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    1. Dana Appling

      Its not much of a super hero if you are killing a super hero

    2. Abid Walid

      so much comedy hahahahahaha

    3. Slime Sage

      This is Awesome

    4. ehud ombati

      i like the skin for fresh

    5. dllscowboy

      Pickle pickle🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒

    6. dllscowboy


    7. Raphael's Epic Stuff

      Real super fresh:the island is my builds

    8. Elizabeth Land

      Goodbye Season 4 We Will Miss You 🙏

    9. Cris Ferrari

      Groot: just vibin Fresh: YOu mEsseD wITh ThE wrOnG GamER

    10. Ethan Javier

      why did he sed dead body is he playing among us?

    11. Classic —

      Wait 3:19 did I just see a charge shotgun

    12. Ishaan Sahu

      U forgot wolverine

    13. JetYOYO _thegamer

      Why do u like chunges fat dudee

    14. Calvin Alexander

      Rip fresh 😂

    15. The Gamers 3006G

      The ending 😂😂

    16. John Templeton

      super maaaan

    17. 💜Kaitlin💖Games💜

      But are you the thickes Sniper like @MC CREAMY

    18. Juanito Alexader

      You got sniped at the end

    19. Jazmin Rodriguez

      Hi what is good bro

    20. Jackie Online

      keep going nice job!!!!!!!

    21. SkyDiverge

      Fresh 2020- lets just fresh on some people

    22. Michele Pauquette

      What about wolverine

    23. Ally Panda

      I I’m using a mini keyboard:>


      11:52 just triggers me

    25. MultiOrange76

      fresh I found a glitch if your about to use dooms big bomb and you have it charged up then get smash and grabbed by venoms mythic then you have a huge green ball attached to you all game. I've tried everything and you can't get it off

    26. Kaylen Hopkins

      Already pop in of when on a mithic challenge

    27. Nandos Cheeks

      The ending

    28. louise Koch

      Isn't the hammer vaulted

    29. SAM WANG

      Poor fresh got snoiped

    30. Sira Guiguilé


    31. LIl Jewell

      can u gift me fresh ?

    32. shazad suleman

      fresh is a super power

    33. Ramon Holbert

      Send a hammer fromm the sky and take em out(Meme)ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT😂😂

    34. Manal El Sayed

      Why not evil fresh

    35. Adam Curran


    36. Dominic Shek

      I saw fresh with a green pistol kill a guy with a epic pump shotgun

    37. Sebastian Johnson

      yaa fresh

    38. Clixiess

      fresh: AhhhhhHHHhhHH me: dUmBaSs

    39. Calvin Ha

      It’s a plane it’s a bird its super fresh

    40. Karina Abarca

      And this vid pretty cool

    41. Karina Abarca

      Can you gift me pls i have only the battle pass so pls and i have gosh damn rainbow doom

    42. undrell alexander

      are charges in the game and if not what game mode are you playing

    43. Brandon Ma

      Super fresh is a fresh skin

    44. Henry King

      You should do a challenge where for every person you kill you have to drop all of your loot and pick up everything the guy you killed had

    45. XFG 123

      Fresh should have if used wolverines claws instead of Thor’s hammmer

    46. TrisniosFN

      3:10 bub bub

    47. Gene Gekht

      Hi Fresh

    48. Kai Simms

      No problem 😊 ☺ 😌 🙂 👌 🤗 😊 ☺ 😌 🙂 👌 🤗 😊 ☺ 😌 🙂 👌 🤗 😊 ☺ 😌

      1. Kai Simms


    49. schnarr shani

      New evolution! Freshy boy has turned into freshy man!

    50. Ben Mckean

      Soooo good

    51. sinav gamer

      Your hero name should be fresh man

    52. Fedorka Bondi

      Super Fresh save me from the boredom. Thank you ❤

    53. Wojtek Sz.

      Darn, that laptop has L I G H T S.

    54. ZZento

      “Don’t even know what- uekebtvr- what sound I just frickin made” You made a McCreamy sound

      1. atx ballers


    55. Alex Ader

      Mr ghost

    56. Vixy

      New evolution! Freshy boy has turned into freshy man!

    57. Kiarash Kojouri

      Super Fresh Basicly Fresh after Downing some g-fuel

    58. Fairy Marshall


    59. Agustin Vilasante

      I love super fresh

    60. Rkent11 Gaming

      Don’t hurt me super fresh

    61. Боян Тодоров

      gave up just like that

    62. Michale Monroe

      “Roses are red” “Violets are blue” “As long as Fresh suffers” “He gets a view”

      1. Casey Madera

        Copied my dude ._.

    63. Am0nite

      He should have his own theme song

    64. Brody Stower

      Try to get sponsored by a pickle company.

    65. Peaches Lastra

      Go to 1:46 to make it start the gaming

    66. Kelsey Gonzales

      Petition to create “Weird Wednesdays” where Fresh brings Lannan to experiment with him. This is how many people agree ⬇️

    67. Jadelyn Juan

      you have the best videos and love them

    68. Devin Shuffler

      How is the charge in the game

    69. Louw Mars

      My solo kill record is 24 eliminations

    70. Nite_ E-MERCHER

      3:09 -BOBO

    71. Michael Rodriguez

      you are the best

    72. Trey Oler

      Your not thick your thin

    73. Marco Martinez

      yes or no

    74. Marco Martinez

      do a vidoe where that you fish all game and get the win

    75. Ac ifelohs chair 7906

      Super fresh wow good name lol

    76. Lacey Bentley

      Fresh: StOpp SwEaTIng?!?! also Fresh:

    77. Ismaaeel Tahir

      Sweaty nes

    78. Ismaaeel Tahir

      Can you not cause

    79. Veronica Parra

      Sup fresh

    80. Benjamin ariza

      Knowing he is a pickle he use a leaf 😂

    81. Sivabalan Chinnappan

      lazarbeam and fresh are the best

    82. Sivabalan Chinnappan

      also use code fresh in the item shop it runs out every 2 weeks

    83. Oof Oof

      You should’ve named it the thiccest fresh or super fresh

    84. Michele Connolly

      Love the vid tho

    85. Wenlong Lucas

      Fresh worst weakness is blue bolt sniper

    86. Michele Connolly

      The first game in salty when he killed that bot with the pump I was like that pump tho

    87. dieable dieable

      He has so many subs and why is he not face reavl I want to see his face

    88. Vincent Gulyban

      That’s snipe though

    89. Joanna Jozefiak

      3:09 ba boo

    90. Ahmet Uğur

      Why do you steal dooms BALL

    91. Expel Players

      The fresh man got a fresh cut

    92. karson novel

      Day 108 of waiting for him to say what’s up guys no

    93. Bab Jam

      It was funny wen he died haha hahah at the end

    94. Beverly Reyes

      This is the first time he used all caps and didn’t contain “THICCC” in his subtitle

      1. QualifiedLoser

        he did say THICC In the intro

    95. Anthony Lukachik

      Fresh has a new channel more fresh

    96. Diasteel

      I think you should make another video on super fresh with the venom smash and grab

    97. Kellan Nicholls YT

      Can you Ad me on forfeits

    98. Meme Lord

      Hey fresh u gunna use reflux for the event or your superhero skin I'm using mine for the event