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      Do the thiccest doctor in fortnite

    2. Hugo3000gaming.

      Why no thumbnail?

    3. Joshua Hernandez

      Two months later I get the rainbow blue chick.

    4. Choichoi Bayan

      Give me then you memes stick to fresh please give me the stage

    5. LCMJake

      What wrap was fresh using??

    6. Harrison Hill


    7. Muffin iscool

      wow this looks hard ima do it :D

    8. Elias Cirino

      And I am a boy

    9. Elias Cirino

      It is yours and I am a fan

    10. Elias Cirino

      I am Subscribe and ring the bell and no notifications and I use a code in the item shop so can you gift something in tooAnd I use your code in Fortnite

    11. I DK

      Fresh: misses one shot : ok I’m just missing my shots Me: I miss all my shots I tell my friend I died . My friend :ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    12. G-Rex the Dino/Godzilla expert

      *Wolverine wants to know your location*

    13. James Fox

      Fresh you are the reason that I started thank you so much

    14. Adal Garcia

      Everything is thick 😳

    15. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    16. Mr. Goodman

      Use code fresh in the item shop to support him and sub and like he does this for all of us

    17. C2_Cloners Child

      am i the only one who noticed that the percentages were wrong for how many people are subbed and not subbed

    18. Watchtower Guitars

      love your vids

    19. LegendaryJoca

      If you're reading this , you're special, here take a cookie 🍪

    20. Miluna Bernadel


    21. ?????? ?¿???????

      Typicalgamer did this fist

    22. Allison Tilbrook

      I am 99 years old and I am a boy

    23. Joshy Snacks


    24. Leigh Parkin

      Fresh is the ficest blue chick in the world


      i love fersh

    26. Diana Pena

      you sed popo loot

    27. Leonardo Wattiez

      Challenge use the mystic skin, kill a first person then get in a fight with another person and change skins You must kill them before the disguise goes away

    28. Gun Gaming

      I love u

    29. Tim Howe

      nobody not a single soul my 10 second skip on video: Today were the thiccest *skip* chick O_o

    30. *CT 4050 Chewie

      Fresh please tell us the was of level up fast

    31. Oo FRATURE oO 7

      Whoever sees this.... Have a great day

    32. Marie Manley


    33. Big Chungus

      what ever you do dont look at mistique in the movies

      1. Big Chungus

        the last dude who did it is still vomiting



    35. Galaxy

      Can u see if u can turn into a zombie with mistique like so he can see

    36. Blobby Pro

      Fresh is such a pro that he can probably kill people and get a victory royale using only a grey pistol and some few decent consumables

    37. Colleen Cupido


    38. RC - 03TD 862609 Fairlawn PS

      frsh thats not a skin you just edit to ranibow colurs

    39. Rick Yalos

      For eash should let lazerbeam randomize his key binds.

    40. Jannattt123

      Challenge: let your girlfriend pick your keybinde

    41. Baby groot crying

      Show me how your so thicc

    42. Ewan Smith

      BlUeS cHaRgE sHoTgUn lol - fresh 2020

    43. vicki willington

      I am toster

    44. Powerful B


    45. David Carver

      Early gang???

    46. Jarel Macroneil

      And you have a blue sniper

    47. Jena Andrés Martines

      Yo fresa mi hurón 200 fan can you do picax only plis lo e Your vida

    48. Kymbo2062

      Are use code fresh in the item shop my user name in Fortnite is AshHas04

    49. Nl L

      You're only 18 wtfff

    50. Charles WONG

      3:32 actually a grey pistol also can't kill him

    51. Brodie Yt

      Read my name please

    52. Trista Socaciu

      I AM A DEFALT A pleaz gift skin My name is ChewyHurdle7

    53. Krazy King

      Broooooo, the thumbnail was the imposter spider man meme! That’s awesome

    54. 3 Vendetta Fishies

      I cought 3 Vendetta Fish... Is it immpressive ? My profile picture is from my TV...

    55. Joshua Wattam

      This is just a test to see how loot hungry fesh is for loot and how greedy he is for kills

    56. Michael Cowhey

      Fresh: Gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer gamer

    57. II joshee

      :Challenge Grey weapons only and if u kill somebody u go green if u kill another blue another is purple then legandary

    58. Damian Tomas

      Fresh:Im in Disguise also fresh a second later not in disguise

    59. William Norrie

      I was actually going to suggest this challenge to him 😐

    60. Kidfr3sh

      What’s up guys YES

    61. Kaye bull

      I subscribed

    62. Kenz Prosser

      Hi i hope u hade a good day i did not i had serdere

    63. Ayden Gonzalez

      Typical Gamer day this

    64. L Lo

      * accident

    65. L Lo

      There is 1k Dislikes on this video! :O who ever disliked Then GET OUT OF HEREEE. If u did it by qccidnet then put like or nothing your choice.

    66. 100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY VIDEO CHALLENGE

      *Once again, who wouldn’t want to be subscribed to this man? Hes a LEGEND*

    67. llQTDripkingll

      He had seven kills ☹️

    68. Ephinomical !


    69. ProGaming Daz


    70. The Mad JS

      when he says "the thiccest blue CHICK IN" CHICK IN, It sounds like Chicken

    71. Blanca Mendoza

      You are so obsessed with the word THICK bro

    72. Yahya Sabawi

      You should do the random food skin challenge

    73. Cloudz of cloudz

      Bro he said big d no hate btw

    74. Habeeba Mehicevic

      I just. noticed that I was that fake super fresh Y^Y

    75. Manic don't panic

      Yo fresh u my fav HUgets I watch all your videos

    76. Laura Hooker


    77. Richmond jay

      2:17 he sweared

    78. THDhack

      Fun Fact: the thumbnail was from the spiderman comic and it's when he said your the imposter and pointing at each other... no one noticed?

      1. salty blitz

        I noticed the second i saw it :D

      2. Pharynx.

        I Did And I Like How He Made It Thicc Lmao

    79. Lego master

      Why fresh simp on fortnite skin 😳

    80. ツDRIPZFN

      I post montages checkout my youtube

    81. Nicolas Nike

      The most thickest bio is lazerbeam

    82. Arthur Morgan

      Let’s go

    83. Notamangadealer

      7:07. * poetry 100.*

    84. Patrick Deane

      Fresh: says his plan. Me: big brain tactics my guy

    85. Sam Stout

      Hey fresh u should try doin 100% accuracy challenge it would be cool to watch

    86. Emma Francis

      Why don't you do elimination loot only

    87. Paula Clarke

      Fresh can u tell Lannan 2 play more minecraft please

    88. Juan Arreola

      What is the name of those pickax

    89. Andrew Howard

      This series is boring

    90. WERESOUL brighten up your day

    91. TheAlphaTeamPlays

      I’m surprised he didn’t call it “the thiccest EVERYONE in fortnite”

    92. MaryCaroline Maszy

      It’s double d’s

    93. Dexter Pen


    94. Liam Covey


    95. Adam Wall - Epic mood montage

    96. Fan Bear

      Anyone else get the thumbnail?

    97. Goldgamer 27

      RIP to fresh dropped the mythic