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    1. Ozie Indigo

      No one, literally no one: Lannan: Roleplays as a polar bear and says "Hoorah" and "THE ICE CAPS ARE GONE"every 5 seconds

    2. Ozie Indigo

      Ahhhhhhhh, a nice warm ice bath...

    3. cappe 100

      I like how lazarbeam is rollplaying something every video

    4. Eli Phillips

      Do you friend people

    5. Eli Phillips

      Hi fresh

    6. Meesam Abbas

      Fresh always says “this is the most scuffed game I have ever played

    7. No Name

      Why did I read fresh vs ice?

    8. HWPA WRLD

      P O G G E R S

    9. HWPA WRLD

      lazar is a fucking polar bear

    10. GCB SNIPEZ

      No one: Not even a single living object: Lanna:ThErE MeLtInG ThE DaMn IcE CaPs

    11. David Casanova Gorocica

      does anyone else feels like fresh should have been ice?

    12. ELECTRON


    13. shadow 6000

      RIP fresh's gold.

    14. Simon Rhead

      Lazar is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Simon Rhead

      Kaman is hilarious 😂

    16. Turtle Nuggets

      I lost all my gold before and I know my exact amount too. It is 5765

    17. Taliqualeh Husbsnds

      Lazerbeam: "my warm ice bath Me: my freezing cold fire bath

    18. Funny Valentine

      are you a jojo fan?

    19. Skottet YT

      Can you subcribe to skottet yt

    20. Natasha Blake

      Lannan is officially a furry

    21. yeet

      Lanan roleplaying as a polar bear is just halariour

    22. Harry Extreme gaming

      Try to use one wepon per game pleas

    23. Thrap

      Fun fact: Polar bears don't live with penguins. Polar bears live in the north pole and penguins live in the south pole. :)

    24. potato man

      Anyone else think of todoroki from mha

    25. 69FPS Aky

      Lazar should have been the snowman ⛄️ skin because the snowman can hurt anyone 😂 pol

    26. Bryan McGowin

      What’s carbon mioxide .... it’s Carbon dioxide

    27. Brayden Bruce

      Congrats on hitting 7 mil! I love your vids keep up the good work!!

    28. STW_Qsk

      Why did all of us loose our gold idk were mine went

    29. Christen Santiago

      Fresh is cracked

    30. Kalai Sivarajalingam

      Its CARBON DIOXIDE LAZER (the e is for annoyment)

    31. MrThicc is epic

      4:44 thank me later fresh

    32. LilMexican 1207

      Pmac goat

    33. DRE BAN

      (LazarBeam) Polar bears have 42 teeth (Fresh) how many teeth do we have? LOL

    34. Justin Kamau


    35. Juddy Benny

      :Fresh Lanna you guns do nothing. :lanna don’t need damage I need meme weapons :fresh oh dear

    36. AIDYN ALI


    37. BEAST COP

      Yeh game is against you cus your not tramong

    38. BEAST COP

      On gg your soo toxic you killed 2 peapile that we’re trying to team with you my god that’s toxic

    39. BEAST COP

      He was tryin to team with you that’s pretty I’m gonaa dislike he was trying to team with you I’m for him that’s what it fells like for you when try to team with peapile I’m unsubscribes scribing and disliking and also not putting on notifications

      1. Adam Guennoun

        If he teamed he could have been kicked of the game

    40. Chisom Ndukwe


    41. Cherry Lord

      The life of fresh. Every game my golds gone, is a glitch!

    42. michael the best roblox pro shao pro

      The fire sould be ghost rider

    43. William mcmillan

      Hey play your video sock

    44. Joshua Hinojosa

      The public stool extremely comb because parade immunochemically memorise atop a rustic laborer. sad, overt angle

    45. Aidan whitworth


    46. Andrew J

      Fire melts ice the ice melts ice turns to water so the fire dies a little just not fully and I googled that so shut up and don't tell me I am a nerd OK LOL🤣🤣😂🤣

    47. Andrew J


    48. helen gamer

      is it my headset or is freshs mic bad

    49. Zara Bi

      Make a new vidio

    50. Swiss Ham

      The Todoroki Challenge

    51. Cade Chater

      shoto torodoki

    52. Delilah Eskinder

      You are right his mic was kinda bad

    53. MatriX_XDXD

      I just really want him to say, what’s up guys, no

    54. MatriX_XDXD


    55. warrior wolf

      I love Lannan’s role play xD

    56. Jade Sutherland

      Yeetttttttttt pickkkkkkkel

    57. joel figueroa

      bro that was sus when lazar ate the galaxy skin lol

    58. Izaiah White

      i think fire won

    59. Jacob Griffith

      bruh freshs mic gets scuffed

    60. PuckleZ

      6:06 My man just ticked 1 twice!

      1. PuckleZ

        @Squidward Gamer When he wasnt

      2. Squidward Gamer

        when he was knocked or not? ur confusing me

    61. Adam Stevens

      Does anyone else feel bad for pmac just donating all his gold to youtubers

    62. SkullShield S.S.


    63. Chris Rodriguez

      Whenever I feel sad I just pull on a video of fresh and lannan and it makes me so much better and no more sadness

    64. Bryce Crowe

      Idk if u have done this challenge yet but. Whatever guns u get in the lobby is the only thing u can pick up in the regular game

    65. MooshiTv

      Everybody expept me : fire breaths are trash Me: tell me that when i use ahockwaves grenades with it

    66. Dhairya Khanna

      your mic sucks

    67. Wafflez

      What’s down guys, no

    68. Drg.dragonfire

      Polar bears, particularly young and undernourished ones will hunt people for food

    69. Giancarlo Cordova

      Does any one see that JoJo reference? to be continued is a jojo refrence

    70. Alvaro Torres Cardenas

      Day 305 of waiting for fresh to say "Whats up guys no"

    71. Cody Kerr


    72. wubet shifa

      i just want the black panther skin and joker

    73. Mrjoejoe 10

      Lazarbeam was right polar bears are the only beat that actively hunt humans they are the only animal that does

    74. Zero point

      Did laser beam have a little to much to drink before he got on?

    75. John Prendergast

      i think we can agree that fresh's favourite word is Scuffed

    76. FrostyAxe

      good job freshi boi

    77. Logan Games YT

      Fresh is fire because he sweats

    78. Ghost Rider

      No one: Literally no one: Lazarbeam: ranting about ice caps and how horrible humans are

    79. G mc

      I love fresh

    80. Josh Thomas

      “Did you know that polar bears are the only BRAND of bear that actively hunt humans?” -Lannan 2020

    81. cage cooper

      Ifmyou.think about it fire would melt ice then the water would put out the fire so ice wins

    82. Isaac Lam

      1:46 lannans on drugs

    83. Joanna Nash

      Why did lanan change his back bling from mini munchkin to the banner shield

    84. Djordje Jovanovic

      Fix your PC FRESH, its not fornites fault, i always have my gold, that is only ur problem

    85. brian harrison

      i like fresh


      Fresh and lazar are the best duo ever

    87. Gabriel Dauvin

      Nice 👌🏻

    88. Diyorjon Ziyadulloev

      Can you do emote after a kill vid fresh

    89. Daniel Maas


    90. Alexander Q

      Make a video pls

    91. optic cat

      This is the content we need

    92. Bananamelon

      If I'm right, humans have 32 teeth

    93. Renata Griciene

      10k gold is the max you can have

    94. Andreas F


    95. Buncha Dudes

      Fresh doesn’t have a facecam because he sweats so hard

    96. Steven Bryant


    97. Le goose Man

      Why aren’t you were “you re new skin”

    98. Nasir Uddin

      fresh on a grind, never missed an upload

    99. Andrew Baker

      Day 1 of waiting for fresh to say what's up gus no