My girlfriend controls my game...


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    1. DuoDucks


    2. rae insley

      Fresh U's a SIMP, lol

    3. Vince Holloman

      Tessa: I got snack balls. . .

    4. slip drip

      i love how he said no cats you allergic to cats

    5. Jordan Bosankoe

      Fresh i don't eat mushrooms

    6. Xavian Velez

      1v1 bot

    7. Andrea Moss


    8. lil D

      i like the outro

    9. pizza yeee PIZZA

      Freshes gf be like ‘sick’


      Shout-out to tessa

    11. Enrique Gonzalez

      ''A mean looking tree" It's not like Fresh's skin is any better.

    12. Elijah Johnson

      What’s up guys yes

    13. Sherine Essmat


    14. Danyal Zeki

      Burn Him fresh

    15. alia ferguson

      The disgusted sunflower emphatically wipe because tuesday intialy judge worth a unequal men. reflective, lethal belief

    16. Connor kickers

      Do more vids with tessa keep it up


      Fresh you are a bad boyfriend

    18. Elijah Beason 2020

      Laxer beam is just like yes no Tessa is yes or no but she gives u a reason why

    19. DJ Aguinaga

      Fresh in case you didn’t know your not souposed show off

    20. BHM crazy

      ive won games for my girlfriend fresh u should try to do that 4 a vid

    21. Speedygamer007



      This is cute but sus

    23. Conan Mccoy

      You cracked you are 10000 out of 1

    24. Father

      8:53 She seems like she is a bit slow with all the respect

    25. darci5867

      I love how Tessa chose the most bot stuff in fresh is locker

    26. Wram

      Tessa is beautiful

    27. Alexandra Hahn


    28. Alexandra Hahn


    29. Smail _gaming Elgendy

      Show of

    30. Tammy Zealand

      Can I pls win I really want a Xbox cause I have the ps3

    31. Ramzy Zohud


    32. Ramzy Zohud


    33. Fire SubYT

      Who is watching in 2021?

    34. Mahbir Ali

      Ooh a simp

    35. Christopher Collins

      How is fortilla there in season 4

    36. Glanmor Rath

      i would like a xbox plz

    37. Sell Out

      Why did Fresh turn into Shannon Briggs at 3:49?

    38. Natalie Wright

      " I got snack balls" I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣

    39. Angus and Nikki Roblox

      I believe tessa

    40. Jammy 517

      I’m not complaining but fresh’s first elim he said “ can I kill this woman? “ and when he was killing the player he called it a “ boy “ Edit: sorry I’m late to the comment section but I just started watching fresh

    41. something random

      Fresh is so sipmpi in this video

    42. Matt Da best

      Can u do more videos with tessa

    43. SamDaHam

      Tessa is adorable

    44. Rick Gabriél in RickGabéSound

      Bruh, I subbed to Tessa first. Just needed you to know. 😁

    45. Ghost Meowscles

      Me: *nothing* Everyone in the comments: SnAcK bAlLs?!?

    46. Cool Aid-gamer

      Bushranger is my signature skin LMAO

    47. Raihan Atif

      I agree with fresh

    48. L Edward Hulon

      Ninja is better

    49. Steve Anderson


    50. angela aguon

      Yay delete my comment!!!!

    51. Mahbir Ali


    52. Carson Hersch

      I miss the old fresh intro

    53. Broccoli_ Boi

      No pushin mate😆

    54. Helen Abbotts

      I love the videos

    55. Helen Abbotts


    56. Lisa Ram

      Tessa teaching fresh a lesson don’t hurt friends

    57. Fran D R

      i belive fresh

    58. Gaming 55

      Y do u play fortnite

    59. Mason Kee

      I don’t like tessa

    60. idontevenknowwhatimdoing

      She's so freaking pretty omg

    61. Kason Usa

      Tessa is sooooo cute your lucky

    62. Johnny Wootton

      She’s way nicer than lannan

    63. kenrick mcintosh

      Fresh is a dummy

    64. Eltaj Babasoy

      My name is naygara in fortnite thank you

    65. Eltaj Babasoy

      Hi fresh can you make me your friend in fortnite plzzzzzzzzzzz im a big fan

    66. Chazz Gillingwater

      love fresh burn tree

    67. Sasha Chizzoni

      When Tessa said sick

    68. Manex

      So your telling me you buy the ps5 but you don't play your fav game ever on it

    69. Kim Marsh

      Simp alert hahahaha

    70. Floppy Jelly

      The classic GG at the end 👏👏

    71. Jhansi Ghanta

      Tessa: “ you can’t drink the shield pot” Fresh: drinks it anyways.

    72. PoFu Nobu Jr

      Tessa mmmmhhhh yes

    73. gg gamer Megdadi

      My sister is like tessa ask to go to the water

    74. alline souza

      “You like mushrooms.” yo fresh what are you referring to?

    75. E Rice

      Fresh i just gotta say Lannan is better by

    76. Summer Roblox

      I ship Tessa and Fresh they are the best

    77. Emir Ali Yucel

      Tessa I have snack balls fresh yes I don’t wanna west money

    78. Areeb QAT squad

      Tessea: BruN HIOM fRieSh

    79. Emir Ali Yucel

      How did you win OMG you are sweat mr.Fresh

    80. Toby Rankin

      Tessa “I got snackballs”

    81. Samantha Rivas

      Funny that’s funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    82. darksidedylan08

      Fresh a simp

    83. Nathaniel Anderson

      Add NateGenX

    84. Henry Arnott

      Nice vid

    85. lesley horner

      I love how Freshies girlfriend control his games

    86. Mary Berry

      more girlfriend content plz. amazing job with the video btw

    87. FlyingPoggie

      Sweats be like: sweat and being a try hard X1,000,000,000 GIRLS 0

    88. Thomas Laborda

      he mean tho lol i love fresh i love you fresh

    89. Super Studios

      Show off

    90. Linda Larson Palmell

      Ur soo damn near 7mil

    91. BearZo Y


    92. Dina Motazedi

      Tessa if beautiful

    93. Taylor Mccready

      It takes you 10 minutes to win a match it takes me like 50 attempts or like 40 minutes

    94. Goku Fanss

      I’m in the uk I want a ps5

    95. waffle


    96. pricey 2829

      She well said code lazer