the NUTcrackers...


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    1. FxzeNxtCrxcked

      What's up guys to anyone who sees this my epic is- (I bodied youツ) without parenthesis

    2. benjamin asmat

      0:02 what’s up guys yes today lazerbeam and I are going to crack people nuts (sus moment) continue on

    3. X E R D

      This guys are gay

    4. the dynomite gamer

      Person: is slightly good at the game Lannan: FREEEEEEEEEEEEEESH

    5. cragle Vloger and gamer

      Justin is cracked at fortnite my guy

    6. Timur K.

      Lazarbeam: do you know what experiences a lot of nuts? Toilets! Me: looks down while on the potty 😂🤣

    7. Xavier torres

      When lannan said “good stuff” I was wondering about let’s say stuff

    8. Nathan Wallace

      Calls last team losers. Also tunnels in pubs

    9. Lucas Brousseau

      They should do another nut cracker but can only kill male skins

    10. Sl3ndybryne


    11. Jack Bull

      I crac my nunts

    12. Jayden Mayberry

      and when are you going to say who are the winer my is Jayden mayderry plz if you got this this will make my day happy:)

    13. Jayden Mayberry

      now i got 1,800

    14. Jayden Mayberry

      fresh i got on Frshsmas giveaway i 1,800

    15. Jeffrey Kyger

      Happy New Years this is how any people are watching this in 2021 ⤵️

    16. Narrator Plyz

      XD I am eating corn nuts while watching lol

    17. Dryft Alcee

      Aye Lazar is sus bro naty

    18. Lee-Ann Castles


    19. Lee-Ann Castles

      Ok that's is a wired challenge

    20. CR0SS80W _C4RN4G3

      11:30 ??????????????

    21. Skye plays

      Sup bwos

    22. Yoshiiro :v

      How is this the least viewed video? :(

    23. GreenWolf YT


    24. AUS CLAN

      Day 126 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    25. Nacho Topete

      Your the best youtuber fresh

    26. David Sorensen

      This video is sus

    27. Tyler Stevens

      u guys are all sus

    28. ainsley hughes

      he said ass without covering it

    29. Jim Wagner

      Great team work. I am the lazar on my team

    30. Cosmic Force

      DIRTY EW

    31. Salty KSD


    32. Sayed Hash

      Fresh i was wondering if you could give me the pc because ive been playing on a 7 year old laptop and i lag alot even when i am on 30fps (please)

    33. Rebecca Mooney

      Hits head shot. Only does 12 damage

    34. R6 Imaad

      Fresh and lazar back with another weird title

    35. Ashton Bessetti


    36. Thomas Shore

      Merry Christmas and a happy new year you filthy animal

    37. Somebody BS

      Basically the whole video in a nutshell: *ur sus*

    38. Hansen Blessinco

      Fresh can I have a cheap monitor

    39. Chance Bennett

      I thought this video was only killing male skins

    40. Haydon Tilden

      This one actually involves being good at the game 0:46

    41. Just Wake up

      Lol the title.

    42. SVG DS_Null_Cordon

      Can fresh do a dubble ramp rush i kan and I'm on 125 ping

    43. Irene Garrido

      11:30 12 headshot *oof*

    44. maxwell tv

      Am i the only one who is happy because we have real mythics instead of powers

    45. LlyGab TV

      oml my dirty mind 😭


      Fresh: we dont have hack to see if they have shields Me: call faze jarvis

    47. Hugh Niblett

      Lazarbeam: toilets get a lot of nuts. Me, watching this on the toilet: 😁

    48. Michelle C

      Ded you are

    49. M F

      The way Lannan keeps saying nuts👉🏻👈🏻

    50. Jackdn

      did that shot hit for 12 dmg? 11:28

    51. Telmo G-Yago

      The best you tubers ever

    52. Telmo G-Yago

      The Best you tubers ever

    53. Hobby Man

      Video idea: both teamates have to transform into the same skin at the same time as mystic at least once before the victory royal.

    54. Oliver Bastow


    55. Mr Fortnite

      subscribe fresh fresh

    56. Brandon Buford

      Did anyone see that 12 damage head shot with a purple tac at the end

    57. Deez Nuts

      Day 2 of asking Fresh to say "Whats up guys, no"

    58. Angus Tait

      Fresh play with lachy again

    59. Samin Sadikuzzaman

      did anyone else notice freshes tac did 12 damage head shot from like a meter away

    60. Kenan Libić

      Fresh hit 7 mil subs

      1. Kenan Libić

        Lazarbeam hets ttw plejers

    61. Joshua K

      Congratulations fresh 7mil subs

    62. Japanarific

      Fresh can u do ur old intro with the music at the start

    63. Jayden Lataille

      7 mill subs

    64. Hassan Ali (STUDENT)

      Dude I haven’t been watching ur vids for 3 days because u have been playing with Lanan and he is not talking appropriately plz

    65. Heidi Sprain

      This challenge is nuts.

    66. Naruto Uzumaki

      I was 7th mil sub

    67. ChianoPicken •

      HAPPY 7 MIL FRESH!!!

    68. Youtube Jayy

      Why did he Capitalize 'NUT' ????? Hmmm

    69. Travis Lamb

      7 MIL SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Sunetch

      Hello m8! Enjoy ur Christmas!

    71. Landon Cieniewicz

      This would hurt considering they are NUT crackers

    72. Daily Bread

      Fresh when no strategy works: lazar beam strat go shhhhhh

    73. Soggy Biscuits

      7 mill

    74. Finlay Cleland

      CRACKED COWBOY!!! The cowgirl called calamity 😞🥲

    75. Karina Ramos

      the fact that this is the first video without 1million views in a day

    76. NeonNinja

      Sus fresh

    77. NeonNinja

      Thats kinda fresh

    78. Yt_K-Dawg Stars

      Almost to 7 million subs!!!

    79. landrey Barshinger

      Is Lisa your mom or cray

    80. Amelie von Vieregge

      So close to 7 mil

    81. TLC Joker

      Video idea: Play follow the leader in squads fill with Lazarbeam but follow the randoms around.

    82. aajr06

      My maturity is so low i almost died from the title alone

    83. BR Films

      Who remembers when the original skin came out in season 2 Christmas? 🔥

    84. Fortnite Trivia Fun and Quizzes

      Think you know fortnite? Latest uploads - Find the llama and guess the Fortnite location.

    85. mich579 556

      kinda sus 🤔

    86. Aaditya Bhambhani


    87. Ali Termaat

      Merry Christmas everybody

    88. HRS_Breezy._.

      Kinda sus

    89. Ian Tan

      6.9 suscribers Us:Noice

    90. kuplx


    91. Cynticss

      When are the winner prenounced

    92. Mix Feelings

      Ol chopper is my main and my first ever main item in general I bought it the moment it came out it was love at first sight but for real I’m happy I finally bought something and I’m happy with it I usually regret every pickaxe I get since I just buy cause they popular and because a streamer likes them I also change my pickaxe every game but I haven’t change my ol chopper ever since it came out I just hope it doesn’t become a try hard pickaxe either way I’m happy with it and won’t un favorite it anyways if u read this comment ur main pickaxe I’m quite interested

    93. Renata Samaite

      Video idea:fresh can only use free skins

    94. Mikaylan Kunnie

      Everyone before 7 million 👇

    95. Pedro Quevedo

      Thay got steamed sniped 2 times at retail, IDK if I speld that right


      I've liked and subscribed to all your videos and I love them I yous code fresh in the item shop and please may you add me my epic is JETPACKZED

    97. Omar Ahmed

      Please me I want to win giveaway I've never won a giveaway please i would prefer the fresh ultimate setup or th iPhone 12 I'm literally in Nairobi so please Fresh . Also I'm subbed. Also will use code fresh. I hope you read your comments and see this. Thank you very mich.