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    1. Joe Mama Gaming

      did fresh predict season 7? 2:19

    2. Siobhan Finneran

      I love marvel

    3. Siobhan Finneran

      Best video ever

    4. Siobhan Finneran


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      freshy boy

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      FRESHY FRESH and did u know Colin’s my cousin

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      Fresh actually turned into the lucky pickle fresh

    8. Vixfy

      I have a all black one it does not have the text thing and it runs out battrie in 5 hours😐

    9. Karl Wilhelm

      When I saw this video brought back memories of good fortnite

    10. Sam Alter

      U know u can also use wolverine

    11. Christine Roache

      before he got the hammer: where is it?

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      That should be your new skin

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    19. Binny Ramos

      bro you so ungreatful for Sliver Serfers bored its basically infinite redeploy

    20. Jaime Parnell

      I have killed fresh before season 3

    21. Jaime Parnell

      I have subbed and liked you reasoned vis does

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      Can you gift fresh my name is ghost4703

    23. Epic Gaming Doge

      we don't need the thor hammer come on where is the thor hammer

    24. ShadowBoy10

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      How much did it cost

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      Fresh can u use face cam

    31. Alex Gillane

      fresh to super fresh you so good at fortnite even better than nom fresh so so so good at it

    32. Jacob Castro


    33. O_ tako

      Is it bird, is it a plane, NO Its PICKLE MAN

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      fresh at the end tho

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      Fortnite is adding ghost busters,s car if you go to the island down on the map in a garage you see a car with a blanket on and on right side you see a bit of the car.

    36. Synnamin

      the laptop looks bad

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      I love fresh because he’s hella funny and my favorite color is green

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      11:50 wow

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      Zooming in the no no square 😕

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      It's rlly wierd that mjor fell down from the sky and landed near fresh's box

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      Fresh why do you have in ur photo of yutube green

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      Hey fresh. I’m having trouble learning on how to play on pc. So I was wondering if u can coach me maybe? If so my user is Jordan31512

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