they nerfed my favorite weapon...


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      Controllers is the best pc suck

    2. Hank Snell

      Who else is watching in season 15

    3. Tegan Robertson

      Mobile could pick axe lazarbeam

    4. EoCo Summer

      3:38 XDDDDDDD

    5. FishySwimPlayzYT

      People are gunna tickle that pickle

    6. Dimitri Romero

      FRICK you lanna I'm a controller player frick you

    7. slip drip

      Lazar singing better then anyone he should get a grammy

    8. Abraham Bautista

      Laser stop bullying use concheroler

    9. titler the 1st

      Ps4 will be better then you will ever be

    10. Mofozzul Hussain

      My favourite guns are...(don't judge me) Tactical shoty and scar and bolt sniper

    11. Kitten cat

      me being a controller player and not being sweaty because i don't have a gaming computer😭I can't even build that well on controller

    12. TheLiveKid

      My favorite weapons is the heavy sniper, The drum gun, and the pumps back in the day 😢

    13. Ben Alleman

      FUCK YOU IM A controller PLAYER

    14. Nestor Aleman

      Fuck lazer beam

    15. Grant Chadwick

      Hay I’m a control player

    16. Evan Bakner

      I play on controller but I turn my aim assist to 0 so it's all skill

    17. Tristin Pennington

      I’m a controller player

    18. Alison Bausse

      Lazar what the fuck I’m a controller player I’m white not the shit colour

    19. dan the man

      in the montage lazarbeam was dead in every clip

    20. Yeet

      Bruhhhh when the video started I thought fresh was talking about chapter 2 season 5, but then I realized he was playing season 2 chapter 2.

    21. Harry Green

      i a m a c o n t r o l l e r p l a y e r

    22. eh k

      how dare u lannan i play on ps4

    23. marlene johnson

      Stop lazarbeam you birch

    24. Jake O Shea

      Day 157 waiting for fresh to say what's up guys no

    25. xPotent

      Heavy Sniper: Does 16 more damage Heavy Assault Rifle: 3 more damage Heavy Shotgun: 36 less damage wtf

    26. Malcolm McDonough


    27. Rudaybah Lawrence


    28. Tyler Woodworth

      I don't have fornit):

    29. Oscar Davies

      the montage at the end though! :))))) lol

    30. xXflameprince6842Xx

      fresh:Who wouldn't want a bootty tickle especially if its from me Me: I don't want too you sCArE mE

    31. Erik Zulbaatar

      Lazarbeam shut yo bitch ass the fuck up

    32. JoshuaPlayz_11YT

      Who is here in 2021

    33. Tinisse Kouame

      When everyone realisis that Booty tickle sniper is BTS

    34. King Sam Sam Smart

      F you lazar I play controller

    35. Wheel772


    36. Marchello Bows

      I’m a controller player

    37. Tdogg o Sullivan

      Lenin a dick head

    38. 83

      lol Iloilo

    39. Average Gamer

      FUCK YOU

    40. Abc Def

      Funk you lazer


      Me: i wil find you and i wil aim assist you

    42. Jay Den

      Why don't you play controller

    43. Khalid Ismail

      remember 5 bosses now theres only one

    44. sam tam

      Who else thought its a video from season 5

    45. Christopher Oatley

      this is one of freshs most sus vids😂

    46. Divison Fn -_-

      lol o

    47. Shamoel Noorbhai

      i dont play controller i play switch

    48. Rukhsar Sajid

      I unsubscribed because lazarbeam said controller players are bad

    49. Galaxy

      Removed aim assist eh? As if pc players werent cracked enough

    50. Matthew Tanglao

      Fuck youuuuuuuuuuuu

    51. Rawan Mohammed

      I can hack the

    52. Sebastian Mitrica

      Idk why these guys are crying about the damage of the heavy sniper because it still does over 200 in the head and over 100 in the body

    53. VOIDS_ TRAX

      I am triggered


      LHW SNIPER (edited)

    55. Menacing Ninja

      Y did no one tell me about how good lazarbeams singing is!!! Atabeam

    56. Jaxon Reinertson

      You better joke

    57. Damian Prensa


    58. Damian Prensa

      F*** u lannan

    59. Bentley Crecelius

      I'm on ps4 and lazer beam was being mean Im un subbing him

    60. jenn viens

      i want to had lanen and shit on him on controler

    61. Vincent games

      Fu lazarbeam I would clap you in a 1v1 jk about the Fu but I would in the 1v1

    62. Sofyan rehman

      PC player are bad

    63. Faris AlMadanat

      lazer i play on xbox and would kill u any time i want becuase ur dodo at the game and fuck u


      When I saw this video I thought it was new and I was like uh oh. If you see this have a great day. Please sub to me.

    65. Ryan Brian

      Bra this is dumb?

    66. Natasha Williams

      Screw u lazarbeam

    67. Denette Ware

      You are right fresh controller players are good

    68. Rilkiah Cook

      I am mad because I am a controller player and lazarbeam is calling me baf

      1. Rilkiah Cook


      2. Rilkiah Cook


    69. Jermaine manuel

      OMG! TICKELD BY THE PICKEL😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    70. Game is Tibet

      No merhaba a8mbot is good

    71. wolfy isla

      Rip pump shotty

    72. wolfy isla

      I am a controller player 😑

    73. wolfy isla

      I am watching this in season 5🤣😂😐😔😑

    74. Josh Seese


    75. Jake ODriscoll

      I watch phub after this vid

    76. Kurt Kylie & Max Chiplin

      Laser mad me so sad

    77. dainton ward

      im a console so ima unsucribe to lazar poo fuck lazar

    78. Creepy _08

      Imagine the kill feed saying:”Fresh tickled”😂😂

    79. JTJ Jaguar

      The dynamic duo lannan carries content fresh carries fortnite

    80. Riley Winter

      Shut up lannan

    81. Rohail kamran

      I still liked the heavy sniper

    82. ahmed arain

      i can kill lannan and fresh on controller

    83. Caroline Nevin

      Fuck you lavar I play on controler

    84. Jackson Paul2

      who here in 2021?

    85. Speedforce751

      Most sus video ever

    86. Juanmanuel Hernandez

      Tell Lazar at least controlar players know how to play the game

    87. Matthew Roman

      Stop lazer im a contrrola player!!!

    88. SANS-sationalVIDS

      Me a switch player: (TRIGGERED) 5:00 My child

    89. Ma Da

      I am a controller player and I still lazer

    90. Skeletorsenan

      Im unsubbing hes making fun of me wa wa wa

    91. Skeletorsenan

      Yous are all babys

    92. Mr Challenge

      Laserbeam that’s mean I’m on controller I am on unsubing to you

      1. Skeletorsenan


    93. supdoc godzila

      Laze m m m s s f

    94. Evan Jansen

      When lazarbeam says controller players are bad. Lazarbeam:🤥nose grows like ponokio

    95. Evan Jansen

      There is only one thing I don't like about this video, lazarbeam said: Conntroller people are bad...and...I'm a Conntroller player😑😐😤🤬

    96. X Nea

      Lannan fucking dog shit

    97. Yoboy Cookie

      Lazar needs respect for making a song for the montage😂😂😂

    98. Mass 360magnum

      Flip Lannan