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    1. Rj Raney

      First match sounded he was lagging on discord LOL

    2. Sadify

      You have earned my sub but I haven’t earn yours🥺🥺!

    3. Mar cel

      you gotta watch the Venom movie. its sooo good

    4. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    5. Aarush Nair

      where the fricking hell did lazarbeam goooo

    6. The Filmist


    7. Marilyn Diaz Pulido

      There are a venom moive

    8. MichaL_ Pulko

      Hey bro how much fps play fortnite with this PC ? My PC: GeForce 920m 8gb ram Intel Pentium N3700 And 1600•900 monitor

    9. Zulpix

      Are you excited for season 5? Like:Yes Reply:No!!

    10. Slime Sage

      Venom hand go crazy

    11. Slime Sage

      I’m Excited for collectors

    12. VAR-star 123

      So basically they added they added the road hog hook from 2017, or when ever the hook was fucking insane in ow.

      1. Miss Kris

        Dear god no

    13. Trinity Pollard

      1 culer caling

    14. Logan Artbutt

      Day 34 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    15. Adam Johnson

      yes there is a venom movie and venom bites sombody's head off

    16. M3M3Z 4 Dayz

      I literate took out a whole team of stark bots with only a blue pistol

    17. Kaiden keele

      Fresh, you are becoming lazerbeam

    18. Prince M

      Yt it it 7ty

    19. Prince M


    20. Ricardo Sotelo


    21. Ethan Little


    22. Ethan Little

      *%#* u

    23. Ethan Little

      can u swear in comments

    24. Tristan Bugbee-McCue

      Hey anyone know what skin he’s wearing

    25. AdrianPlayss S

      I just noticed that u can also save enemy from storm

    26. John Saikaly


    27. John Saikaly

      Can you make a face reveal

    28. John Saikaly

      Love you so much

    29. Peter Jennings

      if ya don't know that there is a venom movie, it means ya haven't seen the venom movie

    30. snipercsj uranoob

      Watch the venom movie it’s pretty good

    31. marz ////


    32. -IReapz

      That was insane

    33. Matas Kalasauskas


    34. R0nn13g4mer Boi77

      Fresh can I have the battle pass pls my user is Ronnie11585

    35. Itzy4zz4n

      groot was already in the game

    36. H Raptor

      But you are good still

    37. H Raptor

      No because You are a bot

    38. Anonymous 8106

      The better you are the better the stark robots are

    39. Inkysquid


    40. Tianna Taylor

      You are so trash fresh

    41. YEET

      There is a movie about venom

    42. Johnson Low

      Fresh just watch the venom movie on netflix

    43. Linda Gaddoura

      R u gonna go to the live event? If u are plssssssss friend me Ahmedilo135

    44. Jordan Kursioski

      What’s up guys no

    45. Mason Wen

      So he can beat people in the World Cup but can’t beat stark robots

    46. Fun TvE BaSel

      Thickest venom in fortnite Me: that is the biggest man i have ever seen

    47. Sean Mason

      Robots = Controller player

    48. VEGA PRODUCTIONS [-_-]watermark


    49. Battle Royale Boih

      I once harpooned somebody and 1 pumped them mid air but I was not streaming

    50. Bilal Musa

      Fire vid

    51. fortnite baby

      Do the thickest venom in fortnite

    52. Galaxy

      New intro: what’s up guys yes it’s Fresh.

    53. Superzac Gamer

      Yes there is a venom movie and it’s awsome

    54. Harris and Hafiz

      Ok so everyone be like the hook sucks I mean it can only do 75 damage and pull enemy's towards u but the venoms hand can do 50 damage and pull enemy's towards u,now that is better than if u agree

    55. Lucas Iverson

      It go’s through more then10

    56. Ravenspy

      Has anyone noticed he has a midas skin

    57. julian alfaro

      Usally fresh puts on a skin that looks like the skin he makes his video about

    58. Javier Delgado

      The Venom mithic has got fivety of damage

    59. Thomas Augustyn

      How do you have the Midas Rex skin?

    60. Samuel Marin


    61. Soomia Ahmed


    62. angel david

      Hi fresh

    63. stacey kennedy

      Hi there is that

    64. Roger Hayes


    65. Roger Hayes


    66. Mr pleay don't eat me

      You no what is sad I can't play no my switch

    67. Francois van niekerk

      3:40 I like you’re cut G

    68. nathan yona malik tj

      Fresh add me pls


      Game bad. Me no like. Me angy

    70. Lemon4venom

      It’s called a smbiote

    71. Gongming Ming

      I don’t play fortnite but lol

    72. Yo its your boi confident

      7:27 its called puberty my boy

    73. Asher Playz

      Youve never watched venom movie its sick!!!!

    74. junk foood univerese cat

      How has fresh never seen the venom movie its sooooooooo good

    75. Jacob Allison

      My insta is jacoballison6

    76. Eric Samfirescu

      How you have this midas

    77. Cardi Cohen

      Hh CD g CD g

    78. ZachMonkeyBoy 09

      Freshy hi

    79. Allen Riley

      You the best

    80. Shane O'Reardon

      I knew this mythic wouldn't be a disappointment because I love the venom movie

    81. Rafe White

      I have Midas rex like fresh

    82. Nikiforos Kavvalos

      It goes 10 because Lachlan did 10

    83. ShadowPhantomXL

      Why is the sub button lookin THICC

    84. MrTomZZ

      Yes Mr fresh. There is a venom movie.

    85. Herobrine The White Eyed Beast

      0:35 venom doesn’t really like fresh Venom: I just wanted him to have my symbiote Carnage: idc I’m just very scary Fresh: press that thick subscribe button and let’s get in to it

    86. Abdullah Orilonise

      Fresh: 5:56 This is risky me: Check the map, you are in salty😂

    87. abrahim majid

      I heard that on December 8 the live event is happening

    88. Ian King

      Idiot idiot idiot gk lol j love you love like I,am gau

    89. Maid Raiden

      You bot

    90. JeanLeeNorisSigal

      Today is my birthday!!

    91. Raul Jimenez

      How do you get that skin

    92. Cyclone

      Lmao I have the venom skin it’s sick

    93. Pedro Mendez

      Dude I delete fortnite and something new happens 💀 😤 😒 😐

    94. Jack Rex

      you should watch the venom movie its a pretty good movie

    95. Koni GamingGR

      its the mythic harpoon gun

    96. •__Red __•


    97. Osy224

      Hi i sub to u. Sub too Osy224 too. Also i love ur vids fresh.

    98. RidinWith Lennox

      I just use the code

    99. ShootingQuazar -_-

      Actually?? Activate Spiderman mythic by receiving it from a skybase poi, Lol. Dodge all bullets for 5 second's. Broken update