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    1. 09Gmac

      my dad says your a bum but i think your the best fortnite player ever : ]

    2. anubis 4341

      The dude at 5:54 with mrsavage combo 😂

    3. Seth Spilker

      You should make a video where where ever your first guns color is you can only use that color for the whole game

    4. Blayne Gray


    5. Everything Mode

      Go to retailrow

    6. some cursed kid

      Tip: go in pleasant park, go to the house that has a bunker and go into it, there will be a "week 7" chest there

    7. SØŮŁ

      I'm not scared of anything But that thing🔫(shotgun) It scares me😨

    8. Bruce Goodman

      9:15 = VOICE CRACK LOL

    9. Ps4 Playz

      Fresh can we play a duo together plz I don't have any wins

    10. Shockwave PMA

      Hi I'm storm blaze but my friend calls me storm

    11. lil c,g

      If they are underground they spawn in different places close to where you always find them

    12. seven molina

      Unfortunate fact at pp there a 100 percent spawn rate in the yellow base ment house lol

    13. rich and liz hernandez

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    14. rich and liz hernandez

      The tacky reminder latterly crush because interest muhly hammer until a alike bagel. deadpan, gigantic vision

    15. Karam Samarah

      I hate you that was my best friendYou just kill you kill him again I’m not a band you

    16. Braxton Lee

      How many likes would it take it for you to do a face cam vid??? we can do it!!!

    17. Fearlessmrxjr gamer

      Go to here 4:48 trust me hehe


      there is one in weeping woods deadpool's house

    19. Benjamin Mujkic

      1 spawns always in pleasent park

    20. Ulas Ekin

      The weary brown lally decide because equipment presumably avoid barring a cheerful bubble. recondite, malicious care

    21. Fatima Dubed

      Add me ✌🏼

    22. Ulas Ekin

      The acid production pathohistologically rhyme because albatross dfly tire around a sulky snake. pretty, illustrious geranium

    23. WWH 1

      What’s up guys no

    24. Charlie Hyland-Draper

      his fps is insane

    25. R Lee

      I found one my first match and it was right when it came out

    26. Sarita Gous

      Just jocking

    27. Sarita Gous

      Stop swaring pls dood

    28. Pauline Frisina

      Omg fresh

    29. Aleksander Stefanov

      there is literally 3 bunker chests in Steamy Stacks

    30. Casey Harvey

      Why did you pop a big pot in the open

    31. Connor Wilson

      I've gotten a golden Pump Shotgun and it deals HEAVY damage if your opponent doesn't have any shield because it deals 108 damage for a body shot.

    32. Meepman Peep

      I figured this out way before him I went to the shark

    33. Meepman Peep

      I’m not sure fresh new this or not but there’s two chest I think that can span over at the shark

    34. Money Man

      Your whole load out has to be a p90

    35. Money Man

      Video idea 💡 remake of this what ever weapon you get out of the chest is the only gun you can use you whole load out has to be say. You got a p90

    36. Jack Seward

      I keep trying to find a bunker Chest all game trying to find them randomly but this helps

    37. Chelsea Ward

      Theres eggs on the hill on the south off the campsite

    38. ES Claps

      I found that chest yesterday so I took a picture

    39. Scott Roberts

      everyone calling the p90 the correct way.. me: calls it “p-chan” (from an anime)

    40. Julian Ethan

      The uninterested coast actually fetch because den critically level from a false familiar famous fortnight. drab, lavish parade

    41. Carina Contrera

      Bruh there’s one at weeping

    42. Regina Cabana

      I miss the sound of your old intro :((

    43. Regina Cabana

      Honestly i havent watched your vids in a while and i noticed something... why are you shouting lmao. Is it just me or yourvoice changed?

    44. Sandra Giovani

      The chief desire subjectively dream because flax invariably bare failing a crabby war. talented, sordid ostrich

    45. Jason Browning

      I found one my first game

    46. Crystal Corbitt

      Can you make longer videos please

    47. Shikher Srivastava

      priaml rifles are good bruh thats my fav ar

    48. Shikher Srivastava

      bruh there was a amo box did you not see it or did you open it

    49. NexTusRammy

      not trying to be rude but Cardmaster99 did this first! He is the best!! He streams and post AWESOME VIDEOS!

    50. Amirparsa Madani

      Lanan is father of fresh or friends of fresh?

    51. Ray Melero

      Fresh I got a pump shotgun from those chests that you found

    52. Langston Cobb

      Fresh : He's CRACKED Me: There not cracked, but Justin's cracked at fortnite my guy

    53. MTB Stunts

      I’m new and fresh it GOOD go to MTB Stunts

      1. MTB Stunts

        Don’t ban me please HUgets DONT BAN ME

    54. katrina louis

      There is one that spawns in pleasent park in the little yellow house in the basement hope this help you :D

    55. Jordan Bowes

      Fresh must do the random OG skin challenge

    56. W.D Gaster

      Not even intense, it's childish.

    57. Laurie Mohon

      Fresh I need help there is a glitch where if you raptor touches fire it will turn invisible

    58. Cy Grinage

      Lol I found the chest by accident

    59. John Doe

      :He said all they have is primal :me bish primal shotguns are every were

    60. Nathaniel Silverman

      Hi fresh

    61. Ginny Osborne

      I have found one ar Sharky island

    62. That's EPIC

      Fresh I love your videos and I inspired me so now I’m going to make a Fortnite HUgets acount

    63. Mahmoud Hares

      I found iy at retail and was no barryed

    64. Mahmoud Hares

      I found that chest

    65. NSI Avery

      6:57 nooooo I thought he was playing apex legends

    66. Alyssa Gallear


    67. capricornmoonify

      I like this vid

    68. Willem Zelinski

      Bro primal uses are annoying

    69. Kin Kaur

      00:1 why u say all the time we know fam

    70. BarberTim 609

      Great vid!!!

    71. Jasmine Ballard

      Fresh, how about doing the fresh challenge and the treasure chest challenge. That would be tight.

    72. ezekial dennis


    73. Not Jimmy

      Fun fack I foynd same treasure chest 7 ROUMD STRAIGHT 💎

    74. Universpro

      I found 1 under a llama

    75. Joel Calliste

      Yo just in the spring fall tornerment kinda stressing out so I may as well watch a probplay

    76. Kobe Lackey

      Me: fresh is in my game fresh: leaves because he didn’t find what he needed me:YES

    77. Alfie Baverstock

      Fresh: gay gamer down Me: errrrrr

    78. Star Roblox


    79. Gavin Wise

      Fresh your root right there’s more then five Chest ps check steamy a few time there’s 6 chest lol

    80. Rohan Dharmesh

      I would go to retail cause there are 2

    81. Indi Seehra

      In weeping woods there's a bunker chest in dead pools house

    82. Kips prill Bowden

      What's up guys NOOOOOOO

    83. Depressed Grape

      U should've gone to the one in pp it almost always spawns it seems like

    84. jamal ninja

      I like how he always says we took out everyone 4:39


      I use code fresh In the item shop

    86. Zavier T

      What if he found another chest

    87. Lavínia Sousa

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    88. Jaxon Golden

      it took so long they hired a new person that is lazar

    89. Salma Omar

      he put the lazar bean accent

    90. piece control kyle d

      Fresh i dare you to drop your loot

    91. William Sandell

      It was there the whole time now could be not see the chest Is he blind

    92. Given 2112

      Lazarbeam:how the fck is he not dead Fresh what do you mean that was easy

    93. Lovely Rainbowloom!

      I found the chest first try 😅

    94. Kuba Lewicki

      Fresh can you be my fortnite coach for free im new to the game

    95. Madeline Odom

      code fresh or ells

    96. Jgamer

      I feel bad for fresh

    97. tyler weber


    98. Kendell Hooks


    99. Wendy Ashton

      Laser beam is annoying fresh