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    1. Jordan king


    2. justin blanchard

      I'm sorry to say this but I don't think you could get a date with James Charles

    3. Don Nadie

      Are you gay .

    4. Eli Finley

      You gay

    5. Steven Holmes

      God damn, I suck at Fortnite.

    6. Johanna Dyche

      I finally got rainbow storm

    7. Matas Kalasauskas


    8. Antwaun Simpkons

      can you add me pls on fortnite

    9. Jessie Beeck


    10. Shajna Begum


    11. Gregory Nunez

      Ya I love you

    12. Anilcan Buruk


    13. Pip Squeaky

      Tfue sucks

    14. Pip Squeaky

      True sucks

    15. SmiffyLel

      Technically tfue uses v to edit he uses double binds

    16. Ari Fenech

      Fresh that Logan you killed was me when I was trying to play on pc because I am a controller player

    17. Real Warrior

      It took 3 years for fresh to how play 😂🤣

    18. Francis Brooks


    19. James Ward

      Nun of my comments have been awnserd

    20. James Ward

      Do you want to play a game fresh

    21. Owen Anderson

      6000 comment

    22. Karla Tovar

      did he just say a date with jame charles hes a guy so....

    23. Alison Yates

      This is not right this is not cool

    24. Rajesh Ahuja

      Tfue settings: I'mma end this man's whole career

    25. Jennifer Wagner

      All hail tfu

    26. BootsBeelie

      Why do people still play fortnite wtf

    27. XYO Clan

      he started playing 2 weeks ago

    28. Ismael Rivera

      tfue and james charels picture is foto shop

    29. Earth 244

      i looked at ur 20% accuracy

    30. Dark Rogue

      No he played recently with scoped!!!!!

    31. Manning Boi

      Challenge: copy my keybinds

    32. Matautia 13

      Wait James is About so your going to be gay and you have A girlfriend

    33. Darkshadow 4x1x1

      Believe it or not, I use Fresh's keybinds and im a little cracked at building now lmao. The only exceptions are mouse wheel reset, E is my Second slot, and mouse wheel up to pick up things

    34. Clock_Fake Clock_Fake

      it is c

    35. Hannah Dalton


    36. Musa Hussaini

      The whole comment section: “let’s copy then paste everything over and over”

    37. Digby Elliott

      Fresh is holy

    38. Leigh Deaner


    39. Leigh Deaner

      Huh who is TFUE

    40. _UwU _

      0:22 thats a gay couple

    41. LRC Tisticz

      Fresh: Whats up guys yes Me: yes make more videos

    42. LJ Williamson

      Fresh you side my name you side it a Logan skin and my name is Logan


      Fresh thinks he’s fresh but he doesn’t dress up fresh will not only that he’s fresh he doesn’t smell fresh and he doesn’t use for her she doesn’t taste fresh and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that he’s not fresh but also at the same time people do you say that is fresh and people do say that he looks fresh and people do you say that

    44. Guissella Cruz

      My Question; Why doesn't Fresh Do that OG intro anymore, i loved it BTW, Can you 1v1 FaZe H1hgsky or FaZe Sway or even FaZe Megga ppppllllllllllsssssssssssss????????????

    45. Cindy Reed

      Pickle pickle

    46. Efe on 60 fps

      Tfue returned fortnite

    47. Efe on 60 fps


    48. Jonah Kingsley

      Hey Fresh, you should do a challenge where you get a win with no sound at all.

    49. Flyingmonsterme

      6:48 GOT HIM

    50. Unicorn plays roblox

      for his screen fresh ; bruh this is so slow for us : i'm fast as frick boi-


      Cheetos is back in the game!!!!

    52. basheer channel

      Fresh he play

    53. Samip Sharma

      Correction* Fresh became the OG default not OG tfue lmao

    54. fortnite 2


    55. MVEMTiger YT

      James charles is disgustang

    56. TTVL2hyper

      your not tfue

    57. xd FeaR

      tfue's binds are not optimal whatsoever and he's still so damn cracked at the game

    58. Utterly Juicy

      this is shit content your just pumping out videos

    59. Freakshow Fletch

      What was the price for both these things in the shop?

    60. Hex SZN

      Who’s here after tfue is playing fn again

    61. ramya sathish

      6:00 there was an green pump

    62. Azucena Leon

      I know this is irrelevant, but I just ate the best orange ever.

    63. Amjad Shafiq

      Fresh does a hard challenge: and come out on top

    64. Amjad Shafiq

      Even his voice has gone lowder

    65. Amjad Shafiq

      I think fresh has gone slower

    66. Amjad Shafiq

      I just wish I can play with fresh

    67. Fazbears Plush

      When fresh has really bad keybinds so he can do this video but he’s still better than you.... :(

    68. bacon Hair

      And he is

    69. Slurps

      he got payed to play fortnite again

    70. Manuel Felix


    71. yeet ace monster

      tfue does play fortinite

    72. Brianna Nicole


    73. Franklin Fontana

      Funny enough tfue came back just days later...

    74. En person *-*

      Fresh even builds better than me with that settings...

    75. Dark Shadow

      Click bait fam tfue DOES NOT PLAY FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!

    76. Ameen TheSav

      Who was a og tfue fan?

    77. Polierno yes

      AS TIFU

    78. Logan


    79. Noah Yamen

      Like if anyone wants fresh's old intro

    80. Gavin Luo

      when you have a really good idea in the comments but then MemeNite takes it from you....

    81. Nazima Fatima

      He swappat a green pump to a grea pump

    82. hippomania 57

      finaly there is a chance the fresh is worse then me, my dream has come true

    83. Vortex Kicks

      That’s not tfue that’s Craig

    84. AxtroXD

      Me: OMG TFUE IS BACK 10 sec later: oh

    85. Paige Clark

      Ya yeet

    86. Paige Clark

      You yeet

    87. TobiasM

      5:10 I hope to God that Tessa doesn’t hear that, poor Tessa :(

    88. Slepxe 1763


    89. hello how u doin

      This vid aged well !!!

    90. Rouge _09

      is this just me or is this vid like SO blurry

    91. yuvraj guglani

      tfue was the first one to introduce us to piece control and after patch pickaxe cancel bug

    92. Gabrielle NA [4S]

      Fresh, you did mouse button 2, not 5 dude

    93. Robert OToole

      Please 1v1 me I play on Nintendo switch and my name is RobertOT123

    94. Pam O’Neal

      Whoa whoa now FRESH U HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! 5:13 the pick tho😐😐😐🥶🥶🥶😂😂😂

    95. DirectorCoops _YT


    96. SSL zachi

      My sens is at 7

    97. Benjamin Covarrubias

      wait tfue stopped playing fortnite?