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    1. ilikelambose

      hailey is my class mate

    2. Henry Areno

      at the end of the video i lost hearing for a hour

    3. Tracy Zinn

      fresh struggling to fingure out what animal he would be. me sea pickle just say it

    4. Dabi Grieve

      8 year old kid: my favorite word is f**k Me: oh yes I see we are the same

    5. Noor playx

      Fresh leo is my duo in fortnite I really want to play with u and lannan can u friend me my user name getdeletet5555

    6. Andrew Keith

      Haylee tho

    7. Casey Craig

      Oh my god bro at the end tho 😂

    8. Alec Kinne

      10:02 Headphone users beware I found out the hard way

    9. Marcus Gullem

      "My favorite word is ****" OMFG THAT IS SO FUNNY that is the funniest thing i have ever heard in my life like if you agree

    10. Codanger 15

      No you should be a sea pickle

    11. Lauren Foley


    12. Lauren Foley

      can tou do that do me my name is jconnor2020

    13. Deshanee Waters

      Coronavirus excuse the corona everybody got the corona in the house

    14. PT - 06RA 777214 Sir William Gage MS

      yo fresh and lazarbeam lets play epic= P_thegoat6

    15. Finlay B

      You are a nice person

    16. Finlay B


    17. Edilson Pineda

      Fresh: Don’t listen to tortoises Lazarbeam the tortoises in deep voice: use code fresh Me: I will never listen to a tortoise

    18. Cindy Lucas

      Fresh is cracked

    19. Alyssa Hoover

      You are the. Nice to kids🖤🎅🏼

    20. Ivan Rosbach

      fresh i need to watch baddest trios ever muselk lazar and fresh

    21. JRDC FlowZ

      Fresh would be a pickle 🥒😂

    22. Armaan Is cool

      Who else is watching this during class

    23. hells45

      Favourite word f word

    24. Billy D

      Is lazerbeam your real father?

    25. GoldenDaily

      My favourite word is #%#%# LIKE WHEN DID KIDS SWEAR

    26. GoldenDaily

      Is video pixely for you too???????? Edit1: thanks for The likes

      1. Arctic Dash

        No it is good for me

    27. Carson Palmer

      Me to

    28. Tigtag

      Turduss he means

    29. Lexie Richman

      I was of said fresh is my fav creater

    30. Mustafa Raouf

      I need à Victory royale This season 😭

    31. Noah Gartshore

      When you got the victory with the kid at the end they just about made my eardrums bleed out


      This kids at the end🤣🤣

    33. PS4Gamer _

      MR BEAST watcing,,,.... da fak bro

    34. Ali-Hadi Khachab

      im muslim and i dont celebrate christmas but merry christmas

    35. TOM_M :3

      The return of borris the turtle tortoise

    36. Vrozy. Pot

      This the reason why i stull like fn

    37. Loeka Guy

      fresh i have been watching your videos since chapter 1 season 7 and I didn't win the freshmas give away could give me a pc for christmas plz

    38. William Julienne

      Fresh I like you better than lazarbeam

    39. Kai Leighton

      Funny he is Hayley and fresh is Harley

    40. Pleb and Bleb Gaming

      I saw the Mr beast joke coming from a mile away!! 1:27

    41. Amine Assaly

      i would love that a whole bunch of kids in my neighborhood watchin me play with freshfresh and lazar

    42. Fusion of confusions

      When they were talking about tortoises and a turtle differences, that reminded me and my best friend just talking about random stuff like that.

    43. Bentleybug

      It's my birthday

    44. Victor Baez

      JAJAJA the hole neighbor hud dam son i just imagine this kids at his birthday and he wishes to get a with lasar and fresh

      1. Victor Baez

        and he gets wone

    45. Ziad El Jundi

      earrape that we luv 10:00

    46. Victoria Williams

      I am subsscrib

    47. Fluffy Twewc


    48. Fortnite Emperors 4ever

      Fresh is the best

    49. Olivia Coady

      Your a fake pink ghoul trooper

    50. Brodee Ruschmeyer

      So nice

    51. chels plays

      You know your famous when you have kids coming to ppls houses just to talk to you 😂

    52. Oscar Holst

      Code fresh

    53. uzma kashif

      I'm muslim I don't celebrate Christmas

    54. Aarav Shah


    55. Polo On 60 fps

      i got a ps5 for Crimmaa IM SO so HAppY

    56. Freddie Fisher

      Love u

    57. amoung us memes

      She has ay point lazer is funy ur ay bred of meams and swet

    58. Nick N

      So nice fresh

    59. yousef alnasur

      Can I play with you because I have no one to play with

    60. jo filmer

      What’s up guys, yes

    61. ALMA Anzaldua

      The second round was crazy dude they be swearing tho

    62. ALMA Anzaldua

      Pílelo pikel

    63. ALMA Anzaldua

      I mean beem

    64. ALMA Anzaldua

      You and lazar been are super nice😇

    65. SF blobby 2211

      7:16 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fresh got rosted

    66. Let’s play Mincraft

      Why people play on Christmas day

    67. James Knight

      I remember watching this live. It was so funny

    68. XxMochaTeaxX 5

      The animal I want to be is a unicorn cause no one believes in me

    69. caidengaming 07

      And now on every Christmas i put my servers on oceanic

    70. thedrunkmime

      Get wrecked fresh

    71. Already Spoken

      I saw this stream for lazarbeam

    72. fire Party46

      WHAT did he SAY????

    73. Leo He

      I always swear

    74. YK Shadow ninja

      I have a tortoise so I’m kinda offended by Fresh.

    75. Nitro

      Yo Hailee was having the time of her life.

    76. Ryan Peterson

      I have been here since 300k

    77. Play station gaming

      Is your father realy lazer beam

    78. Muhammad Balesaria

      I use code fresh the best keep it up

    79. Callum Prior

      Turtise 2:44

    80. Paul Clayton

      Fresh says he's not helping 2sec later helps

    81. blue evelution goku

      The boy: MY FAVORITE WORD IS F*** me: ok :,/

    82. Albert Kwoba

      Whole neighbourhood pulls up to a random kids house just to watch the kid play with Fresh and Lannan bruh

    83. TR Tiger

      this video made me smile



    85. Abdullah bashir

      use code Fresh

    86. Cal Wizzarak

      ❄🎄🔯🎁✨👼🎑😌❄🎁✨👼🎄 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (look up and ask HIM)*

    87. daniel osborne

      Mcreamyvsfresh who will win

    88. Chase

      When fresh bleeped out the code that lazarbeam said with fresh lazarbeam actually memed and said code muselk

    89. Madi Durkin

      Sox fresh lzerbeam is beter

    90. Black_Plague

      At first I thought this said giving kids for Christmas

    91. AUS CLAN

      Day 127 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    92. SovietPlatypus

      0:18 that is not very social distancing of you

    93. Zoe Matthesius

      Any one remember this on the live???

    94. Vxrzus

      I watched this stream and it was so funny

    95. Manuel Gonzalez Robles

      Fresh Christmas gift is 7 mil subs

    96. William Attewell

      You may friend was the kid that swore and also it was his acc so that cool

    97. Jennifer Trevino

      my dream is to play with you and lazar on fornite

    98. Mireya Corral

      My Christmas wish is to play fortnight with fresh and Lezerbeam

    99. ItsTheGamingTaco

      ALL of those 657 people hate *Christmas* or hate *children*