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    1. Hoyt Steinke

      The enchanted show invariably heap because clerk molecularly boast unto a unadvised tulip. languid, acceptable september

    2. Badraldin gaming

      fresh who won

    3. Raging fire of gaming

      Fresh how will I get to know who wins? In the give away

    4. Drake Hughes


    5. [.PolkaDotAngel.]

      Title: LAZARBEAM CARRIES FRESH Me: *Trying not to laugh*

    6. Brooke Latham

      I joined the give away 100000000000000000% not gonna win:( but worth a try

    7. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    8. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    9. Brody Schiernbeck

      Dad saves the day

    10. Joshua Flores

      Fresh is it possible you can play a game with me

    11. GamingStamina69

      i really want ps5 for me and my brother im surprising him if i win hes my older brother

    12. Muhammad isa Mahendra

      Good vibe mr fresh and good play

    13. XTurtlezYT

      alternative title: looking for XP coins and camping all game with lazarbum

    14. King James


    15. King James


    16. David Akubardiya

      That will be hard since lannan is equivalent to a robot

    17. Casual Gamer

      Did you know that when a Lazarbeam is threatened, he will turn into a dolphin. Incredible stuff

    18. Carsten Calvert

      Minecraft plz

    19. Colin /reapers rips

      Fresh lazar beam I'm a big fan can we play a squad game SKELETOR0917

    20. Elizabeth Alvarado

      Anybody see that llama at 6:10

    21. Justin Helberg

      2:22 no one saw how he has a grey pump after having a green pump

    22. Kitty Gang

      day number 365 of waiting for fresh to use his old intro. 😪

    23. Jhett Donald

      Do u think I can get a ps5 I’ve been having a hard time with family passing away and my dog

    24. mohsin huss

      There was a llama 6:10 to 6:14

    25. Synixx Gaming

      I have not played in ages

    26. Synixx Gaming

      Cool Video

    27. English_Person2

      I’m level 287 yuh I grind hard

    28. Slurpy Tori

      Cmn Laden u suck at Fortnite now that’s ur home game

    29. dream's grandpa

      I'm waiting for fresh to say "what's up guys? No."

    30. Ali

      LAZERBEAM COME BACK (I said LAZERBEAM purposely)

    31. David Cifuentes

      fresh =failure

    32. Hannah Sharma

      Fresh is level 309 I'm level 222

    33. Cayden Hanville

      Fresh is the best hes my favret youtoder. I luv you you no lik my favret yotwder

    34. Natasha Qurux


    35. Elisabeth Campbell

      I like how Lannan act like he doesn’t know what a reboot and shield barrel is 😂😂😂

    36. Eyden Loera

      Fresh I used your code and it was the best decision ever

    37. Ark FishYT

      Imagine if I got a ps5 that. Would be a dream come true

    38. Noah Henderson


    39. Elvis Zhuo


    40. josiah grado

      more like fresh carries lazarbeam

    41. MRGLiamPRO

      Pls give me a ps5, I need one my ps4 broke last week and my pc does not run fortnite /😔/

    42. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    43. G3 Jourdan

      I did all the thing I had to do for the giveaway and i would really appreciate the ps5 because my family wont be able to afford that right now and it would be really awesome! But even If I dont get it I will always what or vids and I hope u become really famous some day!😁

    44. ACJM Family

      At least he dolphin sounds out the cursing.

    45. Adam Rice

      What's up fresh

    46. Lidia E

      My fortnite name is Lidia 509

    47. Lidia E

      Hi can you add me

      1. Lidia E


    48. Marsha Harrington

      every body watch its akeila

    49. Hos Tobias

      Fortjite bukymy

    50. keri young

      Please please a PlayStation 5 for your giveaway

    51. Axnel11

      Fortnite ded

    52. peyton's gaming and vlog channel

      Hi fresh how do you enter giveaway

    53. Fahad Almogheerah

      good job fresh

    54. MistermemeYT

      Make this the most liked comment here

    55. AustinPlayz Fortnite

      tell your dad i found someone that hates him i subed

    56. Agnes Scheurich


    57. GMR mastergamer

      FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVERRRRRR, Fresh made two vids

    58. Calvin Ha

      Let’s see him try

    59. Jose Serrano

      Fresh can you put your intro music please

    60. The movie Makers

      Where is lazar

    61. XExOtiCs_fur

      2:42 dat voice crack doe

    62. Jo Watson

      Lazarbeem Is A God At Everything

    63. 1 Bloodysage

      Are you goes brothers

    64. The dark Portal

      Me: *sees the title* Also me: impossible

    65. Dgg Light

      Roses are red, fresh is neat, everything goes flying when lazarbeam says “YEET”

      1. Dgg Light


      2. O-Dog88


      3. Landon on pc

        Roses are red,dgg copied a comment now he’s yeet

    66. Abbey Smallwood

      He wouldn’t play fall guys with me

    67. Hamish Carr

      Fuck yeh I’m 8

    68. XxaarongamerxXXD

      Tbh I know I’ll never win the giveaway

    69. Vxltz

      Fresh: is level 309 and bought 100 tiers Me: Level 240 and bought no tiers

    70. brianna stevens

      😂 😂 😂

    71. Pro Play Studios

      Which song does Fresh use in the end???

    72. shirleywomanaffairs

      Fresh do be cracked tho

    73. Clipzs Clipzs

      In the first time in forever

    74. wither Games7

      i One ps5

    75. wither Games7

      I have PS5

    76. Lightning clan leader

      Pls new gen I need for my cuz

    77. Optic Logit


    78. Random Chanel

      In their first try after lazar died fresh stopped recording right? I’m sure he killed both of them but did not do it on tape

    79. Sabir Kazakov

      Mr beam more like mr bean

    80. Sabir Kazakov

      I don’t believe it

    81. Subto Drippz279

      Day 1 of trying to get Drippz279 to 100subs

    82. Hypervinculo YT

      The impossible became the possible

    83. LOLGamer 98

      Why don’t u call him dad

    84. mark clifford

      that is just an big Oof at the end

    85. Mimi Lamison

      Keep up the great work fresh

    86. MrMr Meta

      This is impossible

    87. Clayton Seiffert


    88. Clayton Seiffert

      Can you send a request to fortnite to remove direct pay so I will be able to play again

    89. Brandi Moore

      Pleas do not Cruise

    90. Nate

      I swear to fucking god if laserbeam doesn’t start making more fortnight videos!!!

    91. hellendunne

      Never thought this would happen lol

    92. CyFi

      Galactic is at the map in the water

    93. CyFi

      He installed ambot

    94. Tiny133

      This is my first giveaway I have ever entered

    95. Clixy

      Wow fresh let lazerbeam Carrie him

    96. Abishai Nagan


    97. Daniel Barrera

      They kinda lost they kinda won

    98. Funny TikTok

      Fresh: Is level 309 and not needing to level up anymore, “OH, XP COIN”

      1. Funny TikTok

        @Cris441 the audacity to think I care!

      2. Cris441

        @Funny TikTok ur still on about this? well if u trying to fight nice grammar 🤣

      3. Funny TikTok

        @Cris441do you remember anyone asking no and so do I not remember anyone asking

      4. Cris441

        @Funny TikTok no subs lol

      5. Funny TikTok

        @Cris441 ohh and did I ask for a reply... no so mind your own buisness

    99. Framess

      When did you start playing? Chapter 1 : Like Chapter 2 : Reply

    100. Stella Sports

      New challenge: Lazarbeam plays fortnite and I use it for content