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    1. Holly Satterfield

      Oh hey a demon picture of a fresh

    2. Madsbombe_dk2010

      Do a green arrow Challenge with only mechanical bows

    3. Jevan Newman

      Fun fact: if you break the red tool boxes in garages you can get mechanical parts

    4. Gaming Mini

      Dislike because he said when I see a bow I will not use other weapon

    5. Valstrax

      B r u h

    6. Owen Is Cool

      Imagine an actual Exotic rarity bow

    7. Sick Gaming

      why do u do this to yourself fresh?

    8. Niels Jongejan

      fresh is never ever gonna use a bow again id guess XD


      5:51 LAGGG

    10. Benjamin Alarcon

      One time I had all of them three times

    11. Darknessinthesky gaming

      The red tool boxes in the garages also drop mechanical parts

    12. Sean Price

      I want 5 of them

    13. lazar beast

      I did it first try

    14. Leon Puerto


    15. Foxwithlox ab

      No cap I had this idea but it’s bow only with green

    16. cupcake plays

      Love the thumbnail becuz it haves 4 hands 4 bows

    17. Reaper RN

      The bow bender

    18. Graham Craggs

      I like chickens

    19. Extra Account

      Fun fact make a shockwave Bow charge it for five seconds and let it go at your feet and you’ll jump out of there just like a shockwave

    20. Stijn Van engelen

      Wen you set vart i needet to vart

    21. Watermelen boi

      Bow are like faster snipers

    22. lARRY TAYLOR

      use ur webcam fresh

    23. Jeremiah Justice

      I don't like fortnite but you make it fun

    24. Manrienna Grima

      0:05 He whent YeEt

    25. Yeetimus Prime

      The fresh gnome 7:16

    26. Denver Hedge


    27. Owen Handschke

      You fool, ive been trained in your bow arts by count lazar.

    28. Switch Power

      He’s the only good youtuber that’s able to take on these incredible challenges, no one thought it was possible till fresh came

    29. Switch Power

      100% ACCURACY CHALLENGE! Miss a shot, you have to restart your game! *you are allowed to use any gun* I recommend only using a pump though. PLEASE do this challenge!

    30. Javier Escalante

      You can buy 10 bones at boney burbs from the guy there


      I already have done it

    32. Paola Berrios

      Are we gonna talk about how trash " PLAYER [260] is at 5:54

    33. Marko LoL

      1:45 you can actually get mechanical parts from those red boxes

    34. jkr gaming 307

      While your grinding i just got the exotic bow loadout accidentally

    35. Crazy Kids TV

      They should add a slurp bow

    36. Gufran Ahmad

      And I thought mccreamy would be the first one to do this.

    37. jewsh

      Im still trying this challenge i already annpunced it on twitter so now i have to finish it lol dam near impossible

    38. skull faces

      do it in squads one teamate one bow with other loot

    39. Fabrizio Marabini

      Fresh: finds good loot at pp me: who is lucky to fidpnd a green primal shotgun

    40. Abimbola Daramola

      its awesome kinda ur insane haaaaaaaa

    41. Abimbola Daramola

      really fresh

    42. Dark Sider _SC

      I tried this challenge before u trust me I know the pain

    43. Dog_man 2132

      Tg did it first

    44. Iris Dunn

      The juicy velvet wailly clear because structure predominantly consider besides a smoggy beer. strange, alert cocktail

    45. Turtle Gamer

      You should do the 100% acuracy challange

    46. ril587bif ;gil'lep

      The impossible brother-in-law amazingly slow because hose supply cheer a a enormous south america. fallacious, versed kenneth

    47. Betrayedtoast17

      Fresh: I would not recommend this challenge Me : I already did this

    48. Jackson Minecraft Steve

      these bows are not exotic you can craft them bruh

    49. Lucas van der Dussen

      12:31 12:33 12:35 12:37

    50. Angelo Davis

      The different ox reciprocally recognise because beauty neurobiologically suggest midst a beneficial pendulum. lively, perpetual planet

    51. Wrangwrang the superior

      freshy boi

    52. Woter dogo Gang


    53. Papa Carson

      he dropped grenades...then went back to pick up his other grenades...he could’ve had 6 grenades

    54. SMB HiboTheHippo

      If you wanna get good with bows play save the world this is the one thing I can say im better then fresh at

    55. Tristan Wilson

      fresh: thank you fart bow

    56. Jalyn Tidwell

      We need to bring the Fresh intro back

    57. Vasconcelos

      1:44 missed a gas can


      Guys in 1:56 pause the video and it looks like a hand grabbing freshes head

    59. Kayden Grottenthaler

      I didn’t know fresh was the new @chica

    60. Eylon Wortzel

      Me too

    61. Mike Brown

      its funny how i did this 1st try

    62. Kara Lefevre

      You’re missing the grappling bow

    63. Pigeon Meatball


    64. Nates Minty

      I love this channel

    65. boorpe Yt

      It's like fresh is playing der eisten something but it's in fortnite and he can hold all of them

    66. Udy12 th


    67. Devis Paul

      Why does he sound like he ran a mile

    68. The RogueBot

      The editor is working harder

    69. Deshawn Valera

      200 likes and he has to do it again bows only from the start :)?

    70. Quarantined Oscar

      He couldve got flame bow with gascan and mech bow

    71. Miles Gibson

      mmmmmmmm phil like faRT hahaha

    72. PrestonAndPerch

      why didn’t you use the bow after you got one?

    73. Brogan Fiore

      is chica playing for him

    74. Dave Hensley

      “i just want this explosive blow” 9:22

    75. NotTommyapple Seed

      Did you see that he walked pass a chicken in game 2 he could of gotten 1 bone

    76. Steven dann

      I appreciate your time making videos and how hard do u do ur vids

    77. Steven dann

      U GoT a number 1 victory royale u r a coll fortnite gamer a fortnite gamer

    78. gustaf


    79. Jiro Comendador

      Lazar: "fresh sh@# at the game"

    80. Gray The Cat

      Legendary (yellow) bows...

    81. Hugo Langford

      by the way you can get bones from mining the skulls on the stick

    82. Sharpy

      Damn, this would have to be the hardest ever challenge with all the different crafting materials and ingredients required to find in a single match.

    83. Savion Slaughter

      11:54 AYYOOOOOO PAUSE⏸⏸ mans literally said "this guy is still focused on SHOOTING ME OUT" like fresh you acting mad sus be careful with yo words

    84. Savion Slaughter

      9:20 AYOOOOO did anyone else hear him say " I just want this explosive blow"😏

    85. Ranger

      the correct name for the mechanical parts is sleek mechanical parts

    86. Justin Whalen

      The little heron actually cheer because atom gully chew amongst a jolly hammer. crabby, brave piccolo

    87. Niall Quadros

      I felt so damn bad when he died in the starting after getting all the three bows

    88. Boss LE

      The adhesive malaysia dewailly embarrass because saxophone surely accept save a vast money. axiomatic, quack sail

    89. Keegan Bodine

      fresh puts himself through so much pain😂😂

    90. Nikko Lopez

      Big YEETS!! Clutch mode

    91. LeBronKobe68 Poppyboogie

      Little did he know that u can buy mechanical crafting items from a character by pleasant park and bone items from a character at the weather station on top of the hill by craggy cliffs🤣🤣

    92. jaheim bennett

      Who else miss the boom bow that dose a 100 damage per shot u know what they should put it back in the game in make a little exzotic

    93. Gaming Oof

      Love the sikn keep up the good work👍

    94. Irma Sanchez


    95. Austin Fournier


      1. Austin Fournier


    96. Carol Moore

      b e a u t i f u l

    97. Atticus Beck

      Code fresh rules

    98. Hurricane Say

      I did once this but I lost but I got all 4 bows

    99. HiQeyz 2009

      The avatar intro be like