This kid didn’t believe me...


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    1. Lucaslikes gaming

      imagine he watched this vid

    2. Chefo Gaming

      He is going to feel dumb when he wacht this vidio Like this comment if you feel bad for oscar Reply this comment if you aggre this kid is a toxic kid

    3. Fortnite Bot Ivan

      Fresh:what code do you put in the shop Kid:I use lazar Ad:iF yOu vApE

    4. EvanGames GD

      The kid: I’m not that dumb Also the kid: legit wrong

    5. •hungry_cat•

      i bet he is gonna reget it after watching the vid-





    8. Jake Shorts

      That kids mad

    9. The Great. Hulk

      Image how dumb that kid tells after he watches it

    10. the jones fam !

      him seeing the vid Charlie: 👀 His brother: BOIIIIIIIIIIII

    11. Max Eaton

      Lazar sucks

    12. Tina Thomas

      Crush he’s just a stupid little kid

    13. skales e

      This kid is so annoying honestly

    14. HonzaPlayz Cz

      I think Charlie regret that he's a fake fresh 😂😂

    15. Among us


    16. Bryce Mystery

      I have to admit lazarbeam did sound like a robot

    17. Fernando Acosta

      That dang kid just wount belive you lol

    18. DJ Titan

      Bet that kid fells dumb as

    19. marky mark

      Why is this video not called revers sycology

    20. The animator Life

      That kid was f stupid

    21. Eorror Life

      The kid: I’m not stupid yiur not fresh Also kid: sees video “well I guess I’m stupid”

    22. Lilly Wilson

      By any means I can make a good day and a day and get it today thank for the help I I ot love it I will have to see if you can come to the next event with my kids for Christmas and we lighten it for a

    23. Lilly Wilson

      Hehyeuyiheujueu ja amor como amaneciste mi vida suerte en mi troca te order I u too que tal y te acuerdas de la tienda de la barra libre y ti te acuerdas de eio yeutuuy uss was hahen to

    24. Justin Henry

      that kidd actually annoyed me a little but still funny at the same time

    25. Shannon Young

      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rrrrrrrr

    26. Shameeza Jamaludin

      Oscar is an og

    27. Shameeza Jamaludin

      Anyone still waiting for that locker reaveal

    28. dylan gillmeister

      My god this kid is really stoops

    29. sandro Bestavashvili

      My brother oscar actually killed me

    30. sandro Bestavashvili

      Im so dumb

    31. sandro Bestavashvili

      I cant believe i played with fresh

    32. Kwek Junius

      lil boy gonna cry when he sees this video

    33. joshua henriquez

      The kid might watch this and feel like a idiot lolol

    34. Samus Pg3d VS

      i would do anything to see charlie and oscars reaction when they realized it was fresh

    35. Alia the greatest

      Charlie reacting would be well shit I spent that time saying he was fake and he was real

    36. Autumn Rogers


    37. None of ur Business

      Omg I want him to see him watch this vids

    38. Xylon Reece Bordeos

      whoever that kid is he probably feels so dumb watching this


      you suck 1v1

    40. Kristen Boyle

      Yes def and said she will have a great weekend with you and her and your help and hope everything you’re ok good with her love

    41. Nbl Pterafox

      charlie depressed me

    42. Aldo Giron

      Kid lazarbeam better than you and he always will be me: name a more iconic duo lazar and fresh

    43. Ghaleb AlShawareb

      you didn't tell him that you were live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    44. VM 10

      now i got to know he was the real fresh unbelievable i talked with fresh and lazer beam

    45. TLND

      That kid when he sees this video he'll be like What the Frick I was talking to fresh

    46. Jax kanx

      a voice changer can change your voice but it doesn't change your accent :D

    47. john lagos

      That is annoying as fuckl

    48. LateKinkajou859

      I like how no one realizes fresh didn’t know his gf

    49. Darth Striker

      Wait until he watches this vid oh he’s gunna get rect

    50. lili watkins

      I’m sorry I didn’t believe you

    51. Hayden Sorensen


    52. Fabian Lidgren

      Why do you sound like you are drunk

    53. liam johnson

      Still waiting for the “what’s up guys no.”

    54. Joe Murray

      ChuckSongFule: YOU AINT FRESH STOP USiNG VOICE CHANGER YOU GOT AIMBOT YOUR TRASH!!!!!!! when he see's the video: I just embarrassed myself infront of millions of people.

    55. Hasan Elhajj

      What it’s fresh

    56. Best gamer Minecraft

      When the kid watches this video he is gonna be priceless😂😂

    57. Angelina Pelekai

      Imagine that this kid is watching this video

    58. Tina Kent

      Are you the who gives 5000 v bucks because if you do I subscribed and liked the video

    59. LukePlayz

      The kid who didn't believe him watching this video: "OmG i Am In A fReSh ViDeO yAy!!!"

    60. Gaming channel 12

      Love your videos fresh

    61. Tom DAMIN

      soooooooooooo funny

    62. Tristan Wharton

      Only the kid new the man the legend THICK MAN FRESH

    63. Anthony Cook


    64. Itsbabygamer 344

      Kid watch’s the video omg it was actually Fresh a my goodness I thought he was a fake (has panic attack)

    65. KNT'S FRAME

      The first one was actelly that fucking dumb

    66. Goofy Goofy

      That kid getting triggered cause fresh keeps saying he is the real fresh after every kill and every ten seconds

    67. Fractal-Lord

      That kid was actually funny 🤣

    68. Azra V.

      1v1 sorry

    69. Laura Possnett


    70. Defaulto

      Yo to Charlie’s little brother you’re a champ hope you win every game

    71. Ace The Gamer

      I am so triggered it literally got my ocd 1000% higher he is also so toxic and he said he was better than u when you just wrecked him

    72. Side_Walker1

      Why didn't Fresh start going insane on him

    73. lite 123

      it a voice changer

    74. lite 123

      im not dumb

    75. Sophia Malcolm

      imagine him watching this vid after the game 👁👄👁

    76. COOL Boyp90

      Fs in chat for the little brother that did not get to play

    77. Savera Rehman

      The kid was not even good by sister could beat him 5-0 in a 1v1

    78. ashley t .

      I swear I need to meet fresh

    79. irwyn toh

      charlie show urself

    80. Hi It’s me


    81. Brhints


    82. Ani-Mav

      This kid just constantly denies fresh’s identity

    83. Dafydd Phillips

      Kid: i use code LAZAR Fresh: so you have chosen... advert

    84. Lawend Taha

      this kids carrier just got destroyed

    85. kbm_kiwi

      that kid probably regrets everything lol

    86. David -A

      What more evidence does that kid need!!!!!???????

    87. Emily Melba

      I would pay to see Charlie's and his brother reacting to this video

    88. Gazi Hossain

      Charlie did you watch this video?

    89. Almighty_ _Owl1009

      Hate dis kid so much its cringe

    90. Yuli Orta

      I use code fresh

    91. Sleek

      U should have made lazarbeam say that kids name

    92. Ranya & Liana Shareef

      The little kid when he watches this he will be surprised broo

    93. Jonathan Carreras

      that kid is mean

    94. Shian Mattew Penuliar

      hahahaha wtf

    95. Felix DiSarno

      that kid is so so so so so dumb

    96. trap_adaptor

      bro imagine if ur that kid ur going to say " iM noT DUmb " then realise that u r in the vid w fresh and say " ok im dumb " LOL

    97. Brayden LopezChilel

      bruh kid says bot fresh and lazar

    98. Enis Santana

      charlie wathing this uhh is that me im in fresh omg!!

    99. Sanzionick

      This kid is a toxic dumbo

    100. Samuel Hawarden

      God, this kid is toxic!!