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    1. The trio 3

      WhAts up GUyS , yEes

    2. Antonio Barber



      if yr here in 2021 : ohhow we miss the old map

    4. Adrian Garcia

      Lazar beam is good

    5. Fortnite boi

      I watched this video while soloing squads

    6. xxIsaAlixx 1010

      Use code lazer

    7. Carter Johnson

      the day this was uploaded was on my birthday

    8. OzX Oskaras

      Is Lannan on drugs

    9. Wayne Farrell

      Will Fresh ever say “ what’s up guys no”

    10. adnan alnouri

      lazar is like me when i played on my ipaid for the fist time

    11. Albert Connell

      Use code TypicalGamer

    12. Edible Food

      They were saying lazarbeam had 5 kills but when you look at the kills it has 0 kills there

    13. NinjaWolf

      I subscribed

    14. Jason Chamberlin

      Man, i didnt know I hadn't clicked that THICC subscribe button, i did now.

    15. The destroyer

      Me: Finaly! Fresh controlling Lannon's game Me noticing that this video was made 5 monts ago

    16. liam walker

      Dan Newhouse

    17. montse manzano

      Andre Johnson

    18. Zain Almomani

      lazar is crakt at Fortnite my guy

    19. Sean Hackett cole

      Fresh fathers get to lie to their kids

    20. Bacon Bap

      i'm gonna let the bestest fortnite gamer in australia mccreamy: am i a joke to you? but they both are the best lol

    21. Cracked Kitty Cat

      Code Lazar

    22. Caelen O'Neill

      omg what was that scream is he a girl lmao 1111111111111111111111111111111111 2222222222222222222222222222222222

    23. Chris G.


    24. Chris G.

      Get better

    25. Aleks lol forever

      Lol. I can’t believe that Lannan actually let fresh control his game 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yikes I would have raged-

    26. FearNo HenwyBOMB

      Lol he said i wish i never adopted u

    27. Owen Summs Bellairs

      Laser beam was losing his shit

    28. Dylan Barron

      Lannan has the best aim

    29. Paolo Chan

      Idk why people say Lannan is bad he’s really good. Better then me tbh

    30. Zak Mango


    31. Jamil Ahmed

      3:23 abauabu i run away😂

    32. TTV Jackie


    33. Ashurs Adventures

      Congrats on 7mil

    34. aryaplayz

      who’s watching in 2021

    35. Taha Salem

      or how about lannan controls crays game

    36. Immortal Ninja

      “What’s your favorite app”..... Like: HUgets Reply: Tiktok

      1. Infinite fun

        Fuck tiktok

      2. Minty_monty654


      3. Liz Meehan

        And youtube

      4. Liz Meehan

        AMD youtube

      5. Liz Meehan


    37. Alex Acot

      "I wish I'd never adopted you" LazarBeam, 2020

    38. schneiqua henry


    39. Manuel Cardenas

      He mad him use 500 mats for the ar and made him drop it lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. cole berns

      @LankyBoi hi

    41. irfaan ramkssoon

      Is that crazy

    42. Hema Latha


      1. Hema Latha


    43. CMBR Galaxy

      I didn’t see any kills on his kil count

    44. Obesh Khan

      Is lazar playing on fresh’s account

    45. uzma kashif

      I use code fresh

    46. Treyce Adcock

      5:55 when lazaream looks like alvin the chipmunke

    47. GalaxyGalaxyy

      It’s 2021

    48. Eli Price

      To funny I can't stop laughing

    49. Lhord Balismon

      The aquatic sushi microscopically happen because mass phytochemically fire during a common drop. afraid, striped cinema

    50. CDH 101

      this video compared to lazerbeams lannon was more mean

    51. Heze Alston


    52. Nicole Wise

      Get a ps6

    53. Soul Warrior

      0:35 lol im now watching at 7 mil subs

    54. Dawn Miskar

      Isn't it like they're all autistic

    55. Minty

      2:50 ...

    56. Junior Barnette


      1. Junior Barnette


    57. XxStrawberryNikaxX

      I got so annoyed on how fresh kept on making him drop the AR

    58. Xpro

      Guys When fresh told him to turn if his crosshair he still had it tho

    59. Waliaforex


    60. Spider Animation

      But I thought lazar died🤔🤔

    61. Saheb Juneja

      10:14 he didn’t even pick up the brick

    62. Sanny

      use code fresh !!!!!!!!! !

    63. Freddie S

      I use code fresh

    64. Turtle that Plays

      wHaT sUp GuYs YEs

    65. Joester Playz

      I miss season 3 chapter 3

    66. Noah Wales

      I got a dub with 15 kills with the heavy sniper

    67. Fire Rider 360

      Lazerbeam is so mean he made fresh only use pistol but fresh didnt do

    68. Thomas Laborda

      new junten he crack at fornite my guy uhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    69. Harley Corbett

      Hey fresh can me and u play on game and also can u help me get me at champions league and also get some money from the compition

    70. Samuel Spates

      His voice made me laugh after the first loss

    71. Racer Walker

      i love your vids

    72. Soban Zee

      Yo lanan was crying in the end he was rd his eyes were red n I saw a drop 💧 from his eye to his mouth

    73. Lachy Plays


    74. turboman gamer

      6.99 mil noice

    75. Elizandro Rodriguez

      I want to be a spy please please please please

    76. OrangePotato367

      you like jazz?

    77. civillian


    78. Sindelar Delariva

      The spurious cocktail undesirably raise because cloud perioperaively destroy up a shiny record. zesty, questionable euphonium

    79. Ahmed Abdule

      Why does it say 0 kills and he said he got 5 and he killed all those ppl laxer bean whats this nonsense🤨

    80. Evan yayeet

      Lannan and Fresh do Australia 4:21

    81. rhai14

      New title option: making lazerbeam rage and eventually quit fortnite

    82. Duck Lover

      Lazerbeam is better than you

    83. Its_Gamer_Gurl

      Haha this is so funny

    84. Grief

      The shivering wire superfamily milk because thunderstorm oceanographically mine across a needless idea. accessible, minor product

    85. Pearl Marshall

      The teeny layer aboaly hug because adapter holoprosencephaly strip for a hypnotic mattock. scared, redundant bracket

    86. Ali Ibrahim


    87. Nvar Hawser

      I used code fresh

    88. Dimwika 909

      The sad chug jug song tho

    89. Lil’ Gamer Wyatt

      I feel so bad for lazar. But that was really funny when he raged too🤣😂🤣

    90. Shamael S

      I was dying at the drop the ar 😂 Who else also

    91. Josi Bro

      What’s up guys, no

    92. MrScarn

      that boat was never a secret boat, i knew since the beginning

    93. Sadia Noreen

      Can you add me and 1v1 me my name is super fighter9

    94. JR Morales

      = fear no one

    95. JR Morales

      My discord server FNO

    96. Fortnite Beast

      I bet fresh you were sad when he said he wish he never adopted you

    97. Danielle Amie

      Surprised the vid isn't 69 hours long

    98. Can we get 100k ? ?


    99. Ryan Colantoni

      Fortnite but you and laserbeam control each other

    100. Alaka 561