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    1. ShadowBoy10

      When fresh said OH MY GOD I JUST SLAPPED HER DAMN BOO- uh I mean.i fricking died lol

    2. stephanielynndunn

      Why didn't you grab dooms mythic

    3. Alexis Sanchez

      He like I just sla++!!!! yea I don't know???

    4. Butch Park

      You know you said the A word when your first kill with the Venom grabber

    5. Tj Shields

      That intro tho

    6. Trip Tube HD


    7. Gacindo Galindo


    8. Stanley Pullen

      Venom is the best person in the world

    9. Knight Warrior

      Fresh: i have seen the spiderman movie with venom. Me: Wrong movie.

    10. Hamza RAHMAN

      spider man 3 tobey mouguer

    11. Noah Dao

      Wassup guys yes

    12. Danmike Jafri

      alternative title : Fresh simping for a mythic

    13. Tyler Chow

      Your not an idiot👇🏻

    14. Napstablook


    15. Chad DeVerger

      You like Venom's hands boy? Come here! 😂

    16. outrider551

      0:35 when i need to finish chores but im playing fortnite

    17. Nicholas James Leitheiser

      y u using midas rex

    18. Trystan Moreira

      I love how fresh used sweaty epic gaming music when fighting stark robots

    19. Denellow Brown

      Same I keep having voice cracks

    20. Dhyani Shah

      Did anyone notice the mythic just chilling there at 4:41 😂

    21. محمد السنجري

      And I subscribe to all of China fresh I love you so much fresh are you subscribed to you all the

    22. محمد السنجري

      What’s up fresh how are you doing I love you

    23. Shauna Meehan


    24. Dominic Fidelis


    25. The Fortnight Gammers

      Don’t tell laserbeam but I like fresh better

    26. F1RE

      I swear fresh was soo creepy last season, he talked about green balls, pp, and slapping things

    27. Bigboss1612 Bigboss

      Harpoon am I a joke to you

    28. Maxwell Grace

      I just slapped her boo-

    29. Leanne Barker

      Tbh the venom movies is kinda wrong because they say symbiote wrong

    30. Lord Penut

      You can just throw grenades in a box use Venom Grab and pull him in the box and he ded :)

    31. Lee Snow

      Who here season 5.

    32. Akeem Green

      Venom bites heads off in the movie

    33. FL Username

      btw the venom movie is way better than spider man 3 so u should watch it

    34. BlessedJD

      Has anyone noticed how Fresh is more enthusiastic in his vids compared to like a year ago or is it just me??

    35. Natalie Evanss

      I got that midas rex skin

    36. Jayden Moore

      its on FX

    37. Jayden Moore

      Fresh there is a venom movie the host that had venom was Eddie brock

      1. Nathaniel Henderson

        This video was a while ago bud he won’t see it

    38. Box guy

      Their is a venom movie and the spider man movie is spider man 3

    39. Oscar O'Brien

      I've never seen fresh sweat so hard but then they were bots and he still died

    40. Owen Nelson

      I am watching this vid while it is season 5 chapter 2 and I am sad that the mythic is gone forever😭

    41. DRIP


    42. Garshawn Panther

      The normal continent consequently pop because gold implicitly nod plus a neighborly tempo. deafening, illegal notify

    43. CapZ

      Fresh: I’ve seen the Spider-Man movies. Me: you should watch venoms movie

    44. Mahad fun world

      There is a venom movie, but it is on germany's Netflix

    45. Kristin Thomas

      What’s up guys, “NO”

    46. The Crafter Of Doom

      I use code FRESH!

    47. Samuel Sharp

      Hi fresh

    48. Tristan Barbosa

      Little did he know it could go past 10 blocks

    49. Nazlie Hercules

      i love you fresh hope you have a good day

    50. Vinny Sundahl

      Yes there is a venom movie and it’s amazing

    51. Muhammad Bilawal

      Fresh: ive seen the spiderman movies Me: how do u not know how to pronounce symbiote

      1. syed husain

        cause symbiote was only in venom not the spider man movies

    52. Abhi Plays

      The first time in the first half of the season was the first time ever before the season ended with the first season

    53. Gina Bleeck

      The repulsive judo architecturally bury because marimba concordantly load abaft a cooperative lynx. oval, addicted hardware

    54. Wayne Williams


    55. Wayne Williams


    56. Romar Gable


    57. Thomas Campbell

      Dude just the fact of him saying u like venoms hands

    58. streampanini

      man if they make the spider-man web shooters let them atleast have the same physics as the baller grapple hook

    59. Ελενη Πιπερακη

      Season 5 it's bad

    60. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    61. mark colucci

      i love freshs editter more than fresh

    62. David Soto-Lancheros

      7:23 voice crack 😂🤣🤣

    63. A google user

      you cuss

    64. ForwardNikita

      The venom movie is crazy

    65. Sus Jack

      “Does venom catch fish in the movie?”

    66. Matías López

      i remember dis

    67. FortniteCafe

      6:58 was cleeeeaaan

    68. Noxuming

      OP Weapon?

    69. Jaden Nguyen

      You should do THICCEST VENOM

    70. Toto Dalaker

      Can't wait for him to start swearing in his videos

    71. Younes Kihal

      venom is hard to fight but you dont have to fight venom

    72. Erick Navarro

      fresh can you add me on Fortnite my user Erick Navarro

    73. TimBruthyLemonade

      Fresh I love you

    74. Nicole Curtin

      fresh is sooo good

    75. Owen Gray

      3:23 and just like that I unsubscribed

    76. xsa gdt

      Day 93 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no

    77. RJARMY

      First match sounded he was lagging on discord LOL

    78. Mar cel

      you gotta watch the Venom movie. its sooo good

    79. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    80. Aarush Nair

      where the fricking hell did lazarbeam goooo

    81. The Filmist


    82. Marilyn Diaz Pulido

      There are a venom moive

    83. misanek je nej

      Hey bro how much fps play fortnite with this PC ? My PC: GeForce 920m 8gb ram Intel Pentium N3700 And 1600•900 monitor

    84. Zulpix

      Are you excited for season 5? Like:Yes Reply:No!!

    85. 1 Bloodysage

      Venom hand go crazy

    86. 1 Bloodysage

      I’m Excited for collectors

    87. VAR-star 123

      So basically they added they added the road hog hook from 2017, or when ever the hook was fucking insane in ow.

      1. Miss Kris

        Dear god no

    88. Trinity Pollard

      1 culer caling

    89. Y,all stupid Ok

      Day 34 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    90. Adam Johnson

      yes there is a venom movie and venom bites sombody's head off

    91. Kaiden keele

      Fresh, you are becoming lazerbeam

    92. Y.B.C Luh King

      Yt it it 7ty

    93. Y.B.C Luh King


    94. Ricardo Sotelo


    95. Ethan Little


    96. Ethan Little

      *%#* u

    97. Ethan Little

      can u swear in comments

    98. Tristan Bugbee-McCue

      Hey anyone know what skin he’s wearing

    99. AdrianPlayss S

      I just noticed that u can also save enemy from storm

    100. John Saikaly