its SPOOKY season...


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    1. Natalie Angeles Mora

      Fresh You and Lazabin the best



    3. Harrison Groves

      My birthday!! On this day

    4. Ishy's Big Video Channel

      oooooo soopy very soopy soopy🧛🏻‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟

    5. BonnieSFM Reacts

      3:04 I mean where to priorities at??? There are kids watching

    6. Zsombor Földi

      Fresh: Just go suck Mr. Big D Lazarbeam: slush-slush-slushyslushy

    7. James Hinojosa

      puke up gold chrjshat gun


      Is no one gonna talk about lazer’s pretty good rushan accent

    9. Pietro Bastianini

      Fun fact:you instantly die when u TOUCH the sun.

    10. Abcd Blablabla

      Bo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙁😡😡🙈🎶😂☺️💕

    11. Yuri Gonzales

      Today is Halloween 🎃

    12. moon light


    13. Super Mario Bros Crazybro

      No uses code Fresh

    14. Wave Raptey

      Ooooh scary Shiver me timbers QUIET FAM

    15. Yannis Chabou

      For 4,99 I can suck something else

    16. David Flores (Student)

      probily 2 years

    17. Corey Redding

      how come lazarbeam loves your chanal but he is not uploading on his chanal

    18. cheesy cheeks

      Why is lazar speaking but its freshes channel

    19. Ruben Ass

      my epic is Ruben_Larssen_3N

    20. Abhin Sivakumar

      I was confused at the start because lazar was talking

    21. Jazmine Jade Oliveros

      what does he mean 🤢😵

      1. Jazmine Jade Oliveros

        and 499 what does that maen

    22. Goonerlp Original!!!


    23. Edwin J.R. Nel


    24. GrogNack

      Me a JOJOS bizzare adventure fan "Two dio's?"

    25. August Bragge

      3:04 lmao

    26. Bert Cole

      Did anyone notice in the beginning he says lazerbeam and i

    27. Nicola Houghton

      Worst video ever recorded by Fesh

    28. Stephen Smith

      Do a challenge wear you only use storms Mythical wepon

      1. Stephen Smith

        Hopefully you win

    29. Maxinud


    30. Noah the legend

      when lazarbeam said “what’s up guys yes” i laughed

    31. Jxrdan Clipz

      Ayo that’s sus

    32. MV Daily Da second

      Did Laban say Lazarbeam and i

    33. gamersetup123 gavin

      456 fuckn days

    34. sparrow _gamer


    35. DumpyDoornail

      "We need to suck some people to get some meds", hmmm...

    36. Godmadeaway yt

      Challenge idea:whatever super hero or gillian you get you have to do what they do

    37. Joemar McDonnell

      It’s supposed to be spooky month

    38. Giselle Morales Grisanty

      Lazarbeam talkin my an lazarbeam

    39. Seth bartrop

      I could have used fish they have blood

    40. BigMac _thegoat

      The only twilight i know is twilight zone

    41. Industrious pbird133

      You can’t see vampires shadow

    42. Nevaeh Alphonso

      four seconds

    43. Damari Hawkins

      this was made during my birthday

    44. jamie howe

      Lazar said lazarbeam and i

    45. kainoadrone 18

      Fresh: "Suck Mr. Big D" Me: *crickets crickets crickets*

    46. Kassidy james

      What if you go in the sun what will happen

    47. XtincX Jay



      among us is getting bored now, am waiting for among us 2, till then I will play fortnite

    49. Pauline Cullen

      Go to 2mins38s lazar sounds like a perv

    50. JaskaranBtw

      I though vampire don’t have shadows 🤔 6:15

    51. Kguy269

      A week within the time u posted the vid you have 135k likes and 3mil views

    52. real_Eyeq

      2:30 choked on my drink

    53. Jenn Donoghue



      So let me know how to pay lazar the 4.99 card or cash 🤣

    55. ??????

      Am Australian do I don’t do Halloween :(

    56. Luigie Bumanglag


    57. Eyob Hadgu

      everyone use code lazer

    58. Rocket_tube

      Is it just me? Or is lazarbeam the best youtuber!

    59. Glaxick Boi

      He is going to get u striker, I swear

    60. Glaxick Boi

      Nothing can beat Lazarbeam, Literally no one

    61. Z pg3d

      Fresh for president

    62. Victor Burgos

      I love freshes vids

    63. Gigiamit7128 ._.

      For four 99 I suck somrthih eels what is Lazer beam talking about 😀

    64. Julian Angel

      the 80 head lol

    65. overtXclxpzzz

      When they think that we dont realize this is a complete season 6 throw bakc

    66. Gage the Demon Slayer

      Just looking at lazer makes me scared

    67. Paige Griffith

      October 1 was my birthday

    68. Pyro Soukhaseum


    69. Replays

      Mr.beam lil sus

    70. Ashley Penn

      I love your videos

    71. Matthew J.

      I like it.

    72. Jacion Bryant

      so sus

    73. WtfEcho

      To the early sqaud Reading this: Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, And be kind. Please help me make my dream, I would love to get 1k 💙🌌

    74. deadman360

      Lazarbeam and I?

    75. Dirt Bikes Videos And Fun

      how come it say oct 1 but its oct 7

    76. Dirt Bikes Videos And Fun

      how come it say oct 1 but its oct 7

    77. Sudheer Mangalpady

      U two build great

    78. Julian Dominguez

      I love your videos

    79. JaysalyonCOD

      He passed a blue pump but he kept the green one

    80. Dotchy

      "sometimes they only do rub and tuky but sometimes only do rubby no sucky" said superwog

    81. Sparkz

      :pewdiepie crosses bridge without swearing :lazarbeam crosses bridge while talking about sucking big ds

    82. Xzylity

      hey Fresh can you bring back you intro R.I.P kid fresh and brite gunner skin

    83. Regina

      Has anyone realised they weren't in the shade

    84. Capziqu

      D E M O N I T I S E D

    85. Ashton Boone


    86. Derrick Pizza mo rell

      Fresh can you plz whach jojo bizarre adventure

    87. Christopher Miller

      lazarbeam carrying fresh?

    88. skat3boarder adventurer_yt

      Here is something funny lanan your pic is better than your skill

    89. Nat Late

      When lazar says not just suck blood a di

    90. Jade Chandler

      You have done this meme before

    91. AFreddylid13

      Nice to know That Lazarbeam is now Freash

    92. Marløn

      He's not even on the shadow, he's below the builds but still in the sun. Nice try freshie boy, but that challenge didn't count.

    93. Harold Habben

      id no on gonna say that they were in the sun yes they were under something but the sun was at an angle so they died

    94. Brooke Latham

      I've am still watching the twilight

    95. Wade Jones

      Edit out blood and to the cut noise strait after i want to suck

    96. Daniel Hyde


    97. Dedrick Morrisseau-Pangowish-Thompson

      It’s SpOoKy MoNtH

    98. hdhd shsh

      I love you musical I’m very good game I try Nike is gone 10 times and is not your king for me I don’t know why but can you like you tell me please tell me what’s going on I’m the only one here I give you one girl I’ll give you thousand likes I do you insane I love you thousand like poor I promise you

    99. Jonatan Ivansson

      I vod pay 4.99 fore hin to do somthing els ( and i am swed so don’t jodj mi)