everyone forgot about this...


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    1. Jacob Goldstein

      "I just trying to fly with my booties"

    2. A grape

      I think Everyone forgot about the golden Fish cup thingy 😅😅😅

    3. Luca sm

      What how you already at 256 Level can you help me??? Wow 🤩

    4. Turtle for You

      Me and the boys use them

    5. Adam Aqil

      I only saw 1 person using these though out the whole season

    6. Sheri Johnson


    7. Sheri Johnson

      I got the spire jumpboots

    8. Fort Lox

      I never forget the boots

    9. Häćkêr ,

      Is it just me or does fresh have 54 mechanical parts

    10. Tyson David

      Yo can u play with mau


      I used it legitly but I accidentally jumped to my death

    12. Sam McMurtrey

      He switched from a blue pump to a purple pump sneaky boy

    13. Amund Stusvik

      I actualy never had chance to use it

    14. G3_obito


    15. POTATO GOD

      no one uses the boots there so annoying

    16. Levi Cardenas



      how is watching this when season 7 is out

    18. Frank Brazzill

      I'm late

    19. SuperAL

      I never used this

    20. Mcpopi


    21. Xx-Zapp3r-xX

      Wait , there was spire boots?

    22. ✌ℂ𝕦𝕡𝕔𝕒𝕜𝕖_plays 💝

      Me:Why did I hear fresh say bottie Fresh: that guy was a quick daddy omg Me:YO WAT THE HE-

    23. Co’s Gaming


    24. Maritza Sinchi

      In the third round he needed a blue pump to get a purple pump but he had a makeshift shotgun

      1. Maritza Sinchi

        Oh wait rvm

    25. Kalexmidnight

      I honestly didn’t even know those boots were in the game

    26. Jayden Cuadras

      I don't

    27. T Stephenson

      I totally forgot about it

    28. duck business

      i use them all the time

    29. Lori Higgins

      I did

    30. jjthepizzaman

      I didn't know the boots were in the game lol

    31. Emre Hatipoğlu

      I love you Fresh, You deserve all the likes!

    32. spring_bunnybtw

      I used them all the time

    33. dog dog

      spire bootes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    34. easy drop

      Why you say u do not pick up anything except spire loot but you pick up the shockwave bow 🤡

    35. Peppi

      Alternative Title: I blame everything on a good item

    36. Jr. Lazarbeam

      Fresh: we only got ten elims Me: 5 elim games 😞

    37. Cassidy Frazer

      Fresh: it’s like everybody is getting abducted by aliens! Chapter 2 season 7: jokes on you… (Pls tell me somebody gets this)

      1. Pencil

        I do

    38. Spring Bonnie

      He said new season lamooooo

    39. Cro55b0nes

      next season there will be a giant space ship

    40. Boots De Gamer

      Why do you want me. And than hate me? And say that im bad (but thats true)

    41. delta_blader2.0

      I use them only one or two times and then never use them

    42. Lana Will

      I might be acting like a bot but how do you turn into things like tires??

    43. Scooby 64

      I do

    44. Pix Is dumb

      I have a challenge go in duos-trios and get a revolver or die to get it then only use the revolver (meds aloud)

    45. Yukiu-oriā

      The centre spire is gone but the other ones aren’t

    46. brotato

      I never even knew they were in the game

    47. LJSA

      i hate genshin impact for the ads i was just watching youtube and this genshin ad came up with a girl running while making weird sounds

    48. GG’s gaming Tycoon

      I actually never used boats apart from once

    49. Chase Brawl Stars

      Dnp when they were in

    50. Pryson Puglisi

      I like your catchphrase

    51. Ethan Gordon

      I got the boots 3 times legit and used them, never got the vic roy, tho.

    52. Maria Thomas

      i do

    53. Mikey Bruckshaw

      I never had the booties

    54. Soy_Boy_Gaming

      I even got a Vic Roy because of the anti-grav.

    55. Soy_Boy_Gaming

      I use the boots all of the time.

    56. Its_Solo_idk

      Either that nog ops was hacking or they just breathe this game

    57. Unknown ??????

      I have it’s so long

    58. John Etuangat

      Yes I used it before

    59. danny bromante

      i used the spire boots before

    60. danny bromante

      i used the spire boots before

    61. Brianne Hopkins

      “We only got 10 kills” -fresh 2021

      1. Michelle Ballesteros

        Its bc he always gets like 30 kills...

    62. Orville Fischer

      During a challenge of marking items of different rarities and tried to mark the boots cus their mythics and I don't want to mark raz's bow but the boots don't count

    63. MC_emotionless

      Those boots are decent tho

    64. Mason Tilley

      I use them like a lot

    65. Geoffrey Mccarthy

      Anyone take notice he had 54 mech parts

    66. Sly doggo

      I thought it was the mythic primal or recycler (was the mythic primal shotgun a thing btw?)

    67. Zc ghost 032

      I dont even play puns

    68. banana of doom

      I still use them (used to)

    69. Wilfred Dabucol

      fresh that legendary pump tho

    70. Matei Moatar

      I used them 2

    71. Why yeet Bro


    72. Ducki - Squad

      i see them not often but it is amazing if you want to getaway

    73. Gabeations

      0:16 booties 😂😂😂

    74. melissa fitzgerald

      I've used the boots not even a day ago

    75. Marshmallow Thunder

      I did not forget I think only 5,000 people know it

      1. Anamika Sharma

        Me to I think it to

    76. Rasher on KBM

      Freshy boi

    77. Aimee Ahr

      I got the levels 100 I did a combo with the 2mithix

    78. Hexry

      “ I’m just trying to fly with my booties”

    79. Jibran Khmous

      You know I was just playing today and I got these

    80. Elfdude

      3 pairs of these yeesies in trio arena is op as

    81. 🥶 IfrostyBBX13

      Used them like 3 days ago

    82. Juelz Ferrell-Rhodan

      Not really

    83. Lasandra Wallace

      I've had it already

    84. Jacob Robert Castro

      YOY fresh I have questions I know you got hack by Aliens but there’s a trailer in Fortnite in youtube the live event is about to happen we know aliens are coming anyways have a great day and have fun playing fortnite.

    85. Hwanilla

      “and I came all this way to get these lovely booties.” Fresh 2021-

    86. Casey S

      No one

    87. Jane

      If you find a gold pump that not on the steps bring the gold pump to the steps😀

    88. Joshua okeke

      me when fresh says "spire booties" - dammmmmn

    89. Matthew Arias

      That burp that he put when the boots came out

    90. DevilDann

      I thought he was gonna say the unstable bow i forgot about that thing

    91. Mason Rocker

      Yes I used them all the time

    92. Ironmanmlg

      9:32 did anyone else see that he dropped chonker tires

    93. Jacob Wahba

      I do not use the boots but when the season started I killed some kids who had them but myself I have not got them

    94. Julian Truong

      you good

    95. Yeeter 45

      I used them like three times or more this season.

    96. Solomon Puckett

      i actually love them but it’s not worth killing the girl and then carrying the ball all the way to the middle spire

    97. kingnite 200

      Im going to miss season 6 😭

    98. Jess Dell

      I used tehm

    99. jerry thicklin

      Without even watching yet. Everyone forgot about the mythic jump boots

    100. Sarah Graham