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    1. Julia Alvarado

      Ok but like the 4:34 edits tho

    2. unknown person

      you forgot to drop that A.R. BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. YeetPro2073


    4. Archie Lansdell

      wow so cool

    5. Kassidi Greer

      hi $$4

    6. fnaf freddy friends

      I'm in no skin

    7. The ultimate Jester

      YOOOOOOOO 7:15 he gets the Midas flop flop just after he died!!!!!

    8. Frances Kearney

      I have the skin fresh has on in this vid his name is BOXER

    9. Orlando Salazar jr

      Me and my brother fresh we love you

    10. Orlando Salazar jr

      I love fresh

    11. Orlando Salazar jr

      They took your Pressid

    12. Xavier Eastin

      Why does it say that there is the agency when he’s fighting a collective spots it’s in season four that’s real sus man

      1. Xavier Eastin

        Well I’m sorry I meant to say galactos bot

    13. Betty Do rosario


    14. The Koala Gamers

      Fresh:No one opened my presents cuz no one loves me :( Every dam subscriber to this channel: "WE LOVE YOU FRESH"

    15. Aymen Ghassan

      Hollween started you ugly

    16. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    17. Devon Caddick

      No audio or visual sound affects

    18. Shxdow1138

      We love you fresh

    19. Kayla Royal

      Happy birth day to fortnite

    20. teen Bonnie

      I killed a Iron Man Who was hiding inside a present

    21. Marcus Tew

      7:16 did he get a Midas flopper?

    22. Shawn Baker

      Should have gone authority

    23. OH Vibe

      Fresh said the f word at 1:06

    24. Bralen Springer

      Where he's low health and storm and he gets a fish I think he got Midas fish

    25. fortnite series’

      I broke my phone when you die

    26. Cyber Craft

      Pls facecammmmm

    27. Lwaters_1821

      Hiiii Fresh, VID IDEA: you are only allowed to kill skins you’re friends with!!!! Like, you can only kill Lazarbeam, Loserfruits skins and alll your other friends too

    28. mohammed a

      Did fresh seear in 1:06

    29. Amaya Ali

      It’s my birthday today

    30. Kj Liles

      Any one notice Bodie in Freshs. Friendliest

    31. Lixツ

      Do he get the Midas fish before he died in storm

    32. yes sir

      1:05 Did he just say-

    33. Erin Thomas

      Do it in Arena because when you tell someone to get health back

    34. GaviGamer Gaming

      7:16 lol

    35. ROXANNE Imglt

      He said the f word

    36. Rosa Battle

      Ja you is the best

    37. Colton w

      That looked like a Midas flooper

    38. Maxinud


    39. snews


    40. Asian_IMPALER

      DISLIKE this comment for ten years of bad like. BETTER LIKE

    41. Joshcl_07

      I love your vid’s

    42. Joelle Bin-Saris

      That moment when he died to storm he also got a flopper

    43. Veronica Conklin

      the way fresh says fortnite makes me die laughing

    44. Reed Lowther

      What happens to fresh is intro it was amazing

    45. Keychaincrazyguy18

      Will you ever say"what's up guys, no"?

    46. Sippy Dippy

      You're lucky you that you died in the storm because if you ate that flopper then I'll call the fish army to get you and I'm a part of the fish army and I have the triggerfish skin

    47. Greencream124

      i used that skin like the other day

    48. Flurbi Animates

      that was me deep in the storm

    49. Shadowcaster89p13

      I’d like to get you as a present for Christmas. Maybe ship yourself to my address cuz my year has been terrible. I’ll give you my phone #

    50. nimar nitra


    51. Gage the Demon Slayer

      I do this so I don't get sniped when I'm looting. [Edit] I also build a 1by 1 and edit my floor and hide and snipe the person opening the present

    52. erica stover

      loved it

    53. Sas Sassa

      LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !!! 😆😆😆😆

    54. Xzylity

      hey Fresh can you bring back you intro R.I.P kid fresh and brite gunner skin

    55. Brio Mugair

      Or do

    56. Brio Mugair

      challenge; to not take loot from players you kill only take loot from chest and bosses and stark bots pls answer

    57. freezing_ cloche jordan fortnite boss

      Did fresh swear at 1:6

    58. Maximus Petro

      Everybody get fresh a diamond play button

    59. Vivian Cormier

      Fresh is the best :P

    60. Flynn Hagstrom

      i always see 10k subs without video in comments

    61. Jason proper

      Meme idea u can only use cars as transportation

    62. Jaylen Pinkard

      Gt tho

    63. Ari Gonzalez

      Y is everything FAT OR THICC with Fresh Ngl kinda sus Jk

    64. Adrian Blaszka

      1,000,000 omgs fresh says

    65. Prince Taiwo Fafore

      Can I have a skin I do not have a skin and my friends make fun of me because of that my epic is Prince Taiwo

    66. Zae Zae


      1. Zae Zae


    67. Koltrain 02

      The edits at 4:35

    68. Lemonbomb27

      I have a challenge the only builds you can use are presents

    69. Sweatymaxel The fornite god

      I barely got the notification bruh

    70. Suryaveer In motion LOL


    71. Onsasa Gameplay


    72. Heba Abujbara

      Did nobody hear fresh say the f word and not cap it out

    73. GEN_ Presso

      Fresh:what it won’t build!!! Realized he had no mats

    74. Aiden awesome

      I don’t how we get so unlucky “finds two presents”

    75. darkkx

      I love how fresh is happy on 6.5 million subscribers and now I’m shocked and very happy that I got 8 😂

    76. Rich Larr


    77. Kaur Vlogs

      lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yo u gotta do a part 2

    78. RodryPlayz Gamez

      hacks for presents freshyboy you can find them more often in the authority and weeping woods

    79. gamer six


    80. Njjfjdnfjsjxheydhd I'm ndndndnsjd

      I hate Fortnite

    81. Isaac Grier

      When I opened my present inside I got another prevalent lil

    82. Lewis Pass

      I am from England I Think you and lazarbeam are the best fresh

    83. ELliot chu

      According to all the games, I played there is mostly always a present in stark industries.

    84. MindOfMeX


    85. Elizabeth Sanchez

      Hiii my BFF love you!!!¡!!!!!!!!!

    86. Danielle Fatigate

      Did any of you guys realize one fresh died The storm he caught the mides flooper

    87. Yellow Bee

      Me: honey we need to talk! Him: Of Course!!! Me: Would you cheat on Me? Him: NO~ Me: Would you marry me!? Him: im waiting for that moment! Me: Would you kill me? Him: hell nah! Me: You are my bf Right!? Him: Why not!? Me: Can I ask you more questions? Read it backwards I tried.. Like if you get it!

      1. Adolf Hitler


    88. BigBicepBen YT

      Anyone else see the Midas flipper right after he died😂😂😂

    89. davin port

      this is kind of ironic because i was in a random game and i found like five presents

    90. Ryan Cassar

      A real ai bot

    91. Ryan Cassar

      The Jules skin was a bot

    92. Jaxon Corkin

      Hi fresh

    93. Nael Tamim

      Don’t like my comment I’m not a bot btw

    94. Aiden Beck-kalert

      Your a GOAT

    95. Sheila Hilton


    96. F. D.

      7:15 Midas fish

    97. Riley T


      1. F. D.

        I know fresh is so unlucky

    98. alibcasady