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    1. Blake Buchanan

      I though was the thic girl

    2. Sampark Bansal

      You just leave a thick tac when he is thick brudas

    3. hashiramen

      there was a gold tack at 9 to 10 minutes

    4. snowyboy


    5. F N

      Lol I just did my first win in solos season 7 about 2 seconds before they got the dub

    6. _Airsoftethan _

      Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    7. Dᴜʀɢᴀ Hᴀʀsʜɪᴛʜ K

      You missed gold tac shotgun 9:04

    8. Katie lynn

      Almost all of the comments is about fresh not picking up the gold tac🤦🏻‍♀️

    9. Alan Gabriel Coreano

      Lazar : Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp Me : 🤣😂🥲😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂

    10. Rozergamer pro

      9:02 Fresh left hte gold tac

    11. devansh

      Everyone is talking about fresh walking past the legendary tac It doesnt matter cuz lazerbird still carried

    12. Carter Dorsman

      we all know chun li is the thiccest skin in fortnite.

    13. Heyloo ES

      Fresh fall to death but he had crash pads BRUH

    14. Amanda Hargadon

      Great vid

    15. Its Reece


    16. Tekmanix

      u said in the start of the video that ur brutis

    17. Tina Mckenzie

      At nine minutes and two seconds there was a gold tac

    18. Andrew Gilmet

      9:04 there is a legendary shotgun right there

    19. Pirate squad 2

      Did anyone else see the golden tack at 9:04

    20. Joseph Brandt

      bkaa bkaa bkaa - Lannan 2020

    21. AgentSiphon Clan

      2:17 fresh has crash pads doesn’t use them

    22. Julian Vintero

      13:15 there was a gold tac...

    23. Nash Boehm

      there was a gold tac

    24. Abigail Castanos

      I would be the Bird 🐦

    25. DylanRockz

      9:04 GOLD TAC

    26. Laura Eeles

      b,kawb,aw falls from tree i love it its funny*

    27. Noodle VibeS

      09:04 Why didn’t you pick up the gold tack fresh?

    28. CuriousSoham


    29. Jackson Kingston Murphy

      I like the scwarck

    30. Kpana Mcgarth

      Do you mean fresh you literally said that you were gonna be OK

    31. Cayden Ph.D

      You guys should do the thick squad again but fresh is cluck

    32. Carter Lehman

      Lazar chirp chirp falls from tree

    33. Virgie Gatchalian

      i thought fresh was brute brute

    34. Coby Playz

      Is it a bird is it a plane no it’s lannan

    35. Charlie Pezzuto

      Did anyone else see the golden tack when they were fighting near salty?

    36. Thomas Dore

      The thick chicken skin in chapter two season six might out thick all of these skins

    37. Phoebe-Mai Wood

      Fresh:were worms ladan Ladan:eats*

    38. Jaden Tharpe

      Lanan is no longer the thickest bird

    39. William Howell

      Mau, mcreamy, and fresh fighting for their lives. Meanwhile in LazarLand: 9:41

    40. alara k

      Poor guff he's not fat

    41. Jack Briscoe

      you missed a gold tac

    42. Sergio Garcia

      Is no one going to talk about fresh there was a tax next to him

    43. Stephanie Alig

      Fresh missed the gold tac

    44. Hollie Griffiths

      You all are the best!

    45. Worth Dives

      That’s a very thick but Fresh

    46. Worth Dives

      Be careful

    47. Angellano

      Fresh:these guys are nerds Fresh every game: being a nerd

    48. siobhan brophy

      I sow that pxsq

    49. typowy1fall 2guy

      At the start we Got me as thic brutus Me:OK Me:he is not brutus!

    50. Karl K

      There was a gold tac and you did not even notice

    51. dukeonthekeys

      fresh missed a thicc golden tac

    52. Levi Purvis

      9:04 u left a gold tac lol

    53. ZapTV

      Fresh said thicc 8 times in the intro count it yourself and see

    54. Agbioji

      9:05 you lost a golden tac

    55. Anime Fishstick


    56. Tom Merchant

      I'm so triggerd hes leaving gold tac

    57. Karl Ismaskine

      That was a Gold tac 9:04

    58. Melissa Brown

      I did know to

    59. Max Möller

      It was a golden tac fresh

    60. Pigeon Meatball


    61. Judge Judy

      What’s freshes skin name

    62. Chewy Alarm

      Someone count how many times fresh said "dude"

    63. Scott Paterson

      THE TAC

    64. about life

      From earlier yep

    65. about life

      It is not working!

    66. about life

      Is partisan allowed the trapped

    67. about life

      I'm trigvered

    68. MrFox

      We LAZER BEAM allways the useless one no offense

    69. shakir ibrahim

      FRESH:myself as the thiccest gold boi brutus also FRESH:*wears another thicc skin

    70. x-tra blue

      he didnt relize the gold tac as gold brutas ... rip

    71. Aaliah Valencia

      There was a gold tac

    72. Aliceplayz

      Is it just me or do I get really excited when my friend invites me to a party

    73. Ghost Sniper

      There was a gold tac lol

    74. SAMS ORGANIC & NATURAL products

      fresh is blind he did not see a golden tac

    75. Aligorn 1973

      9:03 Fresh, u missed a gold Tac

    76. chase Kirchner

      Fresh can I friend u in Xbox?!

      1. chase Kirchner


      2. Orange Potatoe

        Yes duh you could friend his account

    77. Cat Nation

      Nowadays the thickest one is Chun li

    78. BenA_Seal


    79. Jeron Dsilva

      Lmaooo u forgot the gold tact

    80. travisisslow

      he had bouncers and died to fall damage

    81. Angel Leal

      When Laserbeam said he poops on people that is so funny I almost died

      1. SLAYZ

        @Evan Summersby-Ingram the z right beside the s well on top of the z

      2. Evan Summersby-Ingram


    82. miketsu pro

      Why you don't use facecam

    83. Ozzie Aussie

      It’s all fun and games until you realize he didn’t use a gold pickaxe to pickaxe that guy and you have to do it again

    84. hi bye

      I know

    85. Guffy

      Yay lazar has my skin on

    86. Fiona Pierce

      Cool vid

    87. alia ferguson

      The fretful green occasionally tame because competitor regretfully form towards a industrious secretary. enchanted, parallel green

    88. A man the goat

      there was a legenday tac that ou mist

    89. dayton baker

      We do lazarbeam always have the worst

    90. SDPS

      How did fresh not notice the gold tac

    91. Vines TikToks Me

      He said Mau is penny and he’s Brutus it’s the opposite lol

    92. KqvxiTh3Idi0t

      this came out on my birthday lol

    93. Lexi The Unknown

      He said to be brtus but he isn't

    94. Lexi The Unknown

      Wait wait wait

    95. Jabob Jaboby

      is that penny skin real?

    96. Crimzin Gh??st

      if they only knew the new thickest skin is chung li

    97. Amanda Decker

      Mat you said you were going to be the thick gold boy but you LIED so yeah cool I:’

    98. David Brown

      Why's maus and freshes skins mixed up

    99. Willewonca


    100. gaming pickle Petersen

      I thought fresh was Brutus