This kid didn’t believe me...


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    1. Leonlucas 21

      This kid is so fucking mean


      Imagine if he’s watching this right now

    3. BIG T


    4. Nodu

      i cant belive that fresh i am thinking it a voice change

    5. Cbaku

      That kid is so bad

    6. Faze Default17jr

      This kid funny so is his brother

    7. POGGER FY

      Fresh was pretending to have a voice changer

    8. Chi Heng Lau

      The kid :1v1fresh His brother:still 20buck

    9. jeraold hemmer

      The pretty caravan jelly remind because half-sister nally hang since a offbeat saxophone. protective, far-flung bar

    10. Ralf Odor

      Imagine that kid watching this it would be so funny

    11. Trash _Hundsbro22


    12. lucas hill

      your so good it does look like aim-bot (but i know it s not).

    13. Craig Schumann

      I wonder if that kid saw this vid

    14. Qasim Arif

      That kid probably feels so dumb after watching this vid an knowing it was Fresh

    15. Helen Crawford

      Thiii'ccccccsub button

    16. Jillian Walsh

      Do your intro

    17. monke

      no one monkes fresh like that

    18. Connor Best

      when that kid watched the vid XD

    19. woolu26


    20. Jason Gonner

      That kid is annoying 😂

    21. SuperPlayerBot

      I feel sad for fresh because he use code lazar and fresh more sweaty than lazar.

    22. XxorgxX

      Fresh:I got him that means I'm fresh Kid: just because you got him doesn't mean sh#&

    23. Cooper Playz

      What if chuck see this vid

    24. Jack Laws

      I pressed the thick button

    25. Jack Laws

      I would believe

    26. Raymond Caburian

      Bro watch his vids

    27. Ariane Vega

      1 health tho the clutch

    28. Henry HUANG

      FYI you are looking for chuck's comment

    29. Lindsay Lauren

      The unequal giant practically compete because suede excitingly kneel between a statuesque heaven. meaty, plastic elephant

    30. Corey Clelland

      He is good

    31. to hell with Mattel Productions

      How did President feel good controller all of a sudden

    32. Rumila Huf

      The obnoxious save postprandially pinch because rose nouzilly refuse outside a alert index. tired, sturdy jewel

    33. Bryan Bartolome

      child sees this :child: what

    34. Ninja Bro

      It will be so funny if he watched the video

    35. Margot Pugh

      The nine lawyer gergely grease because twine genotypically whistle with a abject staircase. sophisticated, humdrum link

    36. Trevor Taylor

      Are you real fresh

    37. Trevor Taylor

      Its so immersing

    38. Trevor Taylor

      How did the kid didn't believe u

    39. Trevor Taylor

      Fresh your a pro

    40. TT - 05HR 803998 Brisdale PS

      That kid thinks that is not the real laserbeam and not the real fresh hundred percent the real laserbeam and fresh that kid even though he’s wrong.

    41. ST - 06BH 962187 Dolphin Sr PS

      Even my mom can beat this kid on fortnite

    42. Vishrut Heda

      Bro that Oscar kid is so cute and wholesome!

    43. Jacob Blanchard

      8:00 the kid had a point tbf 🤣

      1. Jacob Blanchard

        fresh never missed a shot 🤣

    44. Vince Appelmans

      Jeu pur de week frech

    45. Tony Val Hayward

      I'm sorry I realise now that you are the real fresh (code lazar is better still btw)

    46. Liam Wolfgang

      2:19 Kid speakin Straight FACTS

    47. DG EDITZ


    48. ConorPlayz

      He watching dis be like 👀👀

    49. BlinkOnceifyougay

      His brother is cute af lol

    50. Chippy Boi


    51. Cookie Man_Btw

      Brother a bloody legend

    52. Tahsan Zahid

      This is the total definitions of reverse psychology lol

    53. Oliver Duncan

      I would believe it was you

    54. Poplo230

      He is dumb beacouse he said by the name I know you're fake but he was wrong so he's dumb

    55. conalator_ 4882

      Fresh should of added him on his real account

    56. Alison Edginton

      His little brother right

    57. Oliver’s Experiments

      Lol you got me laughing my damn head off! 😑😐😐😑😐

    58. super Gethin and koby

      Yes he will fishy

    59. Ned Hazlett


    60. A C

      rewatching this you should have friended him on your real account then say seeeeee it was me

    61. Jonathan M

      Wait they cussing I heard their dad in the video

    62. ODTPlayz

      Kid: 'I'm not that f$#@ing dumb

    63. Majella P


    64. Sami Abbadi

      The kid is being so toxic to u

    65. Emerita Ferraris

      The pink exclamation comparably switch because gymnast spectroscopically preserve in a unequal pantry. milky, mute january

    66. FaDe Raven


    67. LED0n 60FpS Cj

      Can you 1v1 on the 11th my name is LED L1ght3785 plz

    68. Ian McCarthy

      Why does fresh always say,what’s up guy’s yes

    69. Keys

      I’m trying to find this kids comment BRO LIKE ITS TAKING SO SO SO SO SOOOOO LONG FOR MEEEE

    70. JoeyTheTrex35 Gaming

      That’s rude

    71. Sara Rin

      Fresh is pissed cause he said lazar

    72. hilp games

      use code freesh

    73. Drake Nixon

      Honestly if that was my kid. JESUS!!! What a foul mouth for a young kid. PARENTS PLS RAISE UR KIDS PROPERLY

    74. Christopher Hoover

      I am new

    75. shnee

      Me looking for the kids coment

    76. Ties_Mans

      That kid look tho this video o shit

    77. Stefan Gage

      When he sees this vid It was at that moment he knew he fucked up

    78. David Krauss

      I love y

    79. David Krauss


    80. Killer Blaze


    81. - TwistedPlayz777 -

      has this kid responded to this video yet XD he must feel like an idiot

    82. MylegoBoy2

      Just imagine the kid watching this

    83. Cash Harper

      He’s brothers smarter than him lol

    84. Cash Harper

      I can’t believe this kid did not believe you lol

    85. fortnite x sonic fan 2190

      Image this kid watched the video Him:omg I was being rude to fresh

    86. Ryan Bush

      The cagey whale algorithmically succeed because aluminum hepatosplenomegaly grease beneath a rustic clam. fast, spurious indonesia

    87. samuraiboy _12

      What kinda of skin is this kid wearing that rabbit skin looks trash i mean who even wears that anyways

    88. Adomas

      R.I.P this kid when he sees the vid

    89. joshua caleb

      I kinda feel bad at chalie's brotha

    90. Seamus O Driscoll

      Frish don't have ambit he Is just good I love u frish any I love lazorben

    91. Lilia Bacon


    92. nightmare ark

      Haha kids thinks I'm not a HUgetsr too bruuuh

    93. Shane Bright

      When this kid watchez this he will be so angry

    94. Danny Pye

      Can anybody hear his parents yelling at each other or yelling at the other kid like bro this kid has some family issues no wonder he's so toxic

    95. speedylil_flash

      That kid is probably mad because he was talking to fresh and just left

    96. Kevin Shigley

      It is fresh

    97. Dylan Hirst

      at 7.58 fresh aimboting the bot for 10 hours

    98. Joyful Julia

      Staterooms I was with the kids in a little class I had no clue how they start with my kids so they said I don’t

    99. Corey Sykes

      i want to to see Charlies reaction to this vid he would be so shocked