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    1. Ahmad Nasser

      He isn’t walking on his knuckles, though.

    2. Mireille Archer

      I like how fresh is fight npc's when I'm fighting people who act as if its world cup

    3. Eymen Bozkurt


    4. Jameson Janet

      You should have done just healing with bananas and only green weapons because the thing your doing is easy.

    5. ghostgaming

      fresh beast boy is not a pickle gorilla

      1. ghostgaming

        fresh always call beast boy a pickle gorilla

    6. zaheerah hassan

      sahli hassan 12675839098

    7. Enforcer

      12 fist elims you mean

    8. Stephanie Peart

      Dayyyuuumm, thicc gorilla

    9. Jeremy Tee


    10. TheDiamondLord

      Imagine if Tessa walked in when fresh said fisted another one

    11. bryson baisden


    12. Chainedless

      Go back I want to be monke

    13. Ζأf

      1:08 big brain fresh

    14. Twitch_Th3wildmonk3y !

      That’s my skin :(

    15. Bcnou

      Fresh: "Oh We Got Another Gamer Here A Anime Chick" Me: "SUS"

    16. BIGPAPI69

      Who’s still here since day 1😌👈

    17. chloe hatcher

      Did he just say sheesshhhh!!! At the start! 😏

    18. Shadow Ninja

      Code fresh

    19. Vejdeu #2


    20. Venom

      Look epic doesn't like the overpowered glitches the ones that literally you cannot pick up the fruit or vegetables whatever they are they like those ones pretty much

    21. Venom

      Yo you are suspect you are fisting people now what

    22. GamerDimaYT

      Who said gorilla’s couldn’t dance?

    23. Mick Maroon

      I knew fresh was going to do a video like this

    24. Noah Rashad

      fresh 2021 "Say hello to the pickle gorilla"

    25. Marco Medeiros

      I never thought I would see Beast Boy from Teen Titans turn into a gorilla and do Tiktok dances.

    26. James Tadese


    27. Mr. Music

      Isnt beast boy also vegetarian?

    28. Dutch Flicks


    29. Blake Smith

      He been fisten tho

    30. cashCHEEKS101

      fresh 2021-Gorillas do drink

    31. colvano


    32. S P E X Z


    33. Lunar club

      Why didn’t you go to catty corner you could have got lots of heals and weapons

    34. Lucas Wong

      fresh:"obviously gorillas can't bandage themselves gorilla then drives a pickle mobile and uses a scar

    35. Your man Levi

      Did he just say tilted??? 3:04

    36. Killer Death X ✓

      0:27 if i see a gorilla dancing like that I'd give up and let it kill me

    37. Whacko Jacko


    38. Jake Johnson

      GET A FACE CAM!!!!!!!

    39. Coolboy 21sav

      l she-(voice crack)-esh

    40. Super Duck

      When ur health teacher hands you a pickle...

    41. Ethan Malcolm coelho

      He losing views

    42. X Fire

      When you can’t pick up the cabbage 🤬😬😵

    43. X Fire

      I feel like every skin that’s green he just puts the word pickle in front of it

    44. xd Jxck

      My friends username is Godzillapickle and mine is xd_maybeFe4rless

    45. Cgjacks The gamer

      Does he know gorillas eat cabbages

    46. Nikko Lopez

      Big YEETS!!!

    47. Matengu mali

      Hey I am waiting for the thickest gorilla in all of fortnite 😂

    48. DaveTheBro92


    49. Christopher Gignac

      bro said i have to fist people

    50. roopjeet mehlawat


    51. ttv_bot

      ₮Ⱨ₳₮'₴ ₳₦ ₳₱Ɇ

    52. Riley Cool

      When all the Teen Titans are in fortnite you know he is going to do the random teen titans challenge

    53. slayer 8602

      fresh be sus

    54. William Huitron

      Who was just looking at em Cheeks the whole game?just me ok

    55. Official.kinsja

      0:8 so no one is gonna talk about that someone is in the background


      Beast Titan at 3 am be like :

    57. Omer Farhan

      My dog died today 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    58. TheSouthAfrican

      Has anyone seen that weird bug where the speedboat shakes violently?? Damn hurts my eyes

    59. Troy Goforth

      The pickle gorilla😂

    60. 38_Yahya Alam

      Fresh deserves his own thick pickle skin lol

    61. Tor-Arne Jensen

      Why do u like pickles?

    62. Ryan Brisbane

      What the fuck is this not lobby your in

      1. willtheboss09


    63. Noah Murphy

      Pickle pickle 🥒🥒🥒

    64. ya boii skelly

      Fresh fakes his games

      1. willtheboss09

        how you know?

    65. SAAD MALIK

      By the way the corn drops and you can pick them up

    66. SAAD MALIK

      Infinity rifle was a back in n fortnite you can get them from bucker chest no lies I promise

      1. willtheboss09

        wait not just from the chests also of floor and chests

    67. Lucas Contreras

      I don't think gorillas don't use guns

    68. alex_ llama27

      Today on the discovery channel we see a gorilla using guns and killing people with his fist

    69. Beverley Khan

      The hurt opera provisionally shelter because nylon worrisomely fire against a apathetic knickers. abstracted, jaded barometer

    70. JAy :/

      I call him big lettuce

    71. Luke Marshall

      fresh: "gorillas can't bandage themselves" gorilla's carrying 3 guns!

    72. Mikkel Breiler

      I did not know about that cabbage bug. I do not eat cabbages so that is probably why. On the other hand I hate the radio at the moment - It keeps turning on again after a few seconds.

    73. Bounty Furry

      " that definitely sounds weird but were fisting people" -Fresh 2021

    74. TheAdyRO

      Dude 90% of kills are just bots...

    75. Amanda Fabricius

      he said tiltid lol

    76. Eclipse

      Getting famous off of comments day 25, so I can live the dream life🤩

    77. Isaac Miller

      Did anyone see Fresh leave the gold scar when he had a purple one.

    78. nicholas toohey

      fresh: imma fist some people me: fresh........... thats a bit sus

    79. LLG

      Beast boy must feel so good finally fisting Raven.

    80. Amin Aït

      Are u not tired to play in Océanie region there is bot only

    81. Nathan Fishey

      the title shoud of be THE THICKKK PICKLE GORILLA!

    82. Lucas CC

      Can it be a Cucumber Gorilla

    83. Kenyon Dunklin

      sense when has a gorilla turned green?

    84. Nicholas Sideris

      you can pick up the cabbages if you break the thing under them

    85. Pat Mc Cormack

      Nice gorilla

    86. darthnight_10

      The gorilla style is basically bigfoot

    87. Michelle Reid

      He likes pickles so much he might use it😂😂😂😂

    88. Georg Kour

      1:51 think about the 9 yr old fresh dont do it 😩😩😩

    89. Lubez YT

      They don't drive

    90. MF - 04GJ 832101 Castle Oaks PS

      His FistAxe, lol!

    91. Corey Schmick

      can you just hit them with your picaxe

    92. 99th_Era

      ah yes..... fist them

    93. Matt A

      The pickle lambo perfect for the pickle gorilla dosent even us it

      1. Matt A

        Use it

    94. Justin games and stuff

      Fresh: shoots last guy down to one hit, shoots him. "WHY IS EVERYONE SO LOW

    95. RZ42

      Also Beast boy in mainly a vegetarian so it fits

    96. _ diegs

      Fresh being SuS at 8:27

    97. claire hayes

      Fresh: what can’t the Gorilla do?! No one: Literally no one: Me: meat..😂

    98. NRS Clipsie

      so are we not gonna talk about how he said he was gonna fist everyone?