the BIGGEST SECRET in fortnite...


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    1. William Nadeau

      oh my god how have i realisde this

    2. yeet reee

      But still you are so much better than me

    3. yeet reee

      I know that you can do that and I have played for a year

    4. Anya Bhavanasi

      you overreacted

    5. Veer Rawal

      They patched it now.

    6. L.A.B

      he crouched in to get in but the wall isn't there when he exits i think its at 41 seconds

    7. Maria Medina

      Fresh really needs some content



    9. Gaming Wizard

      0:52 There's my PP. -fresh 2020 This should be on his grave

    10. Sprout Weed

      Now this video is clickbait

    11. Little ChimChim

      they removed that now we cant do that any more (sad)

    12. Smileyfoosil ?

      Now you can't

    13. Ady_drumming


    14. Sarveshwar Ishanam

      bad content

    15. Student Blair Ogunlaja

      That is acctulay true when seson 3 came it changed

    16. SirHenWoof

      When epic does a small update Fresh:I Smell Content

    17. Fabiola Panezo

      I knew about the wall thing🤣but now is not allow to do it anymorw

    18. Harry Vu

      And u broke it in a vid

    19. Harry Vu

      Salty springs has that type of wall too

    20. Harry Vu

      Then dooms domain struck

    21. Harry Vu

      I always used to do dat

    22. UniKittyYT 1234

      Idea for next video 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player Sub to my channel if you love fresh

    23. Lincoln James

      this is the only way i do it

    24. Ary&miles Tv

      I knew about this

    25. Kanisha Smith

      That reaction time latin

    26. Kevin Carver

      I new that

    27. RyderB 191

      Jeez fresh the pp king didn’t even now that What a bot

      1. RyderB 191

        Tiger Lion defensive

      2. Tiger Lion

        It got added last season shut up kid

    28. Brandon Balas


    29. Dark Mhd Habbal

      I mean u get mats


      Wow that was dramatic...

    31. karla galvan

      bur ir is good for mats

    32. Tricia Barnes


    33. Sara Tirado


    34. Tricia Barnes

      omg i nevre new that

    35. Potato Oof

      When u run out of ideas

    36. Margaret Mitchell

      Rip to pp

    37. Baskaran Rajagopal

      I do this always

    38. Louis Wright

      I knew that, I can’t believe you didn’t know that 🤯

    39. 08mega pixel

      Do you think that epic should let us use wraps on cars. This will be cool

    40. Amy Schroeter

      I knew about it

    41. Kim Ridgeon


    42. Dean Bridges

      Fresh is not posts to cars he is 18

    43. Reece K

      I knew

    44. stephanie sotelo

      He can upgrade the gun instead of keeping that rarity

    45. Areen Valsangkar

      I knew that from chapter 2 season 1 lmao

    46. Aspen Howell

      tbh i new that the whole time

    47. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content fresh

    48. Billy Joe

      Rip P.P.

    49. jeremiah bush

      So im guessing he had no other video ideas

    50. Khulid

      Fresh add me please LuisRamirez890


      When you lack of content

    52. SoULtriGger Gaming

      Acutally this was a update u acutally cant go inside by crouching I have tried it it did not work for me

    53. Spirit ok

      I always crouch through that And half of my kills are from there

    54. Sohil Nazim

      Not only did epic put that in now but he also only just goes doghouse anyways

    55. Trenton Mulherin

      Haha no one knew about that🤣🤣 Just kidding it just got added

    56. The toxic toxicator

      Ummm lmao I break the roof 😅

    57. juuso kankaanpää

      Hey fresh that came at chapter 2

    58. Kristine Bautista

      Sooo am I the only person that new that when I just started fortnite

      1. Rippley

        Knew* not new

    59. Kybear777 777


    60. Kybear777 777


    61. Alpha Ashok

      You shall forever be the pp king

    62. Avan

      The fact there was only 50 players left when he opened the chest.I'm not talking about him over exaggerating.I'm talking about how fast players die

    63. Saket

      I also like pp iam playing for two years


      You are still PP 👑 love you fresh

    65. TapGamePlay

      Let me gues no content

    66. Henry’s Toys

      Fresh can you please friend drfchtg on fortnite

    67. Pug Gaming

      OG Fortnite you couldn't do it

    68. MrSlice2244

      No u couldn’t crouch there before I had tried it’s a new update omg does no one relize

    69. BeyondDiff GamesX

      I litterally knew it when u did but i think they just patched it to make us go in and not die by getting locked

    70. Luxey

      Hey guys if u would help me with my dream to hit 1k that be appreciated

    71. Rafe Charman

      I have none that since I have played fortnite

    72. Ryan Kapur

      Second round: IS THIS MCREAMY

    73. RAnd0M

      The secret hole...

    74. Josh Roy

      Who already knew that was the way to do it. I knew it!

    75. Rockylot Plays

      When he makes this video you know he really needs some content

    76. Hahn Moni

      there the same chest at salty sping

    77. Mr. Sandman

      Fresh proves that you can pop off with any gun

    78. robot-needful

      What the hell bro everyone even you knew this 😂😂

    79. Skek-Fortnite


    80. ꧁Ghxxxst ッ꧂

      When I started playing Fortnite I crouched through ;w;

      1. Rylan Medina


    81. NikhYT

      6:37 Fresh sound like a Chicken😂😂😂

    82. Lathryx

      Bro no way, there's no way. This has gotta be new.

    83. keags beast

      Fresh CD with hunting rifle

      1. keags beast


    84. Unicorn B

      I just keep thinking, wait till it becomes Dooms domain!😂

    85. MrBreakfastEggs

      When people first discovered editing: 1:47

    86. Yxng D120

    87. Blake Hammack


    88. awesomeness101 Yo

      Who’s here when this house isn’t there anymore🙋‍♀️

    89. Memes

      I only smash it to get mats

    90. Brendan Toscano

      When you get a headshot on someone in creative vs fresh playing Fresh be like easy I be like bruh

    91. Zakjac Da gamer

      I think it was soo ovss

    92. weAK Andrew-YT

      Your not alone fresh

    93. Alexander Morales

      9:25 bru.....

    94. zac the king Zam

      They recently added it

    95. jailet panakal

      Fresh it was known recently xo you lucky

    96. SuperY_132 gaming Vlogs

      This got added in chapter two

    97. H x n e y

      did anyone else realize every drop spot is like Salty Springs ITS SS. Craggy Cliffs IS CC. and Pleasant Park IS PP ITS THE SAME FOR EVERY OTHER DROP SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    98. H x n e y

      I new about it but i just figured it out like a few weeks ago . lol

    99. Squirtle Smoothie

      At least the way we all do it (by breaking the wall) we get mats as well.

    100. Jordan Drinkwater

      2:00 "WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS?!" Me: slowly raising my hand and snickering