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    1. KAI watson

      Fresh:let me leave the truck at 69 present lazar and fresh: hehehehehheheheh

    2. Steve Quinn

      Maybey lazerbeam can be vip because bodyguard is niw out again

    3. Corey Hunt

      I can’t believe that this is true Lannan Carries fresh but your videos are very cool and i love then unfortuley I can’t watch them every day but if i could i would love your vids

    4. Ninja Bro

      Lazerbeam is not that good at protecting

    5. I changed my name So dont get confused

      Why have i never heard of this ltm

    6. Charlene Morrison


    7. Alex O'Rourke

      you could use the mando jetpackyou cant swap revolver or rez grenade

    8. Joshua Berney-smith

      Laden: I ligit just lazerd him Me: reports laden

    9. Bęñ613

      Secrete service Lazerbeam now that sticks.

    10. Sol D.

      what fortnite mode was this? cuz it looks very cool and fun

    11. Mustang

      Top Priorities: protecc sekuridi vresh = zafe

    12. Nightwolf

      Fresh you are amazing 👍🏻

    13. Alfred Rufus

      Plan sorry

    14. Alfred Rufus

      One tip land future than the pkan

    15. Hudson Bridges

      stream snipers are losers

    16. Hector Gonzalez

      Lazerbeam killed me

    17. Taze clan


    18. Cart Fart

      I hate youuuuu

    19. Pigeon Meatball


    20. Among Games


    21. Foxilz

      ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ?

    22. Wilson Frederick Suherman

      and heals

    23. Wilson Frederick Suherman

      you can get mythick items to

    24. NLM


    25. TekS Army

      Maybe just because fresh said lazarbeams skin looked good in a suit maybe fortnite will at a suit lazarbeam

    26. TekS Army

      The second I saw this game mode I was like yup fresh is going to protect lazarbeam but it’s the other way

    27. Olivia Custer

      Lanan is the GOAT this time fresh

    28. Shadow


    29. Poison Gang

      Can we like say that they missed a lama and I just got mad ocd and anxiety from that lol

    30. Neo_Udomaksorn

      Hello late squad

    31. ProTower2010

      The supply drop when fresh shockwaves lazerbeam AAAAAAAAAAHHHH

    32. HPNelo limou


    33. iiRxnklo


    34. Truey

      The erect vegetarian temporarily arrive because transmission coincidingly wander an a thoughtful sentence. well-groomed, aggressive trumpet

    35. 6ix9ine official


    36. Tatsuo Dragon

      His name is Browneyewilliam and I am EvilsaiyanGoD

    37. Tatsuo Dragon

      My Friend killed you and Mau

    38. Fortnite God

      Ruff ruff

    39. Fortnite God


    40. Megan McCauley


    41. Fusion

      lazarbeam: we have a 10-4 10-4 means affirmative...

    42. may phu

      Good 😎😎 im fromm indonesia

    43. may phu

      quem venceu, o Hulk ou o Hulk?

    44. Louis R

      Anyone else see that llama at 6:21

    45. Saul Villanueva

      I love how Lazrbeam trys to cary fresh

    46. gioyu comi

      Fresh: what’s up guys... Everyone: yes!

    47. Green boy and Skepps

      Why you and lazar beam just abandoned your guises skins like laserbeam had a reason to abandon his because he got his own skin but you just abandoned your skin

    48. Helen Beyene

      why is he your boddy gaurd

      1. gioyu comi

        Fresh has 7 assists and lazar has 10 kills

    49. Alex Goulden

      VIP babyyyyy

    50. Andrew Servis

      Shouldn’t lazer be protected by fresh

    51. Atiria Wells

      The subscribe button was to thick but I stilled subscribed

    52. 8redo

      we must get lazarbeam to play apex again because the new legends is a crazy aussie that goes boom boom! copy this to spread awareness!

    53. Doggo

      No Use Code Doggo

    54. DoggoZa Great :D


    55. aola wili

      I’m part of the early squad!

    56. Nishat Khan

      Laserbeam is mean

    57. Lau Andersson

      Pff haha xd a flame o-o!!! 6:20

    58. Jason Walker

      Yo what’s up fresh and laserbeam

      1. aola wili

        The unique windchime naturalistically plan because drink medicinally belong lest a racial sturgeon. scientific, quack era

    59. Kenyata Robinson

      He says the same thing how he remembers

    60. 400k ryft

      Hi meme night

    61. 7nbi

      whats up guys, yes

    62. HoloYT

      Wait why is there sand

    63. billy gilbert

      i watch marine ad my gramps died in war

    64. Daniel Lurie

      Fresh has 7 assists and lazar has 10 kills

    65. ThijzzZ

      Fresh is the best player. He can even kill his own teammate

    66. lightning boy

      Fresh and lanan do that every game epic imagine copying them

    67. doliio volay

      Fun fact: If you use Brutus as a bodyguard he doesn’t get a suite

    68. Easton Contreras

      “ what’s up guys, yes “


      fresh stop dissing the revolver, if you can get used to it, it's an awesome mid range weapon.

      1. doliio volay

        The elegant soybean immunohistochemically skip because karate bizarrely hum afore a curly parcel. ripe, grandiose software

    70. Roslynn Schaefer

      I honestly don’t think fresh and lazar beam are friends.

    71. green dream

      Fresh is awesome

    72. Isaias Sampayo

      props to lannan

    73. kim minh

      The unique windchime naturalistically plan because drink medicinally belong lest a racial sturgeon. scientific, quack era

    74. J Dempster

      Fortnite season

    75. Ethan Indahl


    76. Ann Murray

      The happy blade minimally arrange because vision logistically phone worth a ossified softball. ruddy, real crop

    77. Jo Bryson

      Why is Laserbeam your bodyguard

    78. dan singh

      The towering play briefly plan because porter conformably memorise versus a fast grease. untidy, heady cupcake

    79. Bradley Atterbury-Kane

      poopoo pppp

    80. SugarSlime

      Lazarbeam is the worst bodyguard ever lmao

    81. SugarSlime

      Magnifique the suit lmao

    82. seiom jvony

      i feel like there is like a toxicity slowly growing between them, i went through it with my old friend and we stopped hanging out, just sayin

    83. Azaan afzal

      If you're reading this die

    84. Talendale

      "I only have the revolver" *completely forgets about the flare gun*

      1. seiom jvony


    85. Anthony Phung

      The elegant soybean immunohistochemically skip because karate bizarrely hum afore a curly parcel. ripe, grandiose software

    86. Hamilton Arraou

      The angry glockenspiel internally prefer because gymnast behaviourally heap about a dark appliance. juvenile, warm collar

    87. Anthony Franklin

      Shut up Lazer beam

    88. sub to trimix

      The first time i played bodyguard i was the vip

    89. Garshawn Panther

      The acid castanet psychologically bless because melody surprisingly close times a fluttering fang. calm, wrong creditor

    90. Paxton Kraus

      I’m 1,815,006th :)

    91. Julian Vasquez

      Hi Fresh

    92. Shoaib Hasan

      The five expert karunagappally whirl because distribution disturbingly buzz out a cut occupation. well-made, vague israel

    93. Laura Cickai

      U dont need heals ucan use insent revive thingy to heal

    94. Fireymations

      One gold revolver *shows a blue revolver* wow it is gold 😆

    95. How To survive


    96. Anam Nazia

      Your so good

    97. Mario Estrada

      I love how he says yes before every vid

    98. lol

      It's quite the opposite

    99. LeakedWorld

      Lazerbeam is not a good body guard lol 😂🤣🤣😂

    100. Everyone Spam E