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    1. Ashley Vave

      i play on ps4

    2. GG Baranga

      this was posted on my birthday lol

    3. louise hallam

      Fresh: tfue is back Ninja: uh oh Fresh: technicaly he doesn't play fortnite anymore so we are playing as his skin Ninja: yay tfue still isn't playing fortnite

    4. Kian Barker

      You must a green pump

    5. Ghani

      lol 5:22 use captions "wrOnG bUtT"

    6. 1 sub with 1 vid

      R u gay

    7. El /:

      3:05 starts the video

    8. Lazar Beam

      You could’ve just set the controls to default

    9. Kayd :P

      I'd like you to try mine, I'm on arrow keys

    10. Glizzy Bueno

      0:22 Let's call Tessa.

    11. Shaquetta Parker

      You gay

    12. Sarah Holland

      James charles is a boy

    13. LVMX Gamer

      I love your content keep it up

    14. LVMX Gamer

      Fresh:I’m 27 Hp Epic: have 2 Elims then die

    15. LVMX Gamer

      I hope everyone who reads this doesn’t catch COVID

      1. AJ GXMEZ

        I have not yay

    16. Adam KHAREGHAT

      James charels is gai

    17. SmiffyLel

      fresh goes: "his __ is my usebind his __ is my reload bind! his __ is my crouch bind" as if those aren't the literal default binds for those haha

    18. Manahil Mohammad

      My friend fresh is cracked at fortnite ah ah

    19. jking 262

      5:19 did I just see 1400 damage?!!!

    20. Muhammad Jave Dartist

      9 year olds looking at tfue “He’s the guy from fortnite!”

    21. Ongoing


    22. Keyaan Choonara

      Can you put me on your friend list please my name is KDbros710 😘😘😘😘😘

    23. Light

      Challenge: fresh is fresh where you copy ur own sensitivity and binds as fresh’s and you can only use green weapons

      1. sockie


    24. TTV_Kingz Get clapped

      Fresh - I can’t even build right and this guy is killing me with boogie bombs Also Fresh- next game kills someone with boogie bomb

    25. Rougexl321

      Who’s true?

    26. Somerandomeguy


    27. Sam With a Capital 5

      Day 182 of asking fresh to pin this comment

    28. Adelle Gow

      Very nice to be a good fit

    29. Nazrin Hakimi

      Can i add u my epic is nazrinp2d

    30. Harry Hoad

      James Charles is a man

    31. Ninja Bro4

      did you buy the battle pass

    32. Fat- Banana


    33. Jacob Everastico

      True suks

    34. ALMA Anzaldua

      His edits are so weird

    35. ALMA Anzaldua

      I mean og

    36. ALMA Anzaldua

      Oh kiiiiing ment

    37. ALMA Anzaldua

      Oh kiiiiiing

    38. MR. GRIN

      I wach u for 20 years and i Am 30 and i still like your vismd

    39. Crazy dreamer 2.0

      Thumbnail is fire

    40. Paris urbois struggling

      Fresh the whole game: HOW DO I FORTNITE!?

    41. Alan_Gladys Navarro

      Oh. I thought it was tfue😆😆

    42. Jampy

      I use code fresh

    43. Brianna Vattimo

      Have you noticed I'm not gay and James Charles is a boy

    44. Sam Bill

      The 2 game when you killed the guy with a medkit there was a green pump and you took the gray one

    45. Christine Bakke

      Trust me you don’t wanna a date with james charles



    47. Samurai5259

      Thank God tfue doesn't play fortnite anymore. Tfue straight traasshhh

      1. Samurai5259

        @Reaction Breacher compared to all other fortnite youtubers he trash

      2. Reaction Breacher

        Robert Fitzgerald as if you’re better lmao. And he’s back lol

    48. GreyHammond

      Like Tfue fresh tfu

    49. GreyHammond

      It’s fresh to :o

    50. GreyHammond

      If fresh takes his place that will be so hilarious 😂

    51. Jake

      Lol found this video and realized he killed me

    52. Night Vision

      Day 110 of waiting for fresh to say; What’s up guys no

    53. Wilbur Juice

      Tfue settings gave me a headache and I play on the sticks lol

    54. boyett42029

      Bro I was here n your game i looked at the kill feed and I saw your name

    55. Khalid Samaha


    56. Brayan Bonilla

      *phone breaks* mom why did u break ur phone me I smashes the like button

    57. Palash Verma

      0:22 *Tessa wants to know your location*

    58. Harman Singh

      Only LazarBeam is allowed for tattoos and THAT too 'yeet'

    59. Heath To goated

      U gayyy

    60. Swfty

      please i wanna win the ps5

    61. Jordan king


    62. Justin_lit

      I'm sorry to say this but I don't think you could get a date with James Charles

    63. Don Nadie

      Are you gay .

    64. Gameing with rgp

      You gay

    65. Spider-Man [Earth-1218]

      God damn, I suck at Fortnite.

    66. Johanna Dyche

      I finally got rainbow storm

    67. Matas Kalasauskas


    68. Jessie Beeck


    69. Shajna Begum


    70. Gregory Nunez

      Ya I love you

    71. Anilcan Buruk


    72. Pip Squeaky

      Tfue sucks

    73. Pip Squeaky

      True sucks

    74. SmiffyLel

      Technically tfue uses v to edit he uses double binds

    75. Young gun cricketer

      Fresh that Logan you killed was me when I was trying to play on pc because I am a controller player

    76. Real Warrior

      It took 3 years for fresh to how play 😂🤣

    77. Francis Brooks


    78. James Ward

      Nun of my comments have been awnserd

    79. James Ward

      Do you want to play a game fresh

    80. Owen Anderson

      6000 comment

    81. Karla Tovar

      did he just say a date with jame charles hes a guy so....

    82. Alison Yates

      This is not right this is not cool

    83. Rajesh Ahuja

      Tfue settings: I'mma end this man's whole career

    84. Jennifer Wagner

      All hail tfu

    85. BootsBeelie

      Why do people still play fortnite wtf

    86. Meladx786

      he started playing 2 weeks ago

    87. Earth 244

      i looked at ur 20% accuracy

    88. Syd Faadil

      No he played recently with scoped!!!!!

    89. Manning Boi

      Challenge: copy my keybinds

    90. savage


    91. Matautia 13

      Wait James is About so your going to be gay and you have A girlfriend

    92. Darkshadow 4x1x1

      Believe it or not, I use Fresh's keybinds and im a little cracked at building now lmao. The only exceptions are mouse wheel reset, E is my Second slot, and mouse wheel up to pick up things

    93. Clock_Fake Clock_Fake

      it is c

    94. Depression Condition


    95. Hannah Dalton


    96. Musa Hussaini

      The whole comment section: “let’s copy then paste everything over and over”

    97. Digby Elliott

      Fresh is holy

    98. Leigh Deaner


    99. Leigh Deaner

      Huh who is TFUE

    100. _UwU _

      0:22 thats a gay couple