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    1. FireBeamPlayz

      This got published on my birthday 😂

    2. Long Hai Nguyen (Jeep)

      Fun fact if they got one more elim then they could have got 800 elims from every round combined

    3. Ojas Sarada

      Too sweaty

    4. Ojas Sarada


    5. Night Wolf


    6. dayno Gamez

      who's watching this in 2021 but is still thinking its new lol me: yes

    7. Bradley Footballer

      I love how fresh is so sweaty

    8. Jack Judson

      Fresh never misses his unibeam

    9. Jana Elhadary

      Evrrestvevtrervtes rt

    10. Jacob Li

      surprisingly they're not mad when they steal kills lol

    11. PEPSI MAN

      if i was in that tourny i would go use the command /gamemode creative

    12. Bonless boy6

      Fresh says who ever wins gets 1 million dollars. Money sound Than says also this nice fortnite skin. WOW sound Me:well I expected he didn't care for 1 million dollers

    13. Tuna Öztürk

      U win a milion dolars?

    14. teresa Navarro

      I was watching lazerbeam and then I saw your. Name fresh is bot lol why you Guys so funny

    15. Joseph Lozada

      The start of the video I saw a glitching car but... he’s dancing without a care in the world! ;)

    16. Dark Phantom

      Video in a nutshell:Fresh saying dead

    17. Steel Warrior

      5 months ago

    18. WrangWrang is me

      This was kinda cracked

    19. Marcus Monreal

      Fresh: 14 5 Score: 14 6

    20. Rory Bonehill

      🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵🏵 Oh I I

    21. Arkan Nerazzurra Astana

      0:00 lol the car is vibin'

    22. Mohammed Plays

      Did u win

    23. Mohammed Plays

      3000000 dollars

    24. ROLEX


    25. People Sing songs

      Fresh whining because he has low health:me:Your at 6 they are at zero 😂😂

    26. Jonathan Parry

      I love the way fresh wants the skin more then the million dollars.

    27. Samer Kashkash

      Can you join fishy army??

    28. Alexa Raborg

      The waggish lip preliminarily attach because siamese behaviourally tip anenst a loose staircase. dapper, spiteful closet

    29. Zayne Jones

      Love you couple



    31. Guilherme Mateus


    32. Liam Ryan

      fresh is the best player in oce

    33. diamond dog


    34. entity Results


    35. Charlie C

      I can just here fresh spamming his keyboard with unibeam

    36. tina ventura


    37. tina ventura

      I use code FRESH

    38. Xavier Quarles

      So you 1mill!!!!

    39. the dog


    40. Aditya Shekhar

      Fresh is so boring in his live streams

    41. Creeperine

      The Mythical crackhead will allow it.

    42. Phoenix

      ni ce

    43. Sentric Bright

      it is funny how this tourney offers more money than an fncs

    44. yeet-killr28

      Don’t every vid you pop off

    45. Kaleb glaze

      There is no way 'THIS' was for millions of dollars. What has this world become at this point 🤦‍♂️

    46. john little


    47. BlueKubu Challenges

      hy du si9kkgmhbkftgm u,jbvntyg vcfdvfhh

    48. Anish Sajjan Gandla


    49. Samaji Hewan

      2:50 Which music is used? Can anyone tell

    50. Bethany Aguilard


    51. Frosty Gaming

      Lazarbeam treats you like a RAT 🐀 DUDE

    52. Alice Godfrey

      Hi Fresh I use code Fresh

    53. Beau Beeby


    54. Crazy Town

      Tell joggie to start posting vids again

    55. Damian Arriola

      It's basically spell break

    56. Mclane Davis

      I love how fresh teamate says Covax when the repolsers lock on😂😂

    57. Cody Lindemann

      so did they win the million??

    58. Amira Bitar

      me too

    59. Amira Bitar

      fresh is better

    60. Cyndi M


    61. AJKILLS 100


    62. Aiden Eiker

      You’re my favorite HUgets or

    63. Rachel Galdamez

      7 million subscribers. Congrats fresh.

    64. FNAF king

      Throughout the vid you hear freshs keyboard

    65. Devil I ديفل

      but anyway the ltm is not here anymore

    66. Devil I ديفل

      there is a way to fly wich is not a glitch

    67. Devil I ديفل

      bruh they r bad at marvel knockout

    68. Mason Brown

      Did they win 1mil ?

    69. Luffy Dono

      Yoooooooooooooo he is goooooooooooood

    70. Luffy Dono

      I like your vids

    71. Ashley Perez

      Fresh:fricking hell I hate hulk fists Also fresh: destroying everyone with hulk fists

    72. Doggo. 11

      I love how fresh is better than ninja, and doesn't get much recognition

    73. Xd Kessalmania

      Anyone else triggered by the way fresh plays marvel knockout

    74. Matthew Frankenburger


    75. pav wada

      Me and my friend want to add you

    76. Info Real

      Did you win 1 million dollars!!!!

    77. Bob Bob

      This cup already happend on the 14 daredevil what fresh could you give me a ps4 so I can play with my friends I’m on mobile and I’m so sad :(

    78. juusogamerelite

      5:16 Look weapon an The weapon stats

    79. Ethan Flanagan

      Fresh and purple is a good thing I think it’s ok to go to the pool with the other girls in a pool or a snack and a pool and then get the kids and stuff for dinner so we will be back at school or maybe just go back in the pool

    80. Aarav Bahri

      Fresh wanna 1v1 I have a console in my cousins house after 5 days please reply

    81. Aarav Bahri

      I literally play controller on iPad and I am banned

    82. Reallydumbstuff3219

      This was my favourite cup

    83. Nikhil Reddy

      The mythics are broken

    84. suomi peliz

      Did u win

    85. Académie Aladdin

      26$million dollars

    86. Alex Inzane

      Fresh:Me and my trio Me a twitch watcher: sees slaya hmmmmmm smells like cap

    87. Reaper _Tec

      I versed you😁

    88. Ben Choi

      At the end he was playing pirates of the caribbean music.

    89. Frozen Blue


    90. Henryb0t

      awesome job fresh

    91. Dharma Johnrose

      Fortnite is trash

    92. Derrick Is the best yt

      What's up guys yes

    93. Chita is Cool

      I like he’s voice

    94. Eric P

      To much money

    95. Eric P


    96. Chelsey holmes

      Who’s better like fresh subscribe lazer

    97. Lucas vonMueffling

      YOu have more suscribers fresh!

    98. Gaming Ninja Vr

      Got in top 500 in europe

    99. Ben Levav

      so did he just win 1 million dollars