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    1. Kill Fried Waffles

      I thought It was an actually old TV

    2. Philip Osana

      No chance an old tv look like this I played fortnite on a 1997 tv and it doesn't look like this

    3. poke_fan7682 gamer

      Haters will day it fake

    4. PineapplemanXx

      When you realise the skin is just cooped from bendy and the ink machine

    5. EarthBlade

      u just putted a filter on

    6. Abb Kel

      boy thats fack

    7. shrexy boi

      I can't believe people think this is real it is so fake

    8. Carter Ard

      Your a lier

    9. TheBig-M

      If you get mechanical parts you can upgrade your weapon but it’s still the same weapon that you got first

    10. JexVini

      i rememberd a illusion so i tried it on the video just before he changes it to black and white stare at the dot in the middle (with the vid paused) stare ate the dot wait 10 sec start vid again and then something cool will happen

    11. ForeverPyrite

      I did this back in Chapter 2 Season 2 when we were all bored af.

    12. Tomgoa


    13. AMOG US

      How do I make it black and white fresh hmmm HMM ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🙄🙄

    14. AMOG US

      Let me out

    15. Lizbeth TorresM

      I love bendy and then ink machine skin with it

    16. GLG clan

      He's not playing on a old tv

    17. Tani

      Alternative title: playing fortnite while colorblind

    18. EV4N21

      well you can just look at the words of the rarity

    19. Sabananas

      When i first saw this skin i though it was bendy from bendy and the ink machine

      1. Sabananas

        Am i the only one who remembers that game

    20. NLMB SPAZ

      Thats obviously just an edit, you cant play fortnite on box tvs and you definitely wont get 240 FPS on it if you could play fortnite

    21. The Cyan Crusader

      i did this challenge my self its fun but challenging respect for you Fresh

    22. Logan King

      Fresh I not stupid

    23. denyse vargas

      What's up guys yes

    24. Bean

      You don't know if he got a gold primal and blue makeshift lol

    25. Buddy Boy


    26. Kaina Kiilau

      The skin isn’t new it actually came out about a Couple of weeks ago

    27. Fortnight Minecraft gamer

      This hurts my eyes

    28. Alicia Singla

      It is like using a thermal fish all game!

    29. Carter Taubenheim

      The black and white it’s just a filter

    30. ZyL0GoaT


    31. Vinam bafna

      How does a an old tv have a hdmi port?????

    32. Faith Full

      wait.. how did the t. Handle the graphics. i know: ITS A LIVE EFFEC!

    33. XSK Ricxrdo

      What’s up guys yes

    34. GoldfishLena

      This is funny

    35. Abhinav Rajeev

      who else thinks it's fake but just goes with it because you trust fresh doesn't fake content?

    36. Slix Megga

      Fake affect it was edited in

    37. Colin Wood

      I don't know if it's me but the graphics look more life like 😂👌

    38. AdriX

      In the thumbnail he had a GameCube controller with a black and white tv when the game cube games displayed colour.

    39. Lamar Ray

      this hurts my eyes so I stopped watching

      1. Why do I get hated?


    40. Ricky Gaming Animations

      Fresh stuck with 3 shottys somehow still one. If he can win with 3 shotguns he can win with 3 Bows then

    41. Mr. B1izzard

      Take a shot every time he says "cracked"

    42. CreeperFun12

      u love to se it what

    43. Lalrochhari Khiangte

      That was me in the fish stick skin

    44. Isaac Rosado

      Any one else get a State Farm ad?

    45. Nabeelkiller

      So pro

    46. NoC4pp

      It’s 200fps old tv

    47. Jack Lilley

      I feel like this is cap

    48. Roberto Schell

      but you play on pc.:)

    49. Juksanas 2

      Hes totaly playing on a old tv nice click bait

    50. Caleb Peisley-Wright

      You can go to jour inventory and it tell you the rarity’s

    51. Vyllan Banawa

      fresh didnt think this through or he just dont want to break the rules he can upgrade/craft hes shotgun.

    52. Triggered muffin 42

      Dame i did not know that old tvs could run at 360fps

    53. ReallyCoolLondon

      Btw the old tv's used to be thick and not as small we/you have now.😳

    54. I-AM-B-0-R-E-D

      Any body else notice how he diddnt even change TVs he just changed color and his FPS diddnt change

    55. sH blazer

      Cuphead music start

    56. maria ortega

      Probably you won't and probably people say things to me but can you add me also it will make my day my username is WASTED GAMER- if that doesn't wasted gamer-

    57. NatesWrld

      Is it not obvious that it's fake?

    58. MrDucky

      100 % real

    59. inferno

      Wait they added p90 backs wow

      1. inferno

        I did not play since season 7

    60. Angel Love

      You’ll be lagging won’t you

    61. Yazid Haoui

      Okok fine we get it it an old tv

    62. John-Paul Jenkins

      Can you send me a friend request my username is graciebop

    63. SH3F1N

      Wdym i play on a old tv everyday

    64. Myth1cs

      how did you know which one was green

    65. Kryptic from twitter


    66. Ertugrul Uploads

      U just added black n white effect bot

      1. NatesWrld

        ik, its just funny at this point that he tried

    67. TheAsher123

      You clearly see color. But you edited it

    68. NNL-Brandon

      its edited LOL buddy ur not sneaky at all

    69. Jaden Mullet

      You should do a video that you can only get the weapons on spawn island

    70. shakeem Christie

      A s s

    71. shakeem Christie


    72. Val Martin

      F Fresh

    73. sweetkingyt

      Why does that remind me of old fortnite

    74. sparkz boxed u

      i dont rlly believe this but until you show me like using a camera and show me the tv then i dont beleive u until then srry fresh

    75. H-Bomb

      Fresh casually getting bot lobbies

    76. NachoCheese 360

      Intro was bendy vibes

    77. Saeed Ahmed

      Who else think he just edited it.

    78. Thomas Eite

      Why have you just put a filter over the video oh and also did you notice that the quality of the gameplay didn’t change

    79. Dr1pDubs


    80. Liam Czapla

      Come on a old tv

    81. Ty Watts

      Racist ?

    82. Bethany Calder

      4:20 ?Big pot

    83. Noah Sutterfield

      Why am I just getting the notification now after six days

    84. twitch_azarath

      Toon muscles is a copy of Mickey mouse And Mickey mouse is almost 90 years old their cartoons is 87 or 88 years old rn since 1928 to 1927 Its so old that I think they ended their show in 1964 or 1985 to 1994

    85. Tao Zhou

      Old tv that has 300fps....

    86. Robin

      360 fps on a old tv.. wow!

    87. Peels

      Actually this is easy to do on Nintendo switch

    88. Khloe Ezell


    89. Cooper Mack

      Maybe a little clickbait?

    90. Claire Green

      He isn't playing on an old TV because he200+ fps

    91. BananaJS0EX3

      I don't think building in black and white is hard-

    92. Abstract helper 4

      Old TVs weren't black and white the movie was

      1. Abstract helper 4

        If you used an old TV on a new colour movie it would work

    93. Md. Elham Haque Auri

      Fresh earning is 36 per month

      1. Md. Elham Haque Auri


    94. king yeeet


    95. BicoloredPickGamer 00

      what the hell, it said he uploaded this half an hour ago, wtf

    96. Muhammad Waleed

      When you say fortnite graphic sucks use this settings then you will realize how good graphics are

    97. Jack Matthews

      this is fake its just edited

    98. emotionless son

      epic needs to make dis a mode