the COMBAT SHOTGUN is good again?!


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    1. Pᴇᴀʀʟ Cʜᴇɴ

      Combat shotgun is actually my favorite in the game. More so than pump.

    2. ted fozzy

      this duo are amazing

    3. Sheridan St. Louis

      Lazarbeam should only use that shot gun

    4. Preston Thompson

      im getting season X flashbacks

    5. Viany Mejia


    6. Twich TV Kitty

      And also why did he not say I WaNt 5 OF ThEm

    7. GriffinBuilding

      No use code lazar ....jk use code thicc fresh

    8. Nick and Eva’s Videos

      160,000 thousand v buck

    9. Among Sus

      When you are super early Bots: *its free real estate*

    10. Among Sus

      “LazarBeam may have carried me... but let’s not talk about it” Me: *Impossible*

    11. xd Matt

      The MEMERS

    12. BigBug

      Dam boiii

    13. Iain Johnston


    14. Omer UZUNOMER

      Fresh got carried didn’t he

    15. Isaiah Townsel

      It only got buffed by seven

    16. Isaiah Townsel

      Combat shotgun is still trash

    17. William Latelers

      do pistol only

    18. gab - zilla

      Freshes V - bucks tho-

    19. Emily Nunez


    20. Fup _ Yup

      The combat shotgun was never good

    21. Brandon Tran

      every thumbnail involves a reflex in it, why not stealth reflex?

    22. lucas

      Lazarbeam: I wAnT fIvE oF eM

    23. AliTM

      Hello Everybody, I Really hope your having a brilliant day so far My Mom said that if I reach 10k on yt by Christmas he will get me a new gaming PC please help me everyone 🙏🙏🙏 tysm

    24. Mr.2.0

      Fresh carrying lazarbeam

    25. Aթollo

      Everyone talking about it getting buffed ain't nobody talkin about the countdown ships in the air back then that had two chests that yall used to get stuff when yall had a bad drop.

    26. Neil Wu

      Is chopper still in-game?

    27. Zilda Alamo


    28. Emily Garcia

      Think penny uh u like her fresh uhh

    29. Badowl654 Gaming

      you know when the combat shotgun is good again when lazarbeam carried fresh

    30. Aart Higgins

      When fresh was in the lobby I looked at his v bux🤑🤑

    31. play games N

      the COMBAT SHOTGUN is good again?!

    32. Oscar Rivas

      Me to

    33. Jade BouFakhreddine

      I just got even more thicker? 🤣

    34. Lief Games!

      very sad that I play on iOS and I don’t get the new really good season of fortnite

    35. T8 Greenhalgh


    36. The Boss Tweeds

      you idiots the more damage you take the more damage it does

    37. Brody Durrbeck

      Anybody notice the joke epic did it’s a fat girl thats trying to get away with a sexy cat outfit but it just doesn’t work

    38. Sawyer Kelly

      Can we be friends

    39. Jessica Campos

      You r good

    40. Scuffed Santa

      160,000 vbux nice man

    41. Not Wafflo

      He has a lot of v bucks lol

    42. strvof

      Anyone else miss the tactical shotgun?

    43. Arshad mehmood

      1v1 musellk

    44. slurpseal /

      No one: Fresh: what's up guys yes my girlfriend has left me

    45. Scott Devane

      I really want to die 😔 not jk

    46. Joy Deemer

      Cause of lannon my friend/ cousin says DAMNN BOI DAMN

    47. Matteo Young

      damn boi she wide

    48. Max Trinh

      why did you get careied by lazer

    49. Jedi Jensen

      The Black panther mythic does 40 damage at close

    50. Unholy Elmo 666

      Who loves the beam more than anyone in the world the one and only laserbeam

    51. Lil’ Gamer Legend

      Just two thick serial killers on a murder spree

    52. Caitlyn Rydbom

      i love your videos fresh

    53. Lamia Adam

      V buck

    54. Dominik Miranda

      Your talking about black Panthers ability saying its trash but it does 10 more then your combat.

    55. STX HITZ

      First I love fresh and lazar

    56. Jedi Jensen

      No because faraway it does More damage so you could use it as a sniper for like like 100 m away

    57. Kyler McDavitt

      " thats a wide woman" "thats a wide shotgun"

    58. A E

      What is the song that is played in the beginning/during the intro?

    59. Dark Ice Ninja

      oct 13 was my b day

    60. Ashton Howard

      God damn your v bucks fresh

    61. VidzWiz

      8,201 Comments YAY

    62. Arsen Nazarian

      How r u not cheating on ur girl when ur a simp for thicc girls ?

    63. Jalpa Shah

      That’s tras

    64. Emanuel Feliciano

      For you to do more damage with black panters mythic you need to take damage so if you take 100 damage you do like 140 if you take zero damage you do 40 so basically 40 damage extra to what damage you took in the absorption period Make sense or not?

    65. exploid ツ


    66. Yohhaan Huang

      combat truck (not quite ) :)

    67. uziplayz

      my number one favurite is pump then combat then charge then at last the worst tac

    68. gang snake

      Best dou ever

    69. moses perez

      wakanda forever

    70. moses perez

      the black panther mithic is good so pay reespact to black panther now dont say it is trash ever aigen fresh OK !!!!!!!!

    71. Davis Lotsbaich


    72. ZodaStreamer

      I also tried the buffed combat shotgun and I think it’s pretty good now. You can even use it for mid-distance shots.

    73. Duke Anderson

      Did y’all notice that a combat shotgun is a low budget SMG

    74. Noah Elliott7986

      Me when fresh says Lazarbeam carry him 🤔🤔🤔🤔😮😮😮😮

    75. Sarabjit Kaur


    76. Sarabjit Kaur

      Have h stopped ur thick stuff yet

    77. Elliot Goldup

      160K Vbuks lol

    78. Valevi Castanon


    79. Suraj SZD Fe4Rlicia

      10:01, why doesnt lanna use the panther prowl thing to heal

    80. Suraj SZD Fe4Rlicia

      2:02 Fresh: i am halloween cosplay and u be u. Me: Fresh is halloween and Lannan is christmas, like duhhhh.

    81. E-MposTer suss4ge

      Only og people know the first time bodhi played with fresh

    82. Guten Tag

      The panther mythic is for when someone shoots you you take less damage

    83. Kieran Chung

      Imagine using the black panther mythic as a weapon 😂

    84. Chuckie17

      Dad is back

    85. Brayden Wall

      how is 40 dmg awful for black panther

    86. lambros dimitriou


    87. Scarlet Furiosa

      Hey fresh I am a boy but I’m a really big fan of you I like you do Fortnite videos because it’s so cool and it is on fire and I’m seven years old so make all them good videos bye

    88. Herbert Villa

      Lazar is back

    89. lad jones

      Black panther only did 40 damage because he did 40 to you. The damage you take is the damage you deal

    90. laytonPlayz games

      "you are a wide women" lol😂😂😂😂

    91. Anastasios koutsis

      Fortnite is just so ass

    92. Svelter Photography

      Is anyone gonna talk about his amount of v bucks

    93. Ayden Pham

      You are so good can we 1v1 pls

    94. Abas Mohamad

      Roses are red Violets are blue As long as Fresh says What’s up guys yes He gets a view

    95. heather Ada,s

      Me to

    96. Jaclyn Eganey


    97. turtle truffle

      Name a more iconic duo than Lannan and fresh

    98. Tonya Samuels

      Can I be in one of your HUgets video And I have subscribed to your channel and use code fresh

    99. Tonya Samuels

      Can I wanna V1 laserbeam and you my name OutrightBear842 and I have a mic