DO NOT try this challenge...


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    1. Jennifer Trachte Murphy

      I’ve done it before and it’s hard

    2. Vinny Gorrell


    3. SmashFrog3D


    4. Andres Cristan


    5. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    6. Jason Huerta

      Lachlan also did this a few months ago

    7. Ryan Green

      Imagine if fresh did this challenge in arena🤔😬

    8. Henry Gillis


    9. Odge 05

      Love vid💚💚

    10. Wil Chang

      i am just saying how did you do that

    11. Matas Kalasauskas


    12. Vaikunta Koushik Charapalle

      what app is that

    13. Crizzmon

      This is hurting my eyes. I might become blind... .-.

    14. jamie janssen

      Whats the app you use

    15. Sam Baird

      Remember when lachy did this

    16. Steven Hambling

      I used your code

    17. Steven Hambling

      Can you gift me

    18. Christopher Silfa

      Does he stream the challenges sorry I’m new

    19. Mark Livings

      I like how he calles them “Gamers”

    20. mint paperie

      Love you fresh

    21. Gacha Productions

      How would u use it on ps or Xbox?

    22. William O'Gorman

      at one time it said the f word

    23. Kirsty and Charlie Barnes

      Now just imagine mongraal with this

    24. Minecraft Speedrun

      HUgets comments section is so full of shit these days. Too many scam sites. I wasted so much time using all kinds of web apps from the comments and none works. I have found a HUgets video about a site called Forthax0r. That one worked to my surprise. You may find it on Google!

    25. Best Egg

      I already tried it

    26. My Epic


    27. Qwerks ツ

      freash cutout the time i craped on him no joke

    28. Flaming DXTERS

      who else was inspired by fresh and lazar

    29. Nice dude

      Was I the only one trying to make words with the keys on the screen

    30. Amir Harris


    31. Carol Dixon


    32. Amanda Williams


    33. Brayson Lacinak

      LolYour cracked

    34. 3k below auto sales


    35. 3k below auto sales

      Come to my birthday party

    36. ENG3G3 Capetown

      Imagine they have a tournament like this 😂

    37. Areeba Irfan

      Yes yes yes yes

    38. Jose Galan


    39. Maverick Avila

      Eye ligma

    40. The government

      What’s going on guys

    41. julian iniguez

      i love your vid

    42. Emily Wells

      god damn thst was annoying

    43. Areeba Irfan


    44. Blitzy

      Day 2 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    45. Daniel Rough

      I like your cut g

    46. Daniel Rough


    47. Steveprogamer27 YT

      Why did he say chat?

    48. Atharva Nilkari

      At 2:37 it spelled AWW at the top left corner

    49. Devante Stewart

      Maybe it was a stream sniper!

    50. Jaden Vang



      are we not gona talk about the dugauh at 5:55

    52. Aarnav Arye

      Fresh fans = like Fresh crazy fans = like and comment

    53. Aarnav Arye

      why does he press W and A so many times

    54. gaming vids Jesse

      I remember when lachy did this a year ago

    55. TheReaper Thereaper

      fresh u are my favorite youtuber

    56. Janette Clements

      whats up guys NO

    57. EnergyCrew Journals

      He's lying he's looking at the screen that's how he's playing so good but he's cheating

      1. Kirishimas.soulmate

        He’s not he’s just really good

    58. Trey Lamillo

      anyone's eyes hurt? all i see is letters and i need new eyes

    59. Mcsteamy 007

      Video: must play like a bot the whole match and get a dub

    60. stully625

      i cant imagine what he looks like when he looses

    61. Elite Gaming

      Fresh cracked

    62. Vong Family

      Yes reset

      1. Vong Family

        I’m good

      2. Vong Family

        I’m goo

      3. Vong Family

        I’m good

      4. Vong Family

        I’m good

    63. ChaBoyLawson813

      What if he did a hide and sneak

    64. Alyssa Miller

      How do they do that like who do the keys just fall while he is in the game😳

    65. rademenes 88

      The way that fresh is better than me whitoute seeing

    66. Bugey09

      Set all the binds that you want to your mouse and play mouse only

    67. K-Money Willis

      he should've used visual sound affects

    68. Victoria Burgess


    69. Colleen Cupido

      He died

    70. Kosta molloy

      If we could see what how sweats type 4:23 that is what it would be

    71. another gamer


    72. SPC basics

      Day one of waiting for fresh to say thin subscribe

    73. Bacon Boy

      Why did je not take the legendary pump in the vault

    74. Cecilia Sesto

      i am color blind

    75. Alexander Clarke

      imagine faze sway does it

    76. sathvik pilla

      Now we know how keys does fresh use

    77. Ivan Levi

      5:55 what was that

    78. Kord Harris

      1:50 = VoIcE CrAcK

    79. Ari D


    80. Emma Hutchings

      I watched your live stream yesterday

    81. MYSTICAL

      Fresh could be setting bloom records and he wouldn’t know it

    82. Slime Asmr

      Don’t say that because this is really rude and a sensitive topic. Don’t say ur blind it’s offensive

      1. Ibrahim Uchiha

        Stfu karen

    83. C led

      First two minutes of the game and half of his screen is already filled up😂

    84. Calvin Sun

      Hey what’s up guys no

    85. konnor jensen

      I love this

    86. Lucy Aispuro

      Hi I'm sorry

    87. Titans hyper

      There is one challenge every pro players hesitate to play arena in 30 fps.

    88. Chase Smith

      plz look at my Idea I used code fresh :)

    89. Zer0 Gam3r

      I wish I could be as good as u

    90. Jaysen377

      When I saw this video I thought of *D A R E D E V I L*

    91. Jboy M

      I saw you do this on stream

    92. Harland Beckett

      who else thinks fresh is cracked no matter what

    93. stupid steve

      Im doing this. I hope i win. You're aswome 😁

    94. Peter Franck

      Can you do Tessa is picking drop spots season4 edition plz🥺

    95. RYAN BRAY

      I think fresh is awesome

    96. Srijan Gupta

      This is how my head feels like when i try to read a book.🤪🤪🤣

    97. BeastLord Gaming

      1:53 another voice crack lol

    98. Splplayer08

      His screen is full of w

    99. normaqc

      Why do you make yourself surffer like that

    100. Logan Alter

      lol i tried it