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    1. Mecha Team Leader

      Iron Man thanked the Bus Driver.

    2. Kevin Beza

      Look Back At Your Fottage Cause Next To Saturn There’s A Astronamical Thing From Travis Scott Event

    3. Carolyn Hall

      it is definately possible to die i was in the event and when he backhanded us into the ocean iron man just stared at me and watched me plummet face first into the ocean

    4. Joshua Link


      1. Joshua Link

        I AM Canada alpine ace

    5. Denise Cugini

      Who’s here in 2021 case you loved the event so much

    6. liam Prichard

      I also got my season 5 at 4 cos I'm Australian to

    7. Rabiya Limbada

      @2:59 YEEET

    8. ravi kumar


    9. David Warren

      In the event Iron man just gave him heart burn and thats wahat killed him

    10. Tijana Milisav

      Hows here in 2021

    11. Christopher Campbell

      Guys who saw the island from the travis scoot event

    12. Henry Stickmin

      Iron man was pretty chill when i murdered him and destroyed his building many times

    13. Leeson White

      Like Fresh or Lannan's video if you participated in the live event like me.

    14. Leeson White

      Finally, a thumbnail with nothing thicc.

    15. Ot. Guwap

      1:16 lmdaoao how fresh mimicked lazarbeam

    16. David Baker-Munce

      did you know that when galactus came up he was in a different galaxy?

    17. Brother Abraham Zamarripa

      At this point i just watch your vids for the outros

    18. Tera Paulson

      Muselk is right acdc is playing

    19. Steve wilson

      Travis Scot is the size of glactises head lol😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Ferret and Cat gaming

      Galactus is Jabba the hut

    21. Amazing Gamer

      I was up at 6:00am I’m in Australia it was epicccccccccc I think i was in freshes gane

    22. Debbie Silk

      I hunger

    23. ARO STAR

      It was 12pm in the night for me

    24. Marc Rangel

      Fresh:what is going on Me;(:)

    25. Marc Rangel


    26. Arthur Walmsley

      Epic avent but fortnite is still a died game

    27. Ethan Li

      i wonder what the season five eventis aboyuut

    28. Dillan Page

      gulo, gulo

    29. Babble player

      I saw the live event it was sickkkkkkkķ😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😑😂👌👌👌👍🏼👍🏼

    30. Roomi208

      Iron man: see’s galactus eating da zero point also iron man: chill

    31. Joker Gamer

      Wanna see astronomical event See in Galsctus event Can you see it?? If yes 👍 If no then comment Also Thor died

    32. Colin Glacken

      Galactus: beware Fresh: aight

    33. Lillian Gasko

      8:35 If you look next to Saturn, REALLY close, you’ll see something from a past event

    34. Lillian Gasko

      5:37 Did anyone else get Kirby Planet Robobot vibes on the final boss? I did. I loved this event so much!

    35. Running YT

      0:21 almost a swear

    36. Charlotte Eaton


    37. Savannah Neacappo


    38. andrea bowerman

      battle bus sim 2020

    39. Carly Wynne

      Galactus be like i like your cut g bat

    40. Uncle Fan

      Everyone gangster till galactus I like your cut gees the helecariare

    41. 150k subs with no vids challenge

      That's why u always thank the bus driver

    42. Derrick Chang

      I like ya cut g

    43. RandomDefaultGamer

      8:59 Like if u saw She-Hulk

    44. Flame Fan

      6:59 look at top left. It’s a Death Star from star wars

    45. RandomDefaultGamer

      I use code fresh all the time

    46. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    47. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    48. Lechuga Mala

      The T on Galactus’s head looks like the T-Series logo

    49. Minty_Frankie


    50. Terry Mickens

      Galactus 2 Doctor Doom

    51. Ninja_ Tycoon_

      What’s up guys yes!!!!!!

    52. Boashock

      arent the avengers on the busses did they get eaten???

    53. Sadie Salmon

      I will run wolverine said give me up there bub

    54. Sean Thompson

      Hi fresh

    55. Vic B

      I watched this when it happened and barely got notifications for this video what is HUgets

    56. [Redacted]

      When I saw the thicc Galactus I thought he was gonna twerk for the event

    57. whateveriam69

      I think this is what melly means by i got murder on my mind jk he killed his friends

    58. Bunga Club


    59. Bills Fan


    60. SS - 08MS 956068 Queen Elizabeth Sr PS

      thickest Fortnite skin

    61. SS - 08MS 956068 Queen Elizabeth Sr PS

      hey look child friendly youtuber

    62. Yazan Samir :3

      Day 1 for waiting fresh to say "what’s up guys no."

    63. adventure of gruffles Ass

      I got a challenge for u fresh don't swer in every match

    64. Natasha DeVine

      Who is the better youtuber Fresh or LazarBeam

      1. Justin carl Muñez

        Lazer beam But I like fresh😁😁😁

    65. julie kelly

      At 8:34 you can see Travis Scott’s planet

    66. julie kelly

      2:57 galactus really said I like your cut g

    67. DSY Trixz

      Fresh: 7am is early Me, who wakes up at 6: Pathetic

    68. JrJrJr

      Who had the best reaction Lazer or fresh?

    69. Damien Bashaw

      Freashes game crashed because galactus was to thicc

    70. Robot Spy

      I like ya cut g 2:51

    71. RioT-Ace

      8:35 you can see astroworld

    72. The Family

      I think youtubers argai efficient a gummy fiq Christian but glad he is dummy thic

    73. Flashing Legend

      The battle pass can blow up right

    74. kiaan sawant

      Can u add a face cam please we all want to see your face

    75. ARTAT81 Fortnite


    76. Psycho Apple

      Title should of been Thiccest galactus in fortnite

    77. Keanu Johnson

      At 8:59 you can see she-hulk standing next to thor

    78. Danny

      random time 5:36

    79. michael dimatteo

      you get the galactus skin

    80. Don Barzey


    81. Omar Arafa

      Fresh : I have always been a snack

    82. Shahvez Khan

      can u give me ps5 or xbox fresh cause i have use code fresh and i subscribe to ur 2 and this channel with all notis on and i watch ur vids every single day and i love it too

    83. Seth Silberfarb

      2:57 I like ya cut G

    84. AUS CLAN

      Day 102 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up Guys No.

    85. PLAYZ Society2

      Yes you can die, when I got the jet pack I just kept going up

    86. NRG_ VIBEZ

      Fresh:Get your damn hand away from me. Galactus:Hand smacks the whole hellicarrier

    87. EW0- Ashuo14

      When the helecariear crashed nick fury properly died

    88. Your_boy_Ad Hernandez

      Beware ...i hunger more like beware I like your cut g 2:54

    89. Axel Cruz


    90. Axel Cruz

      Is this for kids!?.....

    91. Uma Reesh

      I watch the live event

    92. Alex Rodriguez

      Did anyone else see that the planet from Travis Scott in the back in space at 8:33

    93. MSJ Surewin

      Galatucs- I LIKE YA CUT G

    94. Anna Wong


    95. fishy obayer

      Fresh:damm he ThIcC :me OH YEA

    96. AMPW Including new

      # gilo gilo

    97. Ryan Sheldon

      Take a rift like all of them 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    98. Blake Gorry

      I did the live event it was sick

    99. Hailey Cupp

      U are a little sweaty