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    1. ColdAsIce2239

      Did he end up winning the mil?

    2. Ashraf Khalaf

      Day 7800 waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    3. Young H

      7:18 perfect timeing?

    4. ッTropicHype

      What’s down girls no

    5. Karen Morgan

      Cracked at fn my guy uhhh

    6. PROGO 2.0

      Still waiting. What’s up guys no

    7. Oliver Hutchison

      How to win every game Step 1: Become friends with fresh Step 2: Play duos with fresh

    8. guy

      I've known you for half a year and I still dont know your real name🤣

    9. Evan Nase

      Fresh should 1v1 the x2twins

    10. RileyPlays

      Welp , looks like he has his rent money now

    11. Neal Baltazar

      The wide james microregionally precede because plain summarily relax above a ragged raven. overconfident, ratty death

    12. Rebecca England

      The big fresh doesn't lose

    13. BC MacroMan

      Half the time he didn’t get points for elims

    14. nihon no boi

      Subscribe and press that THICC subscribe button thank u

    15. Divine Soul

      fresh and squeaks GOD duo

    16. Gabeations

      Whats up guys *no* Subscribers: wait thats illegal

    17. Sidhvin Shamihoke

      Average placement? Nah, chill - 1st is average nowadays.

    18. TallTomatoLive


    19. Steven hinde

      Your the best

    20. ScarFlint

      I wish I could compete but I’m not 13.but aleast there’s only 3 years left

    21. sceby

      why do they want high kill games

    22. Snipper xd2

      what place did Fresh get in the 1 mill cup

    23. Sidney Simpson10


    24. Silly Sniper

      10:05 anyone see the volume top left

    25. Bailey Mann

      can you carry me in a tournament for a skin that would be poggers

    26. Morgan Browne

      this vid was posted on my 13th birthday. :)

    27. package auto

      The lonely grape physically sail because dipstick ordinarily ski amidst a dirty tile. earthy, solid feature

    28. Luke Dempsey

      Fresh do you and Lazarbeam swap set ups

    29. Emmet O'Neill

      Like is you think that those tournaments sucked and didn’t take skill

    30. Spyros k 08

      In 7:23 when you touch the ground and you win the effect was amazing

    31. Alex The Football Lover

      He is gonna be in the playoffs every season

    32. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    33. Nams

      7:20 could not be timed more perfectly

    34. Rachel Hoyles

      Hi guys come Subscribe to us as we are doing a airpods pro giveawag

    35. Unkwn_Phntm

      next time can you please put in one of the corners of ur video which tourny your playing coz its a bit confusing

    36. Puglord 4563

      What is this music at the start!!!!!! I need to know!!!

    37. Awesome 1234

      Whats down guys no. We are gonna play a regular game and not do challenges make sure to use code lazer

    38. The memeist gamer

      w the best comment ever

    39. Brandon Poveda


    40. Mr.Macaroni Gaming


    41. shaurya |ISWKi

      How did you get in this gamemod

    42. ALessandre Alvarez

      Only good mythic only once u get a bad one or maybe twice I never get that xD.

    43. THeNiZzLe84

      Is it just me or does fresh literally have the stark gauntlets nearly every round!?

    44. Matas Kalasauskas


    45. Ayy-yo-chill McDaniel

      Why do you say what’s up guys yes to every video give me a break bro

    46. Evan Stonerook

      Fresh in 2nd place: I dont... belong here

    47. Jacob Fanias

      How does dis man have 6 mill already and almost to 7 mil

    48. the real rs_truth

      Where is freshy boi

    49. Ekam YaBoi

      how does he do it

    50. Kameron Salazar

      why do u leave the game ??????

    51. R4G3 En_1

      here before fresh wins $333,333.334 (He obviously earned the extra cent lol)

    52. Scrubs_YT

      is dr damo squeaks?

    53. Lettuce Gang member

      fresh make twice the money he makes from youtube in a year from stealing all of epics money in one tournament

    54. Tacky-Wackyツ


    55. Frank Genovesi

      Cough cough u get carried ur not the champ ur teammates are

    56. Aadyan Rana

      FRESH- THE UNDEAFEATED CHAMPION us bots 'we know we know'

    57. Xanite

      do u edit ur own videos fresh

    58. G Sans

      The reason why fresh won every game is because the opponents don't have the ability to build. Meanwhile fresh likes to have fun playing these game modes and challenges. Take away their ability to build and they will be the worst players in the game. There is no strat just build and edit fast. You NEED good fps and ping to have the upper hand so basically fortnite is pay to win even on pub lobbies

    59. xpertツ

      The spam on the scroll wheel / mouse holy listen to it in first few minutes turn up your volume then says he broke it

    60. xpertツ

      Win the million and 9 year olds wont have to use code fresh😂

    61. raif COD mobile

      He change the title

    62. The recon squad


    63. The recon squad

      Nice fresh you should do wolverine claws only challenge but your allowed to kill boss with a weapo

    64. NoCopyrightSounds 8D

      ocenia is easy pleyers

    65. Nattyb2

      Fresh is the best fortnite player 👇🏼 if you agree

    66. Megan Irons

      Do you want me got

    67. Gaby Gaming

      This is why I don't compete in any tournaments

    68. Alina

      fresh:"17 kills"what a terrible game me:with 2 kills"we did so good!!

    69. Descend Clan

      Hello fresh my name is George my brother has been diagnosed with a lung desies making it hard for him to breathe it gotten pretty serious he is a big fan of you and he can’t stop talking about you to his friends and me he gets so exited when you upload tomorrow is his birthday and I wanted to surprise him we love in Europe but is there any chance you will be able to Play with him even just for 5 minutes it would be great if you could reply thank you

    70. Nitefall

      Day 1 of waiting for Fresh to say what’s up guys no

    71. nazhan hilmi

      Fresh doesn't read comments

    72. INotPurplex

      I’m very inspired by u fresh u are the inspiration for my channel :D

    73. Sajida Pochee

      Who else is waiting for fresh to say no?

    74. Exotic Nxtro

      WHATS UP GUYS... NO !

    75. RyanNootFound

      what if he just started his video like “what’s up guys, no” then the video ends.

    76. Eswara Reddy B

      this is just like 3D version of shadow fight 2

    77. daniel arnold

      Nobody Fresh: Alright get ready to leave

    78. Biswajeet Senapati

      *He should have been Lazarbeam's teammate* Shouldn't he?

    79. Arif Haljiti

      is no one kinda scared? his voice is kinda monotone and sad.. Fresh are you okay?

    80. Sa Attacker88

      Guys listen up don’t you think he should get his own skin he taught us 90s played on a borrowed computer wins like every tournament and is more enjoyable to watch then Lachy

    81. Leticia Alaniz

      Hey fresh how can you do the events challenge

    82. Lavxzz

      Fresh at the end of every match : Get ready to leave 😂😂

    83. Charlie Jones

      Fresh thanks the bus driver 50 players leave Fresh finds a gold pump 49 players leave Fresh won the game

    84. Mishkow

      Fresh: My mouse broke this is the first time Flash backs to squad FNCS

      1. Aarav Aher

        He said it's the first time his scroll wheel broke. In FNCS one of his buttons had broken

    85. Frostii


    86. Peter go’s out 365

      We are at your back fresh

    87. Anthony Wong

      x 2s are better than u

    88. Nuke Gaming

      y does leaving help?

    89. Yavneh

      Fresh and Laserbeam should get there own skin they have done so much good to the gaming community.

    90. Yeet Meta

      I need someone good to play with me in the Venom cup. Please, only reply if your willing to play and not be garbage at the mode. Know all the basics of the mythics and know how to play smart. :3

    91. goddducky is cool

      Day 1 of thicc

    92. Angus Clews

      well hello stranger. there’s a 99% chance you don’t know me and this comment will be the first and the last time we’ll ever cross paths in life. you will probably never see me again in any other comment section or anywhere else in general. so before you move on with your life, I’d like to say something. cherish the time you have here on earth. life’s short. so have fun. take risks. live everyday like it’s your last. sometimes there will be low points in your life where you’ll feel like you’re all alone. but remember this. you're not. things will always get worse before they get better. oh and always be yourself and don’t let anybody stop you from doing what you love. it’s likely this comment will be the only thing you’ll ever know about me. so don’t forget ;)

    93. Dani Nahas

      fresh i challenge u to a 1v1 for 100$im in oce servers and the 1v1 wont be easyfor you

    94. harrylikesminecraft_

      bro how does fresh still duo with squeakz after what happened in FNCS 😶 Also Check me out 🥰🤭😳

    95. s.hussam naash


    96. Samudra Anugerah Gemilang

      Fresh add me pls my name Andichunan

    97. Pam O’Neal

      Day 99 of him to say: what’s up guys no

    98. Meli Odas

      6:17 my friend died to fresh he was pookymaster

    99. GAMER TIME

      Fresh can u stop killing everyone so me and my brother can win

    100. Firedup Boy

      I never got a notication for this video but youtube did its thing so I'm here