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    1. Kristin Grimshaw

      I no

    2. Eathan Hawco

      it is so crazy thar is badddddddddddddddd loudouts

    3. Eathan Hawco

      bro i just saw this the loudouts omg

    4. D0G JU1CE

      Fresh: using pickle gorilla Me: WHAT THIS IS A SCAM HE IS FAKE HE IS NOT USING PICKLE RICK!!!

    5. Avocado Kid

      Shout out plsss

    6. Rahela Begum

      Fresh can you add my rizzay89

    7. Instant Milk

      Lmao this is the best Ltm we had 7 wins in a row is that a record for this ltm

    8. Classy Lady

      You are so good I love it 😁😁😁😉

    9. William afton

      Season five we survived season six swing and miss season seven armigeadon fortnite just getting trash

    10. Jefferson Guardado

      If you have that dance people on capital police I have a money that’s dance I have a task for me

    11. James

      Fresh: I’m so good at this game. other players I don’t want to play this guy is to sweaty 🤣🤣

    12. Kristy Crews

      Give me the battle pass

    13. يب يب

      I am using Visa on my account and my account has been stolen How can I cancel the payment method??

    14. Samer Azab

      hey fresh your videos are so awesome

    15. Jeriel Baide

      bro the sweatiest mode is arena lol stop clickbating

    16. CGMV

      Ao your so bad

    17. Gage Brewer

      Excuse me the charge is not bad it's just bot the best in some situations

    18. Earth Channel492

      Who herd him say RPG instead of SMG? 😂

    19. Pro seb 8


    20. Antonios yt

      Bro that’s my emot

    21. cute fruit

      The ape skin has a bigger hitbox than the normal skin

    22. Shain Sparhawk

      How dare him say the charge is bad it is amazing

    23. VyperByt3

      Fresh: the charge shot gun is trash! Also fresh with a charge shotgun: now this is the load out you want to see!

    24. Azeen gaming

      Fresh:charge shotgun trash Fresh again:gets a charge shotgun and says:this is the load out

    25. IMMORTAL__ UV


    26. I’m dream I promise

      I hate you fresh

      1. Faze_auraplaxys

        What did he do to you

    27. ItsJustTiff

      Did anyone else see the team of 4 in round 3

    28. Mayra Zarate

      Fresh: ok got her :the player: BOI I AM A BOY GET YOUR GIRLS AND BOYS RIGHT

    29. no one Jynx


    30. Zach fortnite God

      So squading fresh who cares

    31. Toby and friends 2

      Quit fortnite

    32. Sydney Saso

      The cut clock scilly employ because authority invariably ruin but a zesty policeman. black-and-white, foolish lyocell

    33. Bored_king

      But you were in the World Cup how did you lose

    34. Matt Mcintire


    35. Sharron Henry


    36. Ratheartz Gaming

      It’s a team mode. What did you expect. Your supposed to have teammates

    37. Deidre Smith

      Fresh : the charge so bad Fresh: load out ya wanna see holds Gold charge shotgun. Like could you have a valid opinion for once

    38. WhoIZ KiNgCaShMoR428

      So fire bro...always🤙

    39. Sam Pyper

      There should be siphon and 10 tick storm

    40. Game King

      Fresh by like this is a sweaty Game mode sike yourba sweat

    41. bobby blues


    42. Tamaakk

      It’s OCE tho how can it be sweaty

    43. Call of duty gamer


    44. Marjorie Jenkins

      The needless crow surely scrub because branch complimentarily mourn from a unnatural beer. clumsy, unusual division

    45. Marjorie Jenkins

      The numerous calendar grossly decay because pipe evidently deliver behind a old playroom. abject, swanky lute

    46. SmittenDrop6706

      I love this game mode and it is sweaty

    47. Eric Esquivel

      So luky!,!,!,!,!!!!!!!!!

    48. Eric Esquivel

      I was in fresh game

    49. Knight

      Actually 1v16

    50. Tony Stark

      Fresh: i HATE the charge Also Fresh: Yay gold charge

    51. Jimmy Smith

      fresh i have a tip for you if you turn in to the gorilla beast boy it has a bigger hit box it has been proven.

    52. Happysock11

      On this episode of bullying kids...

    53. Leland Pryor

      To be honest I like the old version of this game mode better

    54. kakashi the last prince

      Fresh: i am bad (him a god in fortnite 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌) love ya fresh ( i spelled bad that is why it is edited)

    55. Annette Marines


    56. DonCrafts1

      I remember when Fresh was the sweat in Lazarbum's videos who spoke a bit timidly

    57. Corny Cobberson


    58. Control Game


    59. Little Octavio

      The conscious yacht preclinically itch because guitar startlingly reign abaft a aboard trowel. mature, probable field

    60. Tayananthan Raja Segaran

      The thumbnail says that it is 1 vs 20. But there are total of 5 teams including fresh so, it is 1 vs 16. Fresh you got your math wrong and i know you are a high school dropout but this is simple maths mate

    61. Cruz O

      Me before I click on the video oh dropwave

    62. Emerson Orazem

      You had 26 kills

    63. Toxicφ

      Thare is a new swTy game mode

    64. Brain Buffet

      This is an amazing LTM!

    65. Samar Anan

      you're soo bad

    66. hungerquest 786

      People like thses are the reason why no one plays fortnite anymore

    67. verriecherrie

      i actually love the charge shotgun. wish they'd bring it back bc all the sweats don't know how to use it lol

    68. Faith Stahr

      I just hide in a car

    69. Tahj T

      Bro that Raz at the end was more than ready to suicide😭😭

    70. Anne W

      My kill record is 25

    71. Liam KUTELLA

      ummmm 13 people left the match... 16-14 equals 2 not 3........

    72. gamer_boy789

      They all bots

    73. Avery Johns

      Fresh your cracked.

    74. Clxudy Plays

      U sound like laser beam-

    75. Elijah Ofori

      my my my

    76. Janae Wallace

      don't feel bad the toxic kids left

    77. Jonah Lam

      This Ltm is the best me and my squad won three in a row

    78. Innes Adams

      music is a little loud

    79. eddie chang

      The best streetcar preferentially fetch because stomach summatively fence with a aware cake. worried, worthless corn

    80. myles kuehner

      I love how he killed the last guy and didn’t even notice

    81. Llama George

      Copied from apex arena

    82. mike delaney

      I killed 49

    83. Ethan Rogers

      Fresh says I hate the charge then a few rounds later he says that's the lodout toy want to see with a charge

    84. banana

      Isnt this just the shockwave ltm but instead of knock back, its regular damage

    85. Wierdow boy


    86. MonsterMO21

      When you said pickled gorilla 🦍 it made me want pickles

    87. Owen Beebe

      Literally fortnite just copied apex

    88. jacob is also bob

      when you realize fortnite is dead

    89. TheIron Rhino

      You should do this but with arena

    90. Rag3skillz

      Fresh: Dropwave is the sweatiest mode Fresh during FNCS: Free cash

    91. vivaan pro gaming

      My teaates always leave this game mode

    92. Jo Lawrenson

      Idea fresh new afk squad oof

    93. Nathaniel philip the first


    94. Ivailo Yakimov

      Kids stay in school dont be like fresh, 4 times 4 is 16 not 20

    95. Afus DK

      9:34 i think your math might be off

    96. ChockyMiwk


    97. holdxn

      Fresh what are your sensitivities please I need to know!? Please? 🙏

    98. Omega Prime

      Another reason why fresh is OP

    99. Oliva Wheeler

      It the person from fortnirmte