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    1. Uzma Arqam

      That was so funny when fresh kills someone and other person didn't saw and fresh said "oooo ,I am runing away

    2. Panagiotis Papageorgiou

      Did I spot JOOGIE 🤔

    3. Farhan Ahmed

      When the video start then fresh say what up guys yes

    4. Michael Donovan

      I hate Brodie.

    5. Shaun 3114

      If fresh voted lannan instead of Brodie in 1st round Lannan would have gone and Fresh would have 1 less person to vote him

    6. Connor Herbert

      What happened to joogie

    7. Boys Vaquera

      Joogie is bake he is the best

    8. Matthew Ellison

      Fresh comes up with some epic ecscuses man

    9. Ashley Betteley

      you are the smartest player ever on among us i think no-one is smarter than you

    10. JamieDodger

      whos here after joogie returned to youtube

    11. Eli Anderson


    12. Kid Boxi


    13. Funny memes

      I have the same same as that guy

    14. CastifyFN

      joogies alive??

    15. Donna R. Dodge

      The zonked satin electronmicroscopically brake because jeff peroperativly untidy mid a mellow loss. noxious, nice wolf

    16. Kevin Alfaro

      Not biologicaly but since ilsa and lannan are his “parents” then muselk is his uncle

    17. the united slevynland

      why hello

    18. Sahas Kolla

      Code Fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Benjamin Fix

      Someone tell Brodie to stop being salty

    20. Larissa Kennedy


    21. Jane Calabro

      The unadvised feet serologically reign because reindeer collaterally phone failing a courageous jellyfish. goofy, awesome relish

    22. Maks Jasinski

      but who cares

    23. Maks Jasinski

      the maximum IQ in real life is 200

    24. Hey! It's Noor

      have you ever play Among us with Lozerfruit

    25. Galaxy Demon563

      What’s up guys NO

    26. Mahbir Ali

      Wtf why did u have kill lufu

    27. The Stone Pug

      I thought joogie was dead

    28. thxroro


      1. Calem Eyre


    29. Jesse Kang

      I hate Brodie

    30. Danielle Jaggard

      can i pls be in one of your your among us video

    31. Zack Knight

      The title needs to change to "How to be more sus than sus -yes."

    32. Haoua Keita

      I use code fresh

    33. Olaph


    34. Hydro Gaming

      hey joggie finally prooven not dead but joogs can u plz upload

    35. Hydro Gaming

      fresh: lets play among us sounds like content me: mmmmmmmm yummy content

      1. Gordon Ramsay

        bruh wtf

    36. Woody

      HES BACK!!!!!

    37. Woody


    38. Joshua Hinojosa

      The title needs to change to "How to be more sus than sus -yes."

    39. Court Craze

      Wait Joogey I thought he died from cancer

    40. Gabriella VIEIRA

      that was realy fasy imp rounds

    41. Surge

      Fresh= 'Whats up guys, yes' but me = 'SAME FRICKEN INTRO FOR LIKE 2 YEARS.

    42. Oce Harp

      I sort of feel bad for aipha he always dies first

    43. Drill_TV

      I miss jogie tell jogie i love him

    44. Alvin Nelson

      What’s up guys and yes

    45. Nick Farrow

      hey if ur reading this plz send friend request to beano2k if u want to 1v1

    46. Cooper Gallivan

      Day 87 of:what’s up guys no

    47. Cai Wyn

      hi fresh

    48. gladys Ngowo


    49. Owen Linn

      I love how every time fresh plays b rod sus fresh and says he vented

    50. TommyPullz


    51. Mr Boomz

      What’s up guys, NO!

    52. Scottie Skates

      "i didn't use no vent bc i'm not imposter!" best defense ever

    53. Cucumber The Iguana

      Lupo and Valkyrae had faster imposter win just saying

    54. Anar Sonio

      joogie is still alive ??????

    55. Xavier Thrift Swings

      Fresh = sweat Lazerbeam = meme

      1. Calem Eyre

        Now there's auto correct on auto that spelled orto

      2. Calem Eyre


      3. Xavier Thrift Swings

        It was ordo correct

      4. Xavier Thrift Swings

        My life was a lie lol

      5. Calem Eyre

        It's lazar

    56. RRoni

      Nobody: A toddler: wow mommy I love when these guys clap when they're playing the game I mean how they curse

    57. Margarete Wright


    58. Mark Golvani

      Tomorrow I have a big announcement! The biggest announcement of my career... I'll explain everything in tomorrows video. Going live at 12 PM CT!

    59. Shahana

      World record for the fastest imposter win is 1.5 mins

    60. Jensen Wang

      Fresh goofed, in the first among us game, no one said that the body was in specimen and fresh was like “ i was not near specimen”. Fresh would’ve been dead for sure if they realized.

    61. s brady

      Can you tell joogie to come back to HUgets

    62. ItsPhishy

      Hi fresh

    63. RyanplayzzGG

      HUgets ads 2010 : No ads 2015 : Skip ads 2018 : Skip ads after 5 seconds 2020 : Video will play after ads 2030 : Video may play in between ads 2050: Video unavailable just watch ads

      1. RyanplayzzGG


    64. Alyse Heath

      Roses are red Sky is blue you clicked on this vid and gave him a view

    65. Mark Golvani

      petition for fresh to bring back his OG intro

    66. Anderson Harper

      I wanna be in a game with u and Lazar on the normal map

    67. Rng philip

      Joojie is alive 🥰

    68. Ivan Espino

      I just got to say if lazar ur dad right doesn’t that make ilsa ur mom.??!!

    69. Sheluvmala

      Okay boomer there's no tefu

    70. Matthew Williams

      Sweat home Alabama

    71. Captain Price


    72. Fade Away


    73. Mahar Family

      Why is Tessa not there 😕

    74. Sarah Dale

      Fresh erember tomorrow

    75. Sebastian T

      heeeeeeeyyy fresh

    76. Xiaocha 12

      Well, I'm following you!!!

    77. Rmzzy

      Shout me out plzz I want to reach 100 subs I subscribed and liked

    78. Huzayfa Jasat

      mine was faster i sabotaged reactor right at the beginning and I faked one and I won right awa

    79. Kovi Rz

      Why did joogie quit fortnite

    80. lilianne and norah

      It’s so funny how fresh is the BIGGEST SWEAT and then when people even sweat a little, he yells “STOP SWEATING” 😂😂😂

      1. David Millar


      2. Bengamez

        Hahahah lol

      3. lilianne and norah

        @Ishaq Mohamud Ik I just remembered that he says that a lot and I just commented on this video😂

      4. Ishaq Mohamud

        @Zack Knight he has a new channel in secret and he doesnt play fortnite anymore

      5. Ishaq Mohamud

        this is not fortnite its among us he is not a sweat in among us

    81. Asa Head


    82. Layyah Jada

      please can I have some mango skin and that and a little fat and I subscribed

    83. Pablo Anders

      Fresh: I put myself in a pickle here... Also fresh: I like pickles!

    84. boo boo

      wari god

    85. Joy Limbo


    86. alia ferguson

      whats up guys yes!

    87. Chantrell Chua


    88. Ricky Taylor

      JOOGIE'S ALIVE??????!!!!!!

    89. London Wellington

      Fresh i had a 4 minute impostor game

    90. Santos Lopez



      whats up guys yes! today i won the fastes game in among us

    92. K. Andersson

      Face caaam

    93. Sixten Egnell

      9:51 / 9:51

    94. Nizar Playz

      Lol I won off a sav try that

    95. Dunia Muhyee

      ur meant to be killing in secret

    96. Dunia Muhyee

      Y did u do that

    97. Jamie Bay

      I'v had a faster imposter game and nobody left at the beginning it was like 1 min in time and I'm on Mobleys

    98. Kimbly Evans

      Happy Halloween fresh

    99. Kimbly Evans

      Happy Halloween

    100. Fatima Ahamed

      Pls tell joogie to upload i love his vids