the EXOTIC cowboy...


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    1. bp bradley phillips 1210

      Why have you got fish....... Fishes are not in the deserts...

    2. Natsu Dragneel

      Only 1 1v1 😂

    3. A RX

      Loved the vid

    4. CEOofRAP

      he could of used a lever action it is a cow boy weapon

    5. Zak138 Fn

      When you click on a video and get rickrolled by an ad

    6. Lightning X

      I love the thumbnail!

    7. I am a bot

      who's watching this when there are exotic dualies

    8. James Addison

      why are your lobbys so trash?

    9. ツXpired256

      Me just waiting till the day he says what’s up guys no...

    10. Psycho 158

      Well done for reaching 7 mil

    11. Hayley Nicholls

      You killed muselk i think

    12. Sean Bandrapalli

      From the first game he cut to another game


      Yeet yeet fresh and pickle pickle

    14. Dearis Ingguls

      that thumnale was fire


      sorry wrong timing


      u should have used the dual pistols

    17. VoltZ_ IIIX

      How u get that skin -_-

    18. amirruddin mustafa

      fresh is soooooooooooo funny I love his content!!!!!

    19. KINGOFGAMES 907

      not to be a hater but i dont think its fair that you go too 100 on the first day

    20. ShadezZ YT


    21. ShadezZ YT

      nuu the fish was understanding

    22. John Rundell

      The sparkling mascara dfly escape because salesman unquestionably stain astride a addicted supermarket. whole, abashed view

    23. ev1l clarodox

      Let's have a moment of silence to freshes gold🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 R.I.P FRESH

    24. toxicdefault67

      Who else also say What’s Up Guys Yes **NSYNC with Fresh?

    25. XxRewuxX

      Day 665 dying inside

    26. Toast • 90 years ago

      That’s a sick thumbnail

    27. Ralph Penman


    28. Abbie My dog is cutest dog ever

      Yeeeeee hawww

    29. Noah Mullen

      fresh omg

    30. Bacon grease gamer

      How do you get that skin man

    31. muhammad ayub

      hier them it would easy for you

    32. Tanmay Kokkula

      whats up guys! no

    33. Nathan Joubert

      If u didn't know Cowboys also used lever action rifles

    34. Courtney Baker

      You could’ve use the double barrel shotgun

    35. Gintare Taskuniene

      Very good skin

    36. Ethan Berry

      I played with Ninja

    37. Ethan Berry

      I really got every exotic in the game in one game

    38. Ethan Berry

      Brother scope revolvers easiest thing for me to kill people with

    39. Damian Coronado

      he is cool

    40. Damian Coronado


    41. Kanye West

      When he said our boy Kyle my mom said “How does he know your name”

      1. Evan yayeet

        I saw you commet on t5g lol

      2. lazzy gamer boi

        @Kanye West I sub too

      3. Kanye West

        Thank you

      4. Shaurya Parikh

        I'm 1 subscribe you

    42. TryHardWithHotDogs

      Fresh for some reason the gold disappears for me but not my friends so its just a glitch

    43. JohnP Gaming

      I wanna see the exotic blaze Next🔥🔥

    44. RightyFN

      WhAtS Up gUyS . YeS

    45. Ten-Hut

      Kyle is from stw

    46. Lazar Gaming

      When will fresh say What’s down girls no

    47. Sweaty Gingnos


    48. James william

      Fresh: Thinking people can hear him

    49. Gia Bailey


    50. Blue dino

      O M G

    51. Ahmed Alwash

      Hi fresh can u plz add me I am so bored here is my epic name :Mythicyazan,also my day has been so bad

    52. Arvin Grewal


    53. matthew stacey

      Just play red dead 😂😂🤣🤣

    54. NICK GR


    55. Cherelle Stapleton

      its the mancake doing savage for me lol

    56. Matthew Oak


    57. Ziomar Birrueta

      Epic really has to fix the gold glitch

    58. Jerek Estrada

      It’s so funny when my brother thinks fresh is trash and he has bots in he’s game

    59. Marni Lewis

      Fresh: aww fffffariat... Me: fariat?

    60. memes_and_games 2 On tiktok

      Freshes lobby’s: bots. My lobby’s: sweats

    61. Kube

      3:21 piece cntrl kyle

    62. Fausty Hollmann

      Ya, play apex back plz

    63. Ale Gandara

      Bro we starting fortnite clan all people welcome who speek english that's the language we know name are BAZzi x and kriscr26 we. And sorry for doing this on freshes video

    64. Henry Wallace

      Fresh goes to Weeping Woods to buy wood Me an intellectual:Just farm it

    65. Maribel Canales


    66. Conor Reese

      you shouldve been able to use lever action rifles

    67. PEKI BOSS

      8:25 what is the nameof this song pls someone lol

    68. Lovely Alicia Lee

      ik epic has to fix the gold glich

    69. andrexgameing ax


    70. Amber Robb

      I have don that

    71. Stephen barbrook

      I used your code in the item shop . Log your channel

    72. Cruz Kemp

      Fresh vs bugha or mongrael or Benjyfishy

    73. joe shedid

      Fresh is so dumb dude cowboys can use the lever action rifle

    74. Damian Corona

      Me getting mad cuz two bots get to be in his vid and I don't

    75. Khai Lip Chong

      Those pips are dum

    76. MI gunner

      cow boys had leveraciton guns

    77. Benny Roake

      I fucking hate fortnite now

    78. Garry Parsons

      Just jewle me man Fresh 2021

    79. Christopher Tweedy


    80. Adith Bondugula

      How to get 10000 wins in fortnite. 1. add fresh 2. get in the lobby with him 3. let him drive a car and hop in.(he will make sure the next stop is the victory)

    81. Suhani Patel

      He killed the default :(

    82. Mark Montag

      You place 21# a lot

    83. Stagebe WW

      Ok bogood bro 😎🤗

    84. SALskem

      Not gonna lie i clicked because of the thumbnail

    85. Isaac Cochran

      Why didn’t he use the lever action rifle?

    86. Fire


    87. Nate Rippetoe

      Fresh: So far a good game good ga- Player: Lever actions Fresh: OH MY GOD!!!! WHY?

      1. Harveer Saini

        bruh. Pure cringe

    88. Jonathan Bain

      (fresh) 'and thats what hapens when you use a pistol agansed a shotgun" no no no jason said a grey pistol is very good at close range so you must just be using it wrong

    89. FaZe AcidPlaz

      Lol someone did the same thing i was camping cuz i was 1 hp and i killed him with them

    90. Happyabby775 Love

      Cowboys are still around even though I’m a girl I’m still a cowboy lol

    91. Nikki Arnold

      When da flapjack threw back it hit different

    92. Big 3 Gaming

      Thumbnail is sick

    93. Christian Carter

      This dude will never be able to win the game against real players he killed all bots I swear

    94. Christian Carter

      Dude I honestly hate how he goes in bot lobbies after dying continuously

    95. Y2Kennedy

      Why wouldn't the Lever Action work?

    96. RadicalTwelve

      Do cowboys use Christmas planes?

    97. Saddfrd Games

      video suggestions: wasting all my gold!! Like if you agree comment if you disagree

    98. Troy terpening

      No champ he doesn't want to juul

    99. edit's off

      OMG BRO that was me who you 1v1 i didnt know it was you!!!!!