I 1v1’d the ENTIRE lobby


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    1. Erik Nocka

      that bunny was sweting

      1. Erik Nocka

        Like, for real

    2. TCO_ REAPER

      Pls do more it was cool

    3. Aakanksh Kishore

      I swear he’s in season 4 but he had a charge shotgun at the beginning

    4. Sergeant Cat

      The nerd who didn’t 1v1 is a loser

    5. Mikenley Brown

      fresh: im not a creative nerd also fresh: the best player of an entire continent


      jacob zronił ten chalange


        jacob zrobił ten chalange

    7. double dabs

      He is a good man 5:36

    8. Ryan Ma

      Fresh he’d 33 half

    9. Ryan Ma


    10. Ryan Ma

      Ninja is bat

    11. Ryan Ma

      Fresh is killing poeple

    12. Ń!ĆĶ

      no one gonna talk about iron man vs batman

    13. Christine Godin

      Awesome video fresh 😎😎😎

    14. Minecraftowy Pomagacz

      @Jacob do this

    15. Typuj ze mną !

      Teraz przyznać się kto przyszedł tu po obejrzeniu odcinka Jacoba 🤣🤣

    16. Tilo

      Fresh, polish youtuber, Jacob this complete challange :D

    17. Nixon

      Widzowie Jacoba! Meldujcie się :D

    18. Radeq QQQ

      Lol jacob do this

    19. Dawid Wilk

      Ha ha Jacob (Polish youtuber)did it challamge

    20. często komik

      Jocob in Poland

    21. Szewn

      Jacob he managed to meet this challenge Polish yt

    22. Kamcio

      Jacob polish youtuber made it! Check this out

    23. Ezzy Gamin

      FRESH polish youtuber Jacob did it hue hue

    24. Jules Voesterzoons

      enemy: takes highground for 0,00000001 seconds fresh: What a NERD!!!

    25. Trigger Nitro

      how is there charges in sesone 4

    26. Nathan Abuan

      5:32 that's what I will say

    27. gloria hernandez

      F**k for fresh

    28. gloria hernandez

      Yes the guy in the second match is a bot

    29. Moayyadh Angsa

      7:16 that guy was better

    30. Yaritzy Reyes

      Hi I watch anime especially Naruto.Sakuras trash

    31. Ty Jones

      Can u 1v1 with me fresh it is dark knight7355

    32. p star 7

      6:39 fresh vs try hard

    33. Stephen Murphy

      U have so much vbuxs

    34. N.J dude

      i lovefresh

    35. Jamie Aston

      1v1ing half the lobby 😂

    36. Allison Chan

      Fresh is sooooooooooo good

    37. NoSweat 111

      Do this again

    38. Alex Salvador

      He thinks he so good by ebiting so fast 1v1 faze sway he Will clap you

    39. Gwenni Mock

      5:00 that guy be like 😓

    40. James Gibbs

      What is the music at 04:14? Please tell

    41. hamza plays minecraft

      Becuse u dont want to give up on you😊

    42. hamza plays minecraft

      Stop saying bad words

    43. Jimmys Mom

      No one likes a sweat (Fresh your a sweat)

    44. Chronic_ tm

      0:30 and 3:36 WHY did they was so good? lol

    45. ttvsweat_FN

      Am I a like faZe SWAY

    46. Colejk09

      I hate that nerd

      1. Colejk09

        I meant the nerd that killed freshy boi

    47. Ezeri Abrams

      Fresh isn’t really a sweat for instance is his creative island full of builds? No. Does he care only about wins and nothing else? No there is a difference between being good and being a sweat

    48. Hamzah Salim

      Lazar beam did this.

    49. chinger ninga gamer

      Fresh you are the best

    50. Nyx Riverwall

      I can’t build so I’d be terrible at 1v1s

    51. Hair Conditioner

      I hate sweats because of that

    52. Danial Rifqi

      OMG fresh forgive me i was the guy at 7:13 im sorry i emoted on u lmao

    53. Isaac Grier

      What’s up guys NO

    54. Minhaz Ahmed

      Anyone else realise fresh has so many v bucks!

    55. Holdini Mutz

      The first guy to kill fresh I know him and that’s something he said he’s done before

    56. Charles Paterson

      He got 6.66m subs on Halloween

    57. Chopping Block

      Fresh: No one likes a sweat Me: ooops

      1. Chopping Block

        JK I suck Fresh is a sweat though

    58. Jennifer Ringleb

      6:01 ...........

    59. Solar Jynxz

      He doesn’t realise that he killed a pink goul trouper

    60. Gaber Amir

      5:49 he had 6 kills B R U H

    61. Gusty

      like for fresh and fe4rless to do duos

    62. Bonnie T.

      there trash

    63. Bonnie T.


    64. HexicGaming

      If I saw a reflex skin wanting to 1v1 I would do it right away even tho I would get clapped

    65. FMK 1317

      The people calling fresh a sweat are probably the true sweat's 🙄

    66. Andy Lopez

      “Good man, this guy accepted the 1v1 he’s not like the other-“ Gets sniped YOU MOTHER-

      1. Christine Godin

        Yeah you’re better than everybody else that said anything to fresh

      2. The real Noobmaster 21

        Lol lol lol

    67. ប៊ុន អែនដា- Annda bun

      I use code fresh but my sis keep changing it to code tiko

    68. niklinkX Nibba

      Moment of respect for those who accepted

    69. Weeb Exterminator

      Ah yes, 182,750 vbux...

    70. Rishxb Plays Fortnite

      1:00 deadpools pants?

    71. Augie Parkins

      dude i hate swets

    72. Easy J


    73. Tiger Tobeck

      go to 9 minute 18 seconds to hear him make the weirdest noise ever. ;)

    74. Xavier Mendoza

      Wait.... Fresh your a sweat wdym just ask your keyboard 😬

    75. RNGmrQaisAsian XD

      Bro i was the gloul trooper the pink one no way I died bye my own idol

    76. Nick Walton

      I just realised he has 182 thousand v bucks

    77. missy norris

      fresh is the best no question asked

    78. Eduardo

      At 6:00 you can here a donkey laugh

    79. Tobias Crocker


    80. miczsiliczy

      Sometimes i want fresh to have a facecam so i can see his reactions

    81. Red Gloves

      Ur the Best

    82. Kasra207

      9:18 HuHuHuuuu

    83. MintedYT

      1:35 made me laugh so hard

    84. Dorian Ryce

      Imagine being fresh saying: “no one likes a sweat”

    85. Blyzzrd /

      Anyone notice how this man has 100,000 v bucks

    86. Keora Hogan

      I’m never unsubbing to you because you play fortnite all the time whereas the others have kinda stopped

    87. Sir_.Meliodas

      Bro that kid at 4:00 is probably the kid that has no friends, you always hear him breathing in his mic, and no girl ever wants to talk to him. It took him like 3 minutes to kill fresh and fresh wasn't even trying💀

    88. bmx for life thekid2


    89. Nathan Byrd

      Are we not gonna talk bout that pink ghoul

    90. G43L Cortez

      I Don't think he knows that's an ai

    91. David Vasquez

      No imagine being u that pissed me off

    92. Cap- Fiction


    93. miss krissy

      If we dont like sweats we dont like you jk

    94. Cringey content

      This is the only vid I seen fresh do a 90

    95. TIME LORD Games

      fresh : im not a creative nerd freshs keyboard : are you sure about that

    96. Sibtain Raza

      heyy can i get a gaming pc..

    97. Charlie dog

      That’s why I quit fortnite

    98. TTV_ STONNEY

      fresh yhu could kill the people who don’t wanna 1v1

    99. yt strex12

      Do a pt2