FRESH vs MCCREAMY (best sniper)


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    1. Fresh

      Join me in Genshin Impact today: Use my code: GS6ACJ775KNV for Primogem60, Mora10000 New users only must reach adventurer level 10 to redeem from now till June 9th

      1. ammer khan

        @Dog Rat you little sh*

      2. Dog Rat

        Nooooooob I wish you are

      3. Noah

        @GAMERFLM [New Video Out Now] roblox sucks it's like the worst game its for 5year olds (I'm not saying lazarbeam sucks I'm saying the game sucks and even then lannan only plays it for the memes

      4. Shimada Verge

        @GAMERFLM [New Video Out Now] genshin>roblox

      5. ammer khan

        @GAMERFLM [New Video Out Now] you little sh*

    2. CrazyTask

      This prove that fresh is the better sniper than creamy let's go

    3. BRZ12

      Fresh saying he might be rusty me u call this rusty


      Can we make this comment at the top and make him say "What's up guys NO! "

    5. Enzo Encarnacion

      Do you know who’s better at sniping. FE4Rless

    6. Fernando Goldsberry


    7. Chris Farrell


      1. Chris Farrell


    8. gary Mitchell

      Nice Snipes fresh

    9. PickleHat Clan

      Creamy is the best sniper. Fresh is the best bower

    10. Zer0

      I once no scoped 13 people in lazy lake in that one spot. Everyone kept coming and after i killed evryone, some random camper headshotted me

    11. Memett

      POV: You thought this was an X2Twins video

    12. c dawg


    13. enderman creeper

      I think deep down we all know creamy is the sniper god

    14. Earth 244

      u shouldve done an actual sniper battle where u snipe each other and not an elim race

    15. Joanne Lopena

      Fresh at 22 kills and me at 3 killa

    16. Mohammad Shaaban

      Fe4rless is the best sniper 😆

    17. FTW Robin

      But Fer4lessi is best

    18. Seth Jahnke

      Usually creamy is the snipe king

    19. Dog Rat

      You are so bad fresh I wish you can be better

    20. Hudson Charlap


    21. Parker Caldwell

      Play genshin impact

    22. Sylvester Geng

      Can we see you play genshin and maybe add Lazar

    23. Achint Kulthia


    24. noraleskar

      funny i was playing genshin impact while listening to the video and your sponsored by it

    25. Bro Plays

      by the thumbnail I thought these are x2Twins

    26. 14960008 Matthew Tarver Kurniawan

      R.I.P snipers

    27. Niyanna Fields

      Fearless the bedt but his upload schedule trash

    28. mallory gamez

      why do they act out of breath when they get a kill?

    29. Bingus

      This vid was just fresh spitting on creamy

    30. ☬𝕲𝖍𝖔𝖘𝖙_𝖐𝖎𝖓𝖌☬

      We have a new 🤴king🤴

    31. Sammy CPFC

      Mccremy is the best sniper

    32. Shash Ballaram

      I love ur videos !!!

    33. Kabelo Moja

      Fresh what do you feel when you sniper somebody Fresh: The recoil 😎

    34. Almighty Moose

      fresh should do an unedited video like if u agree

    35. TVX PanDa •

      if only if it was a hunting rifle oof ggz

    36. Noah Tabibnia

      I didn’t see the video yet but I don’t care if mcreamy loses he is obviously the better sniper


      Love you so much fresh you are the best can I get a shout out for yosing you’re cade

    38. Tyler Coleman

      i wanna see him play warzone. who else?

    39. Travis Allport

      Bruh how do you have the sniper shootout game mode? I dont

    40. Austin Blee

      Mcreamys way better then fresh

    41. brandon lachappelle

      Damn I havent played fortnite in 8 months forgot about you dont know why this is recommended but its welcome

    42. Zach Lau

      Creamy is such a good sport

    43. Brendan Colbert✔

      Mcreamy da best still

    44. Mohammad Arkham

      the real question is if fresh as renagade raider

    45. Oscar Moisey

      Ye riy

    46. Sickle

      6:39 transition And love the dream type bgm

    47. FREDSABEAST9 !

      Did u realize in the intro fresh didn’t have a scenario where creamy was winning Love the confidence fresh

    48. CelzXR

      Omg I played it as soon as it came out gushing impact its fun

    49. Gausiya Bhombal

      He would one if he had hunting rifles

    50. Amrith Raj

      Genshin trash

    51. Samuel Lopez

      He should try cod with a sniper

    52. Huricane

      Fresh is a sellout


      Can you say 1 day. What’s up Guys-NO 🤣 😂

    54. SPELYY

      Fresh just 3-0 McCreamy in his mode😳 Only if hunting rifles were in

    55. Ruvyzvat ✅

      6:40 the transition is smoother than a pickle 🥒✨

    56. Wake Up Bb Restaurants


    57. Natalya Belonozhko

      I was the one who killed creamy one the first round lol

    58. Shayden Contrades

      lazar LAZAR old OUTRO

    59. You just got NLE CHOPPAD Plays

      And this is why epic removed snipers

    60. Alexis Cardoso

      I love the game

    61. Sxillzz

      6:40 when he scoped in that wolf looked liked something form a horror movie lol

    62. Ashraf Khalaf

      Ah shit

    63. Ashraf Khalaf

      Chill out with you're snipes first game chill

    64. Deidre Smith

      Boy fresh your such a cheater more than half your kills were stream snipers were creamy didn't get one

    65. Deidre Smith

      Yeah but Creamy is a better contest t creator like leagues ahead of you and he the better player at sniping and normal

    66. ༺ silver swat༻

      I know that genshin works on mobile but dies it run well

    67. nikhil baiju

      Heavy sniper is best sniper

    68. Divin Grillon

      Fresh i dare you to make challenges in arena for the next month

    69. Ianvoltz

      anyone else saw the thumbnail and thought it was a x2twins vid?

    70. Renegade Raider 200 IQ

      I thought it was X2twins

    71. Richard Rabinowitz

      fresh is just to good

    72. Pc Paar

      i downloaded genshin imapct

    73. Draconai Auracto

      You interrupted your Fortnite video for a Genshin Impact sponsorship, and HUgets decided that was the perfect place to put A FORTNITE MOBILE AD. I'm just laughing at the meta of it.

    74. Nicholas Tarango

      And this is exactly why snipers were removed from the game

    75. Falcon 808

      omg lazarbeams old outro

    76. Levi4fun

      Fresh:”who is the sniper god” Me”FE4Rless” FE4Rless:*never posts*

    77. Lil Robdob

      That’s lit it expires on my birthday

    78. Cross_NL

      The way he says use code fresh in the item shop

    79. Zander Harrison


    80. Nikko Lopez

      Big YEETS!!!

    81. Werock539

      wolf transition at 6:38 was clean

    82. McSheeperson

      na creamy isnt at his full power without huntings

    83. Polar Hood

      I still think know matter what creamy god of snipers

    84. Joe Mamma

      mcreamy said he was the best sniper

    85. Extreme bat

      i just download genshin impact

    86. Dhruv Naik

      Damn I thought this was an x2twins video at first XD

    87. ogists ostrovskis


    88. Anonymous User

      3:29 Anyone recognize Lazarbeam's old outro music?

    89. Matey Vasilovschi

      I actually tought this was an x2twins video

    90. Cloudyonyt

      Please bring back the og intro

    91. Ralph Sweetman

      Me thinking this is a x2twins video

    92. i am your best fan

      i alredy got that game i am at level 26

    93. Diran Rasho

      fresh is only wining is because everyone is standing still

    94. CountryCloud

      not fair fresh has stream snipers

    95. Hayden Farley

      its me hahaha

    96. mustufa aijaz

      You copied from x2twins

    97. i v y

      ula an yenfe and zongli is back ind beta then evah

    98. Mustafa Ghulmi

      The thumbnail looks like an X2twins thumbnail

    99. Ahmad Hammoud


    100. Swaiizy

      That wolf transition was 🔥