EPIC BROKE FISHING! (overpowered)



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    1. Carla O'Brien

      Lol your video are trash

    2. Flower Geddes

      Your not good

    3. Θανασης Μεντης

      The gay that he killd in the first game was having a venteta floper

    4. Jacob Whalen

      In match 1 when there was 6 players besides fresh there was a car behind his car

    5. xxx goldfish

      3:48 y’all didn’t see the midas fish

    6. sl notsam


    7. I_post_randomness

      2:00 "did i just get a bean can grenade"

    8. GamerZBoiZZ

      THIS CONTENT IS NOT GOLD ITS NOT DIAMOND ITS PLATINUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Savage_Pupsy _YT

      3:50 why did fresh leave the frocking vendetta flopper, there where 2!!!!

    10. Michael Vitone

      How ya doing chionk 9:09

    11. Jaco Lego and Games

      You know you could make it so your only using fish and a harpoon to kill because fish do kill now

    12. Super Grace

      Fresh: I can't see because of my dress. Me being girl :LOL

    13. Liam Gonzalez

      what in the world did you just get the vendeda flopper

    14. Mick Polain

      What does vendetta flopper do

    15. Neil Patni


    16. Trey Morales

      There was a vendana floper when u kill that dude in the first game

    17. Luke Marshall

      I never thought I'd hear Fresh say "Oh I can't see my dress is in the way!"

    18. Samuel Wiseman

      did anybody notice that when freshy boi fished and the little info tab popped up at the top of his screen almost every fish said 1# was lazarlazar the lazarbum himself or darksniper

    19. FireGamer


    20. Arian Rampersad

      I did this challenge and I won first try

    21. Rafique Ali

      I got a mithic gold fish in pubs

    22. Sajid afin

      so once i got two purp tact 2 vendates then another and then a golden spaz

    23. Bronson Kasturi

      I love your vids keep it up

    24. Paul

      At 5:05 she ate one of her kind. Some princesse

    25. Bloxy Bros.

      I got vendetta flopper first try

    26. Awesome man

      What happens to the song that fresh used to play

    27. Aron Lin

      does mr frsh not see the vindeta fish

    28. Wolfie Playz

      fresh has a fish skin little do you know he still eats the fish

    29. Robert Lopez13

      Imagine still playing fortnite Fresh jk but I think fortnite is dead I play Apex legends

    30. Lucas el crakster

      Did someone else see that the guy he killed he had a vendetta fish 3:49

    31. Chill Mystic

      Dude I was fishing yesterday I broke two fishing barrels and got all blue rods then the first time I fished with a blue rod i got a vendetta flop

    32. the boys fan

      Remember when this challenge was bad

    33. Its Shedz

      Fresh eating hes own kind

    34. Romeo Tikanniemi

      Get a pro fishing rod

    35. Meihul Goyal

      Fresh forgot harpoon gun is a weapon

    36. Vørtex

      fresh: i m cursed also him: eating seafood with a fish outfit CANNIBALISM 100

    37. Nathan Camilleri


    38. W3!ghtz


    39. Sophie Hussain

      Wow fishing really is OP

    40. Bianca Jutan

      Code Fresh let's go yeet

    41. Gamer Gamer

      3:05 nah when u take a car and it hits those stairs it breaks the car idk why it’s a glitch

    42. L1M1T3D

      wtf are you stupid why did you not eat the vendetta flopper

    43. Ace does anything

      I got 4 vendettas today not that rare or I am lucky

    44. Fortnite Matrix


    45. Alex

      When he called it “a bean can grenade”

    46. samantha meade

      good job btw this is my moms acc i love ur vids

    47. Jasiel Lopez Robles

      bruh i saw the vendetta flop when he killed the guy with the spaz

    48. Jacob Simpso

      New title could be smgs only

    49. Jay

      I know I found like three vendetta floppers in one hole

    50. DewayneACE

      in sted of box like a fish is box by a fish

    51. Acrobath

      3:49 do you see that vendetta? Lol

    52. MQ - 04FJ 832962 Champlain Trail PS

      WoOoOooooooooooooooooooOoOoOo FISHING

    53. Naomi Dickerson

      If I heard Fresh say "Yes" I would know immediately it's him

    54. Lila Mcguirk

      I could not find you for so long

    55. tapiwa tavenyika

      i did this challenge with my friend and we won

    56. Nick Nock

      I got a gold spaz, purple primal rifle, and 4 vendetta flop flops so epic rly broke fishing

    57. Roel Koh

      Fresh can u do a challenge in arena to make it more challenging and pressuring

    58. Sohail Gamer

      8:53 what if it was from the machine thing and not from fishing?

    59. Wolfy

      Floppa? Cussed?

    60. Wolfy

      What’s a bean can grenade?

    61. Wolfy

      Don’t know why he is hunting his friends and family

    62. Tep _ed1ts

      Did anyone else see the vendetta flopper at 3:49


      Ther all running from a princes flop flop

    64. Josiah pompey

      He is a fish eating fish

    65. Eva Yeong

      I got a purple pump!

    66. KAA$$HH

      7:16 i find it so amazing how he missed every shot🤩🤩

    67. Bsd 615

      Fresh catching fresh fish (:

    68. josiah forde

      I think I killed you in a creative full match

    69. j von

      This man haven't been posting and now he wants to post I'm not hatting It's just that he haven't post

    70. Karen Hope

      The Spire Guardian didn't destroy your truck if you drive a vehicle up one of the towers it just destroys your vehicle unless it's a boat

    71. clare smith

      Cucumber. Pickle.

    72. Toxicity Gaming_YT

      Am I just really lucky or was it already blue and up

    73. argo tv

      Bro i just got so lucky i got a harpoon and then i went fishing and i got a legendary pump shotgan lol an also a lagendery smg luckiest game ever lol

    74. Alfie Kenny

      Even like subscribe and put no no is locations under even the bell

    75. Alfie Kenny

      Fresh when you add me on Fortnite

    76. Alfie Kenny

      F fresh I love your videos mate

    77. Alfie Kenny


    78. Brett Wilson

      Fresh is the best player in oce and he makes everyone's day thank you fresh

    79. Doomboi 358

      At 3:49 he walks past vendetta fish nooo

    80. A.P.S. Wolfy

      Bruh during this week I've found 7 Vendetta Floppers

    81. SuperBlue Gamer

      Something tells me craggy and sweaty sand will be a lot more popular drop spot this week

    82. SuperBlue Gamer


    83. Haydn Plays Gam3z


    84. Ultimate Dj

      Fresh is cracked at fortnite 🙀

    85. Dr PewDiePiE

      Use code fresh

    86. Dylan shorts

      Bruh there was a ventetta floper next to that kid with the spaz !

    87. JGgames11

      You missed a vendetta flipper when you killed the guy with the gold pump in first game

    88. RomanDucky Z

      At 3:48 he mist a vandeda floper

    89. Kian MM

      honestly its pretty bad you only blue primal shotguns THAT THE ONLY WEAPON AND ONE OF THE WIRST

    90. Benji Beast

      One of the guys fresh killed had a vendetta flopper and he didn't see it 😢

    91. saicu darius

      i love your content your the best no cap

    92. Lovers of God

      That is just so FRESH -_-

    93. Ayham Alflaiti

      3:05 that's not the spire guardian for some reason when you take a car up the spire it explodes

    94. Jacob Clements

      There was a vendetta flopper... first game 4 people left 6th kill

    95. GamerKidz Pro

      Wtf there were two vendetta floppers how in the world?

    96. 2G Panda

      Please dont take this seriously: Fresh minimum blue rarity next second rusty can

    97. TydieAndTidus


    98. Lauren Burke


    99. SkechFn

      who noticed a vendetta floper

    100. colin shots