McCreamy controls my game...


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    1. Jeybren Alejandro


    2. Daniel Games

      ayyyyyyy lesss go

    3. Tycho Klein

      Nice video

    4. Mariam Conteh

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    6. james kane

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    7. james kane

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    8. Thalia Romo


    9. Lucas Calavita

      Who else thought was really funny when fresh said boy 3:20

    10. Trey Games

      I just came from his vid

    11. Skull Face

      Mcreamy I s t h e g o a t

    12. RSA Skarr

      What filter did fresh use at 10:04

    13. Pierette Odgers

      There's, shhdfhh

    14. pizzlizzard


    15. Spyd3r

      Fresh you should Let Lachlan Control your game

    16. Kimberley Thomas

      Yo you do only pick axe

    17. Asher Cohen

      So good

    18. Matt Wildig

      Does Mccreamy stand for McDonald’s cream

    19. Mikkel Breiler

      Surprisingly great, a few hard challenges, and NPC made it too.

    20. Logan Borst

      This is funny

    21. Oof Oof

      The dragon fire is the best gun in the gun (or at least it is my fav)

    22. Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl

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    23. justin vandemheen

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    24. Andrew Reagan

      How do you stab people fresh

    25. Jacob Johnson

      Use Code: Lazar

    26. Jinna Guerra


    27. Mason Ball Hernandez

      so many comments

    28. Kelly Phipps

      Can I "borrow," McCreary for the week

    29. NotThe Imposter

      I love how creamy just progressively got more and more mean with his commands.

    30. The Ravo’s

      You and creamy would be a god duo

    31. Hxper_Dev

      3:42 i just added this so i can find Mando lol

    32. Quacamole

      Guys go check out my cod montage I worked really hard on it

    33. asH

      creamy: hit the with the sniper first me: fresh just melee with the mando

    34. G PF

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    35. T T

      Kyrie Irving

    36. Greg Brown

      500 IQ

    37. Strong Cowboy 0


    38. geoo dashh

      Since when is mando bad😜😜

    39. Redninja058


    40. Austin Rattai

      Nice vid loved it

    41. iOS Techon


    42. Glaxick Boi

      U r getting info from the king sniper himself

      1. Anthony Nguyen


      2. Anthony Nguyen

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      3. Anthony Nguyen


      4. Anthony Nguyen


      5. Anthony Nguyen


    43. Ralph Penman


    44. Vanessa Kari

      Hi fresh

    45. Yo big shaq

      These streamsnipers chose death.

    46. Hyper_Z Gaming

      Mcreamy:take that juicy rock😂😂😂 Few will understand LMAO😂

    47. pederthegamer

      :mccreamy: sniper only sniper only sniper only sniper only!!!!!

    48. Ben C

      Mcreamy XDXDXDXD

    49. Lukas Meditz

      I paused at the exact time when fresh finished the mini shield so his whole body is bLuE.

    50. cheezy

      Is no one talk about how lazarbeam and fresh almost have the same voice fresh’s voice is likes lazarbeams voice in middle school

    51. 3567 ETHAN

      Fresh you have the best content

    52. Exc3l Boss


    53. Lennox_1305

      can i control youre game in fortnite too but i don't have a mic so i have to write in the chat

    54. Lennox_1305


    55. dhsh shsh

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      i subscribe mcCREAMY



    58. ismail yasir

      You're the best at fornite

    59. Likeaboss

      Creamy to nice

    60. AUS CLAN

      Day 143 of waiting for fresh to say : what’s up guys no.

      1. Ryan Su


    61. ditto

      He really just called cobalt a sweaty skin

    62. Ellie Jane

      yo fresh

    63. bridget o'malley


    64. THE Nani

      next tim sweeney controls my game

    65. Katherine Howson

      What’s up guys yes

    66. Gromslider M

      I love your videos

    67. Gromslider M

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    68. Its Mya

      EPICCC! 🤣

    69. Bentley2605

      Dude mcreamy getting revenge from my creamys today

    70. memebomber


    71. XxscorexX

      Video idea- make your game inverted or switch your keyboard with your mouse

    72. Funny cat Vids

      Did any one else think that the gingerbread man was Lazarbeam

    73. freshs_Son

      Fresh skin concept fresh himself and/or a pickle man with dual pickles and a pickle back bling

    74. Just Taj

      litterally sound exactly like lazerbeam

    75. Anakin Skywalker

      Bruh that skin hits different 🥺🥺

    76. Tony Conrady

      He should do Typical Gamer controls his game

    77. AireBear 11

      More generous than loser fruit

    78. ttv lop3z07

      This is one of the biggest hot lobbies ever

    79. Justin Zingovski

      Fresh, you make the best videos

    80. • FunnyBrowniee •

      Imagine watching his videos but not subscribing

    81. Melissa Joske


    82. Melissa Joske


    83. Angela Cook

      why does fresh before the video use his old main but in the video itself he uses pickle, Kondor?

    84. ED7

      A love your videos you are the best

    85. Skull slayer

      Mc creemy loves snipers and he has perppole skulltruper

    86. AbbasTheAmazingHD

      I lover Ur videos Ur my favourite Even LazarBeam

    87. Valerie Maille

      Play rainbow 6s

    88. Abdullah Orilonise

      McCreamy is the nicest of them all in this control my game series

    89. Jake Rodriguez


    90. AJszn

      Can you guys please check me out and lmk how I can improve on my montages

    91. Raiidz -_- FN

      McCreamy+Fresh= OP duo

    92. Malani Star

      Fresh you should do a challenge where you hire all the npc’s and get them a win

    93. Mr. Z

      You say that your new skin is kondors other style but you still use reflex as your intro

    94. عبد الإله التويجري

      FRESH IS SO GOOD AT THIS GAME! TBH though, Mccreamy was very nice and probably the second nicest next to tessa

    95. josh parker

      epiiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc im your depic

    96. spy ninja 1510

      Code fresh

    97. spy ninja 1510

      Can you play with me

    98. Callum s25

      He didnt put mcreamy in the description 😢

    99. godlygamerboy101 poof

      NOT EPIC