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    1. Kathya Ayala


    2. Johnny Icee

      Damn this is too much dummy thic

    3. Unstoppable Epic Gamer 3

      Fresh there’s no gold weapons second thing I see there’s a god dam gold tac

    4. Louis Botha

      Why did fresh even walk by the tac

    5. Drippytocrxzy -_-

      There was a good tac in front of fresh

    6. Kenan salameh

      i like how fresh missed the gold tac in the floor

    7. Pj and Chloe


    8. Yariel JYGN

      T H I C C

    9. Marco Francisco B. REQUINALA

      can someone count how many times fresh said thicc

    10. Cody Johnson

      Did anyone else see he missed a legendary tac

    11. Carlos Barrios

      Ya I edit so fast

    12. Alex Hercules

      yay they used my pickaxe i always use

    13. Its Jun Him

      Did fresh just say he’s gold boi and ended up using the thicc skin

    14. Arhaan Garbharran

      In all of his vids he says: what’s up guys , yes

    15. unmistakably catchy

      Do more of these they are the best

    16. Yeeter Boy

      Fresh days their nerds when he is the biggest nerd in fortnite because he is good

    17. AG Ironman

      Petition for Lannan to get an Oscar

    18. JTDECKY OC

      RIP the 50 health floppeds

    19. D3adly ex

      Am I the only one who saw fresh die to fall when he had crash pads

    20. シWhiteSus

      “i would if i was a bird “ : Mau 2020

    21. manikminute123


    22. Jasiel Gaming

      It’s too THICCC

    23. Lunke Broce

      When fresh kill a person there was a gold tactical shotgun but he didn’t take it Thanks for so many likes!

    24. Louise Cox

      Anyone else wonder why fresh jumped from the choppa and died from fall damage when he had 6 crash pads

    25. bro row

      I love the music at the end

    26. Sebastian Casillas

      is it just me or did fresh just miss a GOLD TAC

    27. latoya frink

      Fresh is blind


      Wheres BIG CHUGGUS!!!

    29. Blake Willis (Student)

      fresh is awesome!

    30. Badkama03

      2:21 it makes me mad he had crashpads

    31. Jaysean Whiting

      Can you teach me how to play fortnite

    32. Unseen gamer

      9:00 you missed a gold tac

    33. Rafael Corrales

      Well he is mythic only

    34. Lauren B

      Boomer boomer

    35. Lauren B

      I just want to Kelly you

    36. Samuel Lopez

      3:05 literally dying🤣

    37. Aaryan Jain

      Fresh: “There’s no gold stuff” Also Fresh: “leaving a gold tac”

      1. Kathya Ayala


    38. George Taylor

      Who leaves a good tac I would not its really good

    39. Lacey Maxwell

      Sory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$!!!!!!!

    40. Lacey Maxwell


    41. Lacey Maxwell

      The only reason you choose fat people is because your fat

    42. Guru Aaron

      he said he was gonna be brutus

    43. Levy Gaming

      The fact that he did not see that golden tac

    44. mayonase_lol

      Fresh missed a gold fucking scar

    45. Shawn Boguski

      Why are you pulling on people🤢🤮😢😤

    46. Hardik Kumar

      When fresh was brutus for the first time he missed a good tac that always hurts

    47. Yosi Febriastuti

      Fresh bot you have a crash padd

    48. Roblox Roblox

      Laser beam is bad at fortnite no offense

    49. chris singh

      4:40 it sounds like he said thank you bodi

    50. Carmen Perez

      Face revel plz

    51. Ferny Grajeda

      This is why I unsubscribed. Oh the thick squad. Oh the thickest Aquaman. Oh the thickest bird. Like shut up it’s so annoying

    52. Orla Lomas


    53. Baboon

      the god trio

    54. RaisingMissGrace


    55. RaisingMissGrace


    56. Pedro Ramirez

      Hi how are you

    57. Pedro Ramirez


    58. I play Fortnite

      They should have had the thickest chocolate too tho

    59. suren s

      Can’t Fresh upgrade the weapons cause technically they’re still from the maurauders

    60. D_ Youngin

    61. Sudrore

      Video idea: thiccest robot in fortnite where fresh uses the season 10 secret battlepass skin cuz it's pretty thicc like so fresh can see

    62. Valentin Ramirez


    63. Valentin Ramirez

      Lazer flew to Florida and pooped on me 😂

    64. Joe Moore

      Could you upload a minecraft video please

    65. Bilal Musa

      9:00 He missed a gold tactical shotgun. :’)

    66. Sweet Playz

      Why did he not take the legendary tack

    67. Keelyn Jacobson

      Is anyone else triggered about the fact that fresh literally just passed by a freaking golden tac

      1. Joe Moore

        I didn't.

      2. Christopher Keating

        lol just re-watching this video and realized the same thing

    68. JoB Angelo Benedicto

      i love that they strech the screen

    69. rhian harrison

      us coode fresh in the atum shop yayyyyyyyyyyyyyytyyyyy #

    70. Some Random Guy On The Internet

      9:04 Fresh walked passed a gold tac but didn’t take it 🤦‍♂️

    71. CloudySphinx 669

      There was a gold tac and fresh didn’t take it I’m dead

    72. BashYourBro

      I love this videos there funny haha

    73. Eva Cardenas


    74. Bill Wills

      Me wondering why the f fresh did not use his crash pads

    75. Paul Wilkinson

      The lady who you were at the start she should only be aloud weapons from vaults

    76. the Connor studio

      My fav skin is guff

    77. PugL0rd

      1:51 There’s three purple weapons on the floor what do mean there’s nothing

    78. Ruthwik Jagath

      What’s up guys yes

    79. Colin Bradley

      Anyone notice this has 420000 views wink wink

    80. RealThatejl


    81. Baltazargames Hi

      9:05 mised gold tac

    82. Dr Arsalan

      Fresh: where are gold weapons :also fresh misses a golden tactical shotgun

    83. James Briscoe

      you passed a gold tac sad

    84. Alpha

      No one: Not even me: Everyone:Triggered cuz fresh missed a gold tac

    85. Nadia Jones

      ..... i can only get marauder loot and lannan u just.. just make bird noises... SCWACK

    86. Freddie Winmill

      He didn't see the gold tac

    87. David Yoon

      This is absolute comedy squad:)

    88. lil c,g

      Who else saw that gold tac and fresh didn’t pick it up

    89. Shon Moore

      Put all the skins in fortnite next to each other then you got the true thickist skin

    90. Fortstation 4


    91. Ellie Wong

      There was a gold tac

    92. Catdoughnut 001


    93. B. Carter

      they said there was no purple or gold weapons the vault was coverd with purple weapons

    94. Kama

      he left a gold tac 9:04

    95. Dagnoy_ Poohaw1

      Anyone miss these kind of squad videos

    96. Ayaat Hussain

      I liked and subscribed can I add you all

    97. Fætterene Hussein


      1. Fætterene Hussein

        Mau and mr cremey saing nica at the same time