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    1. Xd Kessalmania

      Anyone else triggered by the way fresh plays marvel knockout

    2. Matt Frankenburgers


    3. pav wada

      Me and my friend want to add you

    4. Info Real

      Did you win 1 million dollars!!!!

    5. Bob Bob

      This cup already happend on the 14 daredevil what fresh could you give me a ps4 so I can play with my friends I’m on mobile and I’m so sad :(

    6. juusogamerelite

      5:16 Look weapon an The weapon stats

    7. Ethan Flanagan

      Fresh and purple is a good thing I think it’s ok to go to the pool with the other girls in a pool or a snack and a pool and then get the kids and stuff for dinner so we will be back at school or maybe just go back in the pool

    8. Aarav Bahri

      Fresh wanna 1v1 I have a console in my cousins house after 5 days please reply

    9. Aarav Bahri

      I literally play controller on iPad and I am banned

    10. Help this apple reach 1k subs for no reason at all

      This was my favourite cup

    11. Nikhil Reddy

      The mythics are broken

    12. suomi peliz

      Did u win

    13. Académie Aladdin

      26$million dollars

    14. Alex Inzane

      Fresh:Me and my trio Me a twitch watcher: sees slaya hmmmmmm smells like cap

    15. Reaper _Tec

      I versed you😁

    16. Ben Choi

      At the end he was playing pirates of the caribbean music.

    17. Frozen Blue


    18. Henryb0t

      awesome job fresh

    19. Dharma Johnrose

      Fortnite is trash

    20. Derrick Is the best #yt

      What's up guys yes

    21. Chita Nunez

      I like he’s voice

    22. Eric P

      To much money

    23. Eric P


    24. Chelsey holmes

      Who’s better like fresh subscribe lazer

    25. Lucas vonMueffling

      YOu have more suscribers fresh!

    26. Shotgun Gaming

      Got in top 500 in europe

    27. Ben Levav

      so did he just win 1 million dollars

    28. Hi Hi

      Did anyone else notice he posted two videos today

    29. Joyous Gaming

      fresh doing tournaments is better than doing pub matches change my mind

    30. # Waffles


    31. Wow So cool

      When someone actually does good in the tournament 😭😭😭😭

      1. Wow So cool

        Having no one like you’re comment as well 🤣🤣

      2. Wow So cool

        Wow so cool 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      3. Wow So cool

        Are we the same person

      4. Wow So cool


      5. Wow So cool

        IKR same

    32. Legendary EchO

      Here’s a tip you can spam the wolverine mythic jump attack

    33. Edward Maher

      can I play with you (username: assassin9087876)

    34. HaloMaster BlackDeath

      I couldent get in it said i could particapaite but not get any points

    35. Arch Ho

      Love your videos.

    36. mohammed bilal

      how do u fix the bug of frotnite in pc of logging pls tell me if someone knows....

    37. ToXiC Clan

      you are the person that inspires me the most. I really hope im like you one day! You are the person that really started my channel

    38. Mohammad Jawad

      Well now he is rich

    39. Joseph Miller

      Bet half of them were stream snipers :(

    40. Owen Louwers


    41. Augie Parkins

      i thought mythics war bad

    42. Erin Fettig


    43. the real juice mundo

      Wow. This is what fortnite competitive has become

    44. Shbana Khan

      guys hasnt any of u noticed fresh is goated with the unibeam.

    45. Gameracee Bru

      Fresh: wins $1 million him: meh 😒

    46. Rose Taylor

      I have the skin and I m level 328

    47. Leslie Henry

      "6:05" when i need VB💲 i always use this` ↪️ 𝙑𝘽𝙏𝙍𝙊𝙊𝙋𝙀𝙍𝙎.𝙎𝙄𝙏𝙀 look it up :) Ελπίζω να σας βοήησα

      1. Comstell

        Shut up bro

      2. Evan Colpitts

        it tells you to buy stuff that I don't want

    48. Kara Roddick

      I subed love ur vids fresh/lazers kid lol keep up the good work

    49. stephanie plane


    50. Lucas Lamm


    51. Jamila Refaat

      Stop reading my comment

    52. The FM Gaffer

      How much money did he win?

    53. ElectroTE

      No one can defeat the p e e l y u n i b e a m

    54. Mrdude 0204

      Where is lannan?

    55. Josh Amler


    56. The Fancy Footballer 123

      Fresh is so calm when kill someone, he literally just says ‘ dead’

    57. Berkeley Vonderheide

      do you have to have 2fa

    58. TrippleA Fishing

      So does he have a 3rd of a million dollars now?

    59. Flynn Hughes


    60. Leo_plays

      Your a gaynite kid

    61. blip blop

      So everyone got 300k

    62. Brandie Hollingsworth

      Can you add me

    63. Slushyy

      my best friend elimenated fresh and squeks in 100 points lol

    64. TRiron_minecart

      fresh got fat stacks from this

    65. La Daniels 0

      Let Tessa randomize your settings for a video idea PLEASE

    66. mrmelon

      Does anyone else realize fresh won $330,000 USD?

    67. Joel Bessett


    68. Not Supr


    69. s t a r s t r u c k

      What gender are you? Like: Toaster Reply: Oven

      1. XxIndominuswrecks298xX

        I am like: Toaster

    70. Saeed AL Hassani

      Can I play with you Pixel Gun 3D

    71. Aiden O’Herlihy

      I pretended to be fresh in among us earlier

    72. xd SteamyZ


    73. Nathan James Tirado

      Lachy saw you at first place

    74. Saif Shaibat

      When I saw the thumbnail I thought fresh hit 7 mill

    75. GRIZZLYX

      HEy Fresh CaN you MaKe a sneaker collecTiOn ViDeO CauSE i saw in Lazarbeam Video you had the sean wothrspoons air maxes and its ok If yoU DonT MaKe ONe ItS Okay i wont be sad (cap)

    76. A G

      Can i anybody tell me why my friends were having disable instead of ready in the tournament can anybody plz tell me the reason?

    77. Nah just Logan

      Honestly all the sweats should have there own tournaments like if you have Over 200 wins you get into sweat and if you have 199 or under you get into a casual tournament where you only get like 10 or 1 k

    78. Lewis plays games𓀡

      How’s been a true fan of fresh befor 2020

    79. parsa redline

      So did they get like 300k each?

    80. Michail Ganiyu

      That actually very good

    81. Hamiz Playz


    82. Kaavish Gathani

      L(・o・)」ᵂᴬᴵᵀ so he got 1 million dollars💰🤑💸💰💳

    83. Dawn Stirling

      Play a new fking game ngl

    84. Echo

      The likes is showing how many times he said dead

    85. Thure Kek

      This was my first cup i played it with my friends and we placed top 7 percent i m pretty proud of us.

    86. Yeetarate Gaming

      I get it why fresh did not do it with lannan this time round

    87. Francisco Garcia

      Petition for fresh to use his old intro

    88. Ethan Doucette

      Was this tournament actually added up to equal 1 million dollars

    89. Daniverse

      where lazeream

    90. JustABit

      I didn’t get any points from Kills the fuck

    91. Blair Smith

      Oof your lobbies seem so much less sweaty than the ones i was in

    92. Gen8rs

      I watched live stream in twitch

    93. Skeppy Poo Poo

      I should have competed :/ I'm pretty good with any mythicals.

    94. Lucas Souza


    95. Eli H.

      Nobody taking into consideration that this man just got 250,000 dollars

    96. Eli H.

      This dude just like cool

    97. Sebastian Augello

      karl do be kinda handsome

    98. Sarah Daniels

      never thought i'd see the day that people play with mythics like it's arena, lol.

    99. Brittany Marshall

      I hate you