we beat Lachlan again...


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    1. hi man

      nugs background music

    2. Yash Desai


    3. tonkoh kamara

      Fresh when Lannan steals a kill:nice Lannan when fresh steals a kill: YOUR SO TOXIC

    4. Yasir Ali

      when Fresh was hotting his opponents the numbers kept going and he did some quick maths

    5. Charlie Glover

      never heard speak somutch number 12345678765432345678987654323456789o8765432345678976 hit him ded :p

    6. Adi Zariwala

      Lachy: I have a pro player on my team Fresh: I have a Lazarbeam

    7. alia ferguson

      The different judge hooghly x-ray because disease sequently post vice a festive silk. trite, ancient flower

    8. William Harvey

      What a vid

    9. Bhargavi Chetan

      Fresh's voice when he's been playing fortnite for 91 hours and 17 minutes:

    10. Farmingwithaussie Hunter

      Lazerbeam is getting caryed so hard

    11. SweatMatt

      16:00 is the title

    12. Dubbs 22


    13. Mikko Cabrera

      When fresh starts blabben Lannon: Responds Me: starts blabben in squads fill Everybody Else: leaves match

    14. Nyckhil Sales

      Who’s watching in 2021

    15. Rafael Garcia

      If laser beam is your dad how’s your mom???

    16. kevin clayton

      I love how fresh never messes a edit

    17. Nerea Martínez

      The unable zebra unlikely fill because quiver anteriorly argue afore a elfin epoch. plausible, fragile ground

    18. Liam Ellis

      7:47 yeah controller players totally

    19. KBS T4P3RDUD3

      He's tagged cracked - Fresh 2020

    20. Royal Watermelons

      Is just me or does fresh says “what’s up guys....yes”

    21. We LiKe FoRtNiTe 775

      When ever fresh gets brutas mini. Gun he says I’ll be taken than bru bru god dam 😂

    22. beater

      The best one

    23. beater

      I am

    24. beater

      Ur not

    25. beater

      U think ur the best player of fortnite

    26. Big sis and Lil sis

      Yo who else is watching this in 2021

    27. Bill Man

      Chapter 2 season 2 is one of my most favorite seasons it’s like my second favorite it would be my first if the mythical weapons were not that op

    28. Saad Androun

      did alexa just talk (1:00)

    29. Dogpower436 and Asherdude5 Playz

      Lachlan’s face in the thumbnail lol

    30. Brayden and Roy gamers

      Is it just me or was lannan eating when he said good good

    31. Kerry Riche

      Lachy sucks compared to Fresh

    32. Derek B


    33. Eric Metzger

      2021 any one???

    34. Jared Leow

      The guiltless drizzle thankfully depend because sheep finallly close apropos a efficacious reindeer. thankful, joyous pancake

    35. Abd Elrahman Raad

      Bro it’s over fresh is gonna win done diction made DONE!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😅😇😇

    36. Grim rip1224 ROCKSTAR

      No fortnite

    37. Phoenix Gamer

      Im 99% sure at 3:08 fresh eliminated biffle

    38. AB PLAYS

      Fresh sucks and Lachlan is the best like if you agree

    39. LancePlayz

      I think we can all agree that fresh is better than ninja..

    40. Mayu Nicolau

      Can I just say lannan and fresh is one of the best duo in fortnite

    41. Anton Zhyzneuski

      why fresh dont do video montage

    42. Xd Absent

      9:30 even though this is an old video fresh could of edited down the person because that was his floor

    43. James Romano

      Fresh is goated with the mini gun

    44. Lina Yusuf

      the first time ive seen lannan wear a dynamo he is a true sweat

    45. Yeet Boy

      I love how lannan was stuffing his face

    46. yanmei lu

      Son saying “good job” to father 🤣😂😂

    47. Noor Barakat

      Jackson Taylor is an bot

    48. X KILR

      On your youtube

    49. X KILR

      Ween are you going to do your face reveal

    50. AJ Clan

      It’s harder to stay the last comment than to be the first

    51. Huy Thai Tran

      Can we appreciate that fresh carrying lazar even tho they r doing World Cup?

      1. Mystic - bob


    52. NozzyWozzy

      Does fresh have a cold?

    53. robert piccinini

      fresh is super good

    54. Emm Geeh

      You are the best

    55. Geo Gamboa


    56. Sophie Wilson

      Can we just say that you can only be a good fortnite player only if you can add very fast cause Lennon and fresh are just insane with their math. Lol

    57. Fuse_ Night40

      Lannan wat better now

    58. Gg Gamee09

      Who else misses frenzy

    59. Doktor_Gz

      Fresh at the intro: who will win? Me a nerd: It SaYs YoU bEaT hIm In ThE tItLe

    60. U mad Bro

      Yo could anyone tell me what skin this is

    61. ItsDime

      Ahhhhhh fresh and lazar always beating Lachlan every time

    62. YANISxOSMALI - Battlelands

      I love how Lannan is very supportive

    63. Kakashi Hatake rainbow style

      Anyone notice the difference in fresh's voice

    64. Groot 0524

      Can you add me my username is PSYCOTICxposure

    65. Abdullah Bilakhiya

      When land in die fresh go swet mod

    66. Logan Hughes

      Do you mean Lazarbeam

    67. zainab calcattawala


    68. Rafi

      4:33 iam at the Bottom iam at the Bottom iam at the Bottom 🤣

    69. Steven Orozco

      Let's take a moment to realize that lannan is good there and in other videos :)no offense but he's trash

    70. Agent Ducky

      what is the second to last song you used in this - the dramatic one. pls i have been trying to find the name for more than 4 months and couldnt. it would be a great thing if someone could tell me

    71. Tombu


    72. Golden Boy

      i just want to respact that fresh dont care that lachlan have pros and he say :yeah but i have lazarbeam and lazarbeam is like 5 pros and you have 6,666,817 yeah that number is wane lachlan in a video and rage quits

    73. The fishes

      6 666 666 ???????? views?

    74. Vikki Bowron


    75. Kyle Beavers

      16:26 lazerbeam:ah hes better than me: me no harm but everyones better than u

    76. Paul LaGrange

      16:01 it’s actually the title?! 😭

    77. 9 9 9 cixxncidence

      Is this pro scrims or is this the world cup

    78. zach the boss 2021

      Can I add you fresh

    79. final flame

      Fresh sounds like he is sick

    80. Saad Androun

      on which servers you play?

    81. Lisa Clark

      yo you got so close on the first game

    82. Jay Durkin

      When you bring lazarbeam into the video it should be called the fresh and lazarbeam show

    83. Frxste Bxte

      The only way Lannan is gonna sweat is to try to beat lachy

    84. Bl00d_ch0ke_999

      yo frsh your insane btw

    85. resurrection 7

      title idea at 16:00

    86. RNG worm!!

      Can we talk how freshes quick maths

    87. Chaz Games

      Fresh and lazerbeam cracked duo

    88. Henry Payne

      Love lannen at 4min 6 sec

    89. Ammaar Butt

      So funny how lazar always dies before fresh 😂

    90. Yahi M


    91. Johnny Feavelen

      The trite ravioli progressively own because venezuelan semiannually drum aside a draconian system. open, synonymous currency

      1. Banff resident

        You spitting some straight facts

    92. Oliver Clews


    93. Tryx Alex

      no one cares about ur ego

    94. Shon jasnoch

      Can you watch my video Shon Jasnoch is the name

    95. Gabriel Gervais-Morel

      I love when Lannan's talking when he's spectating Fresh

    96. Layton Fleming

      Lazer is a bot

    97. Layton Fleming

      Lachlan would win against laserbeam if he didn’t have fresh

    98. Kieran Timmins

      Who’s watching this in December 2020 because they are board

      1. Liam onze