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    1. Trisha Prasad

      Lazar your weird

    2. Carter Stewart

      Now I think this video is cursed. Fresh made a video about balls and somehow he ends up with 69 hp.

    3. Edit Playz13

      Fresh one of the balls is bigger then all of them Lazarbeam yes and on hangs lower then the other

    4. Kiwi da parrot

      No credit to mcreamy?

    5. abuhajar0816 omga

      i did this to but in one shot

    6. Mohammed Nabeel


    7. Shrimpy

      Fresh: we made sacks for the balls. Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The hmmm's go on

    8. The mad lad

      Wait fresh has a gf if they have a kid lazarbeam would be a weird grampa

    9. The mad lad

      Wait fresh is adoption by lazarbeam and ilsa is lazarbeam gf that will make ilsa freshes mom oo moy

    10. Zxany6000

      Very ugly face and so fat

    11. Jacob Dacus

      When you said tennis balls I thought you said Tanner’s balls

    12. Eriah-Ko

      title:PROTECTING BIG BALLS with LAZARBEAM *Time to get my headphones~*

    13. Agent Banna

      LOL you an your dad man i cant say how MANY times ive laughed on your an lazerbeams chanle LOL

    14. Elle Tacoo

      One think does fresh love balls or what?

    15. Arthur Zilles

      hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihiihihihhhihiiihhiiiiiiihihihhihihihihihihhihihihhhhihhihhihhihhiihihihihhhiihhihihihhhhhiiiihihihihhihihihihihihihihihihihihihihiihi h ih i i i

    16. Arthur Zilles

      lol ur at 69 health

    17. Milky The Bear

      Who else noticed at 0:29 there is a green xp coin in the background lol

    18. Insane SnipeZz

      Lannan srsly witf is wrong with you your gonna get fresh DEMONOTIZED And ngl he sounds sooo gay in this video

    19. Q8_ star2020

      B I G B A L L S

    20. Nick Thaman

      I am going to stop watching you

    21. Nick Thaman

      I have watched every single video from your chanell

    22. Nick Thaman

      You are so weird

    23. blocksome man 360

      Is nobody gonna talk about how lannan sais he was a one tap but then... You know...

      1. blocksome man 360


    24. ThriftyPRO

      The only reason I clicked I'm on 69 hp

    25. charlie blewitt


    26. Scuffed God

      Anyone else find it funny that I got I add for dic sports while watching this

    27. Espen Edvardsen

      Anyone else just watch lazarbeam and One of your friends say watch fresh (its kinda random i know)

    28. Samuelシ


    29. Louise Liebert


    30. Marco Ochoa

      Was sup Fresh

    31. DANIEL Richardson

      Please add me your my favourite youtuber ever. Your code on my fortnite account has expired so I'll put code fresh in again My epic is Ged man09 please add

    32. Lucy Weiss

      did anyone else think they were saying tannars balls at first?

    33. Samin Sadikuzzaman

      This is getting a solid 100 on the sus-O-metre

    34. •WHAT• IS• LIFE•ッ

      This how many times he said balls

    35. Ar 360

      This should be could the Lazarbeam show


      Great joke, fortnite. Great joke

    37. Vickie Collins

      lannan: i was tryna get the ball in the whole fresh: what balls

    38. Vickie Collins

      lannan: i am your mum fresh: i dont have one

    39. flyinghouse 321

      Lazarbeam just failed NNN

    40. Careese Hutton


    41. Nicole Hernandez


    42. SLXS_F1XR YT

      Hello fresh

    43. Delight IV

      Does lazarbeam not care he's got 1 strike remaining.

    44. Delight IV

      anyone else annoyed they hadn't collected the XP coin in the emoting at the beginning.

    45. Chace Wilson

      your views gone down massively

    46. Yuki Retubes

      Fresh can you say lazar beam to give me skin please fresh please 😭😭😭 my name in fortnite is Typical Gamer bro please

    47. Tardy Toe

      Freshie boy

    48. ÞŘÝHÆŔĐ Gaming

      Maybe those guys were thinking that they r noobs. And then fresh goes 5% of his sweat, and they realise the mistake😂😂😂

    49. Lewis Evans


    50. Joe the chicken

      Fresh your good you can talk about balls

    51. Wept Lazer

      lazarbeam be trolin

    52. gleny fryczynski

      If you watch the hole video its about balls

    53. William Carty

      Anybody else literally get an ad for balls (ballsy) lmao

    54. Kenzie Vlogs

      Mr.fresh pls gift name fornite ZIEDREW14

    55. Travis Pellicane

      This sounds rong

    56. FishyProGaming Coolness

      Why does the title sound so wrong

    57. Retro Mummy

      Fresh why u never where the Reflux anymore

    58. yousif Narry

      honestly, how did fresh not get demonetized. We all know HUgets has a world record of demonetizing vids lol.

      1. yousif Narry

        fresh: "oh god, there is a vehicle coming for our balls lanan" also fresh: IM ONLY ON 69 HP!!! me: (insert laughing sound effect here)

    59. Ajani Barner

      Tell me why my ad was about ball doctor and his company name is balsy

    60. Derek Dormann (Student)

      Why was there a bit life ad for this? That’s perfect 🤣

    61. Ellis Einbinder

      Fresh please tell me u intentionally had the ad be about balls😭🤣if not what r the goddam chances

    62. young Gotax21

      i swear got the most weirdest add talking about balls

    63. Golden Alpha

      What would you do if balls took damage on players

    64. Adham Mohamed

      Why does this sound wrong?😈😈

    65. Logan Geer

      hey fresh, really like the inclusion of a clean balls add, real nice

    66. Alan Carrillo

      Hi l am 10 and l like this video l lerned lots of new things like balls and a ball sack thank you for teching me what a ball is

    67. Everyday Engineering

      Fresh you can jump on them as well Lannan wow that’s so cool

    68. fred don't make me do it

      Remember when fresh was at 4 million...... That was like 3-4 months ago

    69. Turtle Jack

      Laserbeam hilarious

    70. GamingWithPeyton 25

      This is why I watch this channel

    71. ThyCryptic

      I litterally got a add about ball deodorants... I think they took it a lil far

    72. Michael Mamo

      lazar: i like to play with balls, captions: yes you do lazy b. lol thats funny

    73. Juicy man

      I don that and got a win before this pls like this:)

    74. Daily Dose of memes

      He had 6.69 subs now he. Has 6.7? WTF?!

    75. ARavenPlayz

      I did that first

    76. Alastair Barlow

      Lannan is breaking my 12 year old brain

    77. Rick Roblox

      2:29 lazarbeam do be dirty XD (If ur one of those kids who are like what are u talking about they are just tennis balls then nvm)

    78. UnKnown Apex

      Why am i 8 and get this 😑😑😑

    79. ichan

      fresh : stop talking about balls im gonna get demonetized also fresh : 69 HP (nice)

    80. HotShotOnYoutube

      They got the idea from mau

    81. Meme God Gaming

      Was I the only one who got an ad about ball deodorant? 😂😂😂

    82. J dub Chew

      What ever happened to lazarbeam? He don’t upload as much anymore 🥺

    83. Awesome Dude

      shoulda been titled "PLAYING WITH LAZARBEAMS BIG BALLS"- is that too far xD

    84. Emmet Laufer

      Fresh what do u call four ball lannan maybe the mom and dad were the parents sweet home Alabama

    85. far amen

      Basically they put balls in sacs and played with them. -No homo-

    86. Fishy Boi


    87. Wolf dog Gaming

      Lannen that’s Alabama

    88. Emily Clark

      Or put them in a giant holes

    89. Joker Quinn

      No one Literally no one Fresh BaLLs

    90. nick feldman

      just saying the balls have been in game for ages check patch notes from epic

    91. Enderkid5915

      Protect those balls and remember to protect the other balls

    92. Itzz .frosty

      I watched this live on stream

    93. The smalls sisters roblox

      Hi I’m here:)

    94. Nicholas Sikorski

      Bro I clicked on this vid and got a ad for balls 😂

    95. Joseph T

      the voice at 4:30. It makes you question yourself?

    96. Goatus Maximus

      Is it just me or are Fresh and Mccreamy doing the exact same thing

    97. Dragongaming 438

      When did my life go wrong

    98. Damian Salas

      Its a super ball