh shit

    46. good but evil

      Ho Ho. Ho ? PennyIlsa

    47. Armani Gaming 2.0 mode

      don't say it is ussless the actor of black pather is dead apolichy's

    48. Ken

      People who watch this in December

    49. Hubert L

      Your videos are the best

    50. Hubert L

      You ate the best

    51. Plasma Blaz3

      About to click off hears lazar carrying hMmMmM

    52. Neil Roy

      Like my comment

    53. Bigpappi

      Ummm does Tessa know

    54. Trophy fighter - Omar Sheikh

      I also subcribed

    55. Trophy fighter - Omar Sheikh

      I Love your videos

    56. Trophy fighter - Omar Sheikh

      I love the combat shot gum

    57. pearlamss

      Combat shotgun is actually my favorite in the game. More so than pump.

    58. ted fozzy

      this duo are amazing

    59. Sheridan St. Louis

      Lazarbeam should only use that shot gun

    60. Preston Thompson

      im getting season X flashbacks

    61. Viany Mejia


    62. Стэнли Коэн

      And also why did he not say I WaNt 5 OF ThEm

    63. GriffinBuilding

      No use code lazar ....jk use code thicc fresh

    64. Nick and Eva’s Videos

      160,000 thousand v buck

    65. Simply_Slyph

      When you are super early Bots: *its free real estate*

    66. Simply_Slyph

      “LazarBeam may have carried me... but let’s not talk about it” Me: *Impossible*

      1. tinyjohn20

        It's just a one time thing

      2. Archer Cleary

        That’s illegal

      3. Zoran Mihajlovic

        Someone got banned

      4. Shaayann Shaikh

        When lannan does not have to carry: carries fresh like madman Lannan has to carry: he cannot

    67. Kaimeii

      The MEMERS

    68. BigBug

      Dam boiii

    69. Iain Johnston


    70. Isaiah Townsel

      It only got buffed by seven

    71. Isaiah Townsel

      Combat shotgun is still trash

    72. William Latelers

      do pistol only

    73. RedRepairs

      Freshes V - bucks tho-

    74. Emily Nunez


    75. Fup_Yup

      The combat shotgun was never good

    76. Brandon Tran

      every thumbnail involves a reflex in it, why not stealth reflex?

    77. lucas

      Lazarbeam: I wAnT fIvE oF eM

    78. AliTM

      Hello Everybody, I Really hope your having a brilliant day so far My Mom said that if I reach 10k on yt by Christmas he will get me a new gaming PC please help me everyone 🙏🙏🙏 tysm

    79. ExInvisible

      Fresh carrying lazarbeam

    80. Flower

      Everyone talking about it getting buffed ain't nobody talkin about the countdown ships in the air back then that had two chests that yall used to get stuff when yall had a bad drop.

    81. Neil Wu

      Is chopper still in-game?

    82. Zilda Alamo


    83. Emily Garcia

      Think penny uh u like her fresh uhh

    84. Badowl654 Gaming

      you know when the combat shotgun is good again when lazarbeam carried fresh

    85. Relo Games

      When fresh was in the lobby I looked at his v bux🤑🤑

    86. play games N

      the COMBAT SHOTGUN is good again?!

    87. Oscar Rivas

      Me to

    88. Jade BouFakhreddine

      I just got even more thicker? 🤣

    89. iO Lief

      very sad that I play on iOS and I don’t get the new really good season of fortnite

    90. T8 Greenhalgh


    91. The Boss Tweeds

      you idiots the more damage you take the more damage it does

    92. Brody Durrbeck

      Anybody notice the joke epic did it’s a fat girl thats trying to get away with a sexy cat outfit but it just doesn’t work

    93. Sawyer Kelly

      Can we be friends

    94. Jessica Campos

      You r good

    95. Superior Squire

      160,000 vbux nice man

    96. Not Wafflo

      He has a lot of v bucks lol

    97. Nuffixx

      Anyone else miss the tactical shotgun?

    98. Arshad mehmood

      1v1 musellk

    99. slurpseal /

      No one: Fresh: what's up guys yes my girlfriend has left me