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    1. Hindustani Gamer

      do a chalange of only damn say

    2. Priscilla Dominguez

      Fresh should do a bingo game with the book


      Does fresh not no he's a thousand times better than Ninja!?

    4. Gametron4321 Gaming

      That lannan impression was FLAWLESS!!!!!!

    5. drakx star

      Fresh and ninja are the best player

    6. No Beanzz

      Fresh: Reads Ninja Book. Lannan: Uses Ninja Book as Toilet Paper.

    7. Jade Jarusombat

      The intro tho

    8. Reverse_ Snowny

      Jason is not proud of u

    9. Oliver Harrigan

      I am subscribed

    10. lolmanfis crew

      Another combined fire grappler and a gun

    11. Viswa

      jason would be proud

    12. Sammy Phillips

      I Love Yall This Is Fucking Great

    13. Luke John123

      Fresh has a muhllit

    14. Konner Mraz

      I like how Fresh is already Cracked and then after this hes properly Faze good

    15. Gajo 88

      Like for ninja coment for fresh

    16. Boss Junior

      You made a good video good job I give it 90000000000000000

    17. Your comrade

      Ah yes, THE HIGH GROUND!!!

    18. Stanley Villion Wilbert


    19. Steven Wan

      Fresh: Saying 60 fps is awful Me: on a school laptop hoping to get 30 fps with the minimum resolution

    20. Benjamin Jametski

      Ha I needed toilet paper 🤣🤣🤣

    21. Irene Stephens

      I didn’t think Lannan would take the book because Jason is superior

    22. sc00bes

      let’s be honest fresh your the one coaching him

    23. BeanFN


    24. Genti Biraci

      Fresh your better then ninja

    25. Typical Zach08

      Is it going to be fresh 7mil in the future?

    26. None 7043

      Whats the beggining song called where he doin the training

    27. NotCloverCrab

      Why am I just seeing this

    28. 200 pump

      Love the intro

    29. PGC Fire

      Guys who saw he at least has 1 of every mythic at the end

    30. Chaz Rascal

      I think fresh should teach ninja

    31. f yzeo

      clik bate

    32. Will Sullivan

      You beat ninga on Friday fortnite so your better

    33. NY 7

      Ninja is the biggest douche bag. The funniest thing I've ever seen was when he tried to get people to dance in Times Square in New Years Eve 2 years ago. Everyone stood there in the crowd looking at him like, "who the hell is this little D-Hole". LOL

    34. Frances Kearney

      Who else is looking for Ninja's comment

    35. Penny Penguin

      This was posted on my birthday 🎂😁

    36. teigan mcgrath

      Hi ninja

    37. Ty Ty Your Shoes

      6.66 subs fresh 😅

    38. Tobias Valmonte

      No one: Lannan:"Thanks man I needed some new Toilet Paper"

    39. Devour Vibes

      Flare gun is actually a gun as it has gun in its name 🤣🤣🤣

    40. adam chaplin

      Pp r.i.p

    41. Alyssa Clopton

      Braxton 🦶🦶🦶🥺👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👣9

    42. Little Doggo

      Stream sniping...

    43. Prince Harry

      It should be the other way around fresh should coach ninja because fresh is better than ninja

    44. rach

      Ninja and fresh

    45. emma o connor

      Ninja is crap you are better

    46. KVNG FMM17

      who thinks fresh is better than ninja in fortnite ?

    47. Dark Knight

      i just got clickbaited

    48. annabel muir

      I thought he would be actually playing with him

    49. Mike Katrina

      Didn't muselk do this book

    50. mama dukez

      Yo fresh if your reading this your mama is better at fortnite than ninja

    51. mama dukez

      Ninja is ok but fresh is way better

    52. mama dukez

      Fresh is better than ninja

    53. ExvergePlays

      With the losing fight into a win that tip helped me save 7 solo games pretty much all those games I just got low and ran and built, but I survived to the last the whole time they bring their guard down and I can sneak in some winning shots that kills them

    54. Adhiraj Jaiswal


    55. TapGamePlay

      Thats the chapter 1 book

    56. Colton Petersen

      Who new fresh could get more sweaty

    57. Challenge danger2

      Why is fresh is using ninga tips if he won him with lanan I am not being toxic it is just facts😂😂

    58. george joshi

      ninja is a bot

    59. Kiki Barbosa

      Search for the cat master Barbosa

    60. Kiki Barbosa

      Guys I’m a HUgetsr

    61. Kiki Barbosa

      And what if ninja is in the game and his friends is playing and fresh kills him and his friends say how did he kill you? And he says he learned that from me

    62. Kiki Barbosa

      What if ninja watch’s this video do you think he will friend him in fornite

    63. samantha

      The hell

    64. Joseph Burns

      needs indirect fire.... looks around picks up flare and fire fly's. "ok perfect"

    65. OmegaLava666 Meow Meow

      Shouldn't you coach him?

    66. Kir_Jay

      Wait, Who else heard the "fuck you" in the backround at 7:26 - 7:27

    67. Maciek Paluszek

      I have this book and ninja skin. l0l

    68. Kiersten Surette

      And your bater then ninja

    69. Kiersten Surette

      Ninjas a bot

    70. Alaska White

      fresh you killed me you bic

    71. Mihir Gaming 611

      When Fresh releases a book on how to fortnite: ima make a vid on it

    72. Axtro_Hayden

      ninja will be so happy seeing this

    73. Nathan Henriques

      It’s funny cuz fresh is so much better

    74. Mandy Lorenzon

      But is the book better than Jason's

    75. Luckystork


    76. tristan casianan


    77. GK News

      Great coach fresh

    78. XxfirexX Banana

      The way I combine my armory is by double pumping

    79. Thomas The notable

      Your better then ninja

    80. VoidxX

      Rip pp

    81. [drippy zxmmy]

      I bet you that the ninja book Is good at clyninng that ass

    82. Andres Del Billar

      Did any body notice that he got all of the mythic items

    83. Mateo Redondo

      Frick you fresh lazar is not a bot you a bot

    84. YT ELLZZ

      What’s that at 0:37😂

    85. Kymbo2062

      Use code fresh in The item shop

    86. Grayson Friend


    87. Grayson Friend


    88. Sharkiplayz Fortnite master

      13:16 he’s just dead in the corner

    89. Joris Penterman

      He sais alot of damn dont you thinck?

    90. Youna Radwan

      Add me plz

    91. Greer McDevitt

      nah read jasons get good book to make some covered bridges

    92. Exo Tech

      7:36 its name is literally flare gun

    93. Vega FN

      should be other way round

    94. the controller wimps

      fresh: i got u a book lazarbeam: thanks man i needed new toilet paper

    95. Kendall Lindsay

      Help fresh

    96. Andrew Thomas

      I needed new 🚽 paper

    97. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    98. Ludvig N

      Ninja is not poopin on peapole

    99. Reuben Dsouza

      i killed a guy with a flare gun in a icy mountain