DO NOT try this challenge...


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    1. Roderick Mitchell

      There’s like 200 keys on his screen

    2. Roderick Mitchell

      No way fresh won he’s gotaed

    3. happy family


      1. happy family


    4. Leo and Finlay

      I did this it is bad

    5. Leo and Finlay


    6. Bleadgreen18

      That is just on one of his monitors so he can really see but it’s just for content. I Fresh your still the best

    7. Rakshid kumar

      i feel irritated watching this

    8. Alex Assaf


    9. M Prabhat


    10. Margaret Street


    11. Toon Lucario

      Controller players: I don’t have such weaknesses

    12. Henry Hello


    13. Aarav_2345

      Lachy resets every elim for his challenge and fresh did it once like every game

    14. Nathan Mireku


    15. Kixxx Kix

      Pov you just watched his short and trying to find it

    16. Team MYZI

      When your four months late LOL

    17. Azzire

      how do u get this

    18. Geradine Bannatyne

      I love fresh more then lazer

    19. isaacnerman

      imagine if ryft did this

    20. Candy TM


    21. ZaneABrain

      Fresh: why does my screen get full so fast? Fresh 20 seconds earlier: I'm gonna spam some buttons!

    22. Ανδρέας Τζαγκαράκης

      Now we can see how many buttons fresh presses every match

    23. MrBald Beast

      Who also found this video from Fresh Shorts

    24. Tiarna’s Life


    25. SushiShinnobi

      Learning the alphabet with fresh

    26. lisa carter

      I would call it eating put in half the screen back but that challenge I done it once and I got 20 victories I can't believe it this challenge is easy for me you are



    28. ShvSki

      Fresh: Do not try this challenge Me who uses controller: I don't have such weaknesses

    29. Combat Guy Plays: Fortnite

      at 3:24 he's completely blind

    30. Ashraf Khalaf

      You can rest and cut it again

    31. Ashraf Khalaf

      Yes cut some keys

    32. Vilmer Clayhills

      IM A BOTT

    33. Jack Judson

      Try to find your name

    34. Alexander Bruno

      1st person?

    35. April Alatorre

      Can I just say BRO!!!!!!

    36. Domas 1234


    37. Blake Keeton

      Hey fresh you cheated you deleted some of the keys off your screen

    38. Duyanh Dinh

      Did i hear a prop sound? 2:23

    39. Christopher Rossi

      You could have just auto run the whole game

    40. omaz

      is anyone else upset that fresh didn't let us go through that kind of pain :(

    41. little boi

      wow you do amusing and fun videos i love watching your vids


      there are 666 dislikes on this vidio

    43. DeltaXLD

      Lol the number if dislikes is the number if the demon (666) Aldo good video

    44. Jonathan Devaul

      Imagine Mongraal trying to do this

    45. Fæzé_SC

      3:59 imagine if he hit alt F4

    46. Parsa Rajabi

      Fresh: who made this app? Person who made it: I wonder who would use my app.

    47. Ariam Samuel

      FRESH: DO NOT TRY THIS CHALLENGE No one: doesn't try Everyone: hmmm imma try this

    48. Stacy Cano

      Fresh can play blind and I can’t even kill a person

    49. Jairus Smith

      To be honest I don’t even think I can kill fresh when his screen is full😂😂😂

    50. Zain Rehan


    51. Neon Plyz

      what was this program called?

    52. Aditya lal

      He is not showing ghte face came so I think that he is just showing this fortbhe content Edit- this was my personal review so please don't judge

    53. Cosm0

      Fresh : getting like six elims Me : I can’t even get six elims with a normal screen

    54. Daxa Parag

      Fresh you are so good at Fortnite but My fortnight got deleted because my teacher told my mum to and I’m only eight but I’ll get it back on may 3

    55. Chicken mc Nuggets

      I love this video

    56. Chicken mc Nuggets


    57. Yeetusistic

      so claustrophobic holy bruhh

    58. Liz Arias

      2:22 his keys straight up are a sneaker

    59. Jessica Stowell


    60. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    61. Mohamed Hamza

      i want you fresh to make hardest game ever you play a legend chalange

    62. idrippy_clapz

      lol where can i find this app?? pls

    63. bxgzz


    64. Itz Basel

      The not will

    65. Carter Anderson

      If I win can I please get a ps5 I hate xboxes

    66. Carter Anderson

      So ten people are getting a ps5 or Xbox

    67. Carter Anderson

      Who is winning the giveaway

    68. Liquixy

      When you don’t know what to name ur vid so I name it don’t try this challenges

    69. Shamoel Noorbhai

      at first i wanted to try but then came 3:20

    70. Poop Monster

      People who still are not better than fresh (ME)👉

    71. I Am BEANOS

      Why when i saw this i thought the whole screen ( from the start ) will be black

    72. Marco Go

      5:54 What is that sound hes making

    73. Rylen James Delapina

      what is this thing called

    74. Trophy fighter - Omar Sheikh

      Fresh pleas play blind one more time

    75. DonutLordSteven



      Dude imagine if you were playing with LazerBeam

    77. Mohammed Sarhan

      name of app?

    78. Jennifer Trachte Murphy

      I’ve done it before and it’s hard

    79. Vinny Gorrell


    80. Andres Cristan


    81. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    82. Jason

      Lachlan also did this a few months ago

    83. Chaos

      Imagine if fresh did this challenge in arena🤔😬

    84. Book And Movie


    85. Odge 05

      Love vid💚💚

    86. Wil Chang

      i am just saying how did you do that

    87. Matas Kalasauskas


    88. Koushik Charapalle

      what app is that

    89. Crizzmon

      This is hurting my eyes. I might become blind... .-.

    90. cookie

      Whats the app you use

    91. NavyPickle46 Xbox

      Remember when lachy did this

    92. Steven Hambling

      I used your code

    93. Steven Hambling

      Can you gift me

    94. Christopher Silfa

      Does he stream the challenges sorry I’m new

    95. Mark Livings

      I like how he calles them “Gamers”

    96. mint paperie

      Love you fresh

    97. HiBub

      How would u use it on ps or Xbox?

    98. Kirsty and Charlie Barnes

      Now just imagine mongraal with this

    99. Itachi Uchiha

      HUgets comments section is so full of shit these days. Too many scam sites. I wasted so much time using all kinds of web apps from the comments and none works. I have found a HUgets video about a site called Forthax0r. That one worked to my surprise. You may find it on Google!