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    1. Emilis Šarkus

      Witch broom is a mithic


      She’s not even t h I c c

    3. Dwealty

      4:40 FRESH CURSED

    4. Samuel Lopez

      5:30 lol

    5. Jackson ._. Ostler

      Fresh youre great

    6. hamza jamshed

      fresh says fuck 4:40

    7. Gavi Kaur

      the title should be the scariest witch in fortnite

    8. RadiancePlays

      Is it just me or does that skin look weird?

    9. Kev

      2:05 voice crack

    10. Caetano Sanchez

      0:57 he ate a jelly bean for shield. He said only potions

    11. Hafrew

      when lachlan's skin comes out: *thiccest lachlan in fortnie*

    12. Talia Garretson

      Who else saw the floating candy bucket in the first witch house?

    13. Jane Ward

      How come when you were in the vault you said the f word

    14. Basil Hezkiel

      Daddy chill

    15. blitzblizzy

      Thumbnail: dummy thick This video: very skinny Me: us code fresh to support fresh

    16. Erin Oseguera

      As many likes this gets or the video gets is how many times he uses his skin

    17. Simon Gutkas

      we all know you didnt use candies at 7:00 (:

    18. Jordan Dehlen


    19. Makopo Lydia Semuli

      6:04 Fresh: oooh he’s dancing, take the mop boooii

    20. Matthew Barlow

      Hi fresh

    21. Lachlan Fyfe

      Thiccest witch ever made lol

    22. Joshua Thosen

      Fresh your the best fortnite player ever

    23. toga_bxby

      That witch be the THICCEST witch in Fortnite!

    24. Dave Goodwin

      Needs to lose some weight

    25. Honeycomb Lovers

      Hi you REALLY inspirer me to never give up I’ve been watching you since I was 4 I a HUGE fan gg gamer bye!

    26. Bob The Human

      That is the UGLIEST skin I have ever seen

    27. CommonBlockYT

      I really want to be as good as fresh at fortnite but I just keep dying! If you don’t mind pls can u check out my Chanel because I am going to upload fortnit however I need all the help and support I can get! I would really aprieciate it.

    28. Rowan Lambert

      6:27 get up and get down. Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump

    29. fear_ plays games

      No way is this fresh

    30. fear_ plays games

      Stream sniper Lazar been

    31. fear_ plays games

      What the hell

    32. Joe Griffiths

      Hi fresh I know you don’t really do gifts to your sub scrubbers but I first saw your videos last year and I really liked them. I’ve subbed, liked and turned post notifications on. If you could gift me the Party Trooper Skin I would be so grateful. My epic is SENGriffiths

    33. meme man

      Oldest witch in fortnite

    34. Kyle Baking

      Fresh be like: Thicc+skin=CONTENT

    35. karate Gamer

      4:40 he was about to say fuck

    36. FZ_TGE

      That thumbnail almost scared me until i saw fresh.

    37. Comm4ndo

      I have a video idea for you: The thiccest Doctor in Fortnite

    38. Jackson Bertsche

      Fresh saying he can only use guns till he finds a mythic: Finds mythic broomstick dosen't drop weapons

    39. Bowey

      Oh my goodness i was the one jumping around 6:25

    40. XD Bird Gang XD

      Fresh if u are reading this ur vids are getting very short as I one shot every challenge basically so maybe do the challenge more then once👌🏻

      1. XD Bird Gang XD

        Sorry for the criticism

    41. Canal do Greg

      What is the name of the song at the beginning

    42. Sharp Shooter48

      Do bots come back as ghosts?

    43. Single Mom Vlog6

      Your video is great! so nice !!!! i love it . My channel also has a lot of good videos to support my channel. Thank !!!!

    44. MAGIC-8

      Dude all u do is put thick in every video in your content actually sucks.

    45. potatoking sahrulazizi

      did anyone hear fresh say fuck

    46. Melaku


    47. Arzet

      4:38 he just swore.. "AW Fuk"

    48. M_Jets

      Fresh: I can only use sheild potions for shield casually eats jelly beans which give shield wait thats illegal

    49. ZerØ Gamma Gaming

      Visitor, get the rocket

    50. Caiden Lewis

      who heard fresh say fuck


      Bruhh I was that goual trooper dancing

    52. Frogacid45


    53. Farzan

      Wtf is this thumbnail

    54. Konstantin Popov Schlechter

      whatching in class

    55. Riley Shippie

      Lachlan: poggers Lannan: ChEeRs Fresh: WHATCHA DOIN CHAMP

    56. Kyriaki Lago

      Do you lose the myth guns if you find more myth guns ???

    57. itsbio

      Hey do you mind checking me out? I sometimes make meme videos

    58. Tony-kun

      4:26 Candy for cuties If ykyk

    59. Tizita Berhanu

      Fresh can U please stop cussing

    60. ride music Harris

      Why u say in badwordss fresh

    61. Eduardo Avalos

      Ayoo chill💀💀

    62. VengefulGR

      Lmao The thumbnail

    63. Bradford Abella

      BABA YAGA!!

    64. josh wilson

      Fresh you failed the challenge the Bloom is amifik

    65. Ryrybradydoeseverything Everything?

      I got a 26 kills in fortnite a lot were from ghost and I was AFK in the game to eat

    66. Eddy Lau

      Every skin challenge THICC

    67. Cix Clan

      Get me to 1k and i will start gifting in fortnite i got 65k vbux

    68. Jonathan gomez

      can i play with you my name is Johnnythebot123

    69. Jack Telling

      go to 4:37 and see what fresh says

    70. Grayson Scott

      Love your vids dude. Please get back and play more with Lannan. I miss him in Fortnite

    71. Zoomee

      Fresh please do thiccest iron man in fortnite and you have to be tony stark suit up and use a stark industries rifle to kill him then use iron man only guns

    72. McTrippled

      Fresh you cheated bro. You said you would only use candy for whites and minis and big pots for shields. You used candy for shields multiple times.

    73. Wavyboi123 4

      That thumbnail though WTH

    74. Tyler Birch-Campbell

      Nah fresh problems y is everything thick to him

    75. Jahaire Jones

      I hate that he didn't even use a hulk smashers for combat

    76. Ritchiz

      4:38 did fresh just swore?

    77. Fam Funk

      Everyone don’t subscribe take the 6.69 mil as A gift

    78. William Seymour

      Fresh: I'm epic. Me: Your so weird

    79. liljokes2100

      You’re making the word thicc and thiccest sound lame corona virus

    80. Joe Bradshaw

      I don't wanna sound picky but a broom is a mythic, and was picked up at the beginning before Dr. Doom's mythics

    81. phelim hanley

      Make a joint code with lazarbeam so I can use them both

    82. Tony Aguilar

      Had me asf when he said hot u wit my damn mop boi😂

    83. 0WhiteWolfo

      Sometimes I wonder if fresh is family friendly or no

    84. Vincent P.

      It’s spelled with a b not a w

    85. BLAZION XS

      8:45 👀

    86. Xxxel X0

      The witch broom is a mithic

    87. AUS CLAN

      Day 67 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    88. gabe Castro


    89. gabe Castro

      Hey fresh can i have the skeleton peely PLZZZ my epictodraki

    90. The Murray family

      He didn’t kill the guy with the mythic sat the start 😂

    91. Le. Animeguy


    92. Bendy And The Ink Machine


    93. Universal God

      4:37 Is that what I heard Fresh

    94. just a trash gamer :3

      Video ideas: the Ghostbusters challenge if you find a ghost ur gonna have to pickaxe him and u have to have a heavy pump cuz that is most gud for ghosts

    95. Andrew Blanco

      Can someone count how many times Fresh says damn in this video.

    96. Justin Whitson

      Play warzone

    97. Justin Whitson

      Make a video about warzone

    98. King Potato

      Happy thicc day to you, Happy thicc day to you, Happy thicc day happy thicc day happy thicc day to you!!