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    1. Norma trejo

      Fresh: to dann easy Still fresh: dies im done with this game

    2. bebobson gaming channel

      atleast he knows how hard to be a conttroller player

    3. Bread Skii

      I hate her I am mad at her

    4. Bread Skii

      my mom just got me the ps5 but she said I can't play on it so like whats the point of getting me the ps5 you know

    5. Liam Addison

      I know fresh won't look at this comment, but you can hook up your key board and mouse to your PS5 that's what I do

    6. Supor Speed

      'and five xbox x's' me and other Xbox EXTREME enthusiasts: We'll find you, and we will beat you at Fortnite

    7. EchoTheEmperor

      Why is your handcam inverted

    8. NoahGoes

      Fresh you can turn the vibration off in settings

    9. Himanshu Arya

      How do you join the challenge

    10. Galaxy Kid

      Through this entire video when he says he’s not a controller player I’m just saying hook up keyboard and mouse

    11. Narinderjit Lallie

      Ir my fave utubet

    12. Narinderjit Lallie

      Yo fresh if u see this I love ur videosss keep up the content

      1. Narinderjit Lallie

        Ur my fav utuber

    13. Satvik yadav

      You have an aimbot

    14. Demetrius Morales

      they have clouds for PS5 players??!!

    15. FINN09

      You do know you can plug in a keyboard and mouse to Console

    16. The Crafter Of Doom

      I have a ps5

    17. Ashish prince

      fresh give me the ps5 if u hate it

    18. Xander Streicher

      Can I pleas get a ps5😢😊

      1. Xander Streicher

        Can I get a ps5 pleas.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

      2. Xander Streicher

        I love your videos

      3. Xander Streicher

        YOU are my favourite YouYuber

    19. Doggotexter

      U know u could of just connected ur keyboard and mouse right?

    20. Deterrius Percy

      u ar trash fresh

    21. Boomer Vlad

      the reason u can't prob aim is because ur aim is to slow

    22. We're Still Here

      Is that controller backwards?

    23. Sullzombie

      Us controller players can teach you

    24. Noxx Opee-_

      Was aim assist strong -exactly

    25. Charlie Cunningham

      I wanna ps5 pls can I join the giveaway

    26. GamerProJJp !

      I was jealous but after I got a ps5 for Christmas

    27. Miggboss 876 king


    28. skylerford 135

      I want the ps5 plz I sub and like and I still have ps4 and my brother sub and like can we have one of ps5 and the xboxs plz I love console

    29. Felix Burke

      i wone the compotition and i got a xbox

    30. Berit Frenvik

      I want the ps5

    31. kk_king11

      Does anyone notice that the controller looks different

    32. Linda Aldridge

      Mr fresh I've been a subscriber for 1 year I love you videos please choose me I never have been chosen in my life please choose me Mr fresh 🙏🙏

    33. Charlie Olds


    34. Kamesha Todd

      I plsy on ps4

    35. Basketball Basketball star

      You are the best fresh

    36. Brody 99

      U can plug in a usb keyboard and mouse

    37. Cps Cps

      You should not be an console player 😂

    38. JordyFHV

      I’m better than you at controller

    39. Zak

      Hey fresh can i get the ps5 please!?!? I've done it all

    40. Isaac Playz

      Can I get a ps5 please I’m one of your biggest fans I actually made a youtube account to subscribe and hit the bell

    41. M Greenwood

      Im so sad i did not see the notaficaton when you uploaded

    42. Nothing Special

      Fresh i thought you was not playing on console again?

    43. Sis & bro Fn

      Hey do u have a mask

    44. Trey Hambrick

      I’m like 95% sure his hand cam is inverted, but idk

    45. Derek Umpherville

      I have a ps5

    46. Caiden Tatro

      his jump is press right joystick 😐 bru

    47. Evan The Brawler

      imagine fresh using a switch

    48. Morgan Pert

      P”ease me, I am not so rich

    49. JELLY SUS

      a jusd code fresh

    50. Aija KAimite

      jusd kode fresh

    51. Amaze Facter

      I watched this vid just to see your binds

    52. Sindri Hafthor

      U can connect kayboard and mouse with USB

    53. Luka Bulovic

      PS 5 don't have aim asist

    54. Candace West

      My brother is getting a ps5 next year but I want a ps5

    55. Larfy 5912

      He had aim assist on

    56. Falingosub Life


    57. Jacob Johnson

      Can you get me one of the ps5 please

    58. amanda beveridge

      I want a ps5 please please please please please please please please please Fresh your the best person in the game

    59. Callum Glass

      My series x is better

    60. Derek Robison

      He uses a mask in all his thumbnails

    61. K1N4N - FORTNIT3

      The controller cam is changed the x botton is left and o is left and triangle is left and square is left ???? 😂😂

    62. Among us time!?

      Can we get him too say “ what’s up guys no” ?

    63. Zakaroff Crackeroff

      when henchmen had 200 overall health

    64. Riley Borthwick

      I GOT A PS5

    65. Riley Borthwick

      I FOT A PS5

    66. Mikhail Prem Jiandani

      The Most Scary Thing Is Fresh Using Aim Assist On Pc

    67. Allmight gaming

      I hate creative nerds

    68. Huawei Gr5


    69. Gatsangat Kaur

      But xbox series x is green wtf

    70. Starwarrior247 Starwarrior247

      he is on left hand controler

    71. Sleek Sheep

      If the give away isn’t over then Pls comment on one of my vids Sleek Sheep :3

    72. Noelle O'Connell

      Do you want to play

    73. Noelle O'Connell

      Can you add me my name is Fresh2020

    74. Lindsey Wulfers

      How do we get in giveaway

    75. RIZGaming Minecraft

      lol edit button is circle but u have to hold it..................its really annoying

    76. KRISH SHAH

      i love how his aim is better when he doesn’t aim, than when he does

    77. Achilles ninja


    78. nimisha shah

      I am a pro and I mean pro on PS4 controller but only on 30 FPS I don’t have the console and I want it

    79. Zack van der hulks

      you got this boy

    80. Shayan Rameez

      Ps5 is joke

    81. Z Z Zacks Ajax

      i jave a ps5 but im still so new to the buttons

    82. Tygo de gamer

      I have a ps5 too and i thought i was a bot i learned to do 90s 2 weeks ago than i saw Fresh on console...... I AM A PROOOOOOO

    83. Lanitra Boyd


    84. Harvey Carter

      Just watching this video as a controller player is... fascinating

    85. TJ Roach

      Controller tactic #1: spray and pray

    86. KokoWrld

      if you guys wanna see a ps5 montage please check out my recent, it will help slot for support😁!

    87. Kobi Bishop

      I’m your biggest supporter

    88. Jack Highsted

      im your biggest fan ever

    89. Matt Playz

      U should get your own YouTooz

    90. KV OKP

      Who's in for the giveaway prizes

    91. lokekzpolski

      RTX fortnite

    92. Yahya Hilal

      Ok he played on ps5 but why the controller is inverted

    93. Samuel Peterka

      Fresh Mulet gang ??????????????

    94. Melissa Hughes

      I don't have any consoles my son really wants won he asks every day

    95. Aduckbitmyfinga

      Day 172 waiting for fresh to say “what’s up guys no” PLS I will stop until he says it)

    96. Gavin Anderson

      I NEED THAT XBOX!!! my lil brother is crazy and he is obsessed with you

    97. Jaka Legenda

      Hey, what is better for u: Playstation or X-box

    98. Major Pain

      Lol HE actually might not

    99. Naseeb Khan