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    1. Neil Patni

      i didn't know fresh play apex i thought he was just a fortnite sweat

    2. SadMemeChild

      The only way fresh plays apex “ wassup guys, thank you to EA for sponsoring this video “

    3. Caleb Gottschalk

      He never used his ult (properly)

    4. CLSC_L3g3ndary

      I’m just gonna say I enjoy you playing apex legends more than fortnite

    5. ColdArcPlayzzツ

      why just why

    6. Vesna marcetič matić


    7. Vesna marcetič matić


    8. Vasco Ferreira

      Use your abilities more

    9. Wesley higginbotham

      Horizon is the best skin so are the cars

      1. Puckio dog

        horizon is not a skin

    10. Ajay Che

      The reason your eva-8 shot two shells because you had the double tap hop up

    11. Jaco -Boyy

      Maybe fresh just maybe play apex a little bit more

    12. Water.exe.

      Tbh just stick to fortnite

      1. NoiRoiToi

        @ChalkyDoesGaming exactly Now it's doing good coz of steam release And apex is best br but warzone players also underestimate apex

      2. 4Rfamily !


      3. ChalkyDoesGaming

        @NoiRoiToi Yep It Won Best Battle Royale In 2020 I Think. The Reason Apex Didn't Have the Biggest Start Is Because Of Fortnite Kids Saying Its A Copy Of Fortnite And Shit Like That. When Actually It Was A BR Version On Titanfall 2. Its Set In The Outlands Owned By The Syndicate What Owns The Apex Games And Apex Is Also Mentioned In Titanfall Story Campaign. So Cut the Shit About It Being a Fortnite Copy

      4. NoiRoiToi

        Sorry but apex is best br on pc even on console but ppl don't see it's potential on console But it has more players than warzone and fn on pc tho

    13. Outlicity

      To all Nintendo Switch players, Apex Legends will be released on March 9th 2021!!!

      1. Puckio dog


    14. Mason Ross

      wait its funny how fresh is bad at apex and god at fortnite but he makes the best content ive been a supporter sense the begining keep you good content up

    15. soviet dog

      Try out season 8,the new character is Australian

    16. Heather Henry

      Cool but where lazar

    17. Pandora


    18. Finn Nash

      Apex is the best Better than fortnite

      1. Puckio dog

        yes wayyy

    19. Ren Ho-Coles

      Play more apex no more Fortnite!!

    20. Rig gaming90

      For once I'm better than fresh at a game

    21. Rig gaming90

      Who hated season 3?? I started season 2

    22. Basic Nicole

      Please post more apex legend content I wanna see you slaughter in apex :))))

      1. Sarita Gonsalves

        And if you say that i am a noob i have 35000 kills as bloodhound and i am master

      2. Sarita Gonsalves

        Hes a noob how will he

    23. Aus Agharr

      If fresh use singapore server never get the dub

    24. Milk

      Hope he does apex legends season 8

    25. Debbie Brewer

      Fresh : it’s a legendary pistol Me a person who plays a lot of apex : fresh that’s That’s a gun with light amo fresh that’s not a legendary gun

    26. George Stringer

      Play more plz

    27. Howie

      Please switch to apex

    28. Xydro

      He really said a legendary pistol 😐

    29. Static_Ghost YT

      if only fresh new the true power of the mastiff

    30. Astro Strikx

      9:39 I died the same way on my first game

    31. dinoflipper XD

      yo fresh u know apex is a movement game like u need to strafe ond shit to not get hit i thingk u should maby stick to fortnite

    32. RE5P3CT ON YT


    33. Alex doumon

      Fresh: I have legendary guns Me with a Devo with turbocharger: oh fresh read the Bible first

    34. iceknight play's

      I'm so happy I'm finally better than fresh at a game

    35. Riley Bortha

      people who play apex fulltime watching fresh such a bot

    36. Dark energy Lost

      Octane=speed Crypto=drone Caustic=gas boi Horizon=matter Rampart=defense and minigun lover Wattson=defense Loba=supplies

    37. Dark energy Lost

      Play more apex

    38. Daniel Santiago

      Don't get me wrong I love fresh but like I think he doesnt need to play apex just because he got sponsered, I can say that I am better than him in this game

    39. Joel Alvarado

      People that wanted a fortnite vid: FRESH IS SWITCHING NO PLS FRESH STAY IN FORTNITE

    40. Classified_Fatty

      Where is they apex legends vids they are cool :D

    41. TMO

      Fresh called a light Amo weapon legendary 😂

    42. Anoe

      so bad ....

    43. Brynhildur Stefánsdóttir


    44. T-Rex Dansasuke

      Seriously consider playing apex fresh

    45. T-Rex Dansasuke

      Well fortnite copied most of the things from apex

    46. SHELTHIR X


    47. 1J Stephen Phillip

      he ony a sweat in fortnight

    48. sum smoke

      “Legendary pistol”😂💀

    49. shadow god666

      First everyone: yo apex suc:season 7 yo this game is increíble

    50. shadow god666


    51. moch beast658

      It's a legendary pistol do brilliant

    52. BaNaNa GuY

      I thought the title said fresh changed everything

    53. Andrew Coelho


    54. Jimmy Fellows


    55. Daniel Ostrom

      Its crazy how much worse fresh is in apex

    56. Myles Gaming

      Horizon has the black hole for the special

    57. ewmercy main

      More more

    58. ewmercy main

      More apex content

    59. Suzanne Jackson

      U have not played apex for ages

    60. ducky the gamer

      hey fresh love your videos how do i get better at fortnite?

    61. Dream

      Awesome to see u play with sonic

    62. Wyatt Sucee

      Play apex more please i love apex

    63. Riley Harrison

      Freash: WHAT THE HELL THIS GUN SHOOTS TWICE THE EVA-8: I...I.. have double tap trigger on

    64. Panos X Styl

      Wow να και το fortnite kid που θα μας εκσιγισει κιόλας άσχετε

    65. ApexAcceleration

      I thought fresh would be good 🤔 Edit: Watched the vid more and he got a G7 kill ok ok Edit Edit: HE WON?!? wait now that I think about it. Did EA give him a bot lobby and good loot? 🤔

    66. JustChris

      This map looks small then he loses $3 nah it’s def big

    67. FaZę Drįpツ

      i aint' suprised actually am...

    68. FaZę Drįpツ


    69. Eli Atiya

      your a bot fresh im level 200

    70. BoxyHead YT

      This is really just fornite season X all over again

    71. lordFN

      Play more apex!!!!

    72. Keegan Robinson


    73. N8

      The 9 is back???I’ve missed a lot, last time I played the volt was in place of the 9

    74. killer_wolf_YT13

      I will get you 12 wins and i am apex predator the highest rank in the game

    75. killer_wolf_YT13

      Can i add you no apex u am level 482

    76. cherrry yt

      Finally I’m better than a pro player

    77. look at this banana

      You are cracked on every thing

    78. Coolkai99

      Apex sucks

    79. bruhhhHD


    80. Boohoo.exe123

      Only true fans know he poste this on his 2 Nd account first

    81. TheNeato_Burito

      Yo fresh you should play a lot more games than just fortnight you got a play like apex and COD and any other games you can think of like hyper scape you should play more them and become more of a battle royale channel

      1. TheNeato_Burito

        It be great for you because you get more content more viewers more subscribers more everything and I bet you’d have some fun to bro

    82. Kurr Kurr

      why didnt i get the noti? at least i dont think i did

    83. Matthew Paginton

      My level 30 friend is better than fresh a pro gamer

    84. Randy Flores

      Is he actually playing apex again?finally and honestly I don’t care if you hate me for playing it and COD and Fortnite but I’m glad he’s playing different games again🤗

    85. bloop blop

      anybody realise how many times he said"alright boys"

    86. Tehepikd2 453

      Quit Fortnite and keep playing Apex pls

    87. O P

      Sonic deserves more love

    88. Chill Man

      Can u play apex on ps4

    89. EDz Plays

      Yo I just got Apex yesterday because i saw your video

    90. LFG92

      That thumbnail tho😂.

      1. NG12 STONE


    91. jsvecero

      Plz more

    92. Adam Backus

      Apex sucks

    93. Marcus Roy

      wait when did we go back to the zero point lol

    94. Zoe Hewitt (STUDENT)

      Never knew that you played Apex

    95. Ali Ahmad

      Im surprised I’m actually better at a game then fresh

    96. Tin Nguyen

      Anyone who thought this was fortnite | | V

    97. ImBadAtGaming 123

      i have been waitting for apex legends on steam.......

    98. Professor Brain

      Glad he uploaded content I actually care about

    99. Alex Guzman