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    1. Fiaz Raja

      Just saying loot sharks are still in game go to the NPC in sweaty sands and talk to him it's says hunt a loot shark

    2. Conley Voyles

      Who else has started watching fresh cause lazarbeam doesn't post as much

    3. Micah Goldstein

      Lazarbeam: alright fresh win on one hp. Fresh: uhmmm 🙄 ok. In fresh’s head: why does lannan bully me

    4. Anyse Raaf


    5. Joseph Vira

      10:20 look at his wood 😬

    6. Juice wrld xxxTentacion

      Fortnite's dead

    7. BlueSky RBX

      Can I get a shoutout

    8. Mustafa yilmaz

      When Lannan said where Tron disc but in the game fresh has the sledge

    9. Tom Hardy


    10. Gabriela Miramontes

      Vid si good!

    11. GregPlaysHD Gamez

      When fresh doesnt know how to speak in paragraph form that proves he skipped his whole school xd

    12. Jerich Andrei Dizon

      did i sea a rift

    13. Thunderpup GAMING

      fresh be sus

    14. Harrison Conway

      1v1 me bot

    15. Jay

      Does fresh like our comments

    16. Laser KidsV

      Fresh just keeps on how munch you mean to me

    17. Ryan Stewart

      I Love your videos 👶

    18. doge

      challenge: pain

    19. bagelbum

      fresh's real dad: he better than me? lazerbeam: oh u. fresh: im adopted

    20. ShadowPlayzSwitch

      6:02 Am I tripping or does that say 9 headshot

    21. Theo Ryan

      Pickle a yeet

    22. Possessed Gamer

      Idea, he can only loot people who he guess there rarity of there rifle

    23. shallot

      0:10 giving me PAIN

    24. Matt Collin


    25. unlimited pr snowman

      No sharks

    26. NotLuc


    27. Harry Lyons

      Whatup guys

    28. Grant Gray


    29. dolly pel


    30. 360 oug oug bogu

      Hey I like you and lasar both

      1. 360 oug oug bogu


    31. Tru Blue

      Girlfriend : i want you to tell me how much you love me. Like in a 3 hundred word parapgh Boyfriend : w-wait what do you mean?!? I cant speak in parapgh

    32. Cipher Da

      Sharks are in the game

    33. youtube Ali

      only OG's will remember The old intro

    34. Visual Volt

      ive won a game without any kills before.

    35. mattimus

      Go subscribe to Lucas Martinson on youtube

    36. Chance Taylor

      I'm unsubscribing from lazarbeam

    37. Pancake Man

      Wait lazerbeam is freshs dad?

    38. iiDHiRAii

      "I don't know how to speak in paragraphs!" LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Studz

      9:02 can we just talk about how toxic this guy is and he is waiting for someone in storm

    40. Tandy

      69k likes *nice*

    41. Ronan Kingston

      He got a kill in weeping

    42. Innitgamez


    43. Richard88 Kumala88

      This is the best challenge ever u gotta do it 100 more time

    44. Xmaster gamer

      There's sharks on season 6 at dirty docks near the edge on the water

    45. FandomTOBY

      lannan sounds high af tbh

    46. Yeetimus Prime

      Shorely there’s sharks! Get it? Y’know? They were at a beach?

    47. Adam De Costa

      I want I want you to land out of nowhere in the wateryo

    48. ZAY

      I bet if Ali A made a skin that’s ugly but has a good meaning he would get laughed at but when someone else does it it’s ok

    49. Natedog 470

      Fresh top of 10 no kills is easy I always can second bush camping Until two weeks ago I got my first solo win yay

    50. X7しにむつう

      Imagine not get it a heart from fresh

    51. simonca s

      Whay are you laing???

    52. Reece Eichman

      since when do you have a 360 Hz monitor?????

    53. Dania Kadhim Nordic Int Trollhättan

      Gayyyyyyyyyyyy BTW

    54. Luke Cavs

      Why didn’t he pickaxe the stone shark?

    55. Shaun 3114

      You know u a drop out when 100 words is 3 paragraphs. It's 10 lines of A4 paper

    56. Shaun 3114

      Now I need confirmation if that was Elliott or not

    57. diamond dog

      Is lannan actually his dad ???😀

    58. Lightning Knight

      Lannan X Fresh becoming a thing soon? Perhaps

    59. Exel

      You got 1 slim.

    60. Mr20Green 0

      fresh "this is the most boring game zero kill in top 10" me be like that's how I play

    61. Mr20Green 0

      Fresh "u mean the mostest to me" lazar be like don't care -_-

    62. YMGames X

      There's sharks btw

    63. The Johnny boi

      Sigh I guess We’ll Never Hear..................... “What’s up guys NOPE” You’ve been trolled

    64. kim minh

      The ludicrous psychology surely punish because wrinkle neurobiologically jog into a various orchestra. stormy, unique june

    65. Vividz

      I want a good friend like fresh

    66. Garrett Navin

      Hi Thier

    67. EXP Phat

      There are sharks by steamy

    68. Travis Stacy

      There was a shark at coral you missed it

    69. Corvussio

      Ah! I’ve been wondering how you get a baby to shut up. Now I know when I get a baby all I need is a pillow to get them to stop crying.

    70. The Boss Crystal


      1. The Boss Crystal

        @Pug bruh My brother commented that lol

      2. Pug

        You left cap lock on btw

    71. Francis Kowalski

      whats u guys yes I am a cereal killer and

    72. PRO JJ 78


    73. enrique vazquez-chavez

      now fortnite youtuber ran out of ideas lol

      1. Pug

        He also has 766 videos what can u expect 🤔

    74. Rajan Mahil

      how is he lv 140 already

      1. Pug

        He has 7 mil subs. HUgets pays well

    75. Blobby Pro

      7:49 “You mean the mostest to me” words from a true dropout

    76. Ruby Jones

      The jazzy morocco ontogenically box because accountant specially press save a educated daniel. numerous, knotty feeling

    77. Crucify X

      that speech made me cry 😢

      1. Crucify X

        @PRO JJ 78 no what r u gonna do about it

      2. PRO JJ 78

        Shut up

    78. Devil Gamer

      10:42 fresh has 1 kill how

    79. collette shyngle


    80. Pulkit Kumar

      Fresh was good, now it's same vid everyday😢😢😢

      1. Pug

        Yeah.... no it's not

    81. Joseph Hancock

      ...i said to do this video part 2 a week or 2 ago and you do it but no credit...😤its fine

    82. Shoua Xiong

      Sharks are in season 6

    83. laughablemeteor Kosters

      there is a shark by dirty

    84. Chris Pitsinos

      Sharks are exist but they hane 0.081% to spawn...

    85. Chelsea Manos

      Ya might be dead but at least ya love me -LazarBeam 2021

    86. FaZe MYSTERIO

      og will remember

    87. FaZe MYSTERIO

      What up "whats a 90"

    88. Amdad Hussen

      Who's better thanks or darkside

    89. GoneWithWind330

      Sharks are in the game just so you know

    90. Isaac Jamal

      Foc u

      1. Pug


    91. shahmir nasir69

      Lazarbeam just want fresh to suffer.

    92. Mowen

      and notice how he had 99 health game 2 befor he encountered anyone :)

    93. Mowen


    94. Cole D88

      Sharks are still in the game

      1. Pug

        I think he knows from the other 7B+ comments saying the same thing

    95. Ab

      You should do a video in which you control lazerbeam's game

    96. Zachary Darrow


    97. Valentina F

      Challenge: You have to tame a wolf, protect it all game and let it get the last kill 😜