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    1. Makai Seevers

      The cone is v

    2. Magaly Chacon

      U are my favorite tuber fresh

    3. Mc Fisholes

      wait hes white

    4. Mansour Mahmood

      how did he not find a recon scanner or any alien guns or satellites'

    5. Jed Craig

      Unless u really hate it maybe you should stick to it

    6. Yasmin Said

      Let’s just say fresh is a sweat even with the weirdest keybord

    7. Danette N.

      When fresh camru died he didn’t even know that it was ded

    8. Ngo Bao Long

      I have that Keyboard but its old and its RGB

    9. Yazan Dawoud

      Oh my God I am the person that you killed

    10. Jordan Bergersen

      give a star rate

    11. Rawa Baraheem

      I use created code fresh in the item shop

    12. The Memer peanut

      I remember fresh in chapter 2. Season 2 🥲

    13. Marbble

      He never try to use the joystick as his movement

    14. Abdi Capalot

      i thought they were gonna be sweats cuz he gets sweats iusally

    15. Nathan Barragan

      It was funny when his camera died

    16. Yassin Gamer

      hy fresh you are the best youtuber

    17. Sanneke de Bont

      You have this from x2twins or not

    18. Leighton Frischmon

      You should always use it but plug in you normal keyboard and use that for stuff the one hand can't do like build cones and open up map

    19. Dany Giron

      fresh edits faster than me when he is using a one handed jeyboard

    20. CLX Raid


    21. Edward Smith

      Fresh: this has everything Me: half of the key board

    22. 1117games

      i would keep that thing as my normal keyboard

    23. Eddion R 2

      8:53 we gotta number 1 victory royal

    24. Andrew Kavanagh

      Azeron Keypad is Weirder

    25. Arturo Sanchez

      3:11 his thumb 😳

    26. Gaurav Vuligonda

      What's up guys.....Yes


      Bruh look at his fingers 🤣

    28. Fighting Goat

      Weirdest keyboard and weirdest mouse?

    29. SpendingSaucer

      Fresh the weirdest keyboard is the azeron

    30. Marisa Celestino

      Your thum is weird

    31. Mr Webee

      where can I buy this?

    32. lisa melton

      Know I don’t think the camra died I think he just switched to the normal key bored

    33. Rafus The golden minecart

      Can we just say, i dont think he lost any hp or shiled

    34. K

      You’re a pro Fortnite player

    35. Jade Bainbridge

      I betty gatfhf

    36. KãÿśöñÒñGfûêł🥛🥛

      I’m pretty sure 100T Mrsavage did play with that in comp

    37. Zarrrow

      fresh u are ment to use the joistick to moove

    38. Camden Rife

      Con is v

    39. Piotr Róg

      copied from jacob POZDRO

    40. NotToChannelDog

      I always feel bad for Fresh when he does a awful challenge and ends up losing

    41. Tyler Shiels

      Imagine fresh playing arena with the one handed keyboard

    42. Jennifer Pellette

      I’m the person that uses four hands on a normal keyboard

    43. Robert Murillo

      is fresh just craked on everything

    44. 479 Gamer

      Big daddy 😩😩😩😩

    45. Aogiri

      Bro fresh thumb is so god damn long

    46. Landon Harris

      What does he do with his other hand

    47. Bear nado

      Fresh is at his best with the p90

    48. David Bratt-lewis

      And there is no way that he almost won this match with the one handed keyboard so he is using lazarbeam for his normal keyboard

    49. David Bratt-lewis

      I think fresh is using lazarbeam ffor using his normal keyboard

    50. kshark67

      That's funny 😂

    51. StillChill

      Fresh I use my mouse buttons for my wall and stairs, just like you

    52. Chris Medrano

      Fresh...I only want the shockwave bow... Lazarbeam... I want all of them...

    53. A W

      Everyone: oh this is going to be harder for him. Me: I must practice he's out of his comfort zone and edits better then me

    54. Gavin Edmunds

      where did u get that😂

    55. Robloxian!


    56. The Perplexing world Of Mana

      U should always use this

    57. Nexus UA Empire

      Plot twist:Fresh ain’t playing the game...Lazar is sweating hard and hiding his sweatiness from us

      1. David Bratt-lewis

        I always think that

    58. Allison Gillard

      Fresh I am lazarbems and your fans my name is CitingRaptor852 and I’m young you inspire me to play fornite

    59. Angelina and David’s land of fun Fun land

      There is c A cone button it’s V

    60. arom gameing

      I cant even play in a normal keyboard😭💀

    61. Iqrar Hussain

      Still plays better than always

    62. Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle

      dont say Holy

    63. Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle

      dont say what hell

    64. Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle

      guys please share the Gospel and Pray and read your Bible Jesus will come and he will ask you if you shared his word and had a relationship with him trust in Jesus

    65. Hughie

      You should use the azeron keypad

    66. MinecraftStuff

      He could be 2x as sweaty if he practiced and used this.

    67. Corny Cobberson


    68. Leotnt

      Y are u wearing a face mask inside?

    69. Gavin Pinkstaff

      i have been practicing on that and it is hard but he makes it seem so easy

    70. Giovanni Vargas

      Nice job

    71. Herione Plays

      Fresh is already cracked he dosent need to be even more cracked

    72. Zorb links

      I mean aren't all gaming keyboards one handed

    73. Muhammed Khan

      Wait is he still using a mouse?

    74. Mighty Exotic

      That's why fresh is so good his fingers are so long

    75. Dmoneylaps24

      Look at his thumb on 3:15

      1. Dmoneylaps24

        Or 3:10

    76. ZewdL

      Is that the razer martoz joystick

    77. Ethan Jewell

      U should use it all the time it looks cool

    78. Leona Shanks

      how much wins have you got in solo

    79. Dakota James

      you better do a Challenge with the one handed keyboard ⌨️ 👌🏻

    80. Dakota James

      fresh like this comment please or i will not play fortnite

    81. Chibapi The Bean

      Don’t kill yourself

      1. Chibapi The Bean

        Harvard please thesis was also my brother

      2. Chibapi The Bean

        It was my brother accept me Harvard

      3. Chibapi The Bean

        Actually Harvard is daddy

    82. Gogeta

      Can you facecam we already know ur face

    83. Simon Allen

      His thumb at 3:09

    84. Levi4fun

      RIP the male skin

    85. keenan larsen

      I have the same keyboard but I've never used it yet

    86. jorn

      Fresh, because he can’t build a cone: “Who needs cones?” Me, who camps in cones for placement in arena: “yes.”

    87. Wesley Wisdom tv

      that thing is sike lol

    88. VertyFN

      I love how he’s playing with a one handed keyboard and he’s still better than me

    89. Crazy_Defense

      why is fresh flaming my keyboard i use ok i have a older version

    90. Marko Stefanović

      This is not one handed becouse u moved on 0:29 and u dident evet tuch jojstick

    91. Julian Cervera

      Plot twist: fresh is playing on a normal keyboard and he just took a video of him pretending to use the small keyboard 😏

      1. Julian Cervera

        Lol sorry if it didn’t make sense xD

    92. aleey stolzenburg

      Fresh how old are you and how old is lazarbeam

    93. Tanya Rice

      Yo fresh next time can you do mouse cam as well cause I got a single handed keyboard got movement down it’s just hitting shots with the mouse I can’t do cause I’m used to controller

    94. Kriss

      Rewasd gives me joystick movement on the D-pad and then i use wasd as follows W - Jump A - Floor S - Wall D - Ramp Works great!

    95. aarav massey

      FaZe Martoz playing with this every day even in competitive be like 😶😶😶😶

    96. Animal_ Nosy

      I used to play on a one handed keyboard but now I play on steelseries apex 3

    97. Anothers Treasure

      Get it because he Kranks 90s

    98. Anothers Treasure

      I have a joke what is Freshes favorite time the 90s

    99. Brooke Nienaber

      My guy just show your face I won’t care you the best yt

    100. Elroy Bos