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    1. michael cross

      I want to add fresh tell me your font NIET name

    2. michael cross

      I love

    3. Zane Bradley

      Am I the only one that saw the hype points 🤔

    4. andre lima

      "If the tac is back we go full cracc" -me

    5. Houli Cow

      What is his profile???

    6. Stephanie Plante

      bruh look at the kill feed at 5:23

    7. yeetnade

      whats up guys yes

    8. Daryle Talley


    9. Ryan Miranda


    10. Julian Valeriano

      Fresh was so stressed almost at the whole thing but at the end he was calm

    11. Oroney Bashar

      Tak is worst.

      1. Oroney Bashar

        Is it unvaulted

      2. Oroney Bashar

        Is prinal weapons are not in the game? That’s why they removed the tak.

      3. Oroney Bashar

        Pump”s the best obviously 👊

    12. Isaac Iwunze

      I wonder fresh should go back roblox

    13. Shane Barber

      I finally go my first 2 viewers on my twitch stream let’s gooooo

    14. Pikachu Zekrom

      The level of click baits this idot has started using

    15. Blaze Barkley

      He is to good

    16. yi li

      Its a paper shotgun that does 1 damage ;-;

    17. Dayne The Doggo

      0:43 was sus as hell

    18. Hockey_ Dude99

      Haha remember when people said that the tac was a spray shot gun hehe... pRiMaL sHoTgUn

    19. Porter Sutherlin

      when pumps are in the game instead of tacs. "I miss the tacs" when tacs are in the game instead of pumps "I miss the pumps"

    20. Kenneth Jaynes

      rip tac tac they removed you from he pach notes

    21. deebo 69 vloger

      Hello there

    22. deebo 69 vloger

      Tacky wacky

    23. Jackson Maag

      We all love chipotle tho ngl


      Hey youre 1 in fortnite


      # fresh poping off

    26. ok

      I lowkey kinda miss the Tac

    27. Thomas Foor

      Use code fresh or gun

    28. jadenplays


    29. Trevor Khetsekile

      I hate you............why did you say that

    30. Forteeque YT


    31. Capin KO!

      Insert Vegeta's "MY BABY BOOOOOOOOOOOOYYY!"

    32. Dismal

      how do people literally enjoy watching this

      1. Dismal

        @icy boy stfu you’re name is literally “icy”

      2. icy

        He says as he comments

    33. Nate Latham

      Fortnite in a nutshell: Sweats do attack Memes attack back But most importantly They brought the tac bak

    34. Gavin Elmquist

      How did this get 1.5 million views but only 69k likes?

    35. Jamie Innes

      What happened to “What’s up guys , yes” 😢

      1. dankdog

        he said it in the intro r u deaf

    36. Samuel Botelho

      I miss the tac so much

    37. Mark Gymer


    38. Mark Gymer


    39. Bill1453 Gaming

      7:05- 7:06 general kenobi

    40. W.D Gaster

      This game is trash they even ruined the stonks meme.

      1. icy

        Stonks meme is still funny unless you’re a kid who hates fn and players playing it

    41. Jack PlayzRB

      tacy waky

    42. Roopa Kiran

      U are a pro

    43. iOS Gaming

      I know lazar beam strat will come lol

    44. Daily Ticktocks


    45. Greenie

      Fresh:Let's see if I can pop off just with the tac Me:So i started thinking..

    46. Donny Chami

      Can in 1v1 you

      1. Donny Chami

        If you like fresh like

    47. Calum Tait

      3:50 a bit of Moonlight Sonata 🎹

    48. Gamer Tanqs

      Who else remembers when everyone hated on the tac

    49. SCD Wrestling

      The new guns suck bring the old guns back

    50. joshua gale

      Worst quality

    51. Nicole G

      Your my fav youtuber and you the best you should make a good freind

    52. samurai kid

      1:40 fresh shot that kid so hard it bounced of him and hit fresh

    53. Georg Kour


    54. Moar9n

      Fresh:we hit the damm pp Every other man here: HA GAYYYYY

    55. Diprit Maharajan

      Fresh's dialog what's up guys y..eeeessss

    56. Muhammed Umar

      Why is hiding in a bush the lazarbeam strat,even bots do that

    57. Minecraf Nefer deds


    58. Otis Benedict


    59. Lionel Messi fan

      The lazarbeam strat always works

    60. Little Miss Misery

      Tacky Wackyy :3

    61. Little Miss Misery

      Tacky Wacky :3

    62. Iambasket 2020

      We miss tacs

    63. Cameron Lynch

      Freh. Can. Uou. Ad. Me. Mi. Cammer4

    64. the3CHIPguy !

      You got me so excited but now I’m not

    65. Cameron Lynch


    66. Tytus Tran

      I think they took out tack to vault every gun besides normal ar

    67. Swickzy

      he protecc he attacc but most importantly, the tacc is bacc

    68. Gemma Currall


    69. rlocsmon

      I know ur not gonna believe me, but I got a revolver when I got rebooted In close in counters

    70. Joe stanfield

      When Fresh uses Lazerbeam strat he should always use the Smoco emote at the end.

    71. JaceyDude1

      omg i hate fresh hes always like oh yeah this items back in the game but when you watch the video its just in an ltm bro he could of said that in the title but na he just clickbaited as usual

    72. Lane Chewning

      Don’t use code fresh use code lazar

    73. Elisabeth Faford

      Fresh should make a video set where he tries to win with every shotgun in close encounters like he did with the tack in this video.

    74. who am i

      i love the way he says “and”. its soo cute! ☺️

    75. G Slayer

      I think he don't have content idea to make videos now

    76. Umar Abdallah

      fav vid of fresh

    77. Matthew Daniels

      You don't take fall damage

    78. noneofya Business

      Haha WINGY38 is mine and my brothers user name . He must of killed you as it wasn't me . He never said anything about this ? Did you have anonymous mode on fresh .

    79. Andrew Whelan


    80. charlene ablett


    81. thomas Luther

      Bruh no way!!

    82. OogoatedoO

      Everyone runs away from u because ur to sweaty

    83. Inthezal

      Missing Tac 😔

    84. Jinkyfun !

      Its juist because the tac is a spraying bad weapon that hits for 20.



    85. Baffy_ Xàrìs

      1:38 it seems like the other player didn't shoot fresh and fresh somehow got hit

    86. Fatal Mashup

      3:52 tell your editor that i Noticed the Moonlight Sonata in the background

    87. William Sheridan

      When the Tac is Bac! 😁

    88. Jordan

      Bruh stop caping

    89. Jaiden Miller

      👇this is how many people thought he ment in solo duos trios and squads

    90. Ice king Gag

      Me gets 4 killed WOW THATS SO GOOD also me god to take a break and watch fresh Fresh:gets 30 bomb aww man that was a bad round me: what thaaaaa faaaaaaaak

    91. RTX Flickz

      Eyyyy chipotle

    92. kimball

      Shut up he is really good

    93. Shirley Williams

      Try to get a vic roy with only a car and running over ppl

    94. SOR3N P14YS

      I hate tacs

    95. KCee Elizabeth Loftus

      Fresh: the tac is back 🙂 Charge: why am I still here just to suffer

    96. Peter T_Rex

      3: 53 Eleminated by "The most weak player in PS3 LOL3534" LMAO

    97. asmr morgan

      he clickbaited me.. i was so happy

    98. ALB Bulb

      Y is fresh so cracked like this comment if he’s cracked

    99. Justafellowgamer

      Fresh: the tax shotgun my baby Combat Pump -----ARE WE A JOKE TO U Lever action Charge

    100. Lavínia Sousa

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