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    1. NinjamudXD Playz

      fresh i loved your vid but you said no bumb to trees and you did it

    2. Cooper Davis

      Wait he said that the fence was made of trees and he broke them so he was braking trees really.

      1. Cooper Davis

        R.I.P all tree that have been killed

    3. itspinguin yt

      I still don't have gold tree

    4. Eric Paun

      There was only one difference

    5. Eric Paun

      Omg!!! I came up with this challenge when i first watched fresh’ s reaction to the season

    6. Xander Lee

      “Gimme your wood boy” Pause

    7. Zyper Vix

      I Think he chefredaktion a little in the start because he had 40 Wood and to secondat alter he has 150 with still only 1 Kill 2:09

    8. Strawberry Wolf

      Random person: What’s your fav word Fresh: Thickest :)

    9. Amanda Barcelo

      Im a THICK gold tree and THICK gold stormmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    10. Diego marmolejo

      Aight what's with him and he he word thicc

    11. samuel Prime123

      A o and mats!

    12. twitchrxspectfn

      fresh: today we speak for the trees. *happy Mr Beast noises*

    13. 846SakurxHanzo

      MrBeast will be proud

    14. Garlina Hall


    15. Garlina Hall

      Fresh is a good friends and he is a good person

    16. Hamodi Lifebanana boat

      The mythic is green

    17. Tristan Cheung

      It is vaulted

    18. Hhh ggg h Thebrownjeans

      He was farming bushes and are they the same🤨

    19. Trigger Happy

      3:41 thats what she said ehhhmm

    20. Itzanahi Romo


    21. Henryb0t

      Guess what! I am Groot!

    22. Tøz Bøt

      5:46 that scar-L u wont switch with a green ar

    23. Louis brown

      What up guys yes today we are the thiccest tree on if you want to support me leave a likèn subcribe and yous code fresh

    24. Baby groot crying

      I have this a

    25. Dlc Phoenix

      Nobody: 59.6 percent of fresh viewers: they should sub

    26. Akshat Other Stuffs

      3:14 This is when fresh kills groot Me: Wait Fresh failed the challenge he killed a tree

    27. EmilXFN

      Fresh: we can’t farm trees No one: Me:WTF WHY ARE YOU FARMING A WOOD FLOOR THAT WOOD IS MADE OUT OF TREES WTFFF My friend: Chill out My ,mother : Wha?

    28. sophie siciliano

      ur such a try hard lolz

    29. S4lt Wind

      Mr beast would like this vid

    30. Logan Weber


    31. Mario 18 NOOBY CADLAD

      Video idea:snipers only and no pickaxe

    32. Mary Rose Garcia

      fresh, watch the video of bezerk 1v1s where it says 1v1ing famos youtubers the thumbnail is with ninja at the end is super funny

    33. Aimee Lewis

      Fresh you said Yr only aloud to use mythic groot ball for meds but u heald Yr self without the groot ball I'm not talking about minis I'm talking about white half I'm no longer a fan and I'm unsubing also always disliking no bell

      1. Aimee Lewis

        On Second round

    34. Jackson Hearnes

      what music did you use at the end of the first game

    35. Pykcu

      He Missed a Normal Green Pump 3:45

    36. Tony Perez

      I have silver groot

    37. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    38. D. J. Morrison


    39. little_ kitty angel

      Fresh. Comment,like,and subscribe

      1. little_ kitty angel

        Micheal jackson:I got got all this glow

    40. Martha Mendoza

      and also my name is JOSHUA MENDOZA

    41. Martha Mendoza

      Hi fresh I LIKE YOUR videos they are so funny 😁😂🤣

    42. ramon Jr

      everybody: hee im waiting for the wassup guys yes

    43. Jairus Loria


    44. Sarah Gu


    45. JUST play

      FRESH: can we have a moment of silence for the trees we lost few minutes later : fresh making walls of woods

    46. Roma Jaitly

      Can u do thickest rainbow tree

    47. Kooper O'Brien

      Video idea he should pick 2 people and add me and do squads with lazarbeam

    48. karla galvan

      why is he the best fornite player.Because his dad is lazerpro

    49. Lorena Garcia

      Ya mate

    50. Skip Curtis

      A challenge a day keeps the haters away

    51. kelly callaghan

      How do you get gold groot and that

    52. FishyTitian


    53. Makayla Thome

      Fresh you forgot some wood

    54. Kenneth Collins jr

      How do you get gold battle pass skins

    55. Andre DeGuzman

      Be thin

    56. Ash Gaming

      this pickaxe is glitched look in inventory and look when u hold/mine

    57. Hunter Page

      Thickest grute. Dummy

    58. Mohan Maheedhar Nerella

      Fresh you copied tg plays but I still love you fresh

    59. Splash! Synchro

      you #1 how

    60. mincraftwarior

      When your getting really in to a video and the quality of the video just kills itself

    61. XFrostPanda

      Shouldn’t it be you can’t use wood because like? U may not be chopping trees but trees were chopped to make whatever wood object your breaking

    62. Midnight Box

      Fresh: use code fresh in the item shop Me: no

    63. Lucid Leaf

      We speak for the trees -The Lorax

    64. OCEpac

      I’m the Lorax I speak for the trees

    65. Perla Heredia

      Vince Ssx

    66. JakeyPlayz

      Nooo, I thought of that idea but with only landing in a forest or on a tree

    67. Gurtio980 The Gamer

      Nobody: Fresh when he starts a video: Whats up guys YES

    68. It's Tide

      the gotles soot grene bolets

    69. It's Tide

      tim trees

    70. Taco0426 Games

      Fresh bushs have to have wood to grow it like I small tree

    71. The Amazing Avocado

      he keeps saying you got any wood for me just think about it

    72. My sister is a baby

      1:20-1:23 I know you went “EEEEEE”

    73. NotKingFishy 1650


    74. Jonathan Vu


    75. wtf gamz

      No he is thiccccccccccccest

    76. BattleDoge 4.0

    77. xd semtrem

      Where is the thiccist rainbow treeee?

    78. Pixel Brick World

      this is not to be a challange, you digging wooden walls.

    79. Tophatman Hay

      You have the best videos I use you code

    80. Anthony Marshall

      You should of allowed gold weapons

    81. Dariusz Sliz

      Nobody: Fresh: Thicc tHiCC THICC THicC

    82. Kayden Rost

      um is this custom skins

    83. Shadow Gamer

      Super cool video and if you see that you can help me to the 50 subscribers would be very nice of you 😁


      I stopped my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    85. Noah StJohn

      Video idea (no shield)

    86. Juan Tobias

      This is how much fresh said thick 👇

    87. Benji gaming

      I'm reporting fresh for killing my babe Jennifer Walters

    88. Ccisme

      This is nothin compared to the trees In gta

    89. MAD Baller

      hes not a tree. he is groot.

    90. Sugam Thapa

      Groot(A tree) used to destroy trees for getting a victory royale be like Bruhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    91. Flying_ hawlucha

      When you buy tiers like a sad fuck and then start flexing about it

    92. KYA_Hunter

      No he failed that pickaxe was purple and he killed someone with is

    93. AWoolfy

      The golden lorax-

    94. SouYung

      Literally 99.999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    95. SouYung

      Literally 99.999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    96. SouYung

      Literally 99.999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    97. 3rd Monty Effects

      I’ll use your code only for v bucks

    98. Fanatic

      How did fresh get his health back after the damage at 1:40?

    99. Mike Aleko

      Fresh: we will not hit trees. Also 3:14 he killed tree.

    100. Wintervoir

      Fresh already technically failed the challenge, Groot is not just a tree. He represents plant life in general.