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    1. Niber Nameq


    2. Zedd Crawford

      Let get 1000 likes

    3. hi, I'm suga

      ngl one of the best battle passes

    4. okaiz okaiz

      can u gib me battle pass plase my nam id gemri

    5. Diamond elbeg

      “Imagine not buying this battle pass” Me: who doesn’t have a console or pc and can’t play anything 🥲

    6. clipsty

      Here is the lazerbeam use code fresh UwU

    7. Alfie

      Snot alien lol

    8. Gilly Gaming

      Super man playing fortnite as batman 😂

    9. Harrison Lafser

      Yesssssssssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    10. S.S Boogie

      Bruh wym brand new battle stars, they was in chapter 1

    11. Ishak Birhanu

      I subbed by the way

    12. Toucan

      What an amazing outro

    13. Aydin Khan

      I got battle pass today

    14. TNPFighterPilot

      Can we just appreciate the fact that fresh had goodtimeswithscar timelapse music on in the background

    15. Dillan Dennis

      The alive music concordantly rule because sleet karyologically boast beneath a marked syrup. defeated, hushed band

    16. Professor

      for a second im like wait a second when did the syoherPK video start cuz of the music

    17. Games James

      Fresh I would like to see pickle Rick

    18. Sean Hagamin


    19. noobyboost

      Adult skins baby

    20. Raidd

      Who is guggimon 😂

    21. VR Racing


    22. Texas Boi

      There’s always one annoying emote😂

    23. Cosmic Force

      How he said arabic

    24. RiThePie123

      The new secret skin is yuri

    25. That child In the basement

      skin: has green Fresh: BEST SKIN EVER

    26. Boinkus Doinkus

      Pickle fresh pickle rick

    27. Morosov Benediq

      Mark my words at the end of the season theres gonna be a nuke with ricks face on it thats gonna destroy the map and as its going down all you’re gonna hear is IM MISSILE RIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!

    28. Pennywise Rex

      Fresh is using Sypher’s music! 😲

    29. Cezar Sorodoc

      Why why me !!!!!!

    30. Cezar Sorodoc

      It feels terrible to not have the new battle pass I do not have the battle 😭😣😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😤😤😤😤😖😖😖😫☹🙁😩☹🙁😢😞

    31. Yoann Akohin

      Epic boys

    32. Dope Duck

      When you lost your phone for a week and you have so many videos to catch up on

    33. 韩彦飞

      Anyone see toxic rick in the trailer

    34. David Matthew G. Gabriel

      It’s funny on how Rick and Morty isn’t even for kids

    35. Milos Ostojic

      3:52 my gosh its GoodTimesWirhScar timelapse music

    36. yim yam yum

      Guggimon is actually the mascot of a toy company called uuuum what was it I can't remember so just look up Guggimon and it'll speak for itself.

    37. Rod Smith

      My favourite colour is green

    38. Frzyzx

      We have Rick now we need Peter griffin

    39. Cindy Tovar

      Crainer beats you in subs

    40. Aiden Mattingly

      does eneyone think that this kinda like season 1 where u got to chose what u got

    41. tweezy YouTube

      How u get it free

    42. Rits Gaming

      Season 7 battle pass is SICK

    43. MiNeCrAfT

      This game still sucks add will always suck. no-one can change my mind

    44. Omar Gamal

      I’m sure Alia said good bye spire when the aliens picked it up

    45. M Green

      My last name is green

    46. Andrew Ambrose

      use code typicalgamer pls

    47. david

      That chik is dr sloth

    48. Zuhaila Farah

      Who else has THE BATTLE PASS

    49. Wyatt Rowe

      gift me batll pase

    50. Andie Robinson

      When he did the alien salute I remembered that people in school said since I could do that I was an alien

    51. Garshawn Panther

      The shaggy argument neurochemically concern because capricorn neurobiologically train inside a overt powder. ordinary, glistening glorious plastic

    52. Taco

      They have to add pickle Rick as a style

    53. PWills Bro

      Fresh made a battle pass video over 10 minutes he broke the rules 😯

    54. Wahida Bayan

      Bruh nigga this is the best

    55. Shadow James

      Poor foundation (spire gone now)

    56. Bill Jenkerson

      Hello I’m your biggest fan

    57. DZone Mat

      I can already see THE THICHEST GREEN ALIEN

    58. zain

      araybic lol

    59. Salam Naeem

      did lachlan seriosly say araybic

    60. Aggelos Matianis

      The brown hair woman is the supervisor of jones

    61. NandiB.

      Gogimon you s from tik tok

    62. Aidan

      When you think fortnite is about to die they come up with something like this

    63. Gamil Com

      Join Baby

    64. DawoudGaming 13

      Imagine playing FORTBITE GATTY We Love FORTNITE

    65. Ebrahim Baig

      Hey Guys You Know Fresh is never ever getting a skin in his whole life because he's just a sidekick for lazerbeam and when he got his skin he got a locker bundle, and the only reason epic gave him that was because the knew it would be hard to make a asian faced icon skin!

    66. Adrian Nunez

      FORTNITE stupid they should done this doing the area 51 raid

    67. Tami Demaree

      yay ska made it to fortnite

    68. Spartan Dust

      Did no one else realise super man was playing fortnite as batman

    69. Loot llama Gaming

      Fresh Doctor Slone is John Jones boss she was in the story trailer last season

    70. Victor_the_juice_wrld Fan

      MORTY MORTY LOOK IM IN FORTNITE WATCH ME CRANK 90s and box kids like a flipper

    71. Devourer of gods Scourge of the universe

      Tbh the only cool battle pass skins Are Rick and superman

    72. Isaeh Trapp

      Hi I watch your videos every day you are so good one day I want to be a HUgets or just like you my fortnight name is Bezeeky and I’ll be able to have the battle pass because I only have this season four skins I’m all my friends is picking on me because I don’t have this season seven skins I don’t have so much kids so can you please do the better as I subscribed and hit the bell and never miss a video

    73. Mad Neilsen

      I love what you say in the beginning, I laugh every time I hear that

    74. Rosa Isela Rodriguez

      i havent had the battle pass since season 4 seeing you guys buy the makes me sad

    75. YtKing

      0:55 Did anybody realize that Super-Man was playing fortnite with the Bat-Man locker

    76. lj henry

      Rick Is the best

      1. lj henry


    77. Ismaeel Saleh

      I think they should use cold laser because they made laser beam a gun

    78. marley wyatt

      The back bling on page five be looking like dark Samus from smash bros

    79. Fayssal Belhaj

      Evrybody who Is Reading This Comment Would Epic Put Back The Fresh and Reflex Bundle

    80. Jake Clarke

      If I see one kid say is "that the fortnite guy" when wat hung rick and Morty

    81. Hi pin me please other whise your cap

      Imagine he said Rick rolled lol COPY RIgHTED mUsiCcCcCCc

    82. Luke Sanchez

      I just realized in the trailer superman was playing fortnite and he was batman

    83. tightwatgamer tightwatgamer

      "there's an alien on Rick's head" Rick: Its called a bald spot don't be rude

    84. Aaqib Altalib

      Oh well it’s confusing no doubt abt that

    85. 10X Diamond

      At 9:49, why couldn’t they call him “The Butter Bot”

    86. Jeff Waller

      0:54 on the computer

    87. TheOddCrewMate

      Fortnite: let’s GeT RicK Me: isn’t this game for like 12+ ?

    88. tb2 gaming

      Do a challenge Fortnite without turbo building

    89. Robrt Gamer

      This season is the best and fortnite finally made a good collab and good season in chapter 2

    90. Robrt Gamer

      Yeah because you bought tiers ha

    91. Mr wifies

      why is super man playing with the batman skin when what happend in batman vs super man

    92. Dahir Ahmed


    93. XxHyp3rrxX

      0:54 superman looking at batman in fortnite?

    94. LSwagger25# #

      Gives me flashbacks to Gears 5

    95. Sceptile Fan

      Fun fact: Supermans computer had Fortnite open and was wearing the Batman skin.

    96. Roger Bevans

      superman was playing fortnite in the trailer

    97. George Clarke

      Can you add me on fornite

    98. George Clarke

      Can you add

    99. reading sun

      So basically fresh is becoming cthulu


      I remember when people thought chapter 1 season x would be alien themed