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    1. RANDOM

      At 1:00 u can see the recycler

    2. Munashe Muzembe

      only a few people with get this from sypher shorts Sypher: SHEEEEEEEEESH FRESH:SHEEEEEEEEESH

    3. Darth vader Gamer

      Do not buy battel pass nex sesion for 2 dollers

    4. Maximus Williams

      I like that glider that's a nice glider

    5. Notyummyfytyt

      Only two weeks?

    6. Ghost X

      A loading screen for raven with many crows and things? Seriously dude it’s ravens

    7. Drew DeLuca

      Clucks a girl

    8. Chazz


    9. Chazz


    10. Jacob Jeuken

      I’m geting the battle pass

    11. Jacob Jeuken

      It’s still updating for me ☹️

    12. Gui Gamer

      Fresh: cool NEVER GONNA USE THAT

    13. 11k_Mxry

      She’s from like “teen titans” i’m pretty sure..” -Fresh and the memes

    14. Jacked Jake

      My favourite season 6 battle pass skin is Raz

    15. tagz zee

      That is why I have t and z in my HUgets pic thing because my You Tuber name was going to be tag zee :

    16. tagz zee

      I wish I won a ps5 in the giveaway because I wanted to be a HUgets like u :

    17. Dave113

      Unpopular Opinion: I like Slurp Cluck more than regular one, my opinion, dont yell at me :/

    18. Cooper Baker

      The chicken makes them fly, not the boots!!!!!

    19. Infernal Hippo 27

      THICCCCC Chicken

    20. Avi Hasky


    21. Joel Marr

      What the heck, there's no grapple bow in the game... yet?

    22. reactions vlogs

      Love you this is lavinia not my bro

    23. raul castro

      Those aren’t normal symbols there Kevin the cube Symbols

    24. WebbyWidowsYT

      you love to see it B)

    25. M3RK EAMD4WG

      Please fresh will you friend me

    26. Freddie Cooke

      I like these kind of videos

    27. Amanda Sheridan

      I also like to say yes

    28. Amanda Sheridan


    29. Reuben Roy

      It has to be said, how has pleasant stayed for ever

    30. Varga Bercel

      5:07 he aalmost said drip... :O

    31. Faze Oscar

      I subscribed

    32. Faze Oscar

      I subscribed

    33. Faze Oscar

      I subscribed

    34. Faze Oscar

      I subscribed

    35. Faze Oscar

      Use code fresh

    36. Faze Oscar

      Use code fresh

    37. Faze Oscar

      Use code fresh

    38. Faze Oscar

      Use code fresh

    39. Henry Lane

      When neymar comes out fresh will do ever time I get hit I have to do to diving emote

    40. de the

      Why transformers are losing at a teenager

    41. de the

      Niceeeee Bro

    42. Twotimes0418

      I used your code when buying the battle pass, and tiers

    43. dau tuan

      Here idea of heroes battle coronavirus. Avengers. Justice league. Power rangers. Warframe. Shaggy Rogers. Sonic & his team . Halo spartan. Transformers. Voltron . Star wars.

    44. dau tuan

      omg this is sooo cool

    45. JohnnyBlackRants

      Fortnite Lara Croft looks fine af

    46. Sarah Knecht

      If fresh doesn’t do a thiccest chicken video he has to go to the doctor to see is he is ok

    47. Jacob Johnson

      Use Code: Lazar

    48. NTR Neo

      Cluck it’s ment to be for Easter then they add .... EGGSPLOSIVE and SLURPY as styles ............ just what

    49. 8redo

      we must get lazarbeam to play apex again because the new legends is a crazy aussie that goes boom boom! copy this to spread awareness!

    50. Anime Simp

      Am I the only one that got super excited for the raven skin

    51. Michael Raad

      The chief puma ordinarily surround because sagittarius substantially settle but a anxious hobbies. quick, harsh measure


      Nice background music. Superfast build mode A.K.A Lupus Nocte - Howling

    53. Max Cowie

      Code fweshy boy

    54. Najib Qader

      Fortnite was just about to die but now is my favorite game again

    55. Not big Frilly

      I got a shrek add for this video fresh=shrek confirmed

    56. Pickle Fresh

      How I wish I can buy the battle pass but got not enough

    57. Clown_killa202

      Why is neymar the secret skin for this battle pass tho finna get downed before the enemy even shoots at you if you use the neymar skin 😂😂

    58. Thomas Gaskin

      I thought you would do the thickest chicken in fortnite

    59. Yo Peeps here

      He sounds sarcastic and seems bored but anyways use code: Fearless

      1. Yo Peeps here

        Jk code: Fresh

    60. CamoBoy

      ravin from og teen titans

    61. Kalman GameZ

      Day 43 of getting famous from comments

    62. JephyBoB

      He said that RAVEN’S loading screen had crows

    63. Zan Penic

      Whats uo guys...and yes

    64. Mike GAMING6117

      Sorry my sister unsubscribed I feel terrible 😣

    65. malexander

      You can hear in hes voice, even Fresh is getting tired of Forknife.

    66. Zaruto uzumaki

      Why fortnite why the guns I get wins every day but cuz of the guns I lose more

    67. jan hagens

      Plssssssssssssss fresh

    68. Cookie god

      I really love seeing the whal I’m grounded

    69. Ricardo Reyes

      Fresh you cant use that Song only Sypherpk can 6:06

    70. One Sick Assassin

      Raz is the cube he glows purple and has the sibyls

    71. XriversX

      Who else HATED season 5???

    72. Greg Tube

      8 minutes of watching Fresh watching the new battle pass

    73. Greg Tube

      2:27 Fresh just found an idea for a new video

    74. Danial Alom

      Lara Croft is a game right it is a movie

    75. Artsy Wolfie


    76. Sarim Rashid


    77. Garbage

      Fresh it's not a thicc chicken, it'e a thiccen

    78. AidenTheMemer


    79. Gomez Gaming

      Rip Fortnite I remember playing season one very simple fun no sweats. Miss those days

    80. FaZe polite507unit


    81. hingting gaming

      Let go haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaa

    82. Eric Wieden


    83. Kyler Kassner

      I will use code fresh in the item shop and can you gift me the battle pass


      Everyone: Cluck is the best Skin! Me: no one remembers the Sentinel skin from Season 9...

    85. Patricia Flores moreno

      By extident i deleted my acount 😩🥺😡

      1. Grim Sunshine


    86. JINHWA LEE

      What’s the best battle pass skin in your opinion?

    87. Laurie McDougald

      Code Henry

    88. ben the dude

      6:46 clickbait youtubers be like: BENDY confirmed in fortnite | release happening RIGHT NOW + 5× $100 vbuck card giveaway

    89. im.pixelboy

      Chicken .... chicken ... chicken cool... CHIIIIIIICKEEEEEENNNNNN BOYYYYYYYY

    90. Joey Wow I’m So cool

      They should have a challenge to eat a ton of floppers to get the neymar skin.

    91. The gaming Luchador

      Yo why does razz look like sypher

    92. Mako9113

      I swear if I don’t get the chicken skin by Easter I’ll cry

    93. Vegito-Sama

      Is it me or is this season a bit weird? Like idk man doesnt feel like fortnite at this point with all these new weapons and shit 😂

    94. Pixwool

      Thicc chicken? You mean thicken.

    95. Logan Moore

      New thickest series please fresh probably gonna be a video on the at for cluck though

    96. Michael Stark

      New season is trash

    97. Blake McElhattan

      Can’t wait to see the thickest chicken in fortnite title

    98. Bryson Evans

      raven: is literally named "raven" and has birds in her loading screen. fresh: crows and stuff.

    99. Totally Awesome

      I already played this season...to me...IT SUCKS

    100. Michael Hernandez