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    1. Dominic Guzman

      Laser is a bot

    2. Capt Boi

      I love the Herbert voice

    3. OPG么Omy Plays

      Day I don’t even remember of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    4. Jamesonawsome _

      Fresh:yes Lazar:memes

    5. Md Aslam

      fresh is the best fortnite player

    6. Michael Richardson

      yes I like

    7. Yaseen gamer TV

      Fresh I like your videos but your intro needs work no offense

    8. noah 2344

      I love this gun and I will get 10 kills

    9. Alison Griffin

      Hi him

    10. Pam O’Neal

      Damn she thick!!.. The skin...

    11. Danoble 1

      Lol fresh found a legendary and lazar found a uncommon

    12. MrDarkVade

      Fresh:The pumps are cooked! Me: only does 30 damage

    13. Kyle McIntyre


    14. Ace Hood

      Your saying a sub button is thiccc

    15. Kingsears 99

      I like the tac shotgun but pumps are good too.

    16. imposter playz-homie gang

      when fortnite finally has a new weapon update. Fresh and lazar:

    17. Marissa Parchment-Henry

      They are both bloody legends

    18. Janez Hatunšek

      Whats up guys yes

    19. ayman elbaba

      Pump truckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    20. Mohammad Hamad


    21. x notyourbusiness


    22. Johnny 'Cee' Calarco Music

      Fresh: “ what does a gold pump upgrade to if you kill?’’ Me: “ Mythic”

    23. Baby groot crying

      It’s not even double pumping

    24. The Cohen Show

      I prest the thick boy sub

    25. Creeper Green

      Lanan still uses the baby gingi back bling

    26. atx ballers

      We all know fresh ain’t gettin money for this vid

    27. Andre Flores

      Well... I guess fresh got his wish. :)

    28. Jocelyn Guzman

      Hi fresh

    29. Mizayah Byard

      Fresh do you miss pas

    30. Aaden peables

      It’s still in the game

    31. MrNERD

      totally miss

    32. Ishtiaq ahmad


    33. Ishtiaq ahmad


    34. Sameranuk Easmeranuk

      New meta - Lannan running people over and fresh 220 pumping headshots

    35. Mr Cheese

      Noones saying lannans herbert impression is good

    36. R2Bros

      I LOVE LANNAN HE makes my day

    37. Luka Ivankovic

      3:19 grey sniper

    38. Naomi Dickerson

      7:58 HERE I AMMM

    39. Frank Ocean

      Me: OMG PUMPS ARE BACK When I see it’s an LTM:kill me

    40. Rhi Hetherington


    41. Kaan Koçver

      Is that even lannan 2:52

    42. Eric Joly

      That last elim on the back of the truck was far out guys!!!!!

    43. Ömer Efe Taş

      i cant aim with pump shotgun

    44. Ayaan Sharma


    45. SpideyGamesYT

      Yeah, its better off being permanently vaulted & never to return.

    46. Zac Dascoli

      Can I have some vbucs from the video with Preston

    47. joe burgess

      fresh u are high level sweat im not trying to be mean(:

    48. Jack Hawkom

      When pumps come back more like when fresh gets a life

    49. Sam Galaxy

      20 kills in the fumnail

    50. SlyKiller T

      Fresh: Next season they have to bring back the pump Literally next season : Pumps are back

    51. Dr Syeed Amaan

      can someone help me kill wolverine by adding DEADLYDEFAULT618 and playing with me?

    52. Connor Moody

      Wuts up guys, YESSSS

    53. Juan Hernandez

      I though they put pumps in solos duos and stuff like that

    54. DaCoolGui

      4:24 i'll get demonitised 4:36 he swears

    55. Shanny Smith

      My respect for lazar beam 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 0:45

    56. Ian Alvarez

      Your the best

    57. Ronnie Smith


    58. Mystery clutch

      Who’s here in season 4 were there are pumps and charges are vaulted

    59. Jupiter

      Congrats on 6.7 mill subs

    60. Joshua Lukose

      whats up guys, yessssss

    61. yeyeali1234

      Fresh is cracked and gets better every video

    62. l0lclans vlog Channel

      Fresh is growing his channel so much he’s a sweat but he does memes and challenges keep it up fresh!

    63. Abdelrahman Alameddin


    64. Rudra Bhuyan

      Today its Indias independance day

    65. Sherif Hatem

      Who re watched this video while sesion 4

    66. Suleman Saleem

      Little did he know..

    67. Craig Warren

      Yes yes you suck

    68. HussLegends

      do 0.5 seconds too loot and beat mccreamy

    69. Lucas Rodriguez

      Who is watching this chapter 2 season 4

    70. Scotty Outdoors

      What is it with fresh and thick

    71. Nathan Kabuya

      Next Season

    72. Donna Hampton

      he's cooked

    73. 24kmuzzlez

      6.66 million subs : is fresh the devil?

    74. Maddoxgames3369

      The thumbnail lazarbeam:20kills Fresh:20kills Me: is that supposed to say fresh 20 kills And Lannan 2?.

    75. Arianna Picard

      Fresh: go get me a pump Lannan: alright alright *5 seconds later* Lannan: *kills himself* Also Lannan: just wait 50 seconds mate and there will be a pump on the ground Fresh: *you idiot..*

    76. The memer

      2:54 lazarbeam exposed

    77. Cookie Wookie


    78. Beast

      When lazarbeam talked on the construction site they might as well have done a round of applause 😂

    79. renpen11

      My dad always says pickle pickle

      1. renpen11

        And he still is trash 🗑 at fortnite

    80. Claire Mead

      Get him to 7 million by the end of year

    81. MoonyL- 29


    82. Roblox Master

      Fresh has 666mil subs

    83. Muhammad


    84. Baby groot crying

      No the only true pump is the purple and gold

    85. Jose Valle

      The thumbnail is just mean because it shows that lazarbeam has a green pump while he was a legendary which is making fun of lazarbeam

    86. john aaron aquino

      I love you fresh

    87. Spyblaster


    88. Deen Hasnat

      Click this if you think combats are better than pumps | | |

    89. Deen Hasnat

      I think combats are better than pumps

    90. Amaze Facter

      Chapter 2- season 4 pumps are actually back

    91. snap_moccasin

      when lazarbeam said hey there child i was like MULLY!?!?!

    92. عبد الإله التويجري

      Fresh in season 3/2 is Much better than ninja

    93. Daniel Baze

      And stay in the truck and curses

    94. Daniel Baze

      When fresh is simply trying to get a pump laser beam roplays😂😂

    95. Aaron Sugalan

      But now its 1ZILLION DAMEGE

    96. Aaron Sugalan

      Pumps sucks

    97. Kian Matthews

      Yes I've sub

    98. Abdul Bhimla

      Pump TRUCK

      1. Abdul Bhimla

        This is his funniest vid

    99. Abby Kirk

      4:26 lazar starts swearing, 10 secs later fresh swears

    100. Sukris Steiner