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    1. jack Kelly

      You played my favourite game I am diamond3

    2. Luca Quiroz

      He seems to enjoy this way more than Fortnite will fresh become a apex HUgetsr

    3. ANT-fire565 No

      Lol you Need me

    4. FLD ZYNX

      He’s kinda bad at apex

    5. Jaden Richardson


    6. lordFN

      Dude can you do more apex vids

    7. Spades Wall

      Could you make more apex? Please fresh!!!

    8. Ben Bishoff

      Fresh you should buy the pay to win R-99 it has a op iron site

    9. Alixer Replays

      my man you dont know anything about apex because VALK IS THE MOST ANNOYING LEGEN EVER IEIUHEICCIJ

    10. Dayvion Lennon

      Kinda hoping he would run into a decent team to go against

      1. ACHIEVE


    11. Joel Klein

      I love apex

    12. Joaquin Munoz

      this is camo and i accsept the apoligy

    13. Mansour Ndiaye

      is it just me or do u guys also want to see him rage in titanfall 2

      1. ACHIEVE

        I used to be a big sweat in that game but I few like he would love it

    14. The Boys

      U need to play apex more pls

    15. Syth Clan

      Is it just me or do we all wish he would play more apex

    16. Omar and Junior toy reveal

      Please play more Apex

    17. Buckshire Squad

      Pls play again

    18. Xzelts_ Xx

      this man got a 2k in his second game LOL

    19. pennywise746

      Trust me it will be cool

    20. pennywise746

      Can we play

    21. Mr. Pancakes


    22. Mr. Pancakes


    23. Mikaeel Omar

      i only played when season 9 started I only have 43 kills

    24. aleksandra morozova

      Welcome guys yes

    25. Charlie Phelan

      Ur og u have that r99 skin

    26. Tex Egan

      I’m better than fresh in apex I FEEL SO GOOD

    27. Yessir _

      This is the only good content I like with fresh’s channel

      1. ACHIEVE

        Fax bro

    28. Pure Rice Productions

      Can I add you

    29. Gamer Boi

      We need you to play Titanfall2

    30. Greg

      Me: makes 1 mistake and dies to a Wraith with 50k kills Fresh: makes 8-14 mistakes in each fight and still lives Me: visoual confusion

    31. Kyler Scarborough

      My daughter, Valkyrie, shall continue my blood line. - Viper but he is dead

    32. Liam Masih

      I am a og to apex and fresh


      Wait I played with the actual fresh omg I’m cambo

    34. SharkkinggaminGG

      Literally every new season even apex only gamers get sponsored

    35. Hayden Becis


    36. Chance Tripp

      Hopefully one day he plays this game without it being sponsered

    37. Milk

      I wish you played more Apex Fresh. Its so fun to watch you play but sadly you prolly wont play till eason 10 when you get sponsored again lmfaoo

    38. TOKYO-_-LIGHTS


    39. DuckKing

      PLs play more Apex i love this more than Fortnite

    40. Jeremy OHea

      did anyone realise the octanes name was 50 piece chicken mcnuggets

    41. YT astro

      Finnaly a good game fortnut is fucking dead and dog shit

    42. Mrpineap3lz YT

      4:21 prepare to die (number above shield

    43. Clutch OverTymz

      Why is people moving to apxe legends answer pls but are people moving

    44. BossROCK151 Gaming

      You do get hard beams

    45. BossROCK151 Gaming

      Play apex without having them sponsor you

    46. Speed_demon0987 playz

      I hope fresh plays this game again, at lease a little more often, this game has a lot to offer, just because he is known for playing fortnite, doesn't mean he can't get sponsored by EA, play a couple of matches until he wins one, and then never touch it again until he gets sponsored again, people think this game isn't very good, but try to get good at it, and you'll love it.

    47. Evan Chaplin

      I love that he gets bots but I fight Jesus vhrist

    48. Simarchy Monge

      Who do yo play as in apex

    49. Arsed Cyco

      Me:level 500 saying fresh is a pro Fresh:is acually a noob i just like him

    50. Laser da nerd

      im so glad this is probably gonna be the only time he plays this game

      1. Laser da nerd

        @IZA BEZ never said gaypex legends had less active players

      2. IZA BEZ

        apex has more active players than gaynite

    51. aiden fortnite

      do more apex videos

    52. Mason Peat

      You know fresh is good at every game when he drops a 2k first try

      1. Dylan Saner

        Its also bot lobbys

    53. Šimon Morcinek

      Did you know that bocek is a czech word

    54. 2bergaming

      WOW !!! This is awesome, We too share similar content related to supercars. Please do checkout our channel

    55. cup of ßutter

      I wish hed make more apex vids

    56. Xvnxk_x I

      stick to fortnite pls\

      1. Ezra Haskard


    57. Mooseoryx

      hahaha fresh is so funny "Valkarie is the best legend"

    58. ßårahona63

      Fresh should make more videos with Apex legends

    59. Colin Graham

      They copy pasted the Bows from Fortnite

      1. Ezra Haskard

        Fortnite cried like 40 things from apex and apex adds a bow, something that’s been leaked 3 months before season 6 and has also been in hundreds of fps lmao

      2. Heyitsmekaleb

        And fortnite had explosive bows

      3. Heyitsmekaleb

        Its a bow? How do you copy paste?

    60. Lucian Marco Policarpio

      RIP for the Mozambique he chose the p 2020 instead


      Hey look fresh take it from an og and go keep playing fortnite where you have to deal with 5 year olds.

    62. redbravery

      You should try titanfall 2

    63. Ovid Ramnarine

      Thanks fresh but I have the game long time ago

    64. seth7410 seth7410

      Did anyone else cringe when he used his ult next to the jump tower

    65. Paul Flores

      Just go back to fortnite, i don't want you ruining the apex community with your sweaty annoying children subscribers

    66. phan1x

      Sad that u can tell he doesn’t wanna play the game he is just playing to because he got sponsored

    67. Sir Octal

      He buys the battle pass and he will Probably not even get to 110 Oof

    68. Sir Octal

      Yes get out of the Fortnite loop hole lol

    69. Lookie Is Cool

      Play more apeeex

    70. Apex X0pe

      Fresh pls play more apex

    71. Sarp Ördekçi

      Look You Have To Choose Between Apex and Fortnite. Are you a fortnite kid or are you a with the Apex Boys.

    72. NRG Lobster

      me to

    73. Jet da boss 333

      i have that valk skin

    74. ɩɥʞe

      When did fresh start playing? Because Im wondering on how people get that R99 skin Ive wanted it for a long time. Im not sure if you can get it anymore but yea

      1. jk_csa

        It’s from s7 lv110 BP reward

    75. John Reynolds

      Finally, something else other than fortnite

    76. GAJ roblox

      Yay you played apex! I hope you witch one the btw amazing content 😁


      can u play apex legend more

    78. Idk my name

      new Fortnite update do be hitting hard

    79. Jonathan Quach

      I know fresh doesn’t play that much, but his game sense was uhhh.......... meh

    80. Jonathan Quach

      Why is it that fresh only plays apex when he gets sponsored

    81. Slurpyyy Boi

      we love apex legends

    82. Pg Uni

      Pls play more apex

    83. Niral 6229

      fresh you should play apex now bc fornite is bad

    84. Niral 6229

      yessssssssssssssssssssss fresh you are the best

    85. Che Green

      it annoys me the sight he was using on the r9

    86. Strider_245

      Play more apex fresh

    87. Tanya Staunton

      Is it just me or is fortnite way better I have both but I never play apex we like fortnite

    88. AO Striker

      Let's go EA,Fresh PLZ make MORE I'll LIKE ALL OF THEM

    89. Lamar Ray

      when you have not played apex in a while and you wonder why the wraith you were chasing threw a black hole at you.

    90. Mineman 523


    91. QwertyQurht

      the only reason I disliked this is because he only plays this when he gets sponsored by ea

    92. Lem0nsYT

      Not that anyone asked, but bocek means bacon in Polish

    93. Elliot King

      Sadly he will never play the game unless he is sponsored by ea😢

    94. Joshua Rodriguez

      Fresh should at apex his cracked at the game

    95. Port

      Tessa gon be mad at FRESH! 6:11

    96. Armando Cagigas-Bermejo

      curesd evo

    97. boyza24

      Play more apex

    98. Lightning plays

      Can you play apex more

    99. regret _dec

      Play more apex

    100. Zwirley

      The only time fresh plays apex legends: tHiS vIdEo Is SpOnSoReD bY aPeX lEgEnDs