STRANDED in Fortnite...


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    1. DreamifyPlayz

      Searched chest Fresh: please give me shotgun All we got is wood and OH MY GOD

    2. zel waldie

      I need skins

    3. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    4. Katie Braham

      My real name is carson

    5. Katie Braham

      Can u please ad me fresh I am not that good at fortnight my name is carson-da -boss10

    6. Ratio

      A grapple is a consumable not a weapon

    7. Tiffany Short

      fresh.wen somebody is cranking he god dam xbox plarey report him. lazarbeam. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    8. Dave Videos

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

    9. maymay h

      Poor castaway Jonesy


      Anybody else wonder how he got so lucky the shark dindt kill him


        and like he was so close to the shark

    11. Mr. X Man


    12. Trey T

      4 corner challenge. Fly to each corner of the map and fish for your loot at those corners. only 1 item can be stacked or kept from each corner. Yes there will be storm damage yes it will be hard

    13. Chris p Beacon

      Hygiene is the best way to go back to school 🏫 is better than yours is the most amazing thing to ever do for your mom and bowser to go home 🏠 night and all the way to a mom and bowser is that you can not be happy and that is not your own and the

    14. 1K Before 2021?

      Fun Fact Most Fun Facts Aren’t Fun

    15. Roderick jenkins

      Wait what I've already watched this video and I get a notification 6 days late

    16. Arimations

      * Every time fresh shoots someone * BOAAAAAYYY

    17. Amanda Marsh

      Fresh how did you made your map vanish

    18. Billy Silvester

      Fresh: there’s a nerd he’s fazing threw my builds Me:lol

    19. Billy Silvester

      Fresh:I can only break wood because my pickaxe is to weak Me:I’m 9 and I can even make a better pickaxe

    20. Mikah Ninja

      Fresh got killed by aggro sumo

    21. QuietWyatt

      do a floor loot only challenge, so no searching chests and no taking look from other players

    22. Alma Fo

      He plays against bots

    23. Lisa DiRienzo

      Video Idaa: Fresh can only kill skins that he can name (credit: Kaz)

      1. Lisa DiRienzo

        I mean idea 😅

    24. Gordon H

      Fresh: and I’m just sitting here with my smg All controller players ever: so you win every fight

    25. Fresh

      he should have done it where if he found a flare gun he could use his map

    26. Fresh

      whats up girls no

    27. Cracked_Banana

      7:22 fresh cannot touch me in my ass this time

    28. Fernanda Papaqui Mendoza

      Season 4 epic

    29. Samad blaze

      Fun fact :nerds don't play fortnite

    30. Silent ACE Put This In Slow Mo

    31. Charlie does random crap

      Fresh: *hits two snipes while on a zip line* Me: ok McCreamy

    32. Adam Irfan

      sorry grapple sadly I cannot touch u I like touching u

    33. OysterSauce

      its amazing how fresh can come up with fresh and funny content, good on ya mate :D

    34. kindtiger


    35. OZANE 本能

      Fresh doesn’t sound as fat as he is

    36. OZANE 本能

      The only thing he does now is just challenges

    37. JohnMan006

      I swear you never run out of ideas!! Keep up the great content and unique challenge vids

    38. Daniel Ormond


    39. Jack AJ G

      Affresh I use your code in the item shop and I was wondering if you could add me cuz I'm all of them here's my thing username is my username goj1a1c1k1

    40. N8 _gamr

      I swear fresh makes the dumbest content

      1. Manchester Creator

        And the worst

    41. Gilberto Guerrero

      Hay fresh challenge idea if u name the weapon u keep it but if u get it wrong u have to drop all your weapons and materials

    42. Jasmin xox2020

      Your voice sounds good

    43. Aileen Dempsey

      your mom

    44. Naveed Gillani

      i do all

    45. obz_ HMKILLER

      Holy shit fresh was cracked in the last 2 mins of the vid

    46. Jaked Chicken

      It should’ve been only using flare guns.

    47. Ya Boi Montages

      “Sadly I cannot touch you” 😂

    48. Emojiface

      the breaking of the chest in the beginning reminded me of treasure maps and my favorite season

    49. Anonymous

      Anyone mind checking out my channel anything helps

    50. Anonymous

      How do you delete a video

    51. Sinister Twitch


    52. Joe Ioannou 19

      Fresh can never speak on a uncommon pistol ever again

    53. Fahri Reza

      I thought your meant to not loot wood outside your so called island

    54. Bulelwa Hewitt

      I used you code

    55. GSportz _

      I miss the old intro music

    56. Keeti Gang

      U copied mccreamy partly anyways

    57. Barbie is a qt

      Anyone kinda confused why he has the stw pickaxe but doesn’t play it?

    58. garrett roth


    59. Micah Wood

      hacks fresh shot through ramp at 6:47

    60. Amb 191

      Nobody: Literally nobody Fresh: GG GAMERS BOI

    61. The Withered Plushy

      A gray pistol is a good as the Jules drum gun

    62. OnsideBanjo161

      What do you use to edit

    63. YEET_Tornado

      “Sadly I cannot touch you” -Fresh 2020 (7:21)

    64. scqrse


    65. The gaming Panther

      It hurt me when he didn’t pick up the gold p90

    66. A Human

      sadly i cannot touch you 7:19

    67. Chr¡st¡an

      Ist jemand deutsch hir

    68. Jake Huerta

      Thought he was gonna do flare gun only

    69. Donal Power

      Video idea . Fresh can only kill skins he can name

    70. Speky 1

      When anyone sees someone box up with a cone on top: OMG HES SWEATING

    71. David’s Fingerboard

      Can you play with no key caps

    72. Starlight devil

      Hello. I’m starlight devil, and my dream has 3k since I started, I would appreciate if you could help me.

    73. Money Loaf

      I didn’t know that you had save the world

    74. Richard Swainson

      Who likes jonesy?

    75. Gyrx Fn

      Fresh: stranded on an island Also fresh: *walks off the poi*

    76. Stealth

      How do they make those thumbnails?

    77. LoxonFC


    78. LoxonFC

      I Was The Socar Skin

    79. Rebecca Ireland

      Day 282827737337 of saying what’s up guys, yes

    80. Jordan Perez


    81. legendary gamers of OZ

      Fresh is using a save the world pixaxe

    82. Hernan Pintado-Martínez

      In the first match he skipped a purple tac and legendary smg

    83. Hernan Pintado-Martínez


    84. Dynamic Esports

      2:27 Fresh literally jumped over a med kit at 31 hp

    85. Maykhush Verma

      can you friend request me my name is Mayk9035

    86. Nikki lynne Stempien

      Are used your code

    87. Sandra Gabriel

      Spawn island loot challenge: until the battle bus leaves you have to pick up as many guns you can On Spawn Island and then the weapons are picked up are the only weapons you can use The whole game you’re allowed do use meds Mats and ammo but that’s it

    88. Maria Xerogianes

      hes a nerd ahh

    89. Thomas Blower

      @_.tom_13 add the insta

    90. Eha Kristov


    91. MC_ PONG

      “Sadly I cannot touch you” WTF

    92. cameron baby yoda

      Why is fresh addicted. To thicc

    93. Casey Adams

      Thicc castaway jonsey

    94. Fatagram

      If you killed me in risky with your harpoon tonight your my g ❤️

    95. Kadin Pillay

      Mccreamy did this

    96. xd clipz

      Video idea: with the new bryce 3000 use only grey loot and land at catty corner

    97. Evan David

      I’m a meemr

    98. Henry Davis

      VIDIO IDEA: try the upside mouse challenge or the upside down keyboard challenge and try to get the win.

    99. miczsiliczy

      It should have been flare gun only If you already saw this comment i swear i didn't steal it i just didn't saw the first comment

    100. AM24thegod

      Do the afk challenge